I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 82


Chapter 82 Target champion!

At the same time, in a quiet garden in the south of the northern capital.

In the northern part of the garden, there is an upside-down 1,000-meter-high platform, and a middle-age person dressed in black clothed is standing there quietly, looking to the south with his hands behind his back.

β€œteacher, are you looking for me?”

Not long after that, a mature-looking young man also wearing a black long coat stepped onto the high platform and respectfully gave a salute before speaking. asked.

“You go to Jing City.” The middle age person opened the mouth and said lightly.

“Yes.” The young man replied respectfully, and then asked, “What do I need to do?”

“Go to Jing City No. 7 Middle School and find a Martial Arts simulator ID. If the person named ‘Dried Confused’, if the other party is someone who can be made, you can bring him back.”

middle age person paused and ordered three more words, “Go directly.”

The young man looked up in surprise. He knew what Teacher Bai meant by these three words, which meant that this matter was… urgent.

The young man didn’t ask any more questions, and he respectfully gave a salute. Then he suddenly rose into the sky, turned into a meteor and flew toward the south from a high altitude, gradually disappearing into the clouds.

After about two minutes, with the rapid air-splitting sound, one silhouette fell from the clouds, but the black-clothed youth went and returned.

“Why turn back?” The middle age person turned around and frowned, looking towards the youth.

“teacher, someone blocked me.” black-clothed youth ugly complexion.

“Who?” middle age person narrowed his eyes.

“Jing City Marquis’ eldest disciple, Jiang Huan.”

The black-clothed youth looked guilty and buried his head, “He is standing on the city wall in the south, I…I don’t dare to shoot.”

“Don’t dare to shoot?”

The middle age person raised his brows, then looked thoughtful and sighed, “It seems that he succeeded, I missed it once… Forget it, you step back.”

“But teacher…” The black-clothed youth was full of unwillingness, and he hesitated.

“It’s okay, I’m just a fluke, and also, if a genius is born, how could he not know?”

The middle age person laughed at himself, his eyes suddenly turned cold, “You don’t have to go to Jing City, you go to the Martial Arts department, and some rules should be established… You can find Director Lu, and he will understand my meaning when you meet him.”

The young man bowed his head. After retreating, the middle age person turned around and came to the edge of the high platform, looking towards the southwest.

His eyes seemed to penetrate thousands of miles and landed on the ancient pagoda built with bronze bricks.

“Gao Wenyuan!”


“There are 13 days until the college entrance examination!”

Shen Qian walked into the campus to see Glancing at the banner overhead, I also felt a sense of urgency, less than two weeks away.

As for martial arts, he went to Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall last night for a test. His current physical strength is 653Kg, and his actual explosive strength is 502Kg.

Whether she can push her physical strength to the limit of 999 before the college entrance examination, Shen Qian is not fully sure.

But this is just a small goal set by him. Even if he doesn’t achieve it, it doesn’t matter. With the current martial arts results, the four major schools in China can basically be said to be stable.

Shen Qian’s hidden concern is the liberal arts…if he wants to compete for the top spot and earn a little more money.

Yes, Shen Qian’s goal is to be the provincial champion.

Wen Zhuangyuan, Wu Zhuangyuan … try both.

For someone who was still a scumbag a month or two ago, setting such a goal is called supercilious, oblivious, and abnormally inflated.

But in class yesterday, Shen Qian made a set of mock papers by himself, and the final total score was 673 points.

In just over two months, his progress in liberal arts is actually not inferior to martial arts.

Shen Qian vaguely felt that his spiritual strength growth was a little unconventional.

Both his memory and logical thinking are improving with each passing day.

Shen Qian wakes up every day with a lot of memories of the past, and the details become clearer.

For example, the day before yesterday he remembered that he had pulled a sling around a girl’s neck in the fourth grade of elementary school. After a while, he even remembered that the sling was sky blue and had a spiral pattern.

Even if you get two rare Spirit Stones, according to Liu Changqing, wearing Spirit Stones has a certain effect on spiritual strength, but it is impossible.

Otherwise, wouldn’t those Martial Artists who do not lack such resources have already broken through the sky in terms of per capita IQ?

The specific reason for the rapid growth of spirit strength is unknown to Shen Qian. He is thinking about going to ask the boss Gao next time.

But Shen Qian is afraid that the growth of spirit strength is related to the system, so it should not be publicized.

It’s a bit confusing.

In short, with the current achievements in liberal arts, the focus is more than enough, but it is still a long way to compete for the top spot.

The lowest score for the top-ranking scholar in liberal arts in the first province of Southwest China over the years is 689, and this is only one year, and all other years are above 700.

It’s really not good, Shen Qian also has a killing move that is not necessarily reliable…

But try to rely on yourself.

Wu Ke is completely helpless. Since liberal arts can see hope, how do you know if you don’t work hard?

“Just work a little harder, no regrets.”

Walking into Class 109, Shen Qian took out a math problem and immersed herself in it. up.

During the period, several teachers who were in class inevitably saw Shen Qian’s hard work, and began to exaggerate, “getting lost”, “recognizing yourself”, and so on.

The whole class and the teacher felt that Shen Qian wanted to take liberal arts, but Shen Qian gave up after several explanations that no one believed.

A day of acquiring knowledge is always so pleasant, and the happy time is always short. When the bell rang when the next get out of class rang, Shen Qian closed the math study booklet.

“Shen Qian, the national server of “Martial God” has been updated, let’s go? I recently played Divine Art Great Accomplishment, Shili Sword God!”

Wang Yangming Minato He came over and said with a wink.

“No, I have something to do.” Shen Qian shook her head and refused.

In fact, he was still agitated in his heart. It has been a long time since he went to the VR hall to let himself go. However, today is the final class of the top class training. Liu Changqing asked him to participate, and Shen Qian had to give this to Liu Senior Brother. face.

“You’re wrong, what’s wrong with you recently?” Zhou Xu looked at Shen Qian suspiciously, then turned pale in fright, “Is the rumor true?”

“What? Rumors?” Shen Qian was taken aback.

“More than one classmate in the class saw you walking with the junior sister, the school girl, and it was still dark. Did you really betray Xiaoding?” Wang Yangming asked.

“Oh, mind your own business.” Shen Qian turned and left.

“I want to post it in the class group.” Wang Yangming said with a sneer.

“It’s up to me to surf the Internet tonight, please help me spend the internet bill.” Shen Qian shoved a Membership Card from the VR Pavilion.

“Big brother, walk slowly!” Wang Yangming and Zhou Xu bowed together.

Shen Qian waved his hand and walked out of the teaching building to the old physical examination hall.

As soon as she walked to the door, Shen Qian saw Huo Linger in a JK skirt and greeted her with a grocery bag in her hand.

“dang dang dang… your favorite Sangu maocai, I also added enoki mushrooms and hot pot noodles!” Huo Linger said with a laugh.

Shen Qian looked at the girl with bright eyes and wanted to say something, but her throat was a little blocked. After hesitation, nodded took the takeaway.

The follow-up impact of the system’s last “confession” was only recently noticed by Shen Qian.

Huo Ling’er…not quite right.

It’s hard to beat!

The two entered the venue, but found that, unlike before, Chen Feng and Zhao Hanhai had already arrived first. What surprised Shen Qian the most was the silhouette standing by the window.

Liu Changqing even arrived.

“It seems that today’s assessment is not simple…” Shen Qian touched his chin.

(end of this chapter)

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