463 Picture of the Foundation (part 465)

After I gave off Earth Lars, I was moving while being carried by the Falun.

“Well, it’s an Earth Lars, can not you let the country or someone ask in advance? That way, the country anticipates a coup d’etat in advance, can you say it was taking measures? Prestige and others will be kept a little. ”

Fran was actually like that in the beast country. However, Faurend swings his head.

(It may not be a problem if it is not Earth Lars, but when it comes to Oinon, the story will change)
“Because you have a sword sword?” ”
(Or rather it is probably because it specializes in mass destruction.) In the case of Earthlasse, most of the remaining anecdotes talk about mass destruction and genocide.Of course, there are almost talks in the battlefield and in the old anecdotes There are many stories handed down as heroes but … …)

It is told that the preferential treatment of the Earth Lars who can lose their own country by themselves is originally ambitious in the first place. In peacetime, it may not have worried about that. There was also the choice of having other people excuse excuses in diplomacy and treat Earth Lars.

But the Kingdom, Barboura and the Kingdom of the Crusel, where the major cities suffered seriously, have been hit hard by both national power and state power. Among them, it was dangerous to imitate opposition to other countries. As the great country with ambition, Raidos Kingdom is in the north, the relationship with foreign countries should be important.

(Of course, the judgment of the country is also different There is a possibility that Earth Lars just judged so … …. There is a possibility that the country may be inconvenienced, but if you go away silently, especially what Also the latter is a safe alternative)
“Is it such a thing …?”
(Oh, sorry it is)

I can not think of Earth Lars and Falun as thinking of me. And it has been doing this for decades. I guess the best thing to do is Earth Lars himself.

Originally my feeling is that I can not think that Earth Lars who fought against a terrorist opponent who could destroy the country and stopped it would have such a crime.

(No, it was a force majeure attacking the royal royal castle, which caused great damage to the aristocracy, there is no reason not to be charged with the crime)

I have a favor with Earth Lars, so it may be a bit judgment to Earth Lars. Let’s cool a little and let’s replace it with Japan.

One day suddenly, a super robot that does not work with the SDF’s weapons manipulated by terrorists appears and starts destructive activities in Tokyo. If you let go of beams and missiles and leave it alone, Japan is dangerous! It is the same type Super Robot No. 2 that appears there. In the same way Super Robot No. 2 that uses super weapons to defeat terrorist robots. However, the area around the Tokyo Metropolitan Government turned into ashes and the lives of hundreds of people were lost … ….

Yes, it is dangerous. If the newly appearing No. 2 pilot appears face to face with justice, many people will throw stones. The net also got a great flame and should be overwhelmingly more reproaching than advocates.

No, do not you feel the sense of modern Japan in the first place? It is a country of aristocracy instead of a law-abiding nation. You may as well walk away avoiding the noise. Well, Earth Lars is already gone, it does not make any sense if I think more … ….

“Ha, change my mood, let’s make sure of the achievements of cannibalism”

And I checked my status and I was surprised at the sound.

“Wow? ”
“No, sorry. nothing”

My ability has achieved tremendous growth beyond imagination. How, the magical power possessed has increased by 5000. It is almost 1.5 times or more. The durability value also increased by more than 3000.

Although it breaks, he ate a sword sword. This may be natural. Moreover, not only the ability value was obtained by cannibalism.

My skill had added the skill of supplying magical power. This seems to be a skill that can give magical power to its users. Until now Fran was able to use my magical power and use it, but by obtaining this skill losses decreased and the efficiency would have improved greatly.

In doing so, you can see the rows of people who evacuate immediately. It is the Count of Bailey that is guiding the people in Honor. You can see Elante and Corberto.

The sign of franc is already outside the city. It seems that Urushi has just escaped.

(Would you like to report to the master, Earl.
“I think that is better”

If you do not notice anything like this, the evacuation of the people will go unnecessarily. I do not know if there are any dangers in the city, but I should tell you that you have taken down the Marquis and Fanaticus.

That is why the Falund has approached the Earls who are conducting in desperate fashion. The first thing I noticed was Eluncante. I call out to the fold with an uneasy expression. Earl of Beilly also came near at once.

“Fall, it was ok!”
“So, what happened …? … I could not hear the battle sounds … ….”
“Does Earth Lars dictate?”

Oh, yeah. With Falun’s poor taste, I can not report anything! I made a speech and decided to give instructions to some extent. I am accustomed to Fran, so leave this part to me.

“Earth Lars won, Marquis Ashtar also collapsed, swordsmen under his own suicide bombed”
“Hey, there is more to say. Business report? ”
(It can not be helped, I can not speak any more fluently)

Suddenly the long lines were difficult! But here I have to work hard.

“What happened to my daughter who was fighting Earth Lars?”
“Earth Lars has been defeated”
“Sure, that’s … …”
“What about Earth Lars?”
“I’ve already left to avoid complications”

Even if I can tell the truth to the Count, people ‘s ears are too much in this place. I am sorry for the shocking ear when I heard my daughter’s death, but please be patient for a while.

“Mr. Falund?”

Elevente and Corberto are looking at the fold with a puzzled look. As usual, it seems that the talking reticence for a long time speaks strangely.

