I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 901


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“hehe, is that right.” Zhou Jiang laughed and couldn’t comment.

Although he felt that he was indeed famous, it felt different from what he thought.

In the past, he still imagined that after he became famous, a bunch of fans pestered him for autographs, and then a bunch of beautiful female fans begged him to carry.

It’s obviously such a beautiful illusion.

As a result, after he became famous, there were indeed a bunch of fans who pestered him to sign, but most of them were big Lords and little children, and they came to him when he didn’t want to be in trouble. signature.

As for female fans, let alone, there is no one who talks to him privately…

There is nothing to gain from the benefits, and I have to worry about being chased by Reporter to dig out big news, which is simply inappropriate!

Although at first is very depressed, by now, he has also looked away.

After all, even if there is a female fan asking him, he is a little virgin who has never had a girlfriend before, dare to go? He just dared to yell in his heart…

“Don’t talk about this.” Zhou Jiang waved his hand, said resolutely: “Since everyone in the family has no problems, let’s start and find a better place.”

As soon as Zhou Jiang finished speaking, Chen Fan immediately said: “Go to City V. City V is the capital, and there is also China’s strongest Dragon Gym. The defensive ability when the time comes should be very strong.”

“Eh…” Zhou Jiang was speechless.

Chen Fan looked towards Zhou Jiang and asked: “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, V City is really good.” Zhou Jiang shook his head, then looked towards Chen Ziang and the others, and asked: “What do you think?”

“Then City V.”

Chen Ziang has no opinion, and Chen Yongan is no exception.

As the capital city, if the war time comes, as the capital of a country, it can be said to be solid. After all, as the capital of a country, it must be the most powerful of all cities, right? And if the capital of a country falls, then that country is really over.

So choosing City V is a good idea.

Moreover, there must be many powerful Trainers in V City. When the time comes when they participate in the battle, they have powerful companions, and their safety can be guaranteed.

“So be it.”

As for the arrangement of the family, it is here now. After all, I don’t know if I can tell my parents, so I have to wait for Zhou Jiang to ask Zhao Feng in the evening before considering it on the 2nd day.

Although Chen Yongan didn’t know about it, but when they saw Zhou Jiang they stopped discussing, they didn’t say much, even if they were confused, he kept that curiosity in his heart.

“Give me something to eat, I’m a little hungry…” Chen Fan touched his stomach and said to Zhou Jiang.

“…” Zhou Jiang, who was about to get up, froze for a moment, and then was speechless, but he still took out the cake from the space ring and gave it to him. Although he ate in the early morning, he slept after all. In addition to seeing the exquisite cake, Chen Ziang and Chen Yongan also ordered one.

Well, in the end even Zhou Jiang, who is not hungry, took out a portion and ate…

After eating the cake, Zhou Jiang took Gardevoir to the nearby forest to train the small families.

Although it is necessary to guard against the “foreign world” Pokemon attack and not allow the battle strength to participate in the battle or training, but idle is also idle, Zhou Jiang has nothing to do anyway, then go and train now when fighting Those Little Brats who won’t play.

Zhou Jiang, they don’t need to stay there all the time like Manectric’s little brothers, and can’t leave their original positions, so they are bored and have nothing to do, so they go directly to train Pokemon.

Even without Manectric’s teammates, their Pokemon can be compared with each other. For example, Zhou Jiang’s “Second Team” and Chen Yongan’s main Pokemon, there is not much difference in strength. No difference.

As for Chen Ziang and Chen Fan, their Pokemon can also compete with each other, but their second team’s Pokemon combat experience and level are almost the same. If you want to continue to improve, it depends on the accumulation of time. Compared with this, They even more want to let Pokemon develop Ability and become proficient in Ability already acquired.

It’s not that everyone like Zhou Jiang can directly let Pokemon learn Ability and the proficiency is not low.

Because of worrying about the impact of the training battle on the “door”, the place where Zhou Jiang and the others went to train was a bit far away.

But they can’t be too far away, after all, if they are too far away, if those “foreign world” Pokemon come out again, then they can’t rush back to fight.

