I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 904


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Zhou Jiang just turned off the chat box with Zhao Feng and was about to see the training method sent by Shui Qingrou. As a result, a familiar explosion sounded outside.

After a rumbling sound, there was a continuous explosion of explosions and the cries of Pokemon.

Listening to the unstoppable explosion, Zhou Jiang frowned slightly, lost his phone and got up and walked out of the tent.

This continuous explosion sound was made by the landmines buried there before. Under their attacks and the suppression of guns, the Pokemon of the “foreign world” still triggered those mines. I know there are definitely a lot of Pokemon coming out this time.

After getting out of the tent, Zhou Jiang’s peripheral vision saw the people walking out of the nearby tent, but Zhou Jiang didn’t say hello to them. Instead, he threw out Gardevoir’s Poké Ball, and then moved towards the battlefield. .

This time the “foreign world” Pokemon came out a bit early. The bonfire in their camp has not gone out yet, they have already come out.

Looking at the rising flames not far away, Zhou Jiang narrowed his eyes.

Except for the Gardevoir he just released, the rest of his Pokemon capable of fighting have already gone up.

Because he knew that a big battle would break out tonight, Zhou Jiang put all the Pokemon capable of fighting except Gardevoir outside. After the fight, they can go out and fight with Manectric and their subordinates directly. Instead of waiting for him to come out and then release them.

As for Gardevoir, it was used to protect Zhou Jiang’s personal safety.

Although there are no other enemies here except the “foreign world” Pokemon, and the “foreign world” Pokemon will be found and beaten when it comes out. It is almost impossible to sneak attack them, but for Zhou Jiang In other words, “almost impossible” is possible, and if possible, it will happen.

So it is necessary to keep a defensive Pokemon.

Although Pokemon like Eevee who will not be sent to the battlefield can also protect him, but from the fact that they will not be sent to the battlefield, it can be seen that their strength is insufficient.

If the strength is insufficient, it will take longer to break free from Poké Ball, and it is not as sensitive to outside observations as Gardevoir. If one is not careful, they will not immediately emerge from the Poké Ball and Zhou Jiang will be killed. , Then it will be fun.

The stone walls built to resist damage are not connected in one piece. If you look down from directly above, the “city wall” looks like a circle, but it is a “circle” formed by dotted lines.

The “solid line” part is the stone wall equipped with defensive devices and shooting holes, while the “dotted line” part is the vacant position where the melee Pokemon can swing their fists.

After all, if there is no melee Pokemon on top, relying on the defense of this “city wall”, it is expected that it can last for more than an hour. The energy of the war may not be enough after long. After all, as long as it is not crushed Overwhelming the opposite battle, then the “foreign world” Pokemon is impossible to rush to the “city wall”.

And a large number of Pokemon rushed in front of the “city wall” and could only be forced to attack the “city wall”, even if it would directly exceed the damage limit it can withstand, if that were the case, it would blow up directly. It cannot be used later.

If it’s just that the protective cover is broken, it’s okay. Just restart it. If the machine burns or blows up, it’s useless. After all, the equipment brought is limited, unless you go back to replenish it. .

If there is a space for melee Pokemon to stand in the vacant place, the Pokemon of the “foreign world” will see them and will certainly not go to the “city wall” stupidly, and because the vacancy is so big, basically just Can stand a Pokemon, so they only need to face one enemy at a time.

Strength is stronger than the “foreign world” Pokemon, one-to-one… No, there are auxiliary nurses behind them, so if it is many-to-one, they cannot be collapsed.

If their physical strength is almost exhausted, they can retreat back into the protective cover when they step back, and then let the Pokemon behind them go up.

Although this shield can only defend against Ability’s energy attacks and “flying arrows” that exceed a certain speed, so when they retreat, the “foreign world” Pokemon may also follow up, but even the “foreign world” Pokemon Taking advantage of the gap to follow in, it will only be three or two kittens at most. Their strength is basically stronger than the “foreign world” Pokemon, and after they come in, they are not one-to-one (well, originally Not counting), coupled with the latter support, it can be said that their breakthrough “city wall” is already the limit. If you want to go in again, it is basically impossible.

Unless the “foreign world” Pokemon is of quasi-Elite and above, otherwise this is their limit.

Standing on a rock, Zhou Jiang looked in the distance, while Gardevoir stayed beside him with Confusion to assist the Pokemon on the battlefield.

Since it’s not too late, Zhou Jiang and the four of them went back to the tent to rest. All the combatants that Alliance came to support were still outside, so the “foreign world” Pokemon came out. After the battle broke out, wait. When Zhou Jiang came out, they were already standing on the front line and firing freely.

Zhou Jiang didn’t find Zheng Guoqiang’s silhouette, but when Zhou Jiang returned to the tent, he was still outside talking to other players, so he should be outside, but he didn’t know where.

But Zhou Jiang doesn’t need to know where he is, he just went subconsciously to find the “leader”.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t find it, he will act according to his wishes anyway.

Thinking about it, Zhou Jiang said to Gardevoir next to him through a spiritual link: ‘Gardevoir, your Confusion is mainly focused on our own Pokemon and Alliance people, especially the Alliance’s shooting. ’

Gardevoir complied, expressing understanding.

She doesn’t ask the reason, nor does it need to ask, just do it.

Shaking his head, Zhou Jiang saw Charizard who was constantly moving in the sky to avoid Ability.

‘By the way, pay more attention to Charizard, that guy is so crazy he is so big that he dares to fly up, don’t get killed. ’

The Charizard in the sky is naturally his Pokemon, but this guy dares to fly to the sky without worry, and it is still Eruption…

They are all bird Pokemon in air combat, and the abilities they use are also Air Slash and the like, which are basically difficult to find under the cover of night.

