461 black things to eat all (part 463)

“No, it’s good! ”

Dangerous yakui yakui yakui!

What is this!

There is so much magical power!

It’s hot! Hot hot! My inside is burning! I will scorch, burn up, it looks like I can play!

“Gaga ah ah ah Oh! ”

Creepy! Inside of the head, inside the body, whole body, a strange sensation as if a myriad of bugs are crawling around.

“Oooaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ”

help me! help me!

I break … ….!

“But … ….”


“? ”

Something sounds like a crack. what? Something breaks.

It was just after that.

“Oooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” ”

A black thing overflows from the deep part inside me.

It hurts hot, cold and painful. It is different from any one. Just something black covers me and erodes me. No, this is also me. It is an existence which makes up me. I understood it intuitively.

“Eat it”
“Gowaa … …!! ”
“Eat it”
“Aaaaaaah … …? ”
“Eat it! ”
“Wow … What is it? Awesome! ”

Eat it?

“Eat it!” Eat everything! ”

What to eat, what …? All … …? It’s a part of me but not a Nani. Who are you? In case

“Listen to my voice! Leave yourself to me! Give it to me! ”

Voice echoing directly in the brain. The image is black. Evil and dirty things are raising my voice among me.

“Eat it!” Both heaven and earth, both gods and devils, men and beasts, all eat and make them food! ”

It was intense hunger feeling to be transmitted from the voice. Eating is as it is. Eat meat, sip blood, sweep the earth, even even heaven bite it. It is possible for this black thing.

“What! ”

On the contrary, what I felt was frightening anger. The inside of my head is stained with anger.

Do something you like without saying! Generally, you eat everything? Whether it has a franc but with a person!

Zaken of! Even though I myself, a fellow who kills fran does not allow! If you kill fran, kill me then let me go! Oh damn it! Do not understand! Thinking is Gucchyagucha, do not know what you are talking about!

“Oh ah ah! shut up! Shut up! ”

Because of anger, I have gone somewhere, both suffering and disgust.

“Why will not you follow! Follow me! ”
“You said to be quiet! ”
“… …!! ”

that? Shut up? I will try it.

The lord of the voice knows that black evil things are obviously puzzled. Then, I lose power quickly. It is not a translation that disappeared, I did not go out of me, but it seems to retreat in my back.

Tentatively … … What’s the matter?

It was just after thinking so. Unlike the voice I do not understand now, I heard a more harsh and shrill voice.

“Hee hee hee! If you think the guy that gave us a guy, it’s interesting! ”

I know why its identity. There may be something in between the waste gods.

“Fanatic?” ”
“Kihihihi! Alright? We are we! Even then, you keep a thing like that! ”

Every time Fanaticus speaks, its voice changes. A man, a woman, an old man, or a child. However, Fanaticus was in me. It seems that cannibalism was activated and I ate Fanaticus. It was painful enough to not notice it.

However, it was the first time I felt someone who was cannibalistically cannibalistically so much. When conscious of it, a bad feeling attacks at once.

“Wow ooo … …!! ”
“Gwahahaha! You, originally a human! My condolences! ”
“What, what is it …? ”
“Someday, absolutely, you are crazy! People ‘s spirit in the body of the sword! There is no reason to endure! Someday, you will go crazy! It seems we were like that! ”
“I will not go crazy! ”
“Impossible! Let us have you look inside you? I wish you a crazy! And at the end I am going to kill the user! ”
“Fuck! You too are noisy! ”
“Gaha – Gat! what……! ”

It was Fanaticus who was scattering things that I played in me, but suddenly suffered from suffering.

“Oh, inside you, what is going to happen! ”

Fanaticus raises a fearfully mixed voice. It is Mr. announcement that gets over the spirit. Mr. announcements – that is, the cherub residues will absorb Fanatics.

“What is that! Why is there the same kind as us …! Stop it! Do not eat us! Stop! We can not disappear! I can not disappear —- ”

At the end of that scream, the terrible disgust that had been hitting me completely disappeared. Beautiful and fresh.

“… … Was it over? ”
“… ….”

There is no one who answers my misunderstanding. I thought that Mr. announcement would answer, but it was useless. However, I can see that its presence increased slightly. Perhaps, if you go for cannibalism, Mr. announcement may be resurrected someday.

I mean, my condition is pretty bad. The blade is completely shattered and it looks like it was broken at the side. Whether the influence of the divine attribute still remains, but also the regeneration is slow.

However, the durability value was recovering slowly. Have you survived … ….

“No, now it’s Bellmelier than me! ”

Was the runaway stopped? I hurriedly confirmed the surroundings.

“There was Bellmelier -! ”

I saw that Belmelia was falling in a place somewhat far away. The body has returned to its form close to the former human being. I could see the chest being lightly up and down. It seems to be alive.

The super magical power that had been emitted from its body has disappeared, rather it was in the state of dying. The right arm flies explosively with each fanatics, and the right half is also torn in a shreds.

I could see Earth Lars collapsed on the other side of Bellmelia.

“Hey, Earth Lars? ”
“Well, my master?”

While weak, words come back.

“Do not runaway?” ”
“Thanks, you are …”

Apparently, it seemed that the worst situation could be avoided.

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