The Time of Rebirth Chapter 969

Chapter 969 After the high price, it was another more than ten auctions, but no price exceeded Pill Recipe.

However, when a auction product is shocked, it has attracted the sensation of the audience!

It is a Black Long Sword that revealed Cold Light.

“Good sharp feeling, is this Divine Sword created by Dragon Master?

The light is so far, it feels that the whole body’s sweat is erected, and the dragon MASTER Sure Name is not in Vain! “

“Dragon MASTER is also said to say more?

is definitely the Number One Person in our East Sheng Domain, I don’t know how high the Divine Sword of this Time Dragon Master will sell. “

“This Treasure We took a look, even if you got your strength, you can’t stay …”

For a time, Discuss Spiritedly in the venue, all people put their eyes on the sword on the high platform.

Even the Tiandi also looked over, staring at the Black Long Sword.

Dragon Master’s reputation he nature knows, and Dragon Master has a quirk, which is never sold in private, all weapons are sold in auction.

Even if he is a heaven, in the face of the people like Dragon Master, it is impossible to force him with his own identity.

This Time Dragon Master prepared Divine Sword has long been heard, even if it makes him some of the power, you can get a small improvement, so he has arranged a man to take this. Divine sword.

After all, the identity of Haotian Dame is not suitable for you to come to auction.

Looking at the Black Long Sword on the stage, Lin Yue picks the eyebrows.

From this moment, Lin Yue feels its breath from the venue, which is a very sharp breath, as if you can cut off anything!

“Qin Young Master, this sword seems to be very strong.”

North ink is wide, and some surprised.

Her people who have a FOUR GREAT FAMILIES have naturally seen the number of Treasure, can be comparable to the weapons that can be comparable to the sword in front of the North ink family.

It can be seen that this is more powerful of Divine Sword from the Dragon Master.

“is indeed.”

Norteum orange in the side, I heard that the two talks is also the opening.

“That Dragon Master is still very good, I have never seen him, but I have heard about his business, he can say that it is difficult to say that it is difficult.”

At this time, the White CLOTHED MAN on the high platform said, “Everyone should have already learned, but I still introduce a few words.”

“This is the soul of the soul, which is built by the dragon master. The sword is sharp, and there is a more powerful point. This is the attack of this sword. The attack can be directly acting on Divine Sense. On, I can’t cure damage to Divine Sense! “

“Dragon Master’s work is expensive to know that this sword starts is 2 billion, each increase is not less than 100 million.”

The voice is not falling, and some people have begun to quote the quotation.

“two 1.5 billion!”

“2.7 billion!”


It can be seen from the position of the sound that all people involved in the auction are in the VIP.

This price has exceeded the range involved in ORDINARY PERSON, and people who can take more than $ 200 million are not a high-level or Powerhouse.

and the auction has been sent to these people before the start.

When the bidding reaches three 1.5 billion, the price increase is slow.

to this price, even for those people, it is not a matter of funds.

There is only one old man wearing red-clothed, a woman, a Middle-Aged Man.

From the nearby argument, a few people also know their identity.

Red-clothed old man is a person from other domains, and is a famous Powerhouse in their respective sites.

Although the Middle-Aged Man is located on the VIP, it is not a person who knows their identity.

lin yue looked at the Middle-Aged Man, guess his identity, before Yang Qingong said that Haidian did not personally participate in the bid, but will be secretly entrusted to others to get what he wants.

“four 1.5 billion!”

When Middle-Aged Man said this price, the other two gave up the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcompetition.

One is because of the soul, although the sword is strong, it can be almost worth this money, and then continue to increase the price even if it is not worth it.

There is another reason because this Middle-Aged Man, a person who has never seen it can take so big money, his identity affirms not Simple.

If you are really related to that person, even if you take this Divine Sword, you can’t leave the Dongsheng Dao or a problem.

Finally, the soul was taken by Middle-Aged Man by Middle-Aged Man with a price of 450,000, and the Middle-Aged Man quickly left the venue.

At the same time, the glazed Soul Raising Pill before Lin Yue has also been sent to the high platform.

The red cloth that is absolutely breath is opened, and the auction will be filled with a rich Danxiang.

“This is a glass Soul Raising Pill, and the light is aunt who feels the whole person!”

“It is a legendary Medicine Pill, if the Everyday ALL can smell this aura, Divine Sense may not increase itself.”

“I don’t know who is auctioned with this Medicine Pill, which is really not to take itself, it is too wasteful!”

lin yue is in the sky, and suddenly looks out in his eyes.

Sure enough, as before he thought, even Haidia Emperor also needs to be a Medicine Pill like a glass Soul Raising Pill.

“This Time’s auction is a glass Soul Raising Pill. After our identification, this Medicine Pill is very perfect, and Medicine Efficacy has no slightest loss.”

“The starting price is 1.5 billion, each increase is not less than 50 million.”

White CLOTHED Man introduced, Loudly shouted.


With the appearance of this sentence, the new round of competition is once again turned.

There are more than a dozen people in the VIP stand up for this glass Soul Raising Pill price, and the low price of the 1.5 billion increases.

For these people, it is not only one of the effects of the soul.

Dragon Master will make new weapons for auction every other period of time.

and weapons are not outside the body, may be lost during the battle, it will be damaged, but the Medicine Pill is different, and it will be completely transformed into part of its own strength.

“2 billion!”

“two 1.8 billion!”


“Three Billion!”

This Time priced to Three Billion, some people still have a bid in each other, can’t see whit retreat.

Obviously glass Soul Raising Pill is far more than that of the previous soul than before.

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