The Time of Rebirth Chapter 968

Chapter 968 Auction began with a melodious bell, and the auction will be dim.

Subsequently, the beam will illuminate the high platform in front of the auction, and a man wearing a White costume goes to the high platform under the eyes of everyone.

“Good morning, I am the host of this auction, the auction will be officially started now!”

White CLOTHED MAN is looking for all people who have participated in the auction, and the tone is not humble.

Although his voice is not large, some kind of instrument arranged in the auction will be cleverly passed into the ear of everyone.

Tone Barely Fell, a attendant pushed the cart and came over, and a auction product was placed on the top of the cart, and it was covered by a red cloth.

let us see the first auction product. “

The cart came to the White CLOTHED MAN, White CLOTHED MAN SAID WITH A SMILE, then set off the red cloth on the cart.

“This auction is a kind of ice marrow flower. After our identification, it is kept in good condition and has reached a thousand years!”

“starting the price of 50 million blossoms, each increase is not less than 2 million blossoms.”

On the tray of the cart, a flower like Ice sculpture is blooming, and the red cloth is opened, and the chills begin to overflow.

Everyone in the auction can feel a strong cold, this is because the space in the auction is too large, if it is changed to a closed room, this ice marrow flower is even more than the cold. Human harm to some people with lower strength.

“My Heavens! It is actually a ice flower. This flower will only appear in a very cold environment. If you want to find it, you need a very high luck in addition to strength!”

“Make a fuss about Nothing … The list of outsourced before the auction is recorded today, there will be ice marrow, you won’t see it.”

“Although the ice marrow flower is extremely rare, it can be used as a lot of use, and it is widely known to refine the ice.”

“If this is said, it will only take the Pill Master, or the kind of high-grade is relatively high.”

After seeing the first auction, the auction will be full of noise.

but there is no surprised voice, because some of the quality Items that will appear on the auction will have already been displayed on the auction list.

For some auctions, everyone has already understood in advance.

At this time, a rough voice sounded.

“55 million!”

This sound is like an open head, and then the sound of One After ANOTHER quotes continues.

“500 million!”

“65 million!”


“93 million!”

The time of short a few interest, the price of the ice marrow flower is about twice that of the starting price.

But the price has come to this extent, many people give up the competition, only four people are still insisting.

“10 million!”

With the last quotation, the ice marrow flower was taken by a crane old man.

From the scope of the people around, Lin Yue learned that this old man is a Grade 8 Pill Master, which is quite famous in the East Sheng Tao.

The old man did not continue to stay in the venue after shooting the ice flower, but a few people beside him.

looks like he is intended to hand over the auction with the auction, which is not interested in the next auction.

The crowd is not accidentally surprised, because many people are like this, only one thing in a auction will only be taken enough to take a piece.

Although the auction of the ice marrow flower seems to be fierce, it can not set off too much impact in the venue.

Because the ice marrow flower is rare, most people have not shot, and the auction amount of more than 100 million is not low, but it is absolutely not too high here.

Compared to this, more people put their eyes on White CLOTHED MAN, looking forward to the next auction.

Not too long, soon the next auction is sent to WHITE CLOTHED MAN.

After the red cloth set off, WHITE CLOTHED MAN’s tone is the same as the last time, for everyone in Introduces.

“The second auction is a combination of armor, and the Normally uses glutation to charge, and the damage can be resistant to the critical moment.”

“If the charging is full, at least the three attacks in the soul, the weaker attack resistance, the more the number of attacks, but the point to pay attention is to continue to use after the depletion, very probability Will be damaged! “

“The price is 100 million blossoms, and the price will not be less than 5 million vital baht.”

Although this armor is limited to many of the Tone Barely Fell, the White CLOTHED MAN, the venue of Continuously is increased.

“more than one million!”

“more than 4 million!”

“200 million blossoms!”

The price has soared to 20 million blossoms, and there is no trend yet.

It is obviously more than the previous ice marrow flower, this armor is more popular, not only participating in the number of bidders, but also the speed of price is also very fast.

after a dozen interest.

“300 million!”

The VIP close to the high platform, a Middle-Aged Man shouted.

This price is out, and the venue is in a silent.

No one has bids him again.

On the high platform, White CLOTHED MAN has also begun.

“350 million times.”

“350 million twice.”


“Congratulations on this gentleman successfully photographed!”

The final armor was taken by a Middle-Aged Man taking 350 million blooms, the man’s face is excited.

It can be seen from the breath of Middle-Aged Man, and his strength is in the later stage of the soul.

This anti-armor that can resist several times will be very suitable for him.

At this time, the third auction is also appeared above the high platform.

“The third auction is Pill Recipe, the ancient Divine Elephant Dan, Grade 7 Medicine Pill, the effect is a temporary increase of huge power.”

“starting the price of 500 billion, each price increase is not less than one million,”

The auctions of this Time have finally attracted the hot discussion in the venue, and Pill Recipe is extremely precious.

Even more how is still a Pill Recipe for Grade 7 Medicine Pill.

Even if the base price has been opened to 500. However, there are still many people who want to show their hands.

Most of these people are Pill Master, and some people are not Pill Master, but their identity is also related to Pill Master.

“1 billion!”

The first offer will double the previous prices, the atmosphere in the venue does not have a cold spot, followed by a person who follows the quotation.

“1.1 billion blossoms!”

“1.5 billion blossoms!”


The auction time of this Time is obviously longer than before, until 5 Minutes, will gradually quiet.

The last Vantime Divine Elephant Dan’s Pill Recipe takes a three-million thousands of whispering prices by an old man.

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