462 Handling of Earth Lars (Part 464 part)

“… Fortunately! ”

In a place somewhat far away, the fallon has collapsed. While somehow controlling the disturbing mental attitude, I managed to scrape the handle on the ground from time to time and came under the forest with low-altitude flight.

“this is……”

I did it, but it is a terrible condition. From the right collarbone part to the right rib around, it was completely hollowed out, the internal organs and bones were exposed. Even the left arm has no tip from the elbow. Due to massive bleeding, the ground leveled by the fierce battle is dyed black and dark.

“Wow …”

But he was still alive. The left lung that remained moves slightly, and the heart sound is also heard faintly. I kept on using recovery magic in a panic with the falling lives being lost.

It is really good that magical powers have recovered by cannibalizing Fanatics.

“Fold! Fold! ”
“I do not mind …”

Have you crossed over the pass? Although Falund still flooded a large amount of blood from the cross section of the shoulder mouth which had been torn, he raised himself up to himself.

As soon as it creates several devil swords. Then the arms started playing with jiwiwa. It seems that they created a magical sword of recovery system and regeneration system. Fallud ‘s ability to respond is still amazing.

“Were you safe? Was good”
(I had a conversation with a deceased friend for the first time in a while)

Does that mean I went to the other world?

Earth Lars, which has become able to stand up on its own while I am recovering the false, is confirming the state of Beryllia. Then, as a matter of fact, have not you set up Gaia that is still open?

“Earth Lars! I have not run away anymore! Even if it does not kill! ”
“All right, well, look it up”

I can not feel embarrassed. Apparently it does not seem to stab the stop. Earth Lars keeps Gaia on top of Bellmelia as it is.

“Earth Little Smile”

As Earth Lars muttered, gentle magical power overflowed from Gaia, wrapped around Bellmelia. Bellmelia ‘s bloody darkness improved, the wounds of the whole body healed. The resilience will be more than a greater heel. It seems that Gaia had not only attack but also healing power.

It is also that there is a strong recovery means in the runaway Earth Lars.

“… … …”
“Lady, are you OK?”
“I … … where is this …?”

Fantasy absorbed the spirit, there was a possibility not to regain consciousness, apparently seems to have escaped the worst. It seems that Fanaticus was losing its original power because of the damage, and it might have been impossible to integrate the spirit of the opponent himself.

If you can fully integrate the spirit into yourself, you do not need a demonic to manipulate it. No, Gals was supposed to not be awake because of the drugs … ….

“Do you have memories? Do not worry, please sleep now.”
“… … … …”

Even though my life is saved, I guess it was just as bad as mentally and physically. Belmelia fell asleep again to faint.

“Well, Earth Lars. Does the current recovery technique have the effect of healing symptoms of demonic drugs? ”
“No wonder drug, no, that will only heal the wound”
“Well, why did Bermelia wake up? Is there no sequela of demonic drugs? ”
(Master, probably because the intake period of drugs was short, was she just taken away?
“I see”

Although a lot of demonic drugs were used to give mental maneuvering, the aftereffects may be few as the administration period was short. It might have been a trace amount of medicines accumulated in the body.

“… … I was saved and two of us”

That word will be true. That Earth Lars is full of creation. Although the wound itself is occupied, consumption of magical power and life force has not yet recovered. Besides, the frenzy has advanced to a great extent. Mental exhaustion must be more than our imagination.

“It was a strong opponent so if you were not there, what was going on?”
“It is this line of script. If there was no Earth Lars, more damage would have been spreading. Well, it can not be said that damage is small … ”

It has become a wasteland for quite a wide range. About half of the aristocracy is this state. There should not be any building without damage to the rest of the residences. Moreover, there is neither a giant castle nor a trace that was worthy to call that spectacular country symbol.

Even in citizens’ towns and slums, the pseudo fanatics sword suicide bombardment should have been damaged, and the damage that this kingdom received could be enormously big.

“But still thanks to Earth Lars who could defeat Fanaticus.”
“Well, it’s a matter of getting to each other, but it’s a bit too rampant, I would rather leave.”
“Huh? Earth Lars? ”
“My daughter will take me.”
“wait a moment! What does it mean? ”

Earth Lars who put Gaia in the sheath will carry Belmeria on his shoulder that still will not wake up. Does that mean leaving as it is? And brought Belmelia?

But the Faluns seemed to agree with that.

“That’s for the country”

I do not know the meaning of the muttering of the Falun. For the sake of the country?

