I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 86


Chapter 86 Hit him in the face!

Shen Qian also didn’t expect things to be so wonderful. Before leaving, he talked to Zhou Xiaoguang about this person, and he met him in a blink of an eye.

“It’s really Wang Shuo, the Wang Shuo on TV.”

“Why is he here?”

“Wang Shuo shot at Squad Leader Chen?”

Zheng Shaoyang and the others were a little dazed, both excited when they saw their idols, but also at a loss when faced with unexpected situations.

Shen Qian was the first to react and ran over to help Chen Feng up.

Shen Qian glanced at the wound on Chen Feng’s leg, then sucked in a breath of cold air.

A two-finger-wide blood hole penetrated Chen Feng’s thigh, shattering the flesh and drenched with blood.

β€œHow much damage did the pistol do to you?”

Shen Qian was a little stunned.

It is undeniable that guns and shells are equally lethal to Martial Artist, but this lethality decreases with the increase of the cultivation base. After a certain realm, the power of thermal weapons is close to Yu Wu.

At this time, Chen Feng not only suffered from a terrible wound, but from the fact that he barely had the strength to stand up, he knew that the bullet had done him extremely serious damage.

“This is not an ordinary pistol, it’s a psionic gun.”

Chen Feng is worthy of being a soldier. Although he is sweating profusely in pain, he can still face doesn’t change. He helped Shen Qian to correct.

“Psionic gun?” Shen Qian startled.

“The firearms that burn Spiritual Qi are kinetic energy, and the bullets are also specially made. The bullets can easily reach thousands of Kg.”

Chen Feng explained.

“His pistol belongs to the high-end goods, and it has an enchantment effect. Now my whole body has been dissipated.”

Shen Qian is clearly nodded, no wonder Seeing that the gun in Wang Shuo’s hand was garish, it was different from what Shen Qian had seen in the movie.

“Psionic guns are controlled weapons, do you have a gun license?”

After the gunshots, Song Ye rushed over with someone, his face was serious. Wang Shuo said.

“I don’t have a gun license, but I have this.”

Wang Shuo said lightly, took out a badge and pinned it to his chest.

It is a badge with a base shape similar to Shen Qian’s Martial Artist badge, but unlike the bronze material of the Beginner Martial Artist badge, Wang Shuo’s badge is made of dazzling silver.

On the front of the badge, in the middle of the simple outline of the jungle pattern, is an ancient and traditional Chinese character for “hunting”.

“Intermediate hunter?”

Song Ye’s expression froze.

“Hunters can carry guns?” Shen Qian asked with a frown when she saw Song Ye’s expression was wrong.

Shen Qian still respects Chen Feng.

Not only because he is a soldier, but also because the other party gave up the rare rest time, just because Principal Huang said a word, he came back to host the elite training class.

And Shen Qian was the only one present who had no special feelings for Wang Shuo.

He didn’t bother to pay attention to these before, but now, he doesn’t need to.

Before that, he just regarded the other party as a benchmark that could be surpassed, a competitor on the road to the top spot in the college entrance examination, and nothing more.

At this time, he had already developed a bit of disgust for this young man who was always aloof and remote.

There seemed to be other reasons for this disgust, but Shen Qian didn’t know where it came from for a while.

Secondly, he felt some inexplicable restlessness in the back of his mind.

Yes, system has been a bit of a begin to stir since the beginning.

After experiencing it many times, Shen Qian has been able to capture that subtle premonition, just like before the last time she touched Sister Eight Senior.

It’s just that Shen Qian has not found the switch for AFK mode yet, and is still involuntarily ing…

“According to the “Hunter Special Action Law”, hunters can use any A weapon of this level.” Song Ye explained helplessly.

“Then you can also hurt people and kill people at will?” Shen Qian pointed to Chen Feng’s terrifying wound.

Just now, Zhao Hanhai used the medical kit to help Chen Feng deal with it urgently, but Chen Feng couldn’t recover in a short time.

“I’ve been chasing this kitten for two days, and just now I thought you were going to snatch my prey. This is normal in the restricted area, and I’ve already kept it.”

