I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 96


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The annual early admissions of major colleges and universities are very important for Lord of the entire City. It’s love and hate.

The advantage is that early admission ensures the admission rate of famous schools, and the educational achievements are also tested in advance. The disadvantage is that peak geniuses all enter early, which leads to a weakening of the competitiveness of the college entrance examination, which is not a good thing for local universities.

But overall, the pros outweigh the cons.

Because colleges and universities want to admit high-quality talents in advance, they must cooperate with the local education department, and in this process, the local education department can mix some “private goods”.

For example, Northern Martial’s early admissions three months ago turned out to be five.

Even Peak College has to “compromise”, especially in the second-class first-class colleges and universities. Some students who were not sure of being admitted to this college can successfully get the admission letter.

And now Wang Shuo has suddenly left, the ongoing second round early admission is likely to fail halfway, and the four major schools and first-class schools are likely to skip Jing City.

Because Chai Haotian knew very well, only Wang Shuo was attractive enough to them.

Without the second round of early admission, the opportunity to mix “private goods” is lost, not only the competitiveness of the champion is lost, but the consequential impact is that the enrollment rate of the entire Jing City’s elite schools will be reduced.

This is something Chai Haotian cannot tolerate.

How big is the gap between Martial Artists cultivated by first-class universities and second-class universities, just look at the social class composition of Martial Artists and graduate colleges over the years to have a clear understanding.

For some reason, he needs more Martial Arts talents in Jing City.

Required by every lord.

In this moment, everyone here has figured out the link, and the atmosphere has been suppressed for a while.

“I asked you to vigorously cultivate talents last time when I invited you to dinner. It’s been more than two months now, but what are the outstanding achievements?” Chai Haotian asked.

“No. 1 Middle School has established two training classes. After providing some resources to support, eight people have already broken through Beginner Martial Artists, and the strongest one breakthrough is comparable to the five Beginner Martial Artists…” Xu He was the first to open the mouth and said.

“Does Principal Xu think the strength of the Beginner Martial Artist of the fifth stage is enough?” Chai Haotian interrupted Xu He indifferently.

Seeing Xu He’s increasingly pale face, Huang Tao opened his mouth several times but in the end he had to be silent.

Before leaving, Zhao Hanhai also told him about the situation of the seventh high school training class. The strongest Zhou Xiaoguang opened three orifices. One breakthrough is comparable to three Beginner Martial Artists, but obviously it is far from reaching Chai Haotian’s expectations.

Seeing this, the other Principals also lost their minds to speak.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Chai Haotian knew it.

However, this was an unrealistic fantasy, and Chai Haotian was not too disappointed. He frowned and thought for a while, then knocked on the table.

“We still can’t sit still, Director Shao, do you have the contact information of the admissions offices of major colleges and universities, do you… Director Shao?”

Chai Haotian’s tone changed everyone. Hearing it, the unpleasant meaning of the last three words is very obvious.

They looked up, and Shao Weiyuan, the director of Jing City’s education, was distracted. At this time, he heard Chai Haotian’s aggravated address, and he came to his senses.

“What’s the matter with you?” Chai Haotian stared at Shao Weiyuan with a blank expression, and anyone who knew him knew that this was a precursor to anger.

“Right…I’m sorry, Sir City Lord, I don’t know what’s going on. Duan Sikou has been calling me. I was hesitating whether to answer.” Shao Weiyuan quickly explained.

“Duanhe?” Chai Haotian frowned, and the rest were also startled.

After the law and order was rebuilt, Si Kou was the head of a city police Martial Artist.

What is the police officer Martial Artist doing with the Director of Education?

“Yes.” Chai Haotian was also a little curious, so he said indifferently.

Shao Weiyuan naturally understood what Chai Haotian meant, and immediately took out the vibrating bracelet and turned on the hands-free key.

“Hello, Director Shao?” Soon, a rough voice came over.

“It’s me, what’s the matter with Duan Sikou?”

“Wow, I finally got through to your call!”

Duan He relaxed, big His voice shook the entire Conference Hall, “Come here quickly… If you don’t come, I’m going to make a fight. I can’t fucking hold it, and I can’t be rough…”

“What’s the fight?”

Everyone was confused, Shao Weiyuan glanced at Chai Haotian’s gloomy face, and said cautiously, “Duan Sikou, I’m in a meeting, if it’s a private matter If so…”

“Bullshit, don’t you know Professor Huang Lizhi of Northern Martial? What about Professor Yang Xueshi of Flower Martial? And Tang Yuanjian of Shenwu… There is also Zhongkewu, Northern Police. Wu’s, Chuan-wu’s… grass, another family… hurry up, I can’t control the scene!”

After listening to Duan He’s shouting, Chai Haotian, who wanted to attack, started up. , looked towards Shao Weiyuan.

“Who are these people?”

Shao Weiyuan was slightly absent-minded, until Chai Haotian asked again, he woke up like a dream, and said uncertainly: “I don’t know. If I remember correctly, they are all from the admissions offices of major universities in China…but, there is no reason for this!

Professor Huang Lizhi is the Vice Group Leader of the Northern Martial admissions team this year, and he didn’t come to Jing last time. City.

Professor Yang is not to mention, he is the director of the admissions office…

The others are also chief-in-charge, the main admissions officers of first-class universities in China. Why did Jing City suddenly appear?

I must have heard it wrong, I must have heard it wrong…”

Seeing Shao Weiyuan’s disbelief, Chai Haotian didn’t want to go. Thinking about the reason behind it, he just took a deep breath and took the bracelet from Shao Weiyuan’s hand after he knew the identities of these people.

“Duan Sikou, where are you?”

“Who the hell are you, let Shao Weiyuan…”

“I’m Chai Haotian.”


After a moment of silence on the wristband, there was an extremely flattering laugh, “City Lord, you are too polite, just call me a short paragraph… yes Well, we’ll be at the Black Tortoise Hotel, just across from No. 7 Middle School…”

The internal restaurant on the eighth floor of the Black Tortoise Hotel.

When Chai Haotian entire group arrived, they saw a very chaotic scene.

In the left corner, two old men with white beards and hair and blue complexions were entangled like street gangsters, swearing at each other at a very fast speed, while punching and kicking each other.

Further to the right, a group of well-dressed young and middle-aged people in formal suits are arguing fiercely with each other, blushing.

Just a little closer, a lot of messy voices, such as “shame to be a teacher”, “Er Cao’s body and name are all dead”, “horses with horses, cows, coats and dogs”, etc. sent back.

What’s even more ridiculous is that this group of people is actually divided into seven or eight camps.

apart from this , there are people fighting for every open space in the hall.

Duan He was trying to separate the two old men who were fighting the most, when he saw Chai Haotian and the others arriving, he sighed in relief and ran over quickly.

Huang Tao followed behind Chai Haotian. He was just stunned and interested in watching the scene in front of him, until…

He saw the innocent face huddled in the corner. Zhao Hanhai.

(end of this chapter)

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