If the number of “foreign world” Pokemon is small, it will be solved by Manectric’s little brothers, but if it is the same scale as last night without Zhou Jiang’s Help, Manectric’s little brothers Even if the battle is set, the loss is not small.

So the place they chose was some distance away from Dakeng, but the sound of fighting was a place that could be conveyed.

In this way, they are training their own Pokemon just like they used to. Except for not training their main Pokemon (except Chen Yongan), the rest is the same as usual.

In this way, until noon, I was sent to persuade (threat) Tangrowth’s Manectric and the powerful men of their three lords returned.

However, Tangrowth did not follow, but Girafarig, who was on behalf of Tangrowth, came to investigate.

Zhou Jiang where they exercised is actually on the road opened by them when the big Earthquake was triggered when the “door” came out at first, and now this road has become a “road”-like existence , They basically walked here in and out, so Granbull happened to ran into Zhou Jiang when they came back.

Seeing that the “guest” was brought in, even if it was not Tangrowth, Zhou Jiang still wanted to “enter” it, plus it was noon, so Zhou Jiang took back the Pokemon that was almost trained We returned to the camp with them.

For the meeting to discuss matters, Zhou Jiang is enough. Chen Ziang and Chen Fan are going to cook, Chen Yongan is going to make Pokéblock, and Zhou Jiang’s words are to “welcome” the arrival of Girafarig with the three lords of Manectric.

Because the suffering lord Tangrowth did not come, Zhou Jiang did not make any trouble for Girafarig in order to get it over, and they were very friendly to it. Manectric also patiently explained to it what happened here and if they were not defended If there is, a disaster may happen.

Looking at being deceived by Manectric’s “kindness”, Zhou Jiang felt a little intolerable in his heart.

Of course, this emotion was quickly extinguished by him.

Dead Fellow Daoist and not die Poor Daoist.

Anyway, he and Tangrowth are not acquainted, and there is no chance of getting acquainted with them afterwards.

I don’t know if it was a coincidence. When Manectric and Girafarig were talking about the “foreign world” Pokemon’s cruelty, the “door” that hadn’t moved for a long time finally opened again.

Although hundreds of “foreign world” Pokemon popped up last night, it may be due to the “night” bonus, so the Pokemon that popped up this time is nothing compared to last night Than.

But even if it wasn’t compared to last night, it was much better than yesterday during the day.

Yesterday, only one or two popped out occasionally during the day, but now seven popped out directly!

Don’t look at the Pokemon around the big pit. Almost all of them are resting on their stomachs, but once there is a little wind and grass, they will come back to his senses.

Pokemon, who was on the set-up shift to monitor the situation at the “door”, discovered the “foreign world” Pokemon that had emerged. Perhaps they thought of the tragic battle last night. They made a rather nervous Howl sound. After receiving the alarm, they took out their strongest long-range attacks, and the Pokemon that moved towards the “foreign world” that just came out blasted fiercely.

The alarm sounded very suddenly, but everyone’s reaction speed was also very fast. When the alarm just sounded, the Pokemon resting on their stomachs all stood up with a “hoola”.

The Pokemon in the front row are waiting for the attack of the “foreign world” Pokemon army. The long-range attack group in the back row also subconsciously throws out their own Ability. The treatment group and the auxiliary group are also nervous, at any time Prepare to control the Pokemon rushing over and heal the meat shield in the front row.

Chen Ziang, who was cooking, their three people hurriedly turned off the fire and took out the Poké Ball to prepare for battle. Zhou Jiang and Manectric, who were communicating in a friendly atmosphere, also changed their imposing manner in an instant and stood up solemnly moved towards Look at the target direction.

Only at the scene was the brutality of “foreign world” Pokemon who had never seen it. Girafarig, who had not experienced the violent battle last night, looked at a loss.

Just Zhou Jiang, they just got up…

Why did the fighting stop?

Looking at the fighting stopped over there, Zhou Jiang was a little puzzled.

