I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 928


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“Hey! Here!”

Hearing the familiar voice, Zhou Jiang glanced around, and quickly found Zhou Nan who were waving towards here in the distance.

Quickly stepping forward, Zhou Jiang and Zhou Nan and Xu Feng who came to pick up the airport briefly hugged them, while for Wang Qingyan and the three girls, they slapped them.

After the greeting, he said to them: “Long time no see, how are you doing now?”

Zhou Nan sighed, said: “What else, just like that, I’ve lived in Country M like that, but there are really many courses to fight against, at least five times a day, how about you? Yes. Did you catch any new Pokemon?”

Zhou Jiang shook the head, “Where is the new Pokemon? The Pokemon I have on hand now is a little too training, so there is no energy to catch the new Pokemon.”

Speaking, Zhou Jiang looked towards Xu Feng and asked: “You come to pick me up, are you okay at work?”

Xu Feng shook the head and said: “Don’t worry, there is no work today, and I don’t have any work. It’s to help Professor that’s all.”

“That is also very difficult to deal with, Constantine Professor~ The first Professor who discovered the evolution of Mega, surely very difficult to deal with, Xu Feng, you will definitely learn a lot of knowledge by being an assistant by his side. I’m so envious~” Li Linghui on the side said with a look of admiration.

“Uh…he he he…” Xu Feng didn’t dare to speak anymore. Could he say that when he was an assistant to the Professor, he was always helping him with daily chores like a nanny or a mother?

Forget it, I don’t want to say it, I’m afraid that I’m going to dispel her beautiful fantasy…

“Okay, okay, Zhou Jiang has been on the plane for a long time, so hurry back, and there will be time for you to talk.” Jiang Shui, who barely spoke a word, spoke, everyone nodded, and then moved towards the outside Go.

While walking, Zhou Jiang and Zhou Nan were talking about the trivialities of life. Zhou Nan talked about his and Jiang Shui’s experiences in country M, and Zhou Jiang also talked about himself and Chen Yongan about their boredom in the wild Training life.

As for Xu Feng?

He chose to remain silent…

People chatted and got on the bus.

Although you can learn to drive after going to university, it doesn’t matter if any of them knows how to drive, but they can drive. Six of them are not easy to ride here. They are not vans, and vans seem to be forbidden to pull people. Looks like…

Fortunately, Meng Takibin lent Zhou Jiang their residence is not very far from the Airport, so there is no need to sit for too long, it only takes about half an hour to get there.

Getting out of the car and walking a short distance, I came to a group of villas.

Yes, it’s the villa group.

The Meng family still has a lot of real estate in V City, including large courtyards and villas.

Because Zhou Jiang is a bit crowded, the rooms in the compound are not enough for them, so Meng Takibin lent him the villa.

In this group of villas, they have two connected villas, each with seven or eight rooms, and each room is quite large, so Zhou Jiang and the others, except for their parents, live with three or four people. There is no problem with the room, so they are enough to live in these two villas.

After all, it is a house lent to them by others, some of them are good, even more how the conditions here are not bad, so no one said anything.

Each set of the villas here has its own swimming pool, which is placed on the front, but because Meng Takibin and his colleagues are connected by two sets, the swimming pools of the two villas have been demolished and rebuilt in the middle. The front side of the original swimming pool is a garden.

Following Zhou Nan and the others, Zhou Jiang looked at the scenery on both sides and couldn’t help feeling that he was a rich man, and his design taste was different.

Their family also has a villa. Although it is only a cheap villa in the country, it is also a villa?

The building structure is the same, but the difference of various decorates is reflected.

Their villa has nothing more than a larger area, Decorate?

It does not exist.

Except for a little Decorate inside the villa, there is a flat land outside.

After arriving at the front entrance of the villa, Zhou Jiang also saw the swimming pool between the two villas.

Although Zhou Nan had told him before, Zhou Jiang couldn’t help being surprised when he saw this swimming pool.

The square swimming pool more than ten meters long and wide, with ice blue water, and a sculpture of two Dragonair intertwined erected in the middle. The sculpture is naturally moved towards all around spraying water, Xu Feng and their Water Type Pokemon Just playing inside.

The only regret is that it’s still cold now, and it’s not long before spring, so I can’t swim, otherwise it would be really cool to stay here in summer.

