I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 902


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Similar to Zhou Jiang’s guess, the support troops sent by Alliance finally arrived just after four o’clock in the evening.

Fortunately, Zhou Jiang had already greeted Manectric before, so when the helicopter flew hong long long and landed in the vacated space, the Pokemon were just curiously watching with their heads up, not at all what kind of offensive move.

A total of two transport helicopters came, and it seems that there will not be many people.

Sure enough, after the door was opened, there were only twenty people who got off the plane, including the pilot.

Except for Zheng Guoqiang, Old Senior, who is the leader, the rest of them commanded Pokemon to start unloading the things on the transport plane.

Zheng Guoqiang wore a white Tang suit and white horse coat with an inch head. Although he is a senior in his sixties, he is still energetic, especially his serious face and eagle-like eyes make people know at a glance that he is a character not to be underestimated.

Gazed at him, Zhou Jiang instantly felt that he was back in his school days, and then made a mistake when looking at the head teacher.

Scalp tingling…

Fortunately, his temperament is already very good now, and for some reason he is immune to the imposing manner released by others, so he just froze for a while, and then he returned to normal.

It was Chen Ziang who was behind Zhou Jiang and they were frightened by Zheng Guoqiang’s imposing manner. After Zhou Jiang took the lead and moved towards Zheng Guoqiang, they reacted and quickly followed.

Zhou Jiang They came to Zheng Guoqiang and looked at this serious and imposing manner up close.

Zheng Guoqiang and Zhou Jiang looked at each other and saw that Zhou Jiang didn’t even feel any fear under his imposing manner. While surprised, he was also satisfied with nodded.

Zhou Jiang broke the silence first and said to Zheng Guoqiang: “Hello, Zheng Senior!”

Zheng Guoqiang clicked on the imposing manner, nodded, and said: “You are Zhou Jiang, I have heard of you. Very good, you deserve to be the Trainer that the Elites look forward to.

Although Zhao Elite asked me to train you, I would not admit to unqualified students. Even if Zhao Elite asked me, if you were not qualified, I would only be right at most You just have some basic training, but now after seeing you. “

After a pause, Zheng Guoqiang looked at Zhou Jiang again, and he almost didn’t look at Zhou Jiang before he nodded with satisfaction, saying: “Very well, I am very satisfied!”

Zhou Jiang: “…”

Looking at Zheng Guoqiang who each minding their own business talking there, Zhou Jiang was a little speechless.

And this learning and training Pokemon still need to be qualified or unqualified?

Also absolutely.

What about fantasy?

Although I feel speechless, but since he passed his so-called “test” without twists and turns, so be it.

However, Zhou Jiang is still quite curious about the content of learning.

Previously, Zhao Feng didn’t tell him what he wanted to learn. He just said that only the older trainers can understand some things, so he agreed, but now he still doesn’t know what to learn about Items. What is it.

So Zhou Jiang asked him curiously: “Um, Senior… I want to ask, what are you going to teach me?”

“Oh? Zhao Elite didn’t tell you what to learn?” Zheng Guoqiang asked.

Zhou Jiang nodded, said: “Yes, he just said before that he would let me learn from Senior.”

Zheng Guoqiang nodded, said he understood, and then said: “The thing you want to learn from me is very simple, that is, ‘body training’!”

“Body tempering?” Zhou Jiang was slightly surprised

This name…how does it feel that it’s not for Pokemon training, but for people to train…

Or is he thinking too much and misunderstanding?

“Yes,’Body tempering’.” Zheng Guoqiang nodded, a trace of triumph flashed across his serious face.

Zhou Jiang nodded, I didn’t ask any more, anyway, Zheng Guoqiang had promised to teach him, and by then he would know what it was.

“By the way, give you your Pokemon and the things we brought.” With that, Zheng Guoqiang turned and moved towards the airplane behind.

After Zheng Guoqiang left, Chen Ziang and their three people took a few steps forward and surrounded Zhou Jiang.

Chen Yongan sneaked a glance at the plane and Zheng Guoqiang, whose silhouette was no longer visible, whispered: “Wow, that Old Master imposing manner is so scary, I almost was scared to pee just now!”

Listening to Chen Yongan’s words, Zhou Jiang turned his head and gave him a strange look.

