I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 97


Chapter 97 is only for one person

“Why are you here?”

Huang Tao strode away In the past, full of doubts.

“Principal, you’re here, have you seen the message I sent you?”

Zhao Hanhai looked slightly relaxed when he saw Huang Tao, and quickly asked.

Huang Tao shook his head: “I went to the City Lord’s Mansion for a meeting as soon as I returned to Jing City, do you know what’s going on here?”

“Cough, let’s talk about this matter. Long, in fact, there are still some things I don’t understand…” Zhao Hanhai said with a bitter smile.

“What do you mean… this matter has something to do with you?” Huang Tao heard something wrong and exclaimed in surprise.

“I can’t say it’s completely related, but it’s really involved.”

Zhao Hanhai calmed down and explained, “It’s like this, I suddenly received Flower Martial in the afternoon. Professor Yang’s phone number, you know that he and I are alumni and we have met before…”

As one of the chief Chief-In-Charges of Flower Martial’s admissions team, Yang Xueshi suddenly landed in Jing City, and also To invite Zhao Hanhai to dinner, the flattered Zhao Hanhai naturally went to the appointment immediately.

After meeting at the Black Tortoise Hotel, the two sides talked very happily until Yang Xueshi began to complain about Zhao Hanhai around the corner.

Before Zhao Hanhai could figure out what Yang Xueshi meant, Huang Lizhi walked in with the Northern Martial admissions team and happened to bump into Zhao Hanhai and the others who were eating.


Huang Tao couldn’t hold back the doubts in his heart, interrupted Zhao Hanhai and asked uncertainly, “You mean, this Flower Martial’s admissions team is here for our No. 7 High School?”

“Maybe, maybe…isn’t it…”

“What about the Northern Martial people?” Huang Tao frowned.

“There was a professor in the Northern Martial admissions team who had also seen me. It was Ding Yi who came to lead the admissions team. Maybe she recognized me, and the Northern Martial admissions team wanted to forcibly join me. Naturally, the people from Flower Martial would not agree to the dinner party, plus the two companies have been competing for so many years, and then…”


Huang Tao kneaded Rubbing his eyebrows, “You mean, Northern Martial is also here for us?”

Seeing that Zhao Hanhai didn’t speak, Huang Tao just thought it was absurd, “What about people from other universities?”

“I only know that the people from Zhongke Wu also came to eat, and then they joined the dispute for some reason. After that, the admissions teams of other colleges and universities appeared one after another. As for how this happened, I am not quite clear. ,

But I feel like the people in these college admissions teams know each other, and they have a lot of hatred…”

“Nonsense, the grade directors of the other eight high schools in Jing City. , is there anything you don’t know?” Huang Tao rolled the eyes.

Zhao Hanhai also thinks about it, peers are enemies, especially between peers that have a competitive relationship.

“Where is the fuse?”

After Zhao Hanhai finished speaking, he was stunned, and Huang Tao was also stunned.

Because the two of them had such a game, was it not Zhao Hanhai who was the trigger?

apart from this , any explanation is unreasonable.

After asking some details, Huang Tao fell into deep thought.

โ€œFlower Martialโ€™s admissions team only arrived this morning, without notifying anyone, and contacted you in the afternoonโ€ฆโ€

โ€œThe admissions teams of other colleges and universities also showed up. There is no warning, the Education Bureau has not received any notice at all, it feels like they are seizing an opportunity.”

“Wait, why is this scene so familiar?”

Huang Tao was startled and remembered the old incident that happened four years ago.

Wang Shuo, who had just turned thirteen at the time, broke through Beginner Martial Artist, which not only caused a sensation in Jing City, but also made national news under the impetus of City Lord’s Mansion.

That year, the four major universities sent admission teams, and they came to Jing City quietly as they are now.

If it wasn’t for Wang Shuo’s head teacher at that time, now the principal of Jing City No. 1 Middle School, Xu He, who had discovered and reported it in time, Wang Shuo might have been poached by one of the four major schools at that time.