Well, it’s mainly to see Young Lady’s swimsuits…

Watching photos and watching daoist swimsuits is a different feeling!

Unfortunately, their villa does not have a swimming pool. Although there is also a lake for Water Type Pokemon in the forest behind, it is a bit far from the villa.

Although swimming in a natural lake feels more Captivated than swimming in a pool, he doesn’t greet the bodies of their acquaintances. He just wants to feast his eyes that’s all, and feast his eyes on the villa. That’s the feeling in the swimming pool above.

Shook his head to stop the comparison. Zhou Jiang felt that he could not help but spend money and start a lot of work.


As soon as the door of the villa was opened, Zhou Jiang and his parents were waiting for them inside.

Looking at the somewhat fancy room and sitting around the table in the living room, looking at the elders here with a smile, Zhou Jiang was a little confused.

“Okay, don’t froze, let’s go in.” Xu Feng patted him on the shoulder, motioning him to stop froze and go in quickly.

“Wait, don’t you forget that today is your birthday?” Zhou Nan suddenly shouted.

“Huh?! My birthday today?” Zhou Jiang was shocked when he heard Zhou Nan’s words.

“…” Everyone looked at Zhou Jiang speechlessly.

Jiang Shui said helplessly: “you guy, No way, I even forgot my birthday after training Pokemon…”

“Uh…hehe.” Hearing Jiang Shui’s words, Zhou Jiang could only smile awkwardly.

Where did he forget after training Pokemon, he simply doesn’t remember!

After all, he didn’t have a birthday in his previous life, so he didn’t care much about it. Although he changed his life after he was reborn in this life, he didn’t understand it, but can he say that?

So he can only follow Jiang Shui’s words and leave.

And Jiang Shui gave him an excuse to “focus on training Pokemon.” Isn’t that good?

Trainer is a noble profession in this world. He focuses on training Pokemon just like children who have not graduated from China in the previous life are focused on learning.

So after Zhou Jiang hit haha, the matter passed. After all, there is nothing to hold on to this matter.

The backpack was taken away by Xu Feng and threw it on the side of the sofa. Surrounded by Zhou Nan and the others, Zhou Jiang and the others came to the middle of the hall. On the table there was a large 5-Layer cake with 18 pieces on it. A candle, and in the middle of the cake, there is a vivid Charizard standing.

The candles should have been lit after they arrived at the door, and they haven’t burnt much.

Xu Feng and Zhou Nan drew the thick curtains and closed the door again. Although it was only in the afternoon, the room was darkened, except for the long table. The candles on the cake still glowed with rays. of light.

“Happy birthday to you~Happy birthday to you~”

Everyone smiled at Zhou Jiang and sang birthday songs.

Listening to the familiar but unfamiliar ballad, Zhou Jiang’s eye sockets were slightly moist.

This is the tone he hasn’t heard in a long time…

“Hurry up, make a wish!” After the birthday singing, Zhou Nan pushed Zhou Jiang a little excitedly. He looked even more excited than Zhou Jiang, the birthday person.

Zhou Jiang nodded, obediently and honestly closed his eyes.

Originally, he was going to take a form, closing his eyes and waiting for a few seconds before opening his eyes, but after thinking about it, this is also a rare opportunity. Let’s make a wish.

After all, it’s not for nothing, what if it happens?

Even things like crossing can happen, so what else is impossible to happen?

In short, Zhou Jiang made a wish along the way, then opened his eyes and blew out the candle.

“How about, what wish did you make?” Jiang Shui asked immediately when Zhou Jiang finished blowing the candle.

“Secret, it won’t work if you tell it!” Zhou Jiang laughed and refused to disclose.

Although I don’t talk about the problem of spiritual failure, since it is a wish, it is quite shameful to him. This is still pretending to be in my heart. It is too shame to say it.

“che, stingy!” Jiang Shui unwillingly curl one’s lip.

“Okay, okay, now that the wishes are over, then you can cut the cake.” Zhou Jiang’s Mother Lin Jiyun stood up and said.

Zhou Jiang Mother stood up, and the others didn’t say anything.

Lin Jiyun handed Zhou Jiang the plastic long knife for cutting the cake and motioned him to cut Number One Blade.

“Eh…” Taking the knife, Zhou Jiang was a little bit embarrassed. They asked Zhou Nan on the side, “How do I cut this?”

