I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 900


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Although he said he didn’t care, but he really didn’t like Zhao Feng and Shui Qingrou’s “training secret technique” is also impossible.

Even if he is a traverser, some Pokemon knowledge is not even known by Pokemon Professors, but this does not mean that he has a deep understanding of Pokemon. His understanding of Pokemon is basically just some shallow and superficial knowledge, if it goes deep, it is basically not understood.

After all, in the previous life, “Pokemon” was just a creature in a game or an animation. Who would study the secrets of virtual, two-dimensional things in depth?

Although there are games, in order to fight, people will study Pokemon’s matching skills, laying eggs, effort value, etc., but more in-depth, such as whether Pokemon’s body shape will have an effect on Ability Does it affect?

Pokemon’s Nature has any effect on other Pokemon Attributes other than adding or subtracting or changing everything?


Who would conceive and study these things?


Who would think about this?

It’s just an animation, a game that’s all.

You think you can cross.

Moreover, in the game, these miscellaneous things are also fixed, like the same Pokemon, there will be no difference in height, and Nature will only fixedly affect Attribute, and will not affect other things. Ability is more There is no such thing as proficiency…

The “Pokemon game” called reality that is now in front of Zhou Jiang is not a simple and superficial game.

It is the same Pokemon, the same height and weight Nature, and the same level, so their strengths may also be different.

Just like “there are no two identical Icirrus in the world”, there are no two identical Pokemon in this world.

Zhou Jiang’s existing knowledge can only help him to know Pokemon and learn about them, but if he wants to make a targeted and “perfect” training method based on the conditions of the Pokemon, then he can do nothing. .

Up to now, the indicators of the training tasks he assigned to his Pokemons were all thought by himself. Because he didn’t know much about Pokemon, he was afraid of hurting Pokemon’s body too much, so he gave them no training indicators. Approaching the limit, it’s only the degree of tiredness.

This level of training is totally inconsistent with his “identity” to be honest.

As long as it is a trainer with a little strength, it can basically formulate some training methods for Pokemon that are approaching the limit. This is compiled by their daily understanding of their Pokemon, and the stronger the strength Trainer, theoretically, the more perfect the training method that Pokemon can make for himself, the closer it is to the limit. (Excluding those piled up by time)

Shui Qingrou and Zhao Feng are now like this. They can become Elite Four and stand out in all age groups. Nothing is impossible. After all, the limit of people who can participate in the Elite Four challenge was 40 years old. It is not easy for them to become Elite Four about 30 years old.

Elite Four and champions are the most active trainers in a country on the surface. The method is not simple. At least they have a unique Pokemon training method, which is why most of them are specialized in one line. Because if you have a good understanding of the Pokemon of a certain Attribute, specializing in that Attribute can make the Pokemon of their team quickly become stronger, rather than just make a few Pokemon stand out.

As long as they become stronger faster than others, then they will be able to beat the strong with the weak (in terms of age)!

Although targeted training methods are not necessary for Zhou Jiang, after all, he can rely on systematic cheating to improve quickly, but this thing does not hurt him.

After getting the training method, he can push them to the limit and become stronger quickly while exercising, and can also modify them with the system. Isn’t that stronger? !

The only pity is that Shui Qingrou and Zhao Feng’s specialization has nothing to do with Gardevoir and Beedrill, otherwise Beedrill and Gardevoir will be stronger. After all, until now, Beedrill and Gardevoir have exercised a lot, but they have improved. Their strength level still depends on the modification of the system, and after the system modification, their strength will only be improved out of thin air, and there will be no unnecessary changes to their bodies. They can be exercised to increase the Attribute and become stronger, but they can still be obtained through exercise after modification. increase.

Yes, Zhou Jiang plans to accept their kindness.

After all, people are so generous and willing to teach him the training method of Sect’s Exclusive, he is embarrassed to refuse?

