I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 905


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It took about ten minutes, and the injured Pokemon were all gathered together.

Although most of these wounded were brought by Gardevoir, Zhou Jiang was also very tired. After all, they needed them to bring them, and they were basically unable to walk. This requires Zhou Jiang or Holding or carrying or supporting them away.

They are not small in the first form, they are basically the final evolved form, so their lightest is more than 150 kilograms…

Even if they have good physical fitness and great strength, they still can’t hold it down like this!

After all, this one hundred and fifty catties is only the lightest and the heaviest is more than two hundred catties. This is still not big and they can move them. Those big ones are like Tyront and the like. That’s even more exaggerated…

After the wounded were concentrated, Zhou Jiang rested on the spot, and then went to prepare Pokéblock for them.

Well, I also have to prepare some food for Zheng Guoqiang and the others. After all, it will be almost an hour. Even if they are not hungry, it’s okay to treat them as supper.

Helping Chen Ziang to wash the vegetables, suddenly, Zhou Jiang lifts the head looked towards Chen Ziang and the others, and said: “By the way, I have looked for Shui Master and Brother Zhao big before, Shui Master gave me her training method , I also said that you can learn what you want, but you can’t tell others how, are you interested?”


“Fuck it! I cut it!”

Hearing what Zhou Jiang said, Chen Ziang, who was slicing vegetables, was agitated and cut his finger directly.

But even so, he didn’t care about the bleeding fingers, but, like Chen Fan and Chen Yongan, looked at Zhou Jiang with eager eyes.

Zhou Jiang looked at him and said helplessly: “I said you don’t look at it, go and treat the wound, you are cutting meat with a kitchen knife, don’t be infected!”

Although he guessed that if he told them about it, they would be very excited, but he was so excited that he didn’t expect it.

Listening to Zhou Jiang’s words, Chen Fan and Chen Yongan looked towards Chen Ziang’s fingers. Seeing that the amount of bleeding was not small, he knew that his knife was not shallow enough, so the joyful expression on his face disappeared.

Chen Yongan and Chen Fan were also worried about him, but Chen Ziang didn’t care.

“Hands?” Chen Ziang looked at the fingers that were still bleeding, shook the head, looked towards Zhou Jiang again, the frantic expression on his face did not fade at all.

“Hands will be discussed later, there will be nothing in this little time, but you, Shui Elite really said we can learn too?!”

While talking, Chen Ziang moved towards Zhou Jiang and approached, and his hands were shaking irregularly due to the excitement of his master. Looking at the bloody fingers, Zhou Jiang’s mouth twitched slightly. Back.

He didn’t want Chen Ziang’s blood to fly to him.

“Okay, okay, it’s really real, it’s real! Be sober, Gardevoir!”

Seeing that persuasion was useless, and after he retreated, he chased him up. Zhou Jiang had no choice but to let Gardevoir take care of him.

Gardevoir, who was watching from the side, saw Zhou Jiang calling her, and he was unambiguous, so he immediately exited the game and used Confusion to stop Chen Ziang.

After being held down by Gardevoir with Confusion, this guy was quiet, and the enthusiasm on his face gradually subsided.

“How about it, calm down?” Zhou Jiang asked, looking at him.

“Uh… well, let me out.” Chen Ziang was controlled by Gardevoir except his head, so he could only admit it.

“Heh.” With a chuckle, Zhou Jiang motioned to Gardevoir to release the Confusion.

“Sigh~It’s a bit painful.” After being unbound, Chen Ziang felt the pain from his fingers, and grinned immediately.

“Nonsense, cut so deeply, can it not hurt!” Zhou Jiang cursed badly.

After speaking, Zhou Jiang looked towards Gardevoir and said: “Gardevoir, give him a cure.”

Although it took a lot of physical energy to treat those Pokemon who were seriously injured, but now she can treat a wound cut by a small knife.

This kind of small wound is just a small problem for her.

But before that.

“Clear the poison first.” Chen Fan said, walking towards Chen Ziang with alcohol.

“en. ”

Zhou Jiang nodded, agreed.

After all, it is a knife that cuts meat, and the cut is quite deep, so it is better to use alcohol to eliminate the poison, although it may only be psychological comfort…

“Alcohol…” Looking at the alcohol in Chen Fan’s hand, Chen Ziang looked a little ugly.

