I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 903


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Seven o’clock in the evening.

After eating and digesting for a while, Zheng Guoqiang and his troops began to arrange the surrounding area of ​​Dakeng.

Although there is now Manectric under the guard of the three lords, they can only guard it while the “door” is not fully opened. If the “door” is fully opened, then the “foreign world” If a large wave of Pokemon is pouring out, they will be unable to hold back.

So it is necessary to deploy a modern armed defense line.

Although tanks and missiles can’t be used, but extremely powerful shells and mines can still be used. After all, it is a positional warfare for defensive and counterattack. It must be how beneficial to them!

Zheng Guoqiang’s layout is very simple, that is, on the basis of Zhou Jiang’s original layout, some modern technological defenses have been added.

First, Zheng Guoqiang asked people to bury a large number of detonating mines around the “door”, and then asked the Pokemons who were guarding there to retreat, and then asked the Pokemons to build a simple two-meter-high “city wall” on the spot. “, the “city wall” is equipped with an energy shield, so there is no need to worry about the “tofu dregs” being destroyed by the “foreign world” Pokemon in one round.

The technology used in the military in this world is not necessarily much stronger than the civilian ones. At least this protective cover is like this. Although the military protective cover is stronger than ordinary venues such as Gym, it is The level of the Alliance tournament venue.

But don’t look at it for civilian use, and it was accidentally broken by Zhou Jiang, but the ability to withstand damage is still not to be underestimated, and the “city wall” will not be beaten by the enemy, they will also The attack was intercepted.

As long as the amount of one-time damage does not exceed the tolerable limit or the energy is exhausted, then this city wall can always stand here and bring them huge benefits.

When fighting in a group battle, if there is a protection in front, it can increase the output ability of the Pokemons by a level. After all, when there is protection, they do not need to consider how to dodge after the opponent Ability comes over, so You can focus all your attention on the attack.

After all, it is a simple city wall for stationing, so I don’t need to make it tall, just use it for defense, and no need to build a shooting platform on it.

For firearms and shells, the machine gun can make holes in the wall, and then let people stand behind the wall and shoot outside. As for the shells, there is no need to think about it, just fly directly from above.

Anyway, this protective cover is one-way protection, and will not intercept things or energy flying out of it. They only need to hide behind the wall to attack and intercept the Ability flying from the opposite side.

As for the energy of the shield, you only need to charge Pokemon when there is no battle. If you count the spare energy, this “city wall” is enough to support more than an hour of intense battle!

For them now, this is enough.

With the “city wall” and firearms and shells, it does not mean that Manectric’s Pokemons are no longer needed. In fact, Pokemons are the main force against the “foreign world” Pokemon, so even after reinforcements arrive, They still have to stay there and cannot leave at will.

But this is on the premise that they have no cooperation. If Zheng Guoqiang has trained them, learned the position and simple cooperation, they can leave their original positions and walk around at will. After all, Zhou Jiang let them Staying there is just to prevent them from finding their place after the “foreign world” Pokemon comes out. When the time comes messy, letting them in is not good.

As for Zhou Jiang before, why didn’t Zhou Jiang train them…

Tangrowth’s troops haven’t come yet. If you are training now, you will definitely have to reorganize and train after Tangrowth’s troops arrive. When the time comes is another trouble.

And Zheng Guoqiang and the other professional staff have come here, just leave these things to them.

Yes, Zhou Jiang is actually lazy!

After the Defensive Array was set up, it was already eight o’clock or nine o’clock in the evening. Although the Pokemon of the “foreign world” did not appear during the period, Zhou Jiang and the others did not dare to take it lightly.

When they were eating and chatting before, they talked to Zheng Guoqiang about the large-scale Pokemon of “foreign world” last night, and then Zheng Guoqiang told them that this is a normal phenomenon. After the “door” came out , When it’s not fully opened, it will slowly fully open with the passage of time, and at night, the “door” will open faster, and the “foreign world” Pokemon will inexplicably flow out. This phenomenon basically lasts for a week, and it will end when the “door” is fully opened.

Well, after all, after the “door” is fully opened, whether it is day or night, there will be a lot of “foreign world” Pokemon pouring out at any time, so the phenomenon of “a pile of Pokemon popping up at night” will end. Nothing wrong.

Last night, I was stolen by the “foreign world” Pokemon because I didn’t know and was unprepared. Although I made enough preparations tonight, Zhou Jiang was still a little worried.

But he didn’t worry about them being captured here. After all, they were able to get them all down last night without preparation. Now that they are fully prepared, even if the number of enemies is doubled last night. Not afraid of anything.

But not afraid is not afraid, but if the number of sacrifices of Manectric’s subordinates does not decrease, he is afraid that they will not be able to bear it and leave!

If there are too many dead men, even if the Pokemon of the “foreign world” is blocked by them, it will be useless. The Pokemon of the “foreign world” is stopped and will no longer pose a threat to them, but what about the other lords?