Is the imposing manner adequate?

Very scary?

Well, the horror is indeed horrible, but Zhou Jiang thinks it is because of his stern face. In the previous life, his junior high school head teacher was an old fogey who was about to retire. He was very old-fashioned, serious, and stern. With a face that can scare people to death, once any mistake is made, that stern look can almost kill.

Of course, the old fogey is not just a little serious, nor is it a bad person. He can be said to be dedicated to every student, but he is dedicated to his duties, but this does not affect everyone’s feelings of fear of him. At that time, Zhou Jiang was also Mega introverted, so he was also afraid of death for the old fogey. Even now, he still has an indelible “shadow” in his heart.

Zhou Jiang at first’s fear was because he brought Zheng Guoqiang into his old class, that’s why he felt scared. After he came back to his senses, after he figured it out, there was nothing left.

But Chen Yongan said that his imposing manner was terrifying and terrifying… Could it be that he, like him, had a similar old class before and recalled the fear of being dominated by the old class?

Zhou Jiang’s thoughts turned quickly, thinking so, Zhou Jiang heard Chen Ziang’s voice.

“It’s really terrifying. The breath is as if it is really going to be killed. I dare not look at him anymore.” Chen Ziang said with lingering fear.

However, he was worried about being heard by Zheng Guoqiang, who returned to the plane to take things, so he said in a low voice.

Chen Fan didn’t say anything, but judging from his constantly nodding head, he knew that he was shocked just now.

I thought it was a coincidence that Chen Yongan was afraid, but now that Chen Ziang and Chen Fan also said that they were scared by Zheng Guoqiang’s imposing manner, Zhou Jiang had to consider whether he had a problem.

Why is he different from them, and doesn’t feel that the other party has any imposing manner?

Chen Yongan looked towards Zhou Jiang and asked curiously: “Speaking of how Zhou Jiang did it, you actually talked to him in that imposing manner and face doesn’t change, honestly even now I still have a little heartbeat speeding up.”

Chen Fan and Chen Ziang beside them are also nodded, looking towards him with curiosity.

Just when Zhou Jiang was about to speak, they found that their three people had retracted their heads and backed two steps together. They came behind Zhou Jiang. Zhou Jiang looked forward and found that Zheng Guoqiang was back. No wonder they Three people are so good…

Zheng Guoqiang walked to Zhou Jiang before them, and then gave Zhou Jiang a small bag and a red and white ball in his hand.

“This is your Charizard and the supplies to bring.”

“Thanks Senior!” Zhou Jiang took two things and rubbed the surface of the Poké Ball slightly before it was shrunk and received inside the space ring. As for the backpack with supplies, he couldn’t put it in. Carry it with your hands.

The money for the purchase of these supplies has been given before, so there is no need to give it now.

“Okay, I have the things for you. I’m going to work first, and then talk.” Zheng Guoqiang said, then turned and left.

Looking at Zheng Guoqiang talking next to a staff member who was instructing Pokemon to move things, Zhou Jiang shrugged, carrying a small bag and walking back, Chen Ziang behind him and they quickly followed.

After walking a certain distance, Zhou Jiang asked them: “What do you mean by the imposing manner? Did Zheng Senior just do something?”

“en? Didn’t you feel it?” Chen Ziang, who had been walking behind him for a long time after hearing Zhou Jiang’s words, came to him with a stride, looked at him and asked.

Zhou Jiang slightly frowned thought for a while and then shook the head and said, “No, but at first I was really frightened when I saw him, but that was because I saw him thinking of a severe elder before. After I reacted later, I didn’t feel much.”

“Isn’t it?” Chen Ziang and the three cast a surprised look at each other.

Chen Fan was puzzled: “Could it be that the imposing manner was only aimed at us, not Zhou Jiang?”

As soon as Chen Fan finished speaking, Chen Ziang said, “This is impossible. Didn’t Zheng Senior say that Zhou Jiang passed his test before? It is probably because Zhou Jiang was not afraid under the oppression of his imposing manner, so it is impossible. Against us.”

Chen Yongan looked at Zhou Jiang’s face, then looked towards his chest, cracking a joke and said, “Could it be that Zhou Jiang has a big heart and won’t be scared by the imposing manner?”

