I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 9


Chapter 9 The Perfect Battle Method

“We seem to have met.”

One of the dimly lit interrogation rooms In the middle, the man in uniform with a beard glanced at Shen Qian again, slowly opened the mouth and said.


Shen Qian recalled and got some impressions.

There was an accident at the museum that day, and the man in front of him brought a team of police Martial Artist in to investigate.

“My name is Song Ye, you can call me Captain Song.” The man nodded, flipping through the transcript he just made, “So it seems that you are really a senior in Jing City No. 7 Middle School.”

“Then can I go?”

“That won’t work, let’s wait for your teachers to come. After all, you are not an adult and you are not in compliance with the rules.” Song Ye shook his head.

Hearing this Shen Qian can only continue to wait. Fortunately, when she called just now, Shen Qian chose to inform the head teacher of the school, as long as the follow-up impact of Liu Simin’s incident can be minimized.

“According to your words, those two scavengers got into an argument for unknown reasons and started fighting themselves. You sneak attacked the other while one of them was down?”


Song Ye turned over the transcript of the interrogation just now and asked with great interest.

Shen Qian nodded, reluctant to say more.

Song Ye looked thoughtful and asked Shen Qian a few more questions, but Shen Qian, who had already prepared the draft on the way, insisted that he had accidentally fallen into the sewer, and then bumped into the inside. Fighting scavengers.

peng~ peng~!

There was a knock on the door, the iron door opened, and Liu Simin, wrapped in a trench coat, followed a policeman Martial Artist to the door of the interrogation room.

β€œTeacher Liu!”

Shen Qian shouted.

Liu Simin, who was carrying two clothes, walked in and looked at Shen Qian. Seeing that Shen Qian was not injured, she was sighed in relief and blamed: “What the hell is going on, how did you meet the scavengers? ?”

“Let’s talk when we go out.” Shen Qian smiled bitterly.

Liu Simin nodded and talked with Song Ye for a few more words, then took Shen Qian to go through the formalities, and at the same time changed his dirty clothes.

Everything is done, Shen Qian was about to follow Liu Simin out when a shout came from behind, “Wait a minute.”

“Is there anything else?” Liu Simin held her back. Shen Qian, turned around and asked.

Song Ye fixed his eyes on Shen Qian, and when Shen Qian was on guard, he suddenly showed his face with a smile, “I almost forgot, the arrest warrant issued to the scavengers this time, Beginner Martial Everyone below the Artist has a bonus of 5,000 yuan, two is 10,000 yuan, and I have to ask Shen Qian to leave a bank card number, and we will call the money later.”

The 10,000 yuan bonus?

Anything like this?

Shen Qian’s eyes shined, hesitantly said: “I don’t think I killed people, isn’t that inappropriate?”

“You don’t?” Song Ye started, “That’s fine too. , we will donate to…”

“CCB, 621739010212120404, thank you.”

In the corridor, I watched the backs of the two disappear in the Around the corner, Martial Artist, the police officer in charge of recording the case, couldn’t help but say, “Hey, did you really let him go like this?”

“What do you want to say?”

” The situation at the scene was full of doubts, there were obviously two signs of fighting, but he said it was the two fighting…”

“Have you read the medical report?” Song Ye interrupted him.


“Then let me ask you, if that’s what you guessed, how do you think he, a student whose physical strength is only approaching 130kg, is fighting head-on. Among them, the one who killed the two stronger scavengers?”

Song Ye also had confusion in his eyes, “According to the traces on the scene, the explosive strength of one of them has even exceeded 140kg, and it is approaching infinitely. Beginner Martial Artist threshold, how is this possible?”

“You know, this is a life and death battle!”

Another police Martial Artist was silent for a long time before opening the mouth and said: “Unless there is a fourth person…”

“But there isn’t, isn’t it?” Song Ye spat out one mouthful of impure air, “If you can’t figure it out, don’t think about it, no matter what. What, he didn’t do anything evil, right?”

“Let’s go, according to preliminary estimates, there are at least two-digit scavengers lurking in the city, many of whom are True Martial Artists, and our task is still It’s important.”

Song Ye patted the opponent’s shoulder, turned his head and left first.


At the entrance of the police station.

It was late at night, the sky was full of stars.

“I really don’t need a teacher to take you back?” After stopping the taxi, Liu Simin asked again.

“No need, it’s not far from my house, I’ll just go back by myself.” Shen Qian waved his hand.

“Okay, then the teacher will leave.” Liu Simin thought about it and warned repeatedly, “This time the teacher will keep it a secret for you, but if you have any psychological discomfort in the future, remember Tell the teacher anytime.”

In Shen Qian’s remarks to her, he happened to pass by and witnessed the Life and Death Battle between two scavengers, and then the police arrived and took him with him return.

Liu Simin was obviously worried that Shen Qian, who had not experienced this kind of battle, would leave a psychological shadow.

Liu Simin paid Shen Qian the fare, the taxi started slowly, Shen Qian waved to Liu Simin through the glass, then turned around and leaned back on the seat, recalling what happened today. .

He also had a business card given by Song Ye in his pocket. Shen Qian had a good impression of this shrewd Captain. In fact, he also knew that his hasty remarks were full of loopholes, but the other party didn’t seem to have any. A serious plan.

After returning home, Shen Qian got into the bedroom, locked the door and summon out of the system, and then clicked on tonight’s AFK Records.

β€œYou pushed Ding Yi away and left as a matter of urgency (20:51)

You came to the adjacent roadway and opened the manhole cover and entered the sewer (20:51) 53)

You found the scavenger hiding in the sewers (20:55)

You sneered defiantly and tickled the two of them (20:55)

One of the scavengers charged at you (20:56)

You killed the other (20:57)

(There is ‘combat experience’ here, click Extraction)


See Shen Qian eyes shrank here.

A minute?

The self under the control of the system actually killed a scavenger in just one minute…

It seems that this should be what happened before I woke up halfway.

Shen Qian extracted the “combat experience”, his mind was full of pain, and a familiar and unfamiliar scene appeared in his memory.

When the scavenger rushed towards him, Shen Qian turned slightly to the side almost at the last second, avoiding the sharp knife in the opponent’s hand with an unimaginable limit.

And Shen Qian’s right hand suddenly exerted force, and fiercely hit the opponent’s abdomen.

Shen Qian felt unfamiliar with that sense of power.

Because he is both his power, but he is impossible to burst out with such a strong power.

The way it works…

The way the system works is perfect.

Generally speaking, the physical strength of 100kg, often the explosive strength will be 20% or even lower.

No one can fully control all the power of their own body, at least Shen Qian has never heard of it.

But the one under the control of the system is different.

Every cell of his has been mobilized, and his speed and strength have approached his own theoretical limit.

And that precise judgement and where to hit.

With just one punch, the scavenger almost lost his ability to resist, and was punched in the throat again by Shen Qian, killing him on the spot.

This memory image didn’t last a minute, only a few dozen seconds, but it brought a great impact to Shen Qian, and he couldn’t digest it for a while.

“If this is the perfect battle method, then I probably know how the second scavenger was solved, but why did the system wake me up halfway through?” Shen Qian muttered , full of doubts.

(end of this chapter)

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