The lords adjacent to their territories are not so easy to talk to. If the strength of the two sides differs too much, it will be annexed sooner or later.

“Forget it, that’s it.” Zhou Jiang shook the head, no longer thinking about these things.

Basically, he has done everything he can do. If he sacrifices too much, he has nothing to do. At best, he will leave here. Anyway, they are not without the option of running away.

Turning over, Zhou Jiang took out his mobile phone and started contacting Shui Qingrou.

After all, the Lapras training method given for nothing, don’t do it for nothing.

Lapras is the main force of Ice Type he expected. Although there is a system, if he wants to, even Lapras, which he has not exercised much now, can have strong power, but he asks Nurse Joy for these Pokemon For what?

Not for the sake of training Pokemon’s sense of accomplishment?

Although the system can cheat, it will also kill his enthusiasm for “Trainer”. After finally being reborn, he can still “master” the world of fantasy power. He doesn’t want to be so bored.

However, using the system is not without benefits. At least it can protect his safety. After all, he just likes to train Pokemon and fight against others, which is dangerous and so on. Forget it, he doesn’t want to kill him. Clearing down Team Rocket’s small base is already his “limit”. (The limit is used for breakthrough)

Since he does not intend to use the system on the new generation of Pokemon, the special training method unique to the Elite is the “Divine Art Cheats”.

He doesn’t think he is so awesome, he can compare to the Elite in training methods, but he is very self-aware.

Everything about me comes from the system. I am an ordinary person, perhaps better than an ordinary person, but not a genius.

“Relying on the ability to cheat, I feel that I am awesome, arrogant, I think others are rubbish” and so on, this is not something Zhou Jiang can do.

Zhou Jiang: Master of water, are you there?

Shui Qingrou: Yes, yes. Zhao Feng told you, right?

Zhou Jiang: Yes, Big Brother Zhao told me that you really want to give me your training method?

Shui Qingrou: Of course it is true, do you want to learn?

Zhou Jiang: Yes!

After thinking about it, Zhou Jiang felt that he should be more reserved.

Zhou Jiang: But is it really okay to leave such an important thing to me?

Shui Qingrou: No problem, no problem, you are an outstanding Trainer, so I can rest assured that I leave the training method to you.

Looking at the words sent by Shui Qingrou, Zhou Jiang raised his brows slightly, how could this look like a dying gu…

But before he could say anything, she sent her second stage words.

Shui Qingrou: Are you and Chen Yongan together? If they want to learn, they can also be taught. My only condition is that this training method cannot be disclosed to other people casually, so it can be done.

“en? Teach them?”

Seeing this, Zhou Jiang felt more and more wrong.

How come this gets more and more wrong.

Why it seems that the expert in wuxia novel is about to die, and then handed over the peerless Divine Art to the discipline.

It’s not that he looks down on himself and Chen Yongan, but in general, no matter how good the relationship is, he wouldn’t teach the training methods widely, right?

The words taught to him are easy to understand. After all, he is so strong, and he is still the big brother of her discipline. She thought that Zhou Jiang had Lapras, and then prepared to teach him on a whim, but even Chen Yongan could learn from them. .

There is something wrong with this…

This is especially the case.

Before I said that a world crisis might break out, shouldn’t Alliance have confirmed that there will be a crisis, Shui Qingrou felt that he would sacrifice, so he wanted to pass on his knowledge, so he taught them?

Thinking about it in my heart, but Zhou Jiang’s hand movements are not slow. After all, Shui Qingrou is still chatting with him, so it’s not good to be in a daze at this time.

Zhou Jiang: I will tell them that they will definitely not refuse your precious training method.

Zhou Jiang: If you keep it secret, you can rest assured, we will be tight-lipped and will never let others know!

Shui Qingrou: Well, I believe you.

Shui Qingrou: No time wasting, let me send you the information.

Without asking Zhou Jiang to wait for a long time, a word format document was sent over.

Shui Qingrou: There is a record of most of my Pokemon training process. The content is quite detailed. Basically, there is everything that should be available. It is enough for you to use it in the later stage. After that, you don’t need my follow-up content. Yes, the latter needs to be created by yourself.

The castrated version?

Although Zhou Jiang wants to complain, but after thinking about it, Shui Qingrou will not give him too much castration. It is estimated that the training is done based on the detailed data of Pokemon. After all, she also does that kind of thing. It is impossible to help them, only they, as Trainers, have reached a bond with Pokemon during the accumulated over a long period of time. After fully understanding them, we can make a set of training methods suitable for them.

Thinking about it, Zhou Jiang started typing and thanked her again.

Anyway, the most basic gratitude is indispensable for giving him the knowledge she has discovered so hard.

After a few more conversations, Shui Qingrou went off. She was only taking a break during the evening. She will have a meeting tomorrow, office and other busy lives, and now she must take a good rest.

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