I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 91


Chapter 91 The Clown Is Myself

Shen Qian watched this scene in shock.

He had an intuition, those wind blades were gathered spontaneously, definitely not because of Liu Changqing’s secret manipulation, and Liu Changqing didn’t need to deliberately mystifying in front of him.

The reason comes from the vitality of the light azure in the hands of Liu Changqing.

“What does ‘wind’ in vitality mean?” Shen Qian asked quickly after being surprised.

โ€œMy breakthrough place was a bit special. At that time, I was chased and killed in the restricted area. After being desperate, a tornado happened on the ground, and I had to hide in the eye of the wind.โ€


Shen Qian digested the message behind this sentence.

Although Liu Changqing said it plainly, he was just a Quasi Martial Artist at the time, and he was already in the restricted area and was hunted down. The hidden past here is estimated to be a very long story.

“You should also know that there is no wind in the eye of a tornado, but that doesn’t mean there is no danger, because tornadoes are always moving at high speed.”

“Once If you can’t keep up with the speed of the movement, as long as you are pulled in, you will die.”

“I almost got caught on the edge a few times, but it was in that situation that I suddenly found a sense of breath. , and then I broke through.”

“A strange thing happened, my vitality is different from others, there is a little more origin, the origin of the storm.”

Shen Qian has been quiet After listening, he finally asked, “What does ‘Origin’ mean?”

“I don’t know, this is what the teacher said.”

Liu Changqing shrugged,” He said that it is possible to touch this field when Essence Power is transformed into vitality, but I did it ahead of time, in fact, my innate talent is not high, only trifling six orifices, maybe it is because of this teacher that I was accepted.”

“The Six Senior Brothers, what do you mean by telling me this?” Shen Qian vaguely guessed something.

“If possible, I hope you will try it too.”

Liu Changqing said seriously, “If you can plant a trace of origin in your vitality in advance, your strength will be greatly improved. It won’t change, but your battle strength will be greatly improved, and maybe there are other benefits, but I’m not sure at the moment.”

paused, Liu Changqing added: “But this kind of thing nine deaths and still alive, and there are some coincidences, I am afraid of cheating you, so I have been hesitating, I have no plans to tell you.”

“Then why did you change your mind? “Shen Qian curiously asked.

“Because that day I asked you if you had any questions about your daily body refinement, and you basically didn’t. I was really fucking confused.”

Liu Changqing dissipated the vitality in his hand, staring at the wind blade all around returning to tyranny.

“But the teacher is never aimless. Since he asked me to teach you for a while, he must have some purpose.”

“So I thought, when you become Martial Before becoming an Artist, what else can I teach you?”

“After much deliberation, this is probably the only thing left.”

“If I’m not mistaken , this is also the intention of the teacher…”

“Although I don’t understand, why is the teacher willing to let you take the risk?”

After finishing speaking, Liu Changqing took out a USB flash drive It was stuffed into Shen Qian’s hands.

“This is the experience I summarized later about breakthrough, and some methods of using the original vitality, you can take it for reference.”

“Uh, Six Senior Brother , why is this USB flash drive pink?”

“…I just found it in a corner…what kind of eyes do you have, is it possible that I bought it myself?”


Shen Qian followed Liu Changqing back to Heavenspan Pagoda. There were two Academy Disciples on duty at the gate. Seeing that Shen Qian was all eyes shined, she gave up the ongoing intense discussion and took the initiative. welcome.

“Meet the Six Senior Brothers!”

The two first greeted Liu Changqing, then turned to Shen Qian.

“This must be the Nine Senior Brothers?”

“It really is Dragons Among Humans!”

“A genius!”

“You’re beautiful!”


“Being famous is worse than meeting!”

“Meeting is better than being famous!”

The two said one sentence to the other, and Shen Qian was very sorry.

Liu Changqing rolled his eyes while listening, turned to Shen Qian and said, “They said the same thing when I first started.”

“cough cough, Liu Senior Brother, there are only so many words to praise people, we are shallow in knowledge, please forgive me!”

