I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 94


Chapter 94 is all liars

β€œUncle Xu, are you back?”

Shen Qian pushed open the door , Seeing that there is only Uncle Xu in the office, he smiled and said hello.

“Yo, I haven’t seen you brat for a long time!” Uncle Xu raised his eyes, the sadness between his brows lessened a little, “I just soaked the Longjing you gave last time today, and I will pour it myself.”


“By the way, there is this one.”

Uncle Xu remembered something, and took out a gift box from under the desk. It was the ‘Qi Condensation mixture that Shen Qian left behind last time. ‘ and the wild ginseng that was nourished by Spiritual Qi.

“I said what’s the matter with you kid?”

Uncle Xu’s face was full of displeasure, “I don’t care if you won the lottery or recognized your godmother, it doesn’t matter if you are rich. Such a flower, take it back and take it back!”

“Uncle Xu, I really want to thank you, many thanks for your care in the past three years, this is just a little thought, you must not refuse! “Shen Qian said seriously.

“I’m so old, what kind of mixture do I use, but you, you are going to college soon, save some money to spend later, college costs are not cheap, especially if you are interested in Martial. Arts…”

No matter what Shen Qian said, Uncle Xu refused to accept it.

After some quarrel, the two took a step back. Uncle Xu accepted the relatively inexpensive wild ginseng, and the Qi Condensation mixture was returned to Shen Qian.

“You brat don’t know the benefits of money now. Even if life gets better, you have to save some money, or you will have time to worry about your parents in the future…”

put After the wild ginseng was collected, Uncle Xu couldn’t help but educate Shen Qian again.

Shen Qian saw Uncle Xu’s face full of sighs, and couldn’t help saying with a smile: “You were never so long-winded before, why are you so emotional today?”

“Forget it, Didn’t I ask for leave last week, just because of my grandniece’s disappointing, his parents begged me to come here.”

Uncle Xu sighed, “speaking of which is the same age as you, The college entrance examination is coming soon…”

“Oh, what’s going on?” Shen Qian strangely said.

“I just want to go to a martial arts university if my grades in martial arts are not up to standard…”

After listening to Uncle Xu’s explanation, Shen Qian was clearly nodded.

speaking of which, this is nothing more than a story that happened in thousands of ordinary families.

If it was the previous Shen Qian, he would probably be caught in a similar situation.

Uncle Xu’s granddaughter’s martial arts score is not enough for admission. I don’t know where I heard that Jing City martial arts university will expand enrollment this year. Some “floating places” can be admitted as long as they pay enough money, but even if Not everyone can get such a place.

Uncle Xu has worked in the education system for so many years, and he has known some corner characters, so Uncle Xu’s big brother family thought about getting in touch with Uncle Xu.

“According to what the admissions office said, even if you want to donate money, you have to queue up. I guess it hangs.” Uncle Xu shook his head and said.

Shen Qian wanted to say a few words of comfort, but suddenly realized something was wrong. Isn’t Jing City Marquis the honorary Principal of Jing City Marquis University?

After thinking about it for a while, Shen Qian didn’t reveal anything to Uncle Xu for the time being. I’ll talk about it when I go back and make sure it’s not difficult to do.

After all, the boss Gao is just a name, and it would be too much for the boss to intervene in this kind of thing, Shen Qian also said sorry.

If it can be done, it can be regarded as a real repayment of Uncle Xu’s kindness for the past three years.

Otherwise, Uncle Xu only accepted one mountain ginseng, and Shen Qian was still a little uneasy in his heart.

“Stop talking about this.” Uncle Xu waved his hand and sat back in front of the computer, coldly snorted and said: “Now the liars are really getting more and more arrogant.”

” Liar?” Shen Qian was stunned, “What kind of liar?”

“I don’t know where the personal information was leaked, I feel like I’m being targeted by telecom fraud.”

Uncle Xu complained, “I don’t know what’s going on these days. I have received a lot of calls for no reason. All of them reported the screen name of my chat software and asked me if I worked at No. 7 Middle School…”

“The most ridiculous thing is that these people are still pretending to be well-known universities in China, not one of the four major universities is missing, and there are other first-class universities such as Qingwu, Nanwu, Haiwu!”

“So exaggerated, how did you deal with it?” Shen Qian was also surprised.

“I started to pick up two, and then I blocked them all because I was so annoying.”

Uncle Xu said with a sneer, “Then these liars didn’t give up and started giving I send text messages and emails, especially if you see this one, it’s even more exaggerated, and even the Martial Arts department is pretending to be!”

Uncle Xu opened an email in the recycle bin, Shen Qian was curious After looking at one after another, sure enough, the sender of the email showed that it was from the Huaxia Martial Arts Department.

“Now the liar cow, even the certification mark has been made…”

Shen Qian’s voice stopped abruptly, because his eyes had already seen the content of the email.

“Hello, please log in to the following website to verify and complete your personal information, in order to receive the special fund reward for the clearance of Martial Arts education and training equipment and the special reward for the refresh of the level record evaluation issued by the Huaxia Martial Arts Department!

Note: After completing the information, please go to the Martial Artist Logistics Welfare Department of the local Martial Arts Bureau for identity authentication and collect the physical objects within seven working days.

The website is: www.Wudao.EatMoney…”

Shen Qian After reacting for a while, he looked towards Uncle Xu, “Uncle Xu, is your chat screen name ‘Dried Confused’?”

“Yes, how do you know?” Uncle Xu wondered, “I don’t remember I added you!”

so that’s how it is…

Shen Qian probably understood what was going on. It seems that Uncle Xu probably forgot about him. The Martial Arts simulator ID is also the same.

And Mr. Xu usually doesn’t log in himself. The work card is only convenient for cleaning the equipment.

Shen Qian was also a little surprised that there was such a big commotion after clearing the Bronze Man Array, if those colleges and universities really came for him as he thought.

“Uncle Xu, these people should not be liars…”

Shen Qian was about to explain to Uncle Xu when there was a knock on the door, and Zhang Chuan was there. A brain comes in.

“Xugong… Hey, Shen Qian, are you here?” Zhang Chuan greeted Shen Qian warmly.

“Hello, Brother Zhang.” Shen Qian politely nodded.

“Xugong, someone is looking for you outside!” Seeing Shen Qian’s lukewarm appearance, Zhang Chuan felt a little disappointed for no reason, but quickly turned his head and said to Mr. Xu.

“Who is it?” Uncle Xu was taken aback.

“It’s the old Zhao of the equipment maintenance company, and he also brought two strangers with me. I don’t know each other. Maybe there is something wrong with the equipment?”

“Okay, I’ll be right here.”

Uncle Xu nodded, picked up his work card and key and walked out, while saying to Shen Qian, “Just close the door when you leave, oh, and help me close it. Turn on the computer.”

Watching Uncle Xu disappear outside the door, Shen Qian shrugged, forget it, I’ll explain it later when I have a chance.

He is not in a hurry now. The so-called early admission doesn’t mean much to him. After the college entrance examination, his choices may be even greater.

This is probably the so-called confidence…

However, you can try to collect the rewards from the Martial Arts department first.

Because it is not his own ID, Shen Qian is not sure if there is any problem in the program.

He clicked on the link in the email, and the interface that popped up was very simple. After Shen Qian entered the information such as name, phone number, address, and ID card, it would display “appointment successful”, and asked him to go as soon as possible. The local Martial Arts bureau goes through the relevant procedures.

Shen Qian wasn’t too worried about getting stuck in the Martial Arts bureau. After all, he didn’t cheat, it was just a little more troublesome to explain.

It’s his, he can’t run away.

(end of this chapter)

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