Touch the wound with alcohol… Don’t even think about it, it’s absolutely sour.

“Teach you a lesson, let you be so careless, dare to be distracted while cutting the meat” Chen Fan came to him and said angrily.

Chen Ziang was a little wronged, “It’s not Zhou Jiang. If he hadn’t said this, I wouldn’t be distracted.”

“Huh?” Zhou Jiang raised his brow.

“In fact, what I said before was false, and Master Water never said that.”

“Ah, I was wrong…hiss~!”

Being “threat” by Zhou Jiang, Chen Ziang immediately persuaded him, but before he could finish his begging for mercy, Chen Fan poured alcohol into the wound on his finger, and his face was distorted because of the pain. Up.

“Hold it up, it will be fine soon.” Chen Fan didn’t lift his head, and wiped him with a cotton swab while pouring alcohol.

Chen Fan’s movements are fast and clean, and he knows that he often does this kind of thing at a glance.

After cleaning the wound, Chen Fan backed up and gave up his position, then Gardevoir stepped forward and gave Chen Ziang a “Heal Pulse”.

Although the use of Heal Pulse to treat his injury is a little overkill, it would be better to reduce the energy in it, but even if the energy is reduced to a minimum, the “milk” will overflow directly.

What it showed was that the wound on Chen Ziang’s finger was directly exposed, without any trace, as if it had never existed.

The injury of the finger recovered. Looking at the finger that was intact, Chen Ziang rubbed it with his thumb. After finding that there was nothing unusual, he said with emotion: “Gardevoir is so strong, it’s so proficient.”

Chen Fan agreed with nodded and said: “I also want to own a Gardevoir, and I don’t know if there are any Gardevoir eggs in the lord Gardevoir’s territory. Will we take it away.”

“Eh, if you say that, maybe we can ask?” Chen Ziang said excitedly when he was aroused by Chen Fan’s words.

Although Pokemon become so strong is basically based on the training of Trainer, even if they get Gardevoir, it is impossible to become as strong as Zhou Jiang’s Gardevoir, but looking at such a strong Gardevoir, they really want it what!

Greed is the driving force of human progress, and Trainer is also a human being, and it is also greedy.

No Trainer can refuse the rare and powerful Pokemon.

The more Chen Fan and Chen Ziang discussed this matter, the more serious they became, and the more they discussed, the more excited they became. In the end, even Chen Yongan who listened to their discussion was aroused.

His main Pokemon team hasn’t been created yet. If you can get the egg of La Luras, that would be great.

Anyway, now he is training with Zhou Jiang. As far as food is concerned, Zhou Jiang’s Pokéblock is provided, so he doesn’t need to worry too much about it. If training, Gardevoir Coaching Laroulas can be provided by Zhou Jiang. Gardevoir It shouldn’t be rejected if it is of the same family.

Even if it doesn’t reach the height of Gardevoir in the end, the final strength is probably not much lower.

Looking at Chen Fan and the others, who are getting more and more excited, and Chen Yongan, who is looking moved, Zhou Jiang feels helpless.

I really thought that as long as a Gardevoir is so strong…

His Gardevoir is so strong and so comprehensive. Without this system, it would be really difficult for him to train like this.

Don’t talk about strength, it’s just that bunch of Ability, I don’t know when to practice.

Zhou Jiang clapped his hands, and when they looked over, they said, “Okay, okay, don’t talk about it, do you want the training method of the water master, hurry up and cook. Give things to you.”


After Chen Ziang’s finger was cut to this farce, when we talked about it, they were able to face it calmly.

Although there is no fanatical expression on their faces, their inner excitement is inevitable.

Looking at the three people hurriedly returning to work, Zhou Jiang shook his head and went on to wash the vegetables.

Gardevoir’s words, seeing Zhou Jiang continue to get busy, followed him, helped him, and slowly passed him the meat and vegetables in the basket.

I don’t know how long we can stay here, and the ingredients for making Pokéblock are full, so Zhou Jiang and the others are not stingy this time. All the guys at Manectric ate ​​are Pokéblock. Of course, Zheng Guoqiang brought them. Pokemon is the same.