Both of them were a little embarrassed, the man on the left said dryly, and then introduced: “My name is Wu Hongxu. , Zique, his name is Qian Weiyun, and his name is Jingwen. If you have anything to do with the Nine Senior Brothers, feel free to instruct them.”

“That’s right, the Nine Senior Brothers, don’t be afraid to trouble us. , just call me a little money!” Qian Weiyun added.

After greeting the two of them, Liu Changqing took Shen Qian into Heavenspan Pagoda.

It wasn’t until he got on the elevator that Liu Changqing asked, “Are you wondering?”

“A little bit, it seems that you are being too polite to me.” Shen Qian nominated .

Although Xue Gong Disciple is naturally shorter than Jing City Marquis’s direct disciple, it doesn’t seem to have to be complimented to this extent, especially for Shen Qian, who has the weakest cultivation base.

“The Academy Disciple is different from us, there are all kinds of rigorous assessments at any time, and most floors of Heavenspan Pagoda are also selectively open to them, and they need to work hard to earn credits to obtain various courses.

This is a kind of cultivation resource.โ€

โ€œThen what does this have to do with us?โ€ Shen Qian wondered.

“Forgot to tell you.”

Liu Changqing smiled, “Once you become a teacher’s direct disciple, you will be a guest lecturer in the Academy. , and a guest lecturer has 1,000 credits that can be freely allocated every year.โ€

โ€œso that’s how it is!โ€

Shen Qian suddenly realized that Xiao Wu and Xiao Qian are Look at the credits in his hand.

โ€œThere are 327 people in the Official Disciple of the Academy, but many of them are not in Heavenspan Pagoda all the year round.> Liu Changqing introduced another sentence, and then said, “After you finish the college entrance examination, if you have free time, you can come to Heavenspan Pagoda to live for a while. When the time comes, you will understand a lot of things.”

“Let’s go to Third Senior Brother’s place?” Shen Qian asked, glancing at the floor that Liu Changqing pressed.

“That silver-dyed beast is now your spills of war, have you figured out what to do with it?” Liu Changqing asked.

โ€œNot yet.โ€

This is also what Shen Qian is thinking about.

The silver-dyed beast was taken away by Song Ye first. Like this wild monster beast, a series of formalities are required to enter a human town, and more than ten injections of various sterilization and disinfection agents are required. Only after this process can it become Shen Qian’s legal private property.

If you raise it by yourself… Forget it, this option is directly excluded.

Because I can’t afford it.

Shen Qian checked on the domestic monster beast forum and found that a silver-dyed beast would spend 20,000 to 30,000 yuan on food every month, enough to make Shen Qian go bankrupt.

So your best bet is to sell.

Silver-dyed beasts have a very high appearance, and silver-dyed beasts are more popular in their infancy, which is why Wang Shuo hunts silver-dyed beasts.

A young silver-dyed beast with a market value of more than one million.

But the problem comes again.

Shen Qian doesn’t have a hunter badge and can’t sell it directly in the monster beast market. If he entrusts an intermediary, the handling fee will be removed a lot, so after Shen Qian listened to Song Ye’s talk about the doorway inside, he was very impressed. tangled.

โ€œIf youโ€™re looking to sell, Third Senior Brother should be able to help you with that.โ€ Liu Changqing said with a smile.

“That’s really good.”

Shen Qian understood the intention of Liu Changqing bringing him to see Shi Dingyan, and said with sincere gratitude, “Six Senior Brothers, if the silver dye beast If we can sell it, each person gets half.”

“No need.” Liu Changqing lazily yawned, “That’s only a few dollars, although I don’t have much cash myself, but Hundreds of thousands are useless to me.”

Shen Qian glanced at Liu Changqing’s slightly worn robe with some suspicion, but wisely did not question.

The elevator arrived at Seventeenth Layer, Liu Changqing and Shen Qian all the way to the innermost balcony, beside the small bridge and flowing water, Shi Dingyan was sitting in front of the wooden table, looking at the two with a smile.

โ€œThird Senior Brother!โ€ Shen Qian shouted respectfully, and Liu Changqing even said hello.

“Sit down.” Shi Dingyan greeted the two of them to sit down, said with a smile, “Is there a silver-stained beast in your hand? How did you get it?”