“Well, well, there are quite a bit of damage in this battle, I do not say that I am innocent, but if the country captures me and tried to judge it, It does not end with the problem of the country alone ”

Earth Lars and Falland will explain. In other words, there seems to be a problem that the existence of Earth Lars is too large.

Let’s say you capture Earth Lars as the criminal of the destruction of the Kingdom. And I will make up for my sins. However, that is difficult.

The death penalty is out of the question. If it falls into a crisis of death, it will only trigger a great devastation once the η‹‚ ι¬Ό is invoked without permission. I can not even even commit suicide.

It is impossible to slave. This has also been protected by a frenzy. As Earth Lars volunteers to serve herself, how do you use a monster in the country that you do not know when it will rampage?

If Earth Lars feels that way, most things will be done. However, an ultra-powerful bomb with a timed device comes along. If it explodes, some cities will disappear from the map. Moreover, no one knows when the timing device will be activated. If there are political officials to keep this in their own country, it is probably either a foolish thing or a crazy one.

Then, you send it to the enemy country? That is impossible. You can not make Earth Lars complicit in war acts. If you do that, the adventurer guild will turn to the enemy. A guild taking a stance not to be complicit in the war, if rank S adventurer who can be said its symbol can be used for war, will anyone try to destroy the country any way to protect her face. Otherwise the organization itself will be licked.

No, it’s a matter earlier. In the first place, it was difficult for us to question Earth Lars unilaterally.

This case, Ohimoto is a coup d’etat of Marquis Ashtona. Many adventurers have lost their lives and their supervisory responsibility lies in the country. Earthlars who fought to stop the trump card of Marquis Ashton saved the country according to viewpoint.

Questioning Earth Lars, the adventurer guild will go to its defense. A conflict will arise between the two if the national opposes it. It is the country that loses it.

In addition, neighboring countries should respond sensitively. Earth race owns a sword sword. It was not amusing to think that Kingdom of Kursel wanted a sword sword.

Instead of reparations. Or take it after the death penalty. Regardless of whether it is feasible or not, it was said that it aimed at it, which could be a diplomatic problem.

On the contrary, how is it if you put all your sins on Marquis Ashtar and lift Earth Lars as a hero of relief? It also has problems. There is a possibility that it seems that it seems that it is about to take rank S adventurers into their own country.

Rather, this one was a problem. To bear super weapons is inevitable even if it is seen as having some kind of ambition.

After all, Earth Lars was an untouchable existence that is handy enough to deal with. It is an option not to involve the wisest thing. Even that beast kid is left as it is.

And it is said that the most damaging drop for both the Kingdom of Clans and Earth Lars is voluntary withdrawal from Earth Lars from the country and expulsion from the country.

It is likely that any country will respond similarly when a mass destroyer with a synonym with a similar name can normally wander around the world.

If this is a human other than Earth Lars, this should not be the case. Catch it and make it slave. No, if you consider it as normal it would be the execution route.

In other words, Bermelia was more likely to do so. It is the Earl’s compassion, not having great power. And it is the party of the greatest vandalism. I should have never complied.

To be honest, I do not feel bad at Bermelia. It would be different from the residents of the kingdom, but I had no sympathy. I think that it is only involved, and the opponent is a god sword and a marquet that has been preparing over 40 years. I can not believe that I was aimed and escaped. If Earth Lars was to help us, that was fine.

“Ask Bellmelier”
“This is also the edge of something, leave it to me, I will not make it as bad”
“I wanted you to meet Franc.”
“It’s difficult, I guess we’ll meet soon,”

When I wake up, Franc will regret.

“Where are you going? ”
“I originally planned to go to the Gordician continent by pursuing Zero Sled and that is perfect for hiding a young lady, and I will do a monster hunt in that continent for a while”
“Is Zero Sled in the continent of Gordicia? ”
“It is only possible to do it”

The continent of Gordicia is looking for an excellent warrior for the fight with rank S demon, and if it is strong, the past career etc seems to be unquestioned. It is said that criminals around the world are the last place to escape.

“got it”
“Well, let’s go, my master, Falun, more than that.”
“See you”

Although it should not be in a normal condition, Earth Lars will leave with a steady gait. It will be a picture if there is no Belle Melia on the shoulder.

It is a different direction from the gate … …. Well, I wonder what I will do.

“How about the fold? ”
“Down to Gilmouth”
“Really. Let’s go together. Or, I’d appreciate it if you bring me. Because it is a sword moving flying without permission as it is. ”
“Oh, I understand”

Finally the wounds were blocked, but the Furlund who still made it a fluttering shouldered me and walked toward the front gate.

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