I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 929


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Although it was only in the evening, this birthday party was very lively.

In addition to Zhou Jiang and others, everyone’s Pokemon were also released. Due to the large number of Pokemon, everyone can only get a small piece of cake, but even so, everyone has a very happy time.



In the bathroom, after wiping off the cream on his face due to Zhou Nan’s madness, Zhou Jiang returned to the room.

In the room, Zhou Nan and Xu Feng were playing games with their mobile phones. After seeing Zhou Jiang coming back, they lost their mobile phones and ran over.

“Hurry up, take it apart and see what everyone gave away!”

Both of them are a little excited. After all, opening a “blind box” will make people’s adrenal hormones surge.

In fact, it’s not just them, but Zhou Jiang also had some small expectations. He wanted to see what’s inside, so he nodded and took the lead in moving towards the table.

There is a desk in the room with a pile of Presents piled on top of them, all of them are sent by them. In addition to Zhou Nan who are present, Chen Yongan who has not yet arrived also have Presents.

After all, Chen Yongan and the others are not here, but their parents are still here, so it’s okay to let them buy it on their behalf, plus other people who they know but who are too busy to come. , So Present is a bit more.

“Quick, quick, quick.” The two pressed Zhou Jiang on the chair in front of the desk, and then stood next to him one by one. In this posture, it was like a police interrogating a prisoner. They put Zhou Jiang directly. I’m speechless.

Although he wanted to complain, “opening the box” was more important now, so he was too lazy to think about it, and reached for the Present box piled on top.

And just as he took it down and put it in front of him, the door was opened.

The three of them looked over and found that it was Jiang Shui and the others.

Well, Jiang Shui is the leader.

She doesn’t knock on the door when she comes in, nor is she afraid of Zhou Jiang. They are changing clothes and so on. It’s okay to change clothes. If they are doing men…what should they do?

Well, Zhou Jiang’s desire to complain is still very strong.

“Hey, it seems that the time we came is just right!” Jiang Shui, who opened the door carefreely, saw Zhou Jiang’s posture. He knew immediately that they were going to open the Present, so he hurried in. Wang Qingyan and Li Linghui behind her saw her in and followed.

Well, Wang Qingyan, who was walking further behind, also took the door.

“Quickly, quickly, open one!”

Looking at Jiang Shui who looked like Zhou Nan, Zhou Jiang turned his head silently and looked towards Zhou Nan.

Should we say that this is indeed a couple?

“Ah, what do you think of me like that.” Zhou Nan somewhat guilty averted his gaze from Zhou Jiang.

“Tsk.” Zhou Jiang clicked the tongue irritably.

I was fed dog food on my birthday, it’s unhappy!

Xu Feng is in the same mood, of course, no matter what he thinks in his heart, but the “mature” he will not show these emotions…

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Shui tilted his head, a little confused.

“Nothing.” Zhou Jiang shook his head, and then said, “Then what, then I will drive.”

Jiang Shui nodded, then slapped Zhou Jiang on the shoulder: “Hmm, let’s go!”

As everyone watched, Zhou Jiang pulled the ribbon of the blue gift box.

As the ribbon was peeled off step by step, and then the box was slowly opened, everyone’s hearts couldn’t help but lift it up.


Zhou Jiang raised hand, and the box was separated from top to bottom, revealing the Present wrapped in it.

An ice blue crystal ball with a Lapras wrapped in it. Unfixed “Icirrus” are scattered all around Lapras.

“Wow~! So beautiful!”

The eyes of the three girls lit up instantly.

“Not bad, this Present.” Xu Feng was also nodded, and then asked: “Who gave it this way?”

“I don’t know, aren’t these all unnamed.” Zhou Jiang shook the head.

However, Zhou Jiang is quite satisfied with this crystal ball. It is indeed beautiful, but there are still a lot of Presents waiting for him to open, how can he stop?

“Well, the next one!”



After more than ten minutes, all the Presents were opened, and large and small items were all over the desk.

Presents are also various, some are Pokemon items, such as evolution stones, and some are ordinary Pokemon dolls or music boxes.

“By the way, which of these did you give away?” Zhou Jiang asked, looking at the Present pile in front of him.

