I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 95


Chapter 95 Principal Meeting

Different from Heavenspan Pagoda and Martial Arts Bureau in downtown Jing City, Jing City The City Lord’s Mansion is located in the relatively quiet North City.

It was already dusk, but the administrative building of City Lord’s Mansion was still brightly lit. When Huang Tao got out of the car, he couldn’t help but sigh when he saw this scene.

Although the city lord of Jing City has always been low-key and rarely appears in the public eye, in terms of diligence, he is much stronger than the previous city lord.

The swift and decisive Sir City Lord works overtime every day, so the departments under City Lord’s Mansion will inevitably work overtime, so the so-called nine-to-five rule has become a decoration.

After taking care of the still messy front of his clothes, he folded the blood-stained part of the cuffs. Huang Tao was about to step into the municipal building when his wristband vibrated rapidly.

He glanced down and saw that it was Zhao Hanhai, the grade director of Senior Three.

After going out for a few days, Huang Tao received a notice as soon as he came back that he was going to attend the Principal meeting of the city’s middle school presided over by the city owner. Seeing that he was about to be late, Huang Tao could only hang up Zhao Hanhai. After muting the bracelet, he entered the municipal building.


Conference Hall No. 3 on the fifth floor of the Municipal Building, when Huang Tao walked in, there were already seven principals from the other eight middle schools.

“Old Huang, did you just come back?”

The adjacent seat is Li Ziyan, the Principal of No. 2 Middle School. .

“Well, I went to earn some merit, and I was almost late.” Huang Tao nodded.

“Are you earning merit?” Li Ziyan was startled first, then she looked shocked, “Is it… that new place?”

“Not bad.”

“Hey, Old Huang, you are brave enough to join the wasteland team.” Li Ziyan bowed his hands in admiration, and then sighed, “I also received an invitation, but I’m still a little cowardly. The main wife won’t let me go…”

β€œHow was the harvest?” Li Ziyan asked instead.

“Not bad…” Huang Tao thought for a while, and said something in sound transmission in Li Ziyan’s ear.

When Li Ziyan heard this, he slapped his thigh in annoyance.

“Damn, I’ve lost a lot of money. It’s all my fault for the stupid woman in my family for stopping me. Looking back, I won’t beat her to death…”

Huang Tao hearing this also He just smiled, glanced at the back of the beautiful woman sitting alone in the first row, and changed the subject: “Why is Principal Xu so punctual today?”

“Hehe, I’m not afraid of being attacked by the city lord. Take advantage of the topic and criticize again.”

Li Ziyan said with a smile some of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“The educational signboard of No. 1 Middle School, known as Jing City, once overwhelmed the No. 1 Middle School and the Experimental Middle School in the provincial capital, but in recent years, it has not been as good as each year. Do you think she can still be like this? So arrogant before?”

“We Jing City haven’t won the top spot for six years, not even the second place. As the principal of the first middle school, she is naturally to blame.”

“Hey, now a lot of dolls with some conditions are more willing to go to the provincial capital to go to high school. What do you think is the reason?”

Huang Tao heard this somewhat absent-minded, and watched it for a while. The slightly lonely back then shook his head.

“I can’t blame Principal Xu. She still does a lot of things, like Wang Shuo, isn’t she also trained? At least there is still hope for the champion this year…”

“Old Huang, don’t you know?” Li Ziyan interrupted Huang Tao with a strange expression.


“Wang Shuo has given up the exam.”

“Why?” Huang Tao was surprised at this.

“I went to the Northern Martial ahead of time. It is said that Xu He himself came to the door twice and didn’t stop him. He has already left today. This matter is still on the city news in the afternoon!” Li Ziyan shook her head. The face is not very good-looking.

Although he and Xu He did not deal with each other, in a sense, they were one.

“Why is this time?” Huang Tao asked incomprehensibly, “Isn’t this matter already settled before, Wang Shuo also publicly stated that he would win glory for Jing City, why did it change temporarily? Ideas?”

“I don’t know what’s going on here. Anyway, it is said that Northern Martial’s strong request has given great benefits, and it is also said that Wang Shuo worshipped powerhouse as his teacher in the north… In short, it is a foregone conclusion. .”

Huang Tao was silent and his mood was a little heavy.

He suddenly understood why the City Lord’s Mansion was hosting the meeting at this node.

Wang Shuo can be regarded as a business card of the Jing City education system. There are so many media resources over the years without the support of City Lord’s Mansion…

The purpose is to regain Once belonged to the glory of Jing City martial arts education.

The power of example is infinite after being catalyzed and fermented in a special way.

Wang Shuo, who should have successfully participated in the college entrance examination, suddenly took a load at this time. It is no wonder that Xu He’s state today looks a little wrong.

Huang Tao was hesitating whether to go forward to comfort Xu He, the door of the Conference Hall was pushed open, and a middle-aged man with dark skin but his own dignity strode in.

“The Principal!”

All the Principals stood up.

“Everyone’s here, take a seat.”

The current lord of Jing City, Chai Haotian, slightly nominated, and sat down first.

Behind him, the secretary and several officials from the education system also followed and took their seats.

“When everyone is ready, let’s have a meeting.”

Chai Haotian swept over the crowd, without a word of nonsense, his eyes first looked towards Xu He, who was sitting in the first row.

“First of all, Principal Xu, I need you to explain to everyone present, what is going on with Wang Shuo?”

Xu He stood up, full of mature charm. Her face was a little pale, she pursed her lips and said, “I’m sorry, City Lord Chai, and everyone, I didn’t keep Wang Shuo, he was determined to go, and he took yesterday’s flight to Beidu…”

“But didn’t Wang Shuo sign a corresponding agreement with you No. 1 Middle School, so you just let him break the contract?” Chai Haotian frowned.

“I mentioned the agreement, but Wang Shuo’s Senior Brother said everything would be compensated, and no one could change their teacher’s decision.” Xu He said with a bitter smile.

“teacher? So, the rumors from the outside world are true?” Chai Haotian looked thoughtful, “Who is the teacher he worshipped?”

“They didn’t say it clearly, but according to me It is very likely that… Duke Yanshan.”

The name spit out from Xu He’s mouth made everyone stunned.

Chai Haotian frowned even more, but he didn’t embarrass Xu He anymore, he waved his hand to let Xu He sit down.

“Since Duke Yanshan intervenes, the so-called agreement does not make much sense.”

Chai Haotian shook his head, “We will no longer be entangled in this matter, and now let’s talk about the next step. Or to be more precise, what should I do for this year’s college entrance examination?”

Sure enough, this is the real purpose of Chai Haotian’s meeting today, after all, the fact that Wang Shuo has left can’t be changed, and it is not Chai Haotian’s fault to criticize the past. style of.

Yes, what if it was anticipated in advance?

“The early admissions of major Peak colleges and universities this year have beaten us completely unprepared, and Peak’s talents have almost been hollowed out. I’m a student…”

Li Ziyan was halfway through when he was stopped by Chai Haotian.

Chai Haotian swept over the crowd expressionlessly, and after a long time, he slowly said:

“You are more optimistic than I thought, but I hope everyone can be a little more sober. , now it is not the so-called champion or not, but the second round of the major peak colleges and universities this year, and it is very likely that Jing City will be skipped directly!”

“You…have thought about it. Is there any seriousness behind this incident?”

The scene was quiet at first, but everyone present was not stupid, and they quickly figured out the meaning of Chai Haotian’s words, and the complexion changed one after another.

(end of this chapter)

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