He eavesdropped on us again Conversation…

Shen Qian muttered something, but it was really easy. He told Shi Dingyan about what happened to Wang Shuo today.

“You can actually defeat Wang Shuo head on?” Shi Dingyan raised his brows in surprise.

“He is injured and his strength is damaged, so I just used tricks.” Shen Qian, who had probably seen AFK Records, said hurriedly modestly.

โ€œWhere do Martial Artists come from so many conditions? Victory means victory, defeat means defeat. On the real battlefield, the enemy will not care whether you are injured or not.โ€

Shi Dingyan waved his hand indifferently, and turned to say: “After your silver-dyed beast has completed the formalities, send it to me, and I will pay you 1.2 million directly according to the market price, so that you don’t have to pay taxes.”

โ€œmany thanks Third Senior Brother!โ€ Shen Qian hurriedly thanked after being taken aback for a moment, quite surprised, but also a little sorry, โ€œThird Senior Brother is not embarrassed, right?โ€

1.2 million Not a small amount!

He thought that Shi Dingyan was just helping him find a channel, but didn’t expect to buy it out of his own pocket.

“It’s a small matter. I am a hobby, and I have several points of interest in the silver-dyed beast in its infancy. It can be regarded as each one takes what he needs.”

Shi Dingyan laughed, took out the bracelet and tapped it a few times and then handed it to Shen Qian, “You open your bank app, click on ‘Receipt’, and just touch it with my bracelet.”

Shi Dingyan simply told Shen Qian not knowing what to do, after thinking about it, he stopped being hypocritical, took Shi Dingyan’s bracelet and touched it on his own.

Soon, the bracelet vibrated

“Your bank card ending in 1024 will be credited with 1,200,000 yuan in Huaxia currency…”

It jumped directly to honorable Shen Qian, a member of the Millions Club, was a little excited.

He just wanted to return the bracelet to Shi Dingyan, but he glanced at Shi Dingyan’s bracelet interface, and he was sluggish for a moment.

Shi Dingyan’s bracelet also just popped up a text message from the bank.

“Your bank card ending in 7888 will deduct 1,200,000 yuan for quick transfer, and the balance is 87,852,632.09 yuan. Dear Mr. Shi, my bank…”


Close to a balance of 90 million!

Shen Qian probably guessed that Shi Dingyan would not be poor, but didn’t expect so outrageous.

Seeing that Shen Qian’s expression was different, Liu Changqing and Shi Dingyan were surprised at first. After reading the text message on the bracelet, they understood something, and the two couldn’t help but smile at each other.

“What’s the matter, you’re dumbfounded with only this amount of money?” Liu Changqing said with a smile.

Shen Qian came back to his senses, blushing a little, “I have never seen so much money.”

“Hehe, what is this?”

Shi Dingyan shook his head with emotion.

โ€œRich fight while the poor write is not just nothing serious, the higher the realm, the more places you need to spend money.

90 million is a great deal for an ordinary person. Itโ€™s a huge amount of money, but when it comes to our realm, if itโ€™s really going to be spent, it will only take an instant.โ€

Liu Changqing did not know where to find a hexagonal, goose-egg-sized black crystal, and said to Shen Qian, “This is the space spar I bought last month. It can be stored. Guess how much?”

Shen Qian shook the head.

“Sixty million!” Liu Changqing foul-mouthed said, “I directly emptied all the family property I saved in the last two years. If it wasn’t for the teacher, I would have to do it myself. Go…”

“Evergreen!” Shi Dingyan frowned.

Liu Changqing, who knew his gaffe, took a deep breath and patted Shen Qian’s shoulder.

“Now you know why I said hundreds of thousands are not worth it, hehe, you brat think a million is quite a lot now, when you are promoted to Martial Artist and start using money, you will know how to spend it How fast!”

Shen Qian was really stunned. He thought that in the elevator just now, he was still wondering if Liu Changqing was as poor as himself, and his face flushed with embarrassment.

absolutely didn’t expect…

The clown was me.

Da Zhang makes up for yesterday’s debt, the holiday is coming to an end, what do you think?

(end of this chapter)

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