A sneer appeared at the corner of Wang Shuo’s mouth, and he glanced at Shen Qian.

“In addition, this classmate, you may have made a mistake. Without an action warrant, the police Martial Artist has no absolute law enforcement power outside the restricted area.”

“If you want to sue me, you are welcome to go back to Jing City to report the case. When the time comes we will argue again.”

Shen Qian hearing this, turned her head and glanced at Song Ye, from the silence of the other party got the answer.

At this time, the other classmates finally got the distinction, and they all walked over and stood beside Shen Qian, glaring at Wang Shuo.

“This is the so-called Jing City Light? I can’t think of such a general character…”

“What kind of ability is a sneak attack with a psionic gun? Fight!”

Huo Ling’er, who has not been in good condition, is also cursed, “You are so righteous when you hurt someone, I don’t think you are using a gun at all, but a sword!”

Shen Qian reacted for a while before she understood the meaning of Huo Linger’s words, and couldn’t help but look sideways.

“I, I learned blindly on the Internet, I don’t usually talk like this…” Huo Ling’er blushed and defended weakly.

Wang Shuo, who had just jumped off the wall, also stopped in his footsteps. His cold eyes swept over and he lifted it up.

“Be careful!”

Zhao Hanhai loudly shouted, a dodging body blocked Shen Qian who had just pulled Huo Linger behind him.


Amidst the flying stone chips, Zhao Hanhai withdrew his trembling palm, which was slightly bloody.

In addition to the pain, there is no other serious problem, Zhao Hanhai, who knew that the other party just wanted to teach a lesson, was relaxed.

He turned his head to comfort Huo Linger, but saw Huo Linger pulling on Shen Qian’s sleeve, staring at him with bright eyes, as if he didn’t notice her appearance at all.

“The world is not worth it…”

Zhao Hanhai silently walked away.

Wang Shuo coldly snorted did not continue to shoot, no longer paid attention to everyone’s attention, each minding their own business walked to the silver dyed beast who was seriously injured by Chen Feng’s punch, and took out a metal mesh bag.

The silver dyed beast whimpered, but was unable to struggle, and was stuffed into the net pocket by Wang Shuo.

Wang Shuo turned around and left while carrying the silver-dyed beast.

Everyone was angry, but a little helpless.

Shen Qian frowned.

Wang Shuo himself is a Martial Artist among geniuses, not to mention carrying an ultimate weapon in his hand. The only person present to threaten him is probably Chen Feng, but Chen Feng was shot and disabled by the opponent.

Thinking about this, Shen Qian suddenly realized that the other party was most likely intentional.

He might have arrived a long time ago, he just hid in the dark, and waited until the critical moment to take action to solve the biggest threat, so as to control the scene.

It’s a very deep scheming…

Shen Qian took a look at the bracelet again, and he has been trying to contact Liu Changqing since he found the blood of the silver-stained beast, but Old Liu has never been able to contact Liu Changqing. respond.

Can you stop the opponent by yourself?

For the first time, Shen Qian didn’t feel too sure.

Even if the system is shot, at most it is comparable to the later stage of Beginner Martial Artist.

But according to the information of Nine Provinces Martial Arts Hall, the opponent is at least the strength of 3rd dan Martial Artist or above.

The system has been restless, but has not been online for a long time. Shen Qian is not sure if the system is calculating or worrying about something.

While Shen Qian was struggling, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

“You just let him go like that?”

“Stop him and fuck him!”

“…No, hit him! face, slap Laozi fiercely in the face…ah, fuck!”

“Hurry up, or don’t blame me for not recognizing you as Little Junior Brother…Damn, you’re doing a sneak attack , I spelled it out for you!”

Liu Changqing’s voice!

Shen Qian was surprised at first, but then a little confused.

Why does the sound transmission person not appear all the time?

And Old Liu’s voice is not only fast, but also seems to be mixed with some flustered and exasperated…

What’s wrong?

The promised supplement has been fulfilled!

Working hard to save manuscripts…

(end of this chapter)

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