As for Charizard, when Flamethrower fired, the fire light directly illuminates half of the sky…

Ability is not the key to concealment or concealment, the key is it, it’s so eye-catching!

This is just like a mockery. Just look at the Ability beam that keeps moving towards the sky and you know how much hatred Charizard has drawn.

It’s shit, it was so cool before, but now? After pulling a wave of hatred, it can now only evade the “foreign world” Pokemon’s attack all the time, and there is no room for counterattack.

Looking at Charizard evading the attack in an embarrassing manner, Zhou Jiang became a little nervous.

Chen Ziang and the others came to Zhou Jiang’s side, stood with him and looked at the battlefield in the distance.

They only need to send Pokemon out, and people will not pass. Anyway, they can’t help much in the past, and they even have to distract the Pokemon to protect them. Now they are here, with Zhou Jiang’s Gardevoir, they are at ease, and the Pokemon who are fighting in front are also at ease.

The battle continued. Zhou Jiang and the others didn’t speak, they watched the battle of the Pokemon who launched Ability in an orderly manner.

Pokemon’s battles are bloody and violent. Only when they play one-on-one can they show their unique beauty, but it will be boring if it is not a team battle.

If it’s a chaotic team fight, it’s really nothing to be seen besides blood and violence, but if there is a tacit cooperation like this now, it’s definitely a surprise. Bright.

Of course, the premise is not to see the corpses, broken limbs, and blood where they attacked.

The battle lasted for half an hour. Zhou Jiang took a look at the Integral Points. After doing a rough calculation, he found that the Integral Points gained from this wave of attacks tonight was not as much as that of last night, and it was not nearly as bad. Much more!

This does not mean that there are fewer Pokemon in the “foreign world” coming out tonight. The real reason is that with the support of Alliance, the number of Pokemon that Beedrill needs to kill has decreased!

The machine gun mounted on the “city wall” opening seems like it won’t overheat. With ample bullets, the output of “foreign world” Pokemon is basically done by them.

Bullets have long eyes, and bullets shot straight will not fly through the front row in a parabola like Ability and fall into the enemy team. The bullet thing is that it shoots whoever is in front of it.

So tonight, the Pokemon of the Physical team will protect the vacant positions on the side of the “city wall”. They will do a good job of attracting the opponent’s melee firepower and then blocking the vacancies.

After all, if they rush to kill the enemy, then the machine gun will be 100% back stab them, and they can’t retreat, go behind the machine gun to fight, otherwise the red-eyed “foreign world” Pokemon will definitely be Directly rushed to Alliance fighters who were shooting wildly with their machine guns.

But should I say that I deserve to be an Alliance professional combatant? After the Pokemon guarding the vacant “city wall” stepped back to rest and put in the “foreign world” Pokemon, they were actually not afraid, continue Holding a machine gun and shooting wildly in front of him, although there is a Pokemon on his side that will drag it in, but if a Pokemon accidentally “foreign world” rushes towards him, it will be over. As a result, they are not afraid at all. That psychological quality is really terrifying.

Kicked the sore legs of the station, Zhou Jiang and Chen Ziang walked forward to help clean the battlefield, and bandaged the injured and Pokemon.

As soon as he walked to the periphery, Zhou Jiang saw Zheng Guoqiang moved towards them.

The four stopped, Zhou Jiang greeted him.

“Zheng Senior, hard work!”

“Well, go and gather the injured Pokemon and take them there for unified treatment.” Zheng Guoqiang was nodded, and after pointing to them sternly, he hurriedly left.

Although he seems to be very unfriendly to Zhou Jiang, they also know that this is just his usual state that’s all, and there is no such thing as jealousy.

During dinner together, he talked a lot with them, and they also understood some of his things, like his temper.

Usually, his expressions are very few, basically straight-faced, but especially in battles, like this kind of big scenes, it is more difficult for him to show his expressions, so now They look fierce, and they don’t care, let alone scared.

Although they were going to bandage and treat the Pokemons on the spot, Zheng Guoqiang, the “boss”, had already spoken, and it was just a trivial matter, so they just followed suit.

They are all focused on treatment, just changing the place, there is no difference.

Walking into the Pokemon group sitting on the ground and panting for rest, the smell of gunpowder and blood became more intense, making him uncomfortable.

Fortunately, he hasn’t seen blood fresh, so he’s just frowned in disgust, so he won’t stop vomiting disgustingly.

Looking at the Alliance fighters in the Pokemon group who were going to treat the injured Pokemon with them, Zhou Jiang looked away and looked for each minding their own business.

There are many injured Pokemon, not many are very concentrated. They are all in the team of melee Pokemon. After all, they are fighting all the way, and they are taking damage. The long attack group and the treatment and auxiliary groups standing behind are in addition to Except for excessive physical exertion, there is basically nothing wrong with it, and it is safe.

After passing through the Pokemons waiting to be output, Zhou Jiang came to the foot of the “city wall” and came to the nearest Hitmonchan.

Zhou Jiang took a look at its wound, the abdomen was cut by a sharp blade, but it was not deep.

Also, if it was seriously injured, it would have been discovered by the other Pokemons around, and then “reported” it to someone like him who came to help them.

The ones who stay here now are basically those who are not seriously injured, not dying, and have no strength.

Hitmonchan knew Zhou Jiang. After Zhou Jiang came over, it glanced at Zhou Jiang, and after shouting weakly, he silently raised his hand and asked Zhou Jiang to do a simple wound treatment.

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