Still, the Falun tried hard and managed to tell the Earls some information we could find. Based on that information, the Earls will start discussing the situation in the city and discussing what to do with evacuation guidance in the future. I should leave it to the rest.

“Well then, Fall. Toward the frank. ”

When the Falun turns away, Eliante hurriedly retires.

“Wait a moment! I’d like you to help me like this anyway?”

While Faurend was swaying his head, he gave me a hand lightly. I wonder if I also remember Eliente. It is lightly eye-warming.

“Sword to Furan”
“That sword is … ….”
“Yeah … That’s right, then that’s fine.”

Eliante has a face that is plainly Mecha. Corberto was also reasonably prayed. Oh, maybe, you think I’m dead? Feeling of the words of the current Falun, it seemed as a request of my death.

But before the correction, the Falund has left the spot. Well, let me correct it later.

On the way, I asked the fallon what I was interested in.

“Well, what kind of information was my information that I could analyze with the love of the sword god? ”

Then, I heard it with a face that is difficult to fall down.

(I can know the ability of the producer and the sword usually, but this time I saw a mysterious sight)
“A mysterious sight? ”
(… … It is a scene where men are guided by someone and sealed in a sword that emits a violent aura I thought that the sword looked like a master but the details were somewhat different)
“Well, what kind of sword was that sword? ”
(The blade etc was a master and a sokkuri, but the design of the pattern was different, I think that it was not a wolf, but a form of four women)

no doubt. That’s Cherubim. I do not quite understand the violent aura, but it is a dangerous god sword that God can order to abandon. It may be related to that. And in that it is a scene where men are sealed ….

“How was the man looking? ”
“What happened? ”
(Besides black eyes black eyes, it was a savory man with no character, rather it may be characterized as being so plain)
“Oh, that’s right ……”

my heart hurts……. But surely I guess.

“Perhaps, I think that is me.”
Master was originally a person?
“Oh, that’s right. The human soul is sealed in the sword. Well, I do not know who it was done to anyone. ”

However, if you listen closely to the Falun, you may know the other parties involved in my birth besides Elmera.

“What was it like! ”
(Do not you remember?
“Oh, absolutely. So I want to know it. ”
(Yeah, but I did not see everything, I felt like I looked through something like a vision that was hazy)
“Still good”
(In the meantime, the first thing I saw was the presence of three pillars)
“Three pillars? Not three people? ”

It is quite a great word.

(It is a phenomenon that occurs when God and its affiliation are involved in the analyzed sword, but the analysis does not go well and you can see a strange sight)
“When you touched me, that phenomenon happened? ”
(Yes, disturbed images floated on my mind, God, or three who seemed to be a part of that, was talking to my teacher)
“Do you understand the contents? ”
(Sorry, but the teacher was smiling)

Apparently the video has no sound. Still it is a big clue. I asked them to explain as far as I remember in the Falun.

The place is unknown. It seems as if the characters were as if the characters were floating in the sky. There were three characters but their face was unknown. However, it seems to be a woman. Is it a goddess or a female-type god?

I was brought to one of them, after talking about something, it is contained in a sword. It seems to me that the smiling face I accepted on my own will in the fallon.

(At that moment, strange things happened, as one of the goddesses held up her hand, a strange image appeared in the air as though she had been pulled out of her teacher)
“What is it like? ”
(I did not have a master in that video …. I am looking up a place where the buildings like a square tower are arranged in order, probably the lord of that line of sight is sleeping on the ground. However, he seemed to be suffering from a serious injury, as I moved my eyes, I could see a bloody body and hand)

Maybe it is a memory when I died? Actually the neighborhood is ambiguous. I remember being run over by a car, but after that I became a sword ….

(You also saw scenes staring at the bed with a woman in a beautiful dress, scenes walking with a young lady in hand)

No, it may not be my memory. There is no memory.

(And then, naked women and men are lustrous in a strange square board -)
“Wait a moment! ”

What is it, that’s it. That’s it. No, but this is an important clue. It is up to you to say that it is embarrassing … ….

“I will not finish. Please continue. ”

It explains some other scenes where the fold was visible. Somehow, memories that were impressed by meals and movies, sorrowful memories such as female flapping. After that, it seems sexy – well, it seems to be memory about erotic.

None of them has any memory. No, did God pick up memory? So you have no memory? But he seems to be unfamiliar with the Fall. It seems that I was convinced when thinking from the fact that I was sealed by a sword because I was a smile … ….

It seems that there is still some meaning if it is to say memory of death, but I do not know the meaning of picking up other memories.

(It seems later … …. I could see the emblem)
“Emblem? ”
(Oh, God has symbols to represent each, three pillar women wearing an emblem that symbolized that symbol)

Fallud said that it was a symbol of the three pillars of the goddess of chaos, the goddess of silver, the goddess of the underworld.

“In other words, was it that 3 goddess, who made it, is it a part of that family? ”

Well, will this examine the goddesses in detail? I have heard only the name, but I do not know anything beyond that.

(But the master is a great sword)
“Why? No, I say it myself, but it is a waste god sword, I think it is a terrible sword. ”
(Even if it is a god sword, it is only given the power of one pillar, it is surprising that it is involved with three pillars etc. What purpose did you create for the purpose? ?)
“I want to know that as well”

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