I Wanted To Be Steady But Became A War God Chapter 98


Chapter 98 Reverse Interview

In a private room in the restaurant.

Chai Haotian and Huang Tao are sitting opposite each other with big eyes staring at small eyes.

The silence lasted for five minutes, and finally Chai Haotian spoke up.

“You know?”

“Just now.”

“Do you believe it?”

“I have to. “

Huang Tao put out a breath slightly, barely calmed down, and a wry smile appeared on his face again, “Unfortunately, I didn’t know about it in advance, so I didn’t have any psychological preparation, didn’t expect something happened today. Such a big oolong, please forgive me.”

“Who would have thought?”

Chai Haotian shook his head, “Speaking of this Shen Qian, I actually heard his name. .”

“oh?” Huang Tao showed an unexpected look.

“Some time ago, there was a major event in the Martial Arts Bureau, and Liu Changqing made a lot of noise. The key person in it was Shen Qian. I paid special attention to it at the time, but after the incident, there was a lot of noise. The innate talent revealed by Shen Qian can only be said to be acceptable and did not exceed expectations.”

Chai Haotian recalled, “I asked the people at the Martial Arts Bureau later, Liu Changqing’s original words were Shen Qian. It’s his Disciple, Liu Situ’s Disciple is naturally extraordinary, but it’s still a lot worse than Wang Shuo’s, so I forgot about it, who would have thought…”

Huang Tao nodded, sighed: “I also didn’t expect Jing City Marquis to accept apprentices again, and didn’t expect Shen Qian to break the level record of the simulator and make such a big noise.”

“speaking of which is also my negligence, I haven’t visited Heavenspan Pagoda recently, otherwise I should have known about it.”

Chai Haotian shook his head and said, “As for these colleges and universities, they only place more emphasis on genius than you do. The imagination is even more exaggerated.”

“It seems to be even worse this year?” In connection with the various anomalies in the admissions matters of various colleges and universities this year, Huang Tao tentatively said.

“Have you heard some wind?” Chai Haotian said with a smile.

“I did hear some rumors when I went out this time, but they were all just a few words.” Huang Tao shook his head.

“The Martial Arts Department is still in the process of brewing, and there is a lot of involvement behind it. It’s not convenient for me to tell you in detail.”

Chai Haotian stood up and looked out the window. In the darkness of the night, he sighed, “I’m afraid… An birthday will not have a few years.”

Huang Tao’s heart was awe-inspiring, but seeing that Chai Haotian didn’t want to explain further, he didn’t ask any further.

β€œWhat is the city owner going to do about this?”

Huang Tao pointed to the door. At this moment, the Chief-In-Charge of the admissions offices of major colleges and universities are still waiting in the hall. write.

Chai Haotian waved his hand, and another projection appeared on the bracelet.

Here’s a screenshot he just got from a college admissions Chief-In-Charge.

The screenshot shows the collapsed bronze and the sky-high fireworks. Below the big characters “Congratulations on customs clearance”, there is a young man standing with his head raised. Although his figure is a bit illusory, his face is clear distinguish.

This is a screenshot of the Bronze Array, from the Martial Arts department.

The Chief-In-Charge of the admissions offices of major universities are not fools. Naturally, they will not come all the way to Jing City just because they heard a little bit of wind. After trying to contact me and failing, they will think other methods.

And this screenshot is the evidence that they took great pains to get from various channels.

The video data of customs clearance will be saved on the local simulator, but the screenshots will be automatically sent to the mailbox of the Logistics and Welfare Bureau of the Martial Arts Department to verify the identity information when redeeming the prize.

Chai Haotian just spoke slowly after taking a few more glances at the boy on the screenshot.

β€œIn any case, the rise of Shen Qian is a good thing. Since these colleges and universities Chief-In-Charge came to Jing City, they naturally cannot let them return empty-handed.”

For Chai Haotian Huang Tao naturally understood the deep meaning of this sentence, and couldn’t help but smile.