There are also high schools attached to the four major schools. If you overdo it, Wang Shuo may become the youngest Wuhan University student in history.

But at that time, the four major schools would do this because there was a shocking and stunning Wang Shuo from No. 1 Middle School, and No. 7 Middle School…

Who else?

“Could it be…is it really because of him?” Zhao Hanhai seemed to be caught in some kind of entanglement, muttered.

“He?” Huang Tao was keenly aware of Zhao Hanhai’s strangeness, “What are you talking about? Who is he?”

“The reason why I say at first is that I also I didn’t understand it because I thought of a certain possibility, but I wasn’t sure, even if he defeated Wang Shuo, Wang Shuo was seriously injured at the time, and the matter didn’t spread!”

Zhao Han Hai couldn’t figure it out.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Huang Tao heard some key words, his heart skipped a beat, and grabbed Zhao Hanhai’s arm, “Who defeated Wang Shuo?”

“I know you came back today, and I kept calling you just to talk about this.”

Zhao Hanhai took a deep breath, “Principal, our No. 7 middle school has a real one this time. Genius, in a sense, he is even more unique than Ding Yi!”

Huang Tao nodded lightly, but calmed down and waited for Zhao Hanhai’s next words.

Immediately, Zhao Hanhai narrated everything that happened on the day of the final class of the elite training class from the beginning, and told Huang Tao all about it.


While the two were chatting for a long time in the corner, on the other side, after Chai Haotian personally appeared, the chaos in the restaurant finally calmed down.

After all, they are all people with identities. Soon, the admissions teams of major colleges and universities cleaned up and sat down in the restaurant that was temporarily arranged.

Although the disputes and fights are real, I have to say that these professors are “very measured”, and no one has used their vitality, so there is not even a single serious injury, all of them are just flesh and blood. hurt.

This scene also made Duan He roll his eyes, constantly muttering something like “Intellectuals are hypocrisy”.

On the contrary, Chai Haotian was extremely satisfied that no serious consequences had occurred, so he comforted them one by one, and then sat down on the main seat.

Chai Haotian was excited when he saw the admission teachers of major colleges and universities with bloody nose and swollen face.

Can you not be excited?

The admissions representatives of the top and first-class martial arts universities in China are basically sitting here.

This battle is even more exaggerated than the first time we recruited students in advance!

Until now, Chai Haotian still felt a little unreal.

You must know that just an hour ago, he was still worried about whether the major colleges and universities would skip Jing City directly during the second round early admission. Who knew that the admissions teams of major colleges and universities would suddenly Gathered together in front of him.

What the hell is a surprise?

Chai Haotian is not stupid. After calming down a little, he realized that there must be some hidden inside story, and he also had some guesses, so he held this mediation meeting on the spot.

“Hehe, the teachers are coming from afar, why didn’t you tell me? Do you think I am not well entertained by someone?”

Chai Haotian was all smiles, but Inexplicably, there was a hint of coldness in the words, which made the admissions office of major colleges and universities couldn’t help but heart shivered with cold.

Although they represent major colleges and universities, their status within the school is average, at least when it comes to social status, which is far worse than the Lord of the entire City.

“City Lord Chai, please calm down, my thoughts are similar, just to seize the opportunity.”

Chief-In-Charge Tang Yuanjian of Shenwu Admissions Team said with a bitter smile , “As of now, there is no point in concealing, and I’m not afraid that City Lord Chai will know. We did come to dig a corner in advance.”

“Oh, it seems that there are hidden geniuses I don’t know about in Yizhong. Huh?”

Seeing that the guesses matched, Chai Haotian glanced at Xu He with a blank face, although it was strange, he still said with a smile.

“City Lord Chai doesn’t even know about it?”

Instead, the people in the admissions groups were stunned for a moment, and Yang Xueshi from Flower Martial was the first to react and said in surprise.

“Know what?”

“The person we’re looking for is not in Jing City No. 1, but in Jing City No. 7!”

(End of this chapter)

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