I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 78


Chapter 78 Perfect AFK Records

time quietly pass.

The red glow of the setting sun dyed the campus of No. 7 Middle School golden. After the peak period of school, the noise and crowd gradually subsided.

The physical examination hall also gradually became quiet. The last few students who walked out complained that they left the campus. I don’t know which lunatic has been occupying the Martial Arts simulator and refused to leave. There is a mine at home or what?

A Martial Arts simulator costing $200 a time, the man was insane for at least three or four hours.

In the Martial Arts simulator, Shen Qian, who had just finished a test, sat cross-legged on the ground, breathing heavily.

The sweat slipped from Shen Qian and dripped onto the floor of the simulator, but the material of the floor was very special, and the water stains dissolved in a short time.

The 2,000 yuan on Uncle Xu’s card was spent by him in the first hour, and then Shen Qian added another 10,000 yuan.

He couldn’t even remember how many times he had passed the level.

The last time I got the result, I fell to the cooperation of 14 bronze figures.

The bronze figurine becomes more and more abnormal as it goes back. Although the basic strength of each bronze figurine remains unchanged, it is still a Beginner Martial Artist, but under the command of artificial intelligence, their Combined Assault Technique is worthy of Call it no weak spot.

Beginner Martial Artist has not yet reached the stage of qualitative change in Martial Arts Realm, even the Beginner Martial Artist of 9 dan will be suppressed under the advantage of the number of people.

“I’ve tried seven times, but I still can’t get past the threshold of fourteen.”

Shen Qian took out a satiety pill and stuffed it into it. mouth.

Hey, so spicy, so spicy…

This satiety pill seems to be a Sichuan-style hot pot. It seems that, as an authentic southerner, Shen Qian still enjoys this feeling.

After eating, Shen Qian’s thoughts returned to the bronze man formation in front of him.

His own progress this afternoon is not that big. Whether it is the proficiency of basic martial skills or the control of his own strength, it is quite high than before.

Of course, it’s nothing compared to system.

Thinking of system, Shen Qian’s heart moved.

Speaking of which, he has never tried to let the system come to the bronze circle.

I used to think it was meaningless, but now he has reached his limit and can steal from the system.

A combat level system like this will definitely leave you with combat experience, just watch it.

I did it as soon as I thought of it. Shen Qian digested it for a while after eating and drinking. After the physical state almost recovered to Peak, he opened the AFK interface of the system.

β€œPerfectly clear the bronze circle of Martial Arts simulator.”

Shen Qian thought for a while and entered a command that was not excessive.

Well, that’s not too much for system.

“The task target has been generated, the system is parsing…”

“The parsing is complete, the system is automatically finding the way…”

As soon as I heard the last Shen Qian knew that the wave had stabilized, and the next second, his eyes went black and he lost consciousness.


Shen Qian glanced at the sky when she opened her eyes, astonished to find that the sky was actually dark.

“It took more than two hours?” Shen Qian checked the time, pondered then said: “Does the system take so long?”

It seems that the bronze man formation Getting to the back is more difficult than Shen Qian imagined.

Shen Qian consciously entered the system’s file room and clicked on the newest folder.

“This time AFK has training memory and combat experience. The system automatically enables performance mode, which will be presented in a perfect way. Please click to [load] AFK Records.”

Shen Qian It was startled to see the top text prompt, this was the first time he had seen AFK Records perfectly rendered, completely different from any other time before.

Out of curiosity, Shen Qian clicked the [Load] button.

There seemed to be a little rays of light blooming in the back of my mind, and then it slowly spread to Shen Qian’s nerves, and everything around was blurring. When Shen Qian reacted, he realized that something was not right.

He’s still him, but he can’t control his body.

No, the sky outside turned into dusk. This was more than two hours ago, when he first started AFK.

At this time, Shen Qian felt very strange. He seemed to be dragged into a long river of time, and he was reliving what he had done, but different from the previous memory loading, this method was more reality.

He even has physical awareness.

If it wasn’t for the graininess in the air all around reminding him, Shen Qian almost thought that the past two hours were just his dreams.

Shen Qian watched himself stand up, then swiped his card and connected to the emulator again.

After setting the number of bronze figures to fourteen, “Shen Qian” entered the level.

Above the high platform surrounded by white clouds, an indifferent Shen Qian stood in the center of the platform. All around him, there were fourteen bronze figures that implied some kind of mystery.

Different from the sluggish state of a bronze figurine at the beginning, these fourteen bronze figurines have smart eyes, just looking at their eyes as if they were alive, solemn killing aura assaults the senses.

Without giving Shen Qian any time to prepare, the fourteen bronze figures rushed towards Shen Qian in a three-three-four-four formation when they appeared.

The front is a collision, the back is a grapple, the left is a leap, and the right is a pounce.

The four formations have different postures, but they give people a sense of sight of inescapable net.

Shen Qian’s previous seven attempts failed to find a way to break it, because the speed of the fourteen people was the same, and no matter where they went, the breakthrough would reveal a deadly weak spot.

But Shen Qian and Shen Qian are obviously different.

Shen Qian’s expression was indifferent at this time, he stomped his right foot on the ground heavily, and his body shot out like a cannonball, hitting the four bronze figurines in front of him.

Shen Qian felt that it wasn’t that the four bronze figures in front of him didn’t have a weak spot, it was just that his speed was not fast enough.

And “Shen Qian”, who burst out with all his strength, not only has stronger power, but also has precise power control like a scalpel. After hitting Number One Person with a headbutt, he just stopped at the left The middle of the next three.

In the eyes of “Shen Qian”, the three bronze figurines who still maintained their forward momentum were full of weak spots.

One punch, one kick, another punch!

crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood!

In an instant, all four bronze figures burst into nothingness.

At this time, the other ten bronze talents just rushed to the position where Shen Qian was standing, and the encirclement was broken instantly.

The rest is simple, “Shen Qian” is like a butterfly walking in a siege of ten people, or punching or kicking, every move is gaining momentum, every time Raising your hand is a foreshadowing, and every action is constantly borrowing strength.

“Shen Qian”‘s fists and feet changed without any sense of stagnation, or thunder, or the spring breeze, blasting one person with one step, and ten people with ten steps.

As fast as rain, beautiful as picturesque.

Walking in the courtyard, the murderous intention is undiminished.

While Shen Qian was still immersed in the emotion of “how can I be so handsome”, the battle was over.

The sound of “di di di” sounded from the statistics panel, but “Shen Qian” didn’t even look at it, he simply withdrew neatly, re-selected the fifteen-player mode, and entered the battle again.

(end of this chapter)

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