“What about Shen Qian’s side?”

“Let him choose, we can’t interfere even if we want to, can we?”

Staring at the tower standing in the center of the city, after paused, Chai Haotian continued, “But please tell him, this love, I have written down this love.”


Sitting in the Presidential Suite of the Black Tortoise Hotel, Shen Qian felt a little numb.

He didn’t expect to think about how to explain it to Uncle Xu in the afternoon, and the storm came in the evening.

And when it came, it was so turbulent.

After Huang Tao told everything and the city lord’s reaction, Shen Qian, who was inexperienced in dealing with it, was still thinking about the best way to deal with it, but unexpectedly received a call from Shi Dingyan first.

After Shi Dingyan and Shen Qian explained the stakes behind and the suggestions for handling, Shen Qian’s heart suddenly became enlightened.

Shen Qian vaguely felt that these were actually what the boss Gao wanted to tell him, and they were just recited by Shi Dingyan.

Except for one sentence Shen Qian didn’t understand.

“…Chai Haotian will also accept your love, which is related to his Tao.”

However, Shen Qian didn’t hesitate, and immediately took a taxi to the Black Tortoise Hotel. And told Huang Tao about his plan.

Huang Tao had a strange expression on his face after hearing this, but he finally patted Shen Qian’s shoulder and left without saying anything.

A knock on the door interrupted Shen Qian’s thoughts.

β€œPlease come in.” Shen Qian adjusted her clothes.

The door was opened by a hair grey-white old man with some bruises on his face.

Yang Xueshi, who was already very familiar with the screenshot, recognized the boy in front of him as the clearer himself in the screenshot.

“I’m Chief-In-Charge Yang Xueshi of the Flower Martial admissions team, you can call me Professor Yang.” Yang Xueshi said to Shen Qian kindly with a smile, “Are you Shen Qian’s classmate? “

Although Yang Xueshi was smiling, his heart was not at peace.

At this moment, in the adjacent lounge, representatives of major colleges and universities are waiting…

Yes, no one didn’t expect This young man did not choose his own Instead, I plan to see everyone in one night.

It is the first time that only the students who have been interviewed for registration have been interviewed by students.

At first they refused. Although they came from thousands of miles, it would be a shame to spread such a thing, until…

They heard that this is Jing City New Disciple from Marquis.

And then…

Huang Tao mentioned inadvertently that at this time last year, Shen Qian’s physical strength didn’t even reach 100.

And then…

When Chai Haotian shook hands with Shen Qian before leaving, he said admiringly, “As expected of the young genius who stole the spills of war from Wang Shuo. , really has an extraordinary temperament.”

Things like this deepened their understanding of Shen Qian and helped them get rid of that last bit of shame.

“Hello, Professor Yang, I’m Shen Qian.”

After Shen Qian invited Yang Xueshi to be seated, he opened the mouth and said: “Professor Yang, if I choose Flower Martial , what can Flower Martial give me?”

Yang Xueshi was stunned for a moment, then his back straightened.

Shen Qian’s directly disrupted his original plan, and he had to deal with it seriously.

“straight to the point” is also Shi Dingyan’s suggestion to Shen Qian. Shen Qian is very kind and will never give these recruiters who have fooled too many teenagers the opportunity to take the initiative to grasp the topic.

Otherwise Shen Qian would definitely fall into passive.

It’s much clearer to ask the benefits directly.

No matter how bragging, they always represent the facade of their own colleges and universities, and some promises cannot be made indiscriminately.

Yang Xueshi pondered for a long time before slowly saying with a smile:

“Academy optional, tutor optional, dormitory optional, four-year university tuition free, third-class scholarships are preferred Consider… what do you think about these conditions, Shen Qian?”

I hope everyone can follow up as much as possible. If it goes well, there will be at most two recommendations left on the shelves.

It’s time to explode!

In addition, the big guy who cast 84 recommendation votes at one time, you really surprised me, how did you get so many votes?

(end of this chapter)

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