460 cooperative attack (part 462 part)

Fallud who grabbed my handle gave a light stare as if it caused dizziness.

I did not equip it!

“Wow …”
“Well, are you OK? ”
(It was just a bit more information … …. Now let’s focus on the attack)

Was good. The curse of God has not fallen. What could have been seen? Let’s hear if the fight is over and you are surviving.

Faurend, who quickly rebuilds his body, keeps me on the eyes. As soon as the magical power of the fallen wrapped around the blade, my body left his hand and slowly flew into the air.

Is it supposed to happen if you use speech to others? It’s a strange feeling.

Falland pulls right hand and takes a position to pull out the bottom of the palm. I am floating on the extension of that palm. The left hand is protruded in the opposite direction, and it is attached to the blade as if I keep it straight.

I also transformed into a conical shape with less air resistance with form transformation skill. I intend to put all the power in the cut.


Something, I’m caught on a fall back to my mouth. However, I feel that my mind is communicating. Is this also the ability of God ‘s love affair? It does not seem strange to be able to communicate with the sword, even if such ability is equipped.

While staring at the aura of Earth Lars which increased the redness, I kept observing Belmelia while holding down the impatience.

“Not yet … … yet …”
“… ….”

The current state of accumulating the power to the limit, will be a tremendous load. The blood vessels of the forest bulge just like crispy, and the sounds of both arms gush. But he clenched his teeth and endured the pain. Even such a place is similar to Fran.

When you see the aircraft in that way, that moment comes at last.

By Earth Lars’ attack, Belmelia was hit by the earth. Instantly set it up, but it is tethered to the spot with super gravity.

“…… Now it is! ”
“I’m going to master!”

The moment when I shouted, the magical power of the Falland got up at a stretch and it exploded. I will be fired at ultra high speed from the hands of the Falun.

“Ooooooooooooooooo! ”

I opened the dimension gate above Bellmelia. It is not directly above because you need a distance to accelerate.

Simultaneously invoked magic to accelerate itself and objects in flame magic, wind magic, thunder magic, space-time magic. Increase effect even a little by steering flame, steering wind skill.

We also used gravity pressure to draw objects to the ground. To increase speed and power even a little.

I will also neglect to increase the attack power. In addition to the addition of gravity and vibrating fangs, we used attribute and sword of darkness and light at the same time. Since the darkness attacks the spirit of the opponent, we chose to raise the cannibalization rate of cannibalism even a little.

About light, it is a bet. You can tell if Bermelia has high resistance to basic 4 attributes and compound attributes. Then it thought that it is still good if it is light which is a rare attribute.

Not only this, I also imitated the rapid acceleration due to the magical release that Fanatics used.

While getting pushed by the other person’s manipulation, instantaneously get the acceleration force which can not be the multiple skill activation of the limit of control force limit. Normally you will lose control and blow away in the direction of the day after tomorrow, but it may be better to say a pipe or a barrel in this case rail – of – mind.

Anyway, due to the guidance of the mind, I pushed straight ahead.

The terrible rebound that occurred by using magic and skill at the same time sharply reduces my durability value. However, this is within the assumption. Falun is also bearing a life, I have to bet everything!

“Ahhhhhhh! ”

The eyes of Bermelia are watching me. It is obviously reacting. However, it can not intercept. There was a fold in front of her.

At the same time as I shot out, I fell down the dimension gate that I had already opened, and attacked Belmelia. Suddenly I was able to respond to me who appeared in the sky, so the correspondence to the falls that appeared further behind will be delayed for a moment.

Without missing the gap, Faurend was succeeding in shutting down the movement of Bellmelia. Foldand is a swordbreaker held in his hand, fixing the fanatics fascinatingly.

Of course, if it is only for the force, it will easily be swayed. However, it is the super gravity of Earth Lars that connects her to the earth. It was impossible to shake off the crown instantaneously.

It is impossible for Bellmelia to shake off the fork that took up the challenge with the preparedness to throw away everything.

“Do not let go!”
“Oh oh oh! ”

And, I turned into an ultra high speed bullet penetrated through the Falunt arm and the Evil sword, Fanatics. It was probably because of the wolf wolf. Fanaticus which boasted that defense power is splendidly shattered.

I ate my blow every moment, and Falund blew off while scattering a lot of blood. Even so, at the moment of crossing, Falund certainly smiled.

But I can not afford to care for him.

“It’s pretty cool! ”

Is it my thing, the thing of Fanaticus, or the combination of both scenes?

To the torrent of the awesome magical power flowing into me, I was raising screaming without knowing it.

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