“Cut whatever you want.”

“Everything will do.”

“For your birthday, come as you please.”

Listening to them, Zhou Jiang was helpless. Although he said he could do whatever he wanted, but if it gets worse, they will definitely have to complain again when the time comes.

It’s fine for them to complain, the point is that he can’t stand it himself!

His “perfectionism” is not that strong, but it still exists.

After thinking for a moment, Zhou Jiang raised the knife in his hand, cut the top layer of cake at the waist, and separated it from the 4-Layer below.

“Okay!” Looking at his “work”, Zhou Jiang nodded with satisfaction.

Although it is not wonderful, but it is absolutely modest and ordinary.

Separating the 5th floor separately does not have a big impact on the whole. It is also possible to eat one layer at a time.

As for Zhou Jiang’s this blade, although everyone was speechless, they didn’t say anything.

Zhou Jiang looked towards Zhou Nan on the side. They raised their hands and motioned to them who would cut.

After seeing Zhou Jiang’s this blade, everyone has no idea for him to continue cutting, but…

Three seconds later, Wang Qingyan, who couldn’t see it, stood up and took the knife in Zhou Jiang’s hand.

“Oh oh oh~!” Jiang Shui started booing.

Wang Qingyan glanced at her and said: “You come?”

Only Jiang Shui was the only one at the scene making a boo, and even Zhou Nan didn’t follow him. When Wang Qingyan stared at him like this, he immediately persuaded, “cough cough, please, please~”

Wang Qingyan didn’t say anything, and walked up to start cutting the cake.

Taking the plate from Lin Jiyun, Wang Qingyan cut the 5th floor cake divided by Zhou Jiang into small pieces with a few strokes, and then put the piece with Charizard on it. Into the small tray.

“Thank you.” Taking the cake and fork from Wang Qingyan, Zhou Jiang said.

“No.” Lightly replied, Wang Qingyan continued to cut the cake.

After Wang Qingyan turned his head, Zhou Nan next to Zhou Nan hit Zhou Jiang with his arm. After Zhou Jiang looked over, he moved towards him winking, and Jiang Shui beside Zhou Nan also revealed “You Understand~” smile.

In this regard, Zhou Jiang gave them a helpless look, then stretched out the cake in his hand in front of them and asked: “Should you use the cake to cover your mouth?”

“Cough cough, don’t use it.” Zhou Nan coughed dryly and backed away.

“Aunt, this piece…” The second piece was cut, and Wang Qingyan held the cake to Lin Jiyun.

Lin Jiyun looked at his daughter-in-law’s eyes, smiled, waved his hand, and said: “No need, you eat first, don’t worry about us, right?”

Well, the last sentence was said by father Zhou Wenbin of moved towards Zhou Jiang.


Wang Qingyan hesitated a little, looked towards his mother.

As for Zhang Zixin, who was not far from Lin Jiyun, Wang Qingyan’s mother, she also looked at her with a smile on her face, and then nodded.

Seeing this, Wang Qingyan opened his mouth to say something, but still didn’t say anything.

Turning around, looking at everyone, she handed the cake to Zhou Nan.

Zhou Nan was obviously taken aback, but soon took the cake and then thanked him.

Wang Qingyan nodded, continue to cut the cake, and then divide the cake.

When they have divided up several youngsters, it is the elders’ turn.

Lin Jiyun is still the priority, after all, she is Zhou Jiang’s mother.

This time, Lin Jiyun did not shirk any more, but took the cake with a smile, but when she reached out to take it, both hands were attached to Wang Qingyan’s hands. If it wasn’t for her, Then she is really playing hooligans and licking oil…

Wang Qingyan did not say anything about Lin Jiyun’s “harassment”. After pulling his hand back, he continued to cut the cake and continue to divide.

In the case of Zhou Jiang, he held the tray in his hand and slowly ate the cake.

For the attitude of Jiang Shui, Zhou Nan, and even Mother Lin Jiyun, Zhou Jiang is not a fool and can naturally see what they mean, but he did not stand up to refute and so on.

It’s not that he is greedy for Wang Qingyan’s body, but simply feels that there is no need to explain. Sometimes, the more you explain, the more misunderstanding others will be.

Moreover, he knows Wang Qingyan better. She won’t be the kind of person who will develop in the direction of being misunderstood by others, so it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t stand up and explain.

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