“Guess what?” Jiang Shui said with a smile.

“…you guess I guess?”

“Hmph~ If you don’t guess, don’t tell, we will tell you if you guess it right.”

“Huh? I guessed it right, but you can tell me?”

“We don’t say how do you know if you guessed it right?”

“Um…well.” Zhou Jiang retreated.

“How about, guess which one I gave it?” Jiang Shui asked.

See Zhou Jiang to guess, Zhou Nan and they are all interested.


“It’s a pity, I refuse!”


“If you don’t know, don’t know, it’s not bad anyway.”

“che, it’s boring.” Zhou Nan curl one’s lip, then took out his mobile phone, pulled up Xu Feng and continued to play their game.

“Okay, the Present is over, then we’re leaving.” Zhou Nan and Jiang Shui will stay soon. After all, this room is not big and the six people are quite crowded. Even if they want to stay , There is no place to sit.

After Jiang Shui and the others left, Zhou Jiang began to organize these presents.

There is only one desk, so you can’t keep it occupied. Although there are no books on the bookshelf on the desk, he can put it there, but he has to organize it well.

After sorting the Present and stuffing it into the bookshelf, Zhou Jiang looked at the last thing left on hand.

Golden’s trophy and Medal.

This is the glory he gained after participating in the Alliance tournament and winning the championship. This thing was originally kept at home, but Lin Jiyun took it away when they left. Now when he comes over, they exchange it with him.

He didn’t really like trophies that much. After looking at them twice, he put them in the Present pile.

After finishing packing things, Zhou Jiang also took out his mobile phone and moved towards the bed while listening to the two people driving in the dark.

The next day.

After waking up, he moved away the feet on his legs, Zhou Jiang rubbed his eyes casually and went to the bathroom to wash.

Last night I played games with Zhou Nan all night. I overslept directly this morning. Yesterday was his birthday, and it doesn’t matter much now, so even if they slept until the day, no one came over. Get them up.

But this is just what they think Zhou Jiang has nothing to do. In fact, his words are quite busy.

Like today, he originally planned to visit the Meng Takibin’s family. After all, they lent the house to them, and they also sent Present to him on his birthday yesterday, so he couldn’t make it without a visit.

Fortunately, there is nothing else to do except visiting their family today, so even if you get up late, it doesn’t matter much. Of course, although it’s fine, it’s better to go early.

After washing, I went back to the room and picked up the backpack. I looked at Zhou Nan and Xu Feng who were still sleeping on the bed. Zhou Jiang shook his head and walked out.

In the lobby downstairs of the villa, Jiang Shui and the three of them are watching TV. The parents living here, adults, they left early in the morning.

“Morning.” Seeing them look over, Zhou Jiang greeted them.

“Morning.” Wang Qingyan nodded.

“Good morning.” This is Li Linghui.

“It’s still early, the breakfast is over, what about Zhou Nan?” Needless to say, the last one is Jiang Shui.

“Still asleep, no way, I played too late last night.” Zhou Jiang scratched his head in embarrassment. After finally getting together yesterday, they ended up playing high…

“Really, I can’t stand you guys.”

“Uh ha ha…”

Zhou Jiang chuckled and said nothing.

It is a stupid thing to complain to girls, especially when they are acquaintances.

So Zhou Jiang changed the subject and said, “I’m going to the Meng Family Mansion later, will you go?”

“Huh? Where are you going?” Jiang Shui asked.

“Visit, I lent us the house after all.” Wang Qingyan glanced at her and said.

“Uh… so, haha~” Jiang Shui scratched his hair and smiled somewhat guilty.

This guy…

Zhou Jiang is a bit speechless, she is afraid she has never considered these…

But he asked again, “How about it, do you want to go?”

“Go.” Wang Qingyan nodded, agreeing. After speaking, she looked towards Jiang Shui and Li Linghui.

Li Linghui also nodded and said: “My words are fine.”

“Then I will go too, but if you go all, then call them.”

“All right, then I will go back and wake them up.” Zhou Jiang thought for a while, but did not refuse.

Just right, you can go to have fun after the visit.

