I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 90


Chapter 90: Liu Changqing’s Secret

After arresting all the scavengers left in the dump, Zhao Hanhai and Chen Feng Take the other students and leave with the police Martial Artist.

As for Shen Qian, follow Liu Changqing for a walk back.

Well, it’s very poetic to take a walk in the restricted area.

Looking at the raging sandstorms and the violent thunderclouds in the sky, Shen Qian couldn’t help but complain.

“Sixth Senior Brother, are you injured?” Shen Qian glanced at Liu Changqing’s torn sleeves and hidden palms and couldn’t help asking.

“What nonsense, who can hurt Lao Tzu?” Liu Changqing said with a displeasure.

“cough cough, Six Senior Brothers, where is Meiyuan?” Shen Qian wisely changed the subject.

“It’s where Duke Yanshan lives.”

“Prince Yanshan?” Shen Qian started, thinking of something, “Is it the same title as ‘Jing City Marquis’? “

Liu Changqing nods the grievance

, “Yes, Lord Yanshan and teacher are characters from the same period and have a deep entanglement. Although in the current environment, there is no such thing as a deadly enemy, but it is usually indispensable. Some friction.”

“For example, Wang Shuo, the teacher didn’t accept him a few years ago, but did not expect him to be accepted by Duke Yanshan. If the other party didn’t mean it, I wouldn’t believe him!”

“Well, according to the ancient Chinese order, ‘Gong’ is above ‘Hou’?” Shen Qian asked hesitantly, “Does this mean…”

“The Duke of Yanshan is stronger?”

Liu Changqing sneered, “Theoretically, this is true, but the teacher is a very special existence among the princes of Martial Arts, and one day you will understand… …In short, the teacher is no worse than Yanshan.”

“Six Senior Brother, how can I get the title?”

Shen Qian couldn’t help but ask, “It seems that there is simply no such thing in the textbook. Write this.”

“Nonsense, which book will write this?”

Liu Changqing rolled the eyes, “All the Martial Artists in China combined, the Martial Artist who has won the title of prince is also However, the number of fifty is still accumulated over two or three hundred years, so what’s the use of writing it in a book?”

“So much?” Shen Qian was fascinated.

“It’s useless for you to think about it for the time being. To achieve the title of Martial Artist, it’s not just that the realm arrives. There is also an extremely harsh condition.”

“What condition?”

“A great contributor to the development and survival of mankind, or, to open up a new path.” Liu Changqing leisurely said.

“Open a path?”

Seeing Shen Qian hesitated, Liu Changqing glanced at him, frowned: “If you have something to say, don’t pester and chirp is the same as a woman.”

β€œSixth Senior Brother, is your need for apprenticeship related to that ‘seeking the Tao’?”

Shen Qian asked curiously, β€œ What does it mean to seek the Tao, is it possible to step into the Mountain And Sea only after seeking the Tao?”

“Do you mean the Dao’ who opened a path and the Dao’ who seeks the Tao is the same Dao’?”

After hearing the word “seeking the Tao” in the mouth of the big guy that day, Shen Qian kept it in mind all the time. Later, he also checked some information and found that it was not recorded in high school textbooks. Knowledge is almost invisible on the Internet.

Shen Qian also asked Shi Dingyan, but Shi Dingyan did not answer Shen Qian on the grounds of “don’t aim too high”.

“Fuck, you can ask and answer quickly, one by one question!”

Liu Changqing tapped Shen Qian’s head casually, and said angrily.

After calming down, Liu Changqing opened the mouth and said: “I can only answer you in general terms, and you won’t understand if you talk too much… The so-called “seeking the Tao” is before stepping into the Mountain And Sea. A transition period.”

“Transition period?”

“Well, ask first, then seek the Tao, and then you can become Mountain And Sea.”

Shen Qian seemed to understand, “If you say that, if you want to become Mountain And Sea, you have to make your own way?”

