I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 80


Chapter 80 Breaking Records

β€œUsername: Dried Confusion

Completed Level: Bronze Array (Realm Limit: Basic – Beginner Martial Artist 9th Dan)

Level Difficulty Limit: Three Stars

Clearance Time: 21s

Level Evaluation: SSS


The highest evaluation in history: SS (Su Kewu University: Z)

Current national ranking: [Data uploading, please refresh and view later]

Current Earth ranking: (This level has not yet opened this ranking)



Explosive power 597 Kg

Instantaneous speed 4.9 s/100m

Physical Strength X

Physical Toughness U


(β–ΌClick to expand for more detailed data)


martial skill judgment: basic

realm judgment: Beginner Martial Artist 5th stage (middle)

martial skill completion evaluation : No time


Warm reminder: Congratulations, there is a data evaluation that has reached the highest level! Martial Arts is very difficult, please make persistent efforts!”

Shen Qian stared blankly at this long page of data, digesting the information contained in it.

First of all, about the level of Bronze Man Array, the upper limit of strength is Beginner Martial Artist 9 dan, which is similar to what I guessed. The complete form of Bronze Man Array itself is a trial for Peak Beginner Martial Artist.

It’s just that the system is too perverted. In the case of impossible, I found the only hidden door of life, and then cleared it.

Secondly, the “highest rating in history” of the Bronze Man formation is only SS, which is very likely to indicate that…

I seem to have broken a certain record.

And this data seems to be uploaded to the Martial Arts department, and I don’t know if it will have any impact.

Then comes the page of regular statistics. The 597Kg power that the system exploded is almost the limit of his current physical strength, and only the system can control such a terrifying power.

Although Shen Qian has been studying hard, her time is still short, and her power control is only slightly better than that of an ordinary person.

Another statistic that Shen Qian didn’t quite understand was “martial skill completion”.

Shen Qian estimated that this data should be the “evaluation reaches the highest level” mentioned in the following prompt.

Let’s go back and ask Liu Changqing.


When Shen Qian opened the door, the night sky was already full of stars.

Although a day of overloading was full of rewards, Shen Qian was also exhausted to the extreme.

Walking into the living room, a strong smell of smoke drifted over. Shen Qian followed the smell of smoke to the balcony and saw Shen Liang who was very worried.

Shen Qian startled, father, what happened?

Speaking of recently, it was probably the most relaxing and happy time for the family since Shen Qian could remember.

Although Wang Xiaojuan’s illness has not been cured, after Shi Dingyan took action to stop the spread of toxins, her physical condition is improving day by day. Recently, she even signed up for a professional square dance class, determined to Make square dance career a lifelong goal.

Shen Liang’s small life is also nourishing. Shen Liang, who has never seen what his salary card looks like, now has a fixed allowance of 2,000 yuan per month, which is ten times more than in the past. It’s called “getting rich overnight”.

Recently, the father mother’s face is all radiant. At this time, Shen Liang’s sudden depression makes Shen Qian a little bit incomprehensible.

“Mother fell asleep?” Shen Qian asked.

Shen Liang nodded, put out the cigarette butt in his hand, turned to look at his son, and then said in a complicated tone, “Just now… Zhao Guangzhi brought Zhao Xin here.”

“What are you doing here?” Shen Qian raised an eyebrow.

After the last incident, Shen Qian didn’t have time to care about Zhao Xin’s current situation, but didn’t expect the other party to come to the door first.

As for the martial arts director Zhao Guangshou and her daughter Zhao Guiying, according to the news that Shen Qian got from Song Ye, they have already been sentenced.

Abolish the cultivation base and put it into the restricted area.

This is similar to what Song Ye expected at the time, but the efficiency is much higher.

Apart from this, Jing City Martial Arts Bureau was dug up a lot of black material, and a big change was made from top to bottom.

“Zhao Guangzhi sent 50,000 yuan and kept apologizing to me, so he was almost kneeling.”

Shen Liang briefly said, but Shen Qian could probably imagine the situation at that time.

“What do you think, Dad?” Shen Qian asked.

Shen Liang was silent for a while before exhaling: “Dad is just an ordinary person, I’ve been thinking about this all night and can’t quite understand it, but Dad can be sure, I’m sorry for what they did. Is it your business?”

“Also, it’s probably very serious…”

Seeing that Shen Qian didn’t speak, Shen Liang clearly nodded, “It seems so.”

“I understand Zhao Guangzhi’s character. It would be more uncomfortable for him to be so lowly than to kill him, but he did it anyway, which also shows that no matter what troubles happened, you have already dealt with them, and I… …very relieved.”

Shen Liang’s face became more complicated, “You father, I actually think the most tonight is that my son has become so good.”

“I know you must be hiding a lot of things from us, but I don’t bother to ask, and even if you say it, I don’t understand.”

“You are now a Martial Artist, You can control the road in the future.”

“Although I am your father, I am not qualified to forgive their mistakes for you, so I only charged 20,000 for the 50,000 yuan, which is what we gave His money…”

“Other things it’s up to you, I have made it clear to Zhao Guangzhi, from now on, our family and his family will no longer have contact.”

After saying this, Shen Liang cleaned the balcony, then patted Shen Qian’s shoulder and went to sleep.

“Dad.” Shen Qian, who had mixed feelings in her heart, stopped Shen Liang.

Shen Liang stopped, turned his head and looked puzzled.

“Will I buy you a car?”

“What kind of car is enough for 20,000 yuan!”

“Sorry, you can forget me to buy a car. There is a discount, and the down payment of 20,000 is enough, and you can repay the loan yourself in the future, hehe…”

“smelly brat!”

It is also full of stars, but the city area can be called an endless northern capital, but it is still brightly lit.

This big city currently ranked number one in the world has countless iconic buildings, but the most well-known one is the Huaxia Martial Arts Department located in the east of the city.

Even at night, this building complex that stretches over ten square kilometers is still full of traffic, people coming, people going.

In the northwest corner of the Martial Arts department, there is an office building with a height of 10th layer. The sign hanging at the door is “Martial Arts Educational Institution Data Monitoring Center”.

There are too many departments under the Martial Arts department. Compared with other departments, the monitoring center is extremely deserted. There is nothing else in the office building except for the hundreds of staff on duty.

At this time, in the data monitoring hall of the conventional level of the Martial Arts simulator on the fourth floor, there are seven or eight staff members sitting scattered, chatting casually while staring at the boring data.

One of them was a fat girl with a round face. Hearing colleagues discuss which genius broke what record, I felt quite envious.

As an intern who has just joined the job, she is only responsible for monitoring some basic levels, and she has no such talk at all.

Especially for old levels like Tongrenzhen and Heaven’s Line that have been online for a long time, the upper limit is basically there, and many records have not changed for several years.

ding dong!

“It is detected that the level record of Tongrenzhen has been updated, please check it in time.”

Suddenly, a pleasant sound came from the screen uploaded.

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Everyone has spent money and has a heart.


Xianyu will work hard to save some manuscripts for a small outbreak.

(end of this chapter)

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