Because of the terrain and being surrounded by circles of Pokemon, they naturally can’t see the situation there, but Zhou Jiang can’t see them, and the Pokemons formed over there can see Yes, even the output group standing in the back row is the same.

Otherwise, if they can’t see the previous situation, how can they accurately output?

In the center of the big pit, the dark pit is full of “foreign world” Pokemon stumps, meat, and blood. Apart from this is the rubble of a place and all kinds of bombs bombed by Ability. Traces.

The passage of the “door” has been enlarged a bit. This time, the seven “foreign world” Pokemons were released at once.

Because it was not the result of each and everyone, the Pokemon who were scared to be frightened and used the Ability to wash the ground, their “family” was neat and tidy, and the dead could no longer die…

I thought it was a big enemy and was about to face a hard fight, but was bombarded with scum. Those Pokemon who were frightened by the sirens did not come back to his senses for a while, froze over there.

This is what Zhou Jiang sees after they stand up.

Fortunately, although the view was blocked by the Pokemon, Zhou Jiang and the others have three Pokemons that can use Confusion to check the situation there.

After scanning the situation there with Confusion, Lord Gardevoir sat down, and Bronzong also removed the Confusion from his body and fell back to Ground.

Although I still don’t understand what happened, but seeing Lord Gardevoir and Bronzong both sat down, he just sat down too.

As soon as Zhou Jiang sat down, Gardevoir explained to him. After hearing Gardevoir’s explanation, Zhou Jiang was speechless.

His reaction speed is not as fast as that of the Pokemons. Before, he stood up with a serious face, not only because of the sirens made by the Pokemons, but also because of Manectric beside him. The sake of standing up.

Because of their nervousness, Zhou Jiang’s emotions were also driven. I remembered that after the war last night, they also became nervous. As a result…

This is it?

It’s just a few Pokemons, which were bombarded into dregs by a round of scrubbing?

I’m really nervous…

Zhou Jiang They were led by Lord Gardevoir, and Zhou Jiang, Gardevoir, and Bronzong all sat back, so although Manectric and Girafarig were still in a daze, they all sat back.

Well, Manectric can’t say that it is in a state of ignorance, and its IQ is not low. After seeing Zhou Jiang and their performance, they also roughly guessed the reason, so they sat down with peace of mind, while Girafarig was I don’t know anything. I don’t even know what happened just now. When they saw Zhou Jiang stood up with a serious face, he also stood up, and now when they saw them sitting back, they also sat down.

Zhou Jiang They settled down here, and the Pokemons around the front big pit saw that there was no “foreign world” Pokemon coming out again, they all relaxed and lay down again, and went down to continue to rest. The reaction was the most Chen Ziang and the others are the slow ones, after all, they are far away, and no Psychic Type Pokemon can see the situation there.

Fortunately, seeing the sound of fighting did not continue, Zhou Jiang and the Pokemon also sat back, and they released the Poké Ball in their hands and continued to focus on the food in their hands.

It’s okay for Chen Yongan to use a machine to make Pokéblock. Chen Ziang and the others are miserable. After turning off the fire, the dishes will be cold, but it’s not good to waste food. Good, but it’s not impossible to eat, but when the time comes, the taste and texture will be a bit worse that’s all.

Zhou Jiang On their side, after sitting down, Manectric looked towards Girafarig affectionately, and then explained to it quite tenderly.

Zhou Jiang is not interested in Fudge Girafarig, anyway, Manectric is doing it, so he just watched it. If he hadn’t been the representative of the human side, he would have left.

It’s better to watch Chen Ziang and the others cook than to watch Manectric’s old men’s “cute and new”.

Zhou Jiang didn’t ask Gardevoir to interpret for him, so he didn’t know what they said afterwards. Their conversation ended when Chen Ziang just cooked their food.

After the “negotiation”, Girafarig, who was crippled with excitement, followed the recommended Pidgeot to bid farewell to Manectric, and then turned and moved towards Tangrowth’s territory and drove away.

Looking at the back of the disappearing Girafarig, Zhou Jiang shook his head slightly, got up and took Gardevoir to dinner.

Well, there are three more tails behind him and Gardevoir.

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