Xu Feng’s vacation is estimated to be short, and he will also go to Zheng Guoqiang. Let’s play with them now, if we wait for the war, there will be no time.

Although he has always said that that situation may only happen, it is also possible that the frequency of the passage to the “foreign world” will decrease and then disappear. This is just a false alarm and so on, but he knows that this is just self-deception That’s it.

Now that we have reached this level, there is only a chance for an outbreak. Once the node channel appears, Alliance fails to control it in time. After it is discovered and uploaded to the Internet, even if the “foreign world” Pokemon has not yet The world will almost mess up by itself, not to mention that they are likely to fight through breakthrough defenses.

Not to mention other places, it was Zhou Jiang that they were in the depths of the forest. They could not keep it and gave up.

Although it is deep in the forest, there are a lot of powerful Pokemon, but this is the situation of continuing to go inside. What if those “foreign world” Pokemon moved towards places with weak power are moving forward?

And this is only what they encountered, the wild area is so big, what did not come across?

So, cherish the time now…

Zhou Jiang went back to the room to wake Zhou Nan and the others, Jiang Shui and the three of them also turned off the TV and went back to the room to put on makeup.

When all six people were ready and appeared in the lobby downstairs, it was already ten minutes later.

Don’t think it’s been a long time, it’s already the result of their hard work.

It’s not that Zhou Nan and Xu Feng woke up late, but the three girls put on makeup for too long!

Zhou Jiang wakes up Zhou Nan, puts on the clothes and washes them in less than five minutes. They waited for the three girls to put on makeup for the remaining five minutes. In the end, they couldn’t wait any longer. They drove out of the room before stopping.

Well, for this, Zhou Jiang their three people were all complained by three girls. After all, the girls were interrupted while putting on makeup. This is really an unforgivable sin.

Leaving the villa, several people and their parents sent text messages telling them not to come back for dinner at noon, and then went out.

But before going out, they need to bring something, which is the Present. After all, you can’t come to visit with nothing, right?

Even if their Meng family lacks nothing, they can’t go empty-handed.

Zhou Nan and their Present have to go to a nearby supermarket to find, and Zhou Jiang can ask his Pokemon for it.

Yes, it’s Vespiquen!

Lin Jiyun and the others brought their valuables and people to City V. How could it be possible that Zhou Jiang’s Pokemon, which was fostered in his country house, didn’t bring it, and Vespiquen is “living gold”!

Since the royal jelly collected at ordinary times can’t be kept, only ordinary honey is there, so Zhou Jiang has to go to Vespiquen to give it some royal jelly.

Zhou Jiang knows it will be there. After all, Lin Jiyun did not collect all the honey, especially the super rare food like royal jelly. Vespiquen also eats it itself, so it will not be given to Lin Jiyun. How many of them.

Although it likes to eat royal jelly, it will not finish it. In the wild, royal jelly is its most important material. Eating it can enhance its strength and heal injuries, so it will be stored habitually. Zhou Jiang’s goal is to store royal jelly.

Well, he is its owner after all, and it doesn’t live in the wild anymore. With a stable residence, there is no other Pokemon to grab their honey, which is their food, and Zhou Jiang will also give them. Provide food, so I believe it will not refuse.

The fact is the same. Zhou Jiang’s face is still quite big. For Zhou Jiang, who brought them here from the island of danger lurks on every side, Vespiquen is still very grateful, so Zhou Jiang wants royal jelly At the time, Vespiquen without the slightest hesitation gave it.

This is what Zhou Jiang and his father Mother do not have.

Although Vespiquen has no shortage of food now, this does not mean that royal jelly is not important to it.

So it allows Lin Jiyun and the others to take royal jelly, but it will not allow them to take too much, but Zhou Jiang is different.

After getting the royal jelly and some ordinary honey, Zhou Jiang said goodbye to Vespiquen and Combe, and then moved towards and walked outside.

When Zhou Jiang’s Present is ready, it is Zhou Nan’s turn. Their present is also simple. Just buy some fruits or milk in the big supermarket in the community.

After all, Meng Takibin is not in City V, so I visited Mengha Old Master. Junk food is no good. With Zhou Jiang’s royal jelly, you can order other things.

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