If Zhou Jiang refuses, isn’t that a naked slap in the face…

“What’s wrong with you?” Chen Yongan, who had just woke up and walked out of the tent with Yawn, looked at Zhou Jiang their three people who were hugging and pulling together, and asked with some confusion.

Fortunately, this world “philosophy” has not yet begun to develop, so he didn’t think much about it.

Well, in fact, even if this world has a “philosophy”, the average person will not think too much, at most verbal complaints, who would really think that a familiar companion suddenly gets gay?

They were pushed away by Zhou Jiang, who was holding them a little uncomfortably, and Chen Yongan also came out, and the two did not continue to stick to him.

After sitting down on the side, Chen Ziang replied excitedly: “This kid Zhou Jiang is going to fly! Shui Elite and Zhao Elite want to tell him their training methods!”

Looking at the excited Chen Ziang, Zhou Jiang rolled the eyes, saying as if the person they were going to teach was you, why are you so excited…

Also even if Shui Qingrou and Zhao Feng’s training methods are definitely better than the average person, they are only targeted. Chen Ziang’s Pokemon has water or Ice Type Pokemon, while Ghost Type does not. At most, Poison Type rubs. Just click the side, and he was so excited about the training method.

Zhou Jiang is naturally impossible to understand them as “indigenous”. For them, Elite Four is their lifelong pursuit, and the training skills that almost every Elite Four will master are the highest sages of their in mind” Divine Art cheats”!

Sure enough, after listening to Chen Ziang’s words, Chen Yongan, who was still a little sleepy, instantly became energetic.

stared wide-eyed, as if he had heard some incredible words, Chen Yongan lost his mind for two seconds, ignored washing, and moved towards Zhou Jiang strode towards Zhou Jiang.

“Damn!” Seeing Chen Yongan Zhou Jiang, who was running quickly, immediately complexion changed. He leaned back slightly, stretched his hands to block him, and shouted: “Don’t hold me!”

In Zhou Jiang’s strong refusal, Chen Yongan ran up to Zhou Jiang and then stopped chatteringly.

However, he hasn’t vented his emotions. Naturally, he is impossible to give up. If he can’t hug, then shoot!

Thinking about it, Chen Yongan patted Zhou Jiang on the shoulder twice, then he became even more excited, his face flushed and pressed on Zhou Jiang’s shoulder and began to shake back and forth, his mouth still chanting…

Zhou Jiang, who was forced to “open for business”, was a little helpless, but he didn’t slap his hand directly.

He’s almost getting used to the passionate way of their people in this World, either hugging or swaying, or shaking vigorously against his shoulders.

Every time something good happens to Zhou Jiang, they will do it with excitement…

However, Zhou Jiang wouldn’t let him just shake it like this. After seeing him almost, he slapped his hand away.

“Okay, don’t get excited, go and wash your face.” As he said, Zhou Jiang who stood up forced him to turn around and then gave him a push.

Chen Yongan did not refuse either, and after saying “OK”, he went to wash.

After sitting down again, Zhou Jiang looked towards Chen Ziang and Chen Fan, who were looking at him, and said, “Rather than caring about this, it’s better to think about what we should do next.”

“en? What?” Chen Ziang was a little puzzled, and Chen Fan was also a little confused, wondering why Zhou Jiang said this suddenly.

Zhou Jiang glanced at Chen Fan strangely.

Chen Ziang came from behind and didn’t understand it. You’ve been there all the time and still can’t hear what I mean?


Although I was spitting out fiercely inside, the explanation still needs to be explained.

“Big Brother Zhao just called, but he didn’t specifically tell me how to train me…”

“Oh!” When Zhou Jiang said this, Chen Fan reacted.

Zhou Jiang glanced at him, saw that he was not speaking, and continued: “He said that now there are many doors leading to the “foreign world” all over the world, and the frequency of occurrence tends to be faster and faster. , This World may be in trouble, let us go back soon.”

“The end of the world?” Chen Ziang complained after hearing Zhou Jiang’s words.