“Thinking too much.” Zhou Jiang vomited: “How could there be this thing?”

“Then why would you not feel it, even if you are not scared, it would be too much to feel it at all, this is simply unscientific!”

“Huh? Are you telling me that ‘imposing manner’ is science?” Zhou Jiang gave me a funny expression.

“cough cough, this thing should be regarded as science?” Chen Yongan said embarrassingly, then looked towards Chen Ziang.

Chen Ziang thought for a while, shook the head, and said: “This thing is not easy to explain, but strictly speaking, it cannot be said to be in the category of science, right? It is metaphysics?”

Chen Fan vomited: “It doesn’t matter whether he is scientific or unscientific, the question now is not why Zhou Jiang would not feel oppressed by Zheng Senior’s imposing manner?”

“Okay, okay, don’t worry about this thing, it’s time to order, let’s cook, this time make more, give Zheng Senior and the others a “feast”?”

Chen Ziang rolled the eyes, looked at Zhou Jiang, and then looked towards Chen Yongan and said: “It’s okay to cook, you guys have to come and help!”

“Cough cough, of course, how could we be idle at this time, aren’t we one?” Chen Yongan said with a smile in a whisper.

“Hey~What “we are one”, don’t say so ambiguous!” Zhou Jiang couldn’t help shivering.

“en? What’s wrong?” Chen Fan looked at Zhou Jiang with some confusion, Chen Ziang and Chen Fan were also a little puzzled, not understanding what was wrong with this sentence.

“Okay, okay, it’s my problem, don’t think too much, let’s get to work.” Seeing that they don’t understand, Zhou Jiang doesn’t bother to explain to them what philosophy is. It’s better if you don’t know it. , After all, the four of them live here together, if he utters the concept of “philosophy” and makes them mistakenly think that he is gay…

So this thing is still rotten in the stomach.

Seeing that Zhou Jiang didn’t say, each minding their own business started to take out the kitchen utensils, Chen Ziang and the others didn’t ask much, and quickly stepped forward to get started.

By the time dinner was over, it was already past six o’clock, and it was almost two hours spent!

Although there are twenty-four people, it does not take so long. The main reason is that another wave of “foreign world” Pokemon came out while they were eating.

The “foreign world” Pokemon that came out this time is a bit more, there are more than ten in number. Although they were immediately destroyed by the Pokemon guarding the big pit, they sat and ate with Zhou Jiang Zheng Senior was a little interested in Zhou Jiang who kept the Pokemon there, and then after everyone chatted, they talked farther and farther.

After finally chatting up, Zheng Guoqiang seemed to have drunk fake wine, and talked to them endlessly about various things, such as when he was a Trainer before, and after he came out of “foreign world” Overseeing a area, guarding things, etc., looking at his serious face and constantly moving lips, and looking at the juice in the glass in front of him, Zhou Jiang felt something magical.

Sure enough, at the wine table in China, the best way to improve relationships is to sit down and eat together.

After seeing Zheng Guoqiang in the “Nagging forever” mode, Chen Ziang and others’ fear of him disappeared. After all, they were afraid of him because of his serious face and the horror Chen Ziang they said. In imposing manner, I think he is a serious and old-fashioned person. Now that I see this side of him, the image of the characters is divided much slowly, and the relationship is getting closer at the table.

While washing the dishes, listening to Chen Ziang and Chen Yongan’s feelings of fear disappeared, they whispered to the story that Zheng Guoqiang told before, Zhou Jiang glanced and sat on a small stool in the distance, looking at documents and the like Zheng Guoqiang, who has something to do with things, suspected that he was deliberately talking too much at the dinner table.

After all, Chen Ziang and the others are a bit afraid of him, he is impossible to see, so he deliberately “Self Destruct”, just to make a good relationship with them?

I have to say, if this is the case, then he is really good at it. An elder in his sixties who is about to enter the old stage can also pull his face down and do it.

But no matter what, it doesn’t matter what Zhou Jiang is doing. After all, he is not afraid of Zheng Guoqiang, but in any case, it is good for Zheng Guoqiang and Chen Ziang to have a good relationship, at least they will still live together here for a while Yes, if the relationship is not good, when the time comes, it will be troublesome.

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