If they don’t cook the food themselves, their speed will increase a lot tonight. They’re done cooking, the team that is still treating the injured Pokemon is still working, and the other Pokemon are still sitting and resting. Regaining strength.

Looking at the excited Chen Ziang for their three people, Zhou Jiang didn’t bother them. He used his mobile phone to send the file that Shui Qingrou had sent him to their three people, but after sending it to them, he reminded them again. Only they can know things, don’t tell others.

Although he believed them, this thing was not his own after all, but Shui Qingrou’s. Shui Qingrou believed him and gave it to him. If anyone revealed it and told others, then he would I am really sorry for Shui Qingrou, so even if he believed them, he still gave a serious warning.

Chen Ziang and they nodded solemnly, saying that they understand that Zhou Jiang didn’t say much.

Seriously speaking is enough. They should know in their hearts. If they say too much, it is not good for everyone. When they believe it, they should choose to believe.

Shui Qingrou’s training method was handed over to them, but Zhao Feng’s Zhou Jiang didn’t give it. It’s not that he didn’t give it, but Zhao Feng didn’t say that he could give it.

Although Zhou Jiang asked Zhao Feng if he could let Chen Ziang and the others learn it, 80% of Zhao Feng would not refuse, but he asked and Zhao Feng directly told him what he could give. There are two types Different things.

If Zhou Jiang asked, it would feel like a “forced palace”, so he didn’t say anything when talking with Zhao Feng before.

After getting the secret book, Chen Ziang and the others happily ran to the side to study. Zhou Jiang shook his head, looked at Zheng Guoqiang and the Pokemon who were eating, and moved towards the tent.

It’s time, just go back to the tent and lie down and watch. Anyway, there is nothing to do now, and you can rest after watching.

Two cheats, Zhou Jiang took the lead in looking at Shui Qingrou’s training method.

Shui Qingrou’s training method and Zhao Feng’s training method, the last Pokemon he can use are Lapras and Gengar these two Pokemon.

Lapras is the main force of his predetermined Ice Type, and Gengar is expected to hide in his shadow to protect his safety.

Although it seems that Gengar is more important to him, but he is Gardevoir, even if there is no Gardevoir, Beedrill will not leave.

If neither Beedrill nor Gardevoir can handle each other, then Gengar, no, it hasn’t evolved yet, it’s just Haunter.

If both Beedrill and Gardevoir can’t handle it, then Haunter is even worse.

So the role of Haunter is now only to detect through the wall or sneak attack the enemy.

As for probing, except for a few occasions, does Gardevoir do better than it at other times?

In other words, its role has been squeezed to the point of sneak attacking sneak attacks…

Of course, this is a situation where its strength is not strong. If its strength is up, it can also be a fort and become a special attacker, but in this case, Lapras will do!

Although Lapras is not much better than Gengar, it can also be used as a vehicle for sea movement, and most importantly, the overwhelming condition for Zhou Jiang to choose Lapras instead of Gengar is—

Lapras is cuter and more beautiful than Gengar!

One is a gentle Pokemon with a nice singing voice, and the other is a Black Ghost, who only hides in the corner and smiles “jié jié jié”. If these two Pokemon are not particularly outstanding in terms of abilities, of course they choose the type they like.

Obviously, Zhou Jiang is not a weirdo, he hates the cute Lapras and chooses Gengar.

Zhou Jiang briefly read the content of word.

Shui Qingrou’s training method records the items, intensity, and frequency of her Pokemon training at each stage. The data is very detailed, and even the performance of Pokemon after the training is recorded.

Looking at the detailed data, Zhou Jiang was a little emotional.

Elite is Elite, even these things are recorded, no wonder it succeeded.

Zhou Jiang put away his “indifferent” attitude and became serious.

Treat the data recorded by Shui Qingrou, he can’t take it seriously.

He took a brief look. When the data was first recorded, the strength of the trained Pokemon was only the first level of Elite. It is estimated that Elite will be recorded at the end?

Although Shui Qingrou has become an Elite Four of Alliance for nearly 30 years old, her Pokemon has to leap from the elementary level of Elite to the Elite level, which is at least 5-6 years, and such a long Pokemon training All the data of Shui Qingrou are recorded here. This can be said to be Shui Qingrou’s “essence”. How can he not take it seriously?

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