“You can say that, I think we have to be prepared to face the “end of the world”.” Zhou Jiang nodded, not at all, refuted his complaints.

After all, if there is such a day, the gates of the “foreign world” are too many for humans to guard, and if those Pokemons come out like an endless stream, it will be no different from the end of the world. But if you go, it will be cold.

“Do you want to talk to your family first?” Chen Fan frowned.

If there is a disaster, their family members are more likely to be in danger compared to them, but he doesn’t know if this is considered a secret, so he dare not disclose it to his family easily. After all, Zhou Jiang is also an Alliance prosecutor. People in the system, Zhao Feng told him that these are within the scope of permission, and their family members are only ordinary persons, which is naturally not acceptable.

Chen Ziang was also a little worried about his family, so he and Chen Fan looked at Zhou Jiang with expectant eyes.

Zhou Jiang frowned, finally shook his head and said, “I’m not quite clear. I’ll ask them when they rest at night, but I don’t think it will work. After all, this is a serious matter. You see, Alliance’s internals are considering whether to announce this and recruit ordinary Trainers to guard the “door.” If we tell our family, even if we keep them secret, it’s not safe, not that we can’t believe them. If they reveal it inadvertently, things will be big.”

Chen Fan and Chen Ziang are nodded.

They naturally understand these principles, but care is chaotic. Anyway, this matter is not decided by them, so they just ask, and the result is nothing more than they can and can’t say, and they do well when they ask. I’m not allowed to talk to my family about this preparation, but what if I can talk about it?

Zhou Jiang saw that they didn’t say anything, so he said, “Leave the family’s items in advance and wait until I ask them in the evening. Let’s talk about what we should do now. If the disaster does happen, we must be We can’t take care of ourselves alone, or when the time comes, let’s bring our family together.”

“Come here…” Chen Ziang thought for a while and said, “I should be fine here. My parents opened Tory City, when the time comes, I told them to let them close the door for a while. .”

“I don’t have any problems here.” Chen Fan followed.

“en? What’s okay?” This is Chen Yongan who has returned from washing.

While asking, Chen Yongan sat down on the empty side of Zhou Jiang.

I told him briefly about what happened, and after realizing the seriousness of the matter, Chen Yongan frowned.

He is the weakest among the people, and even if he is not comparable to Zhou Jiang and others, his strength is not good. After all, he is just a student who has just entered the university after his debut. Since ancient times, except for Zhou Jiang, Who can get such a perverted strength in a year?

Although his strength is quite strong among students, if he really faces disasters, his strength will not be enough.

He is still very optimistic about his potential. He feels that although he is not as lucky as Zhou Jiang, he can still do something in the future, but if there is no time for him to grow, what should I do…

“Are there any difficulties on your side?” Seeing Chen Yongan frowns not speaking, Zhou Jiang asked if he thought there was any difficulty in his family.

Although it is bad behavior to inquire about other people’s home conditions, who cares about it at this time…

“The end of the world” is not their imagination now, but something that might actually happen.

Although it’s really contradictory to put it together, it’s not contradictory in this matter.

“Really” means that if this matter continues like this, it will cause “the end of the world”, and if it is “possible”, there is only a small probability that it will end so plainly, and it will not have any impact on the ordinary person, just The probability is very low, but even lower is a probability.

Hearing Zhou Jiang’s words, Chen Yongan came back to his senses and quickly said: “Oh, no, no, there’s nothing wrong with me. My parents work in the company. If they leave, they may have to take time off or resign. , Although it’s a bit troublesome, but if I tell them this is what you said, they will believe it.”

Zhou Jiang shrugged, jokingly said: “It looks like I have a lot of face?”

Chen Ziang vomited: “You have beaten me anyway, “the youngest Alliance tournament champion in history”, and there are two Elite-level Pokemons. That’s more than a big face, even though the photos you circulated on the Internet Not much, not everyone knows you, but people who haven’t heard of your name basically don’t exist, right?”

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