“Yes or not.” Liu Changqing narrowed his eyes, “The most The simple way is to follow the path opened by others, which is the fastest way to become a Mountain And Sea Martial Artist.”

“But the Six Senior Brothers don’t want to follow someone else’s path?” Shen Qian seemed to understand what.

“There are thousands of avenues, all of which lead to the sky!” Liu Changqing said dismissively, “Why do you want to go the way others have walked?”

“So you… stuck?”

“…If you can’t chat, talk less.”

Shen Qian immediately shut up.

After a while, Shen Qian couldn’t help but ask, “Are the other seven Senior Brother sisters following their own way or someone else’s?”

“teacher why? and the others, the Disciple received is naturally selected very carefully.”

Liu Changqing proudly said, “We all walk our own way!”

“One day, you It needs to be the same.”

Shen Qian startled, he felt that Liu Changqing’s words had deep meaning behind them, but he couldn’t understand them for a while.

Liu Changqing then spoke up.

“As for your last question, is it a Dao’, you can understand it like this…

Mountain And Sea Martial Artist is not too much, but not too little. , even if you walk out of your own way, it doesn’t mean your way is right.

The Mountain And Sea Martial Artist who found a dead end road in the middle of the walk is a lot of people, so open up A road that can go on smoothly can be regarded as a success.

This is why there are so few titles of Martial Artist.

Successful opening of Daoist is a real shocking and stunning, and a person with great wisdom and perseverance!”

After a chat with Liu Changqing, Shen Qian understood a lot of things that she didn’t know before, but she was even more confused.

A certain longing in him intensified.

He wants to set foot on Mountain And Sea to see farther and higher scenery!

“Well, Little Junior Brother…” Liu Changqing’s sudden speech interrupted Shen Qian’s contemplation, before he stopped talking.

Speak the fuck out, don’t pester and chirp like a woman!

Of course, Shen Qian could only shout in his heart, but on the surface he replied obediently: “Sixth Senior Brother has something to say?”

“I see your performance today. , the explosive strength has exceeded 600Kg, so your physical strength is at least 700+, is it about to break through?” Liu Changqing asked.

“It’s still a little bit, it’s really fast.” Shen Qian nodded and said against his will.

In fact, he is still quite a distance from the limit, but in Liu Changqing’s cognition, Shen Qian is a person with eight orifices, so the estimation will be biased.

“I’ve been hesitant to tell you about this, but I’m worried that it will hurt you.” Liu Changqing hesitated rarely.

“Six Senior Brothers, might as well talk about it. As for whether it will harm me, firstly, I believe in Sixth Senior Brothers, and secondly, I have my own judgment, right?” Shen Qian said with a smile.


Liu Changqing made up his mind and no longer hesitated, “Little Junior Brother, you know that I am not Mountain And Sea, but I am not inferior to the average Mountain. And Sea’s battle strength, do you know the root cause?”

“Please Six Senior Brothers to explain.”

“In those days, I went from Quasi Martial Artist breakthrough to Martial Artist’s At that time, some accidents happened.”

Slightly exhaling, Liu Changqing recalled, “There are some other things in my condensed vitality.”

“What?” Shen Qian strangely said.

Liu Changqing extended the hand, and under Shen Qian’s surprised gaze, a cyclone of light azure condensed.

β€œSix Senior Brother, how can your vitality be colored?”

Shen Qian really couldn’t understand.

Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi will be colorful when embodied, but once incorporated into the human body and condensed into vitality, it will be colorless. This is an iron law written in textbooks.

Shen Qian has also seen teachers who teach basic martial skills release vitality, but apart from the distortion in the air, naked eyes are hard to see.

“This is what I said about the accident.” Liu Changqing lightly said with a smile, “In my vitality, there is ‘wind’.”

As if to prove himself Words, next moment, the raging wind blades around him gathered and flew up and down around Liu Changqing, but they did not hurt him in the slightest.

The countless wind blades that were supposed to be violent were actually extremely docile at this time, as if they were defending the emperor.

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