I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 79


Chapter 79 Crossing the Bronze Array: Level Evaluation SSS

From 15 Bronze Array to 17 Bronze array of people.

If you add the one second of initial loading and the one second of the level ending stagnation, “Shen Qian” takes seventeen to nineteen seconds.

Shen Qian’s heart was weak at the moment when he pushed the heavens, the ancients, and all the enemies.

What is a side push?

Thanks for the invitation, I am in AFK, I am the horizontal push myself.

For the first time, Shen Qian, who experienced the system terrifying from the first perspective, can only describe his feelings as breathtaking.

Beginner Martial Artist All the gaps in the ranks can be made up with numbers. This is the original words written in the Martial Arts fighting theory textbook.

But Shen Qian has a strong feeling that in front of the system, the quantity alone is not enough to make up the quality gap.

For example, the 17 Bronze Man Array, compared to the previous level, not only the increase in the number of people, but also the tacit understanding is even better. Generally, Martial Artist faces the combination of seventeen mechanical parts in a combo. , most will give birth to a sense of powerlessness.

However, “Shen Qian” was able to find the narrowest and tightest gap among them, and then rushed in with a brutal attitude, tearing a hole drenched with blood.

Feeling his movements, Shen Qian’s clear comprehension, more terrifying than absolute control of power, is a battle awareness that never makes mistakes.

If it wasn’t for the crushing of strength, the only way to kill “Shen Qian” was to simply use people to kill “Shen Qian”.

Until the seventeen bronze figures were cleared in one breath, “Shen Qian” finally stopped and started to adjust his state.

3 minutes later, “Shen Qian” re-entered the level.

After setting the number of bronze figures to 18, a line of red text prompts suddenly popped up on the screen:

“As the ultimate level, ‘eighteen bronze figures’ are for the bronze figures. In full form, the difficulty will be greatly improved, please choose carefully, press the ‘confirm’ button to continue the challenge, please return if you give up.”

There is also a line of inconspicuous small characters at the bottom.

“Note: After the challenge is successful, the level evaluation and ranking settlement will be automatically opened, and you may get additional rewards provided by the Martial Arts Department.”

These two lines of prompts let Shen Qian startled, didn’t expect this change in the last level.

Without waiting for Shen Qian to think about it, “Shen Qian” had already pressed the confirm button, and the scene in front of him changed, and “Shen Qian” appeared again on the high platform surrounded by clouds and mist.

Shen Qian observed the bronze figurines who stood quietly in various postures all around. Compared with the previous ones, the facial features of these bronze figurines were clearer and more vivid, and the Qi machine did not change much. They were probably still Beginners. Martial Artist A Peak look.

It’s just that their formation is more harmonious, and the oppression has risen a lot.

While Shen Qian was guessing the difficulty of the final form of the bronze figurines, a burst of rays of light passed by, and all eighteen bronze figurines transformed into various weapons in their hands.

Eighteen weapons!

Shen Qian stayed for a while… Good guy, he pulled out his weapons.

Not only that, but another burst of rays of light flashed, and then the eighteen bronze figures became golden light, and the bronze, whose body was originally dull, was bright enough to blind his eyes.

Body protection martial skill?

Shen Qian eyes shrank, what’s more exaggerated is that there is a golden light connection between the eighteen bronze figures, which means…

Their body protection martial skill is very Possibly one.

Break 18 people to break one!

“This is too unethical…”

Shen Qian probably understands why there is that line. that’s humble.

This is clearly the difficulty of hell.

The Beginner Martial Artist of 9 dan may not be able to pass the level, right?

Shen Qian is extremely skeptical.

While Shen Qian was thinking wildly, the “Shen Qian” under the control of the system did not hesitate, and rushed out like the wind, heading straight for the copper figure who was closest to holding a long sword.

blade light flashed, “Shen Qian” evaded the limit, and punched out.

The bronze figure swayed, but did not fall.

The system, which had been pushing horizontally, finally stopped its sinful pace.

3 minutes later, “Shen Qian”, who was cornered and had nowhere to hide, collapsed under the siege of bronze figures.

Seeing this scene, Shen Qian finally determined that the Eighteen Bronze Man Array is simply not a level prepared for the Lower Section Beginner Martial Artist.

According to his current strength, even if the system makes a shot, it can at most be comparable to the Beginner Martial Artist of about 5th to 6th dan, and it is not enough to break the ultimate form of the bronze formation.

But “Shen Qian” didn’t give up, still looked indifferent, and immediately started the second attempt after adjusting his breath for a while.

Shen Qian watched patiently, and the system would not be useless. Since it is still trying, it means that the Eighteen Bronze Formation is not without a solution.

Twice, three, four…

Shen Qian couldn’t remember how many times she tried.

But he has gradually understood the way the system breaks the formation and why the system took two hours.

The system uses a “stupid method”, which is to find possible weak spots of the Tongrenzhen through the accumulation of experience.

If you analyze its essence, Tongrenzhen is just an App that operates according to the established procedures. There may be thousands of changes, but there must be an upper limit.

The system is interpreting its operation rules in its own specific way.

What is this?

A wrestling between two artificial intelligences?

Shen Qian watched the changes while trying to digest the system’s power-generating method and fighting skills.

The moment of clearance happened so suddenly that Shen Qian didn’t even react.

Just after the Nth attempt, “Shen Qian” still chose to attack the bronze man holding the long sword. At the moment of getting close, “Shen Qian” suddenly became short, After the back was hard against the opponent’s knife, the knuckles bulged, and the opponent’s armpit was stabbed with great precision.

The golden glow on the bronze man dimmed instantly, and was punched out by “Shen Qian”.

Shen Qian guessed that the armpit of the bronze figurine may be similar to the gate of life, and it is also the only weak point of the bronze figurine.

Once the body protection martial skill was broken, the remaining seventeen bronze figures would no longer pose a threat to “Shen Qian” even if they were armed with swords.

One punch and one punch. Seventeen seconds later, the high platform surrounded by clouds and mist became empty again.

all around Xianle fluttered, and fireworks suddenly rose into the sky, which exploded into the words “Congratulations on customs clearance”.

This effect is…a bit rough.

Immediately afterwards, the prompt of “ding ding ding~” popped up.

“The level has ended, and the statistics are in progress. If you need to challenge again, please exit and re-select.”

“The evaluation of the ‘Bronze Array’ clearance has been completed, and the data is being uploaded, please go to Check the main panel.”

At this time, Shen Qian was in a trance, and when he woke up, he had returned to reality. It seemed that AFK Records ended the scene just now.

Shen Qian stood up and put on his helmet again.

The data panel of the simulator is still on, and the interface displays the statistics after customs clearance, but compared to the past, there are a few more lines of data on it.

β€œUsername: Air-Dried Confusion

Completed Level: Bronze Array

Level Evaluation: SSS


(end of this chapter)

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