I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 930


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The Meng family mansion is in the Dragon Gym.

There is a large piece of land, with Dragon Gym, tourist attractions and the Meng Family Mansion.

Long Family Gym Needless to say, Zhou Jiang has also been to tourist attractions before. They just built some landscapes by the Meng family themselves, and then put some rare Items or Pokemon in some places for people to visit. , The Meng family mansion is where the Meng family lives now.

Meng Family Mansion does not have staff dormitories. The staff dormitories are in other places. Only the Meng family and some guests can go there. The staff working in the scenic spots are not allowed to enter, let alone tourists. .

In order to avoid being too conspicuous, Zhou Nan and their Presents are put in the space backpack.

Take a taxi to the main entrance of the attraction. After getting off the bus, Zhou Jiang and the others went straight to the ticket office where there was no who bought tickets.

Before coming, Zhou Jiang called Meng Takibin and told her that they were going to visit her Old Master today. She didn’t stop it, but said that she would call and tell her family. The family went to pick them up.

Well, this is what Zhou Jiang told her.

Zhou Jiang and Meng Takibin are good friends. Not many people on the Meng family know about it. If she didn’t talk to the people over there, they wouldn’t be able to get in. …

At the ticket office, after Zhou Jiang and the others reported their name, an old man in a steward uniform came over immediately.

Slightly looking at Zhou Jiang, the old man said: “You are Mr. Zhou Jiang, Eldest Miss told me to wait for you here, please follow me.”

“Well, thank you, trouble.” Zhou Jiang answered, and then they followed the Old Master who came out of the ticket hall and walked inside.

The Dragon Gym and the Meng Family Mansion are both built in this place to visit. In other words, if they go to the Meng Family Mansion, they can see all kinds of landscapes along the way.

“Mr. Zhou Jiang, do you need me to take you through our place? It is my task to take care of you. I believe the landscape here will not disappoint you.” The steward Old Mister who was walking in front turned his head to face Zhou Jiang, who was walking nearby, asked them.

Zhou Jiang did not immediately answer him. After all, he has visited here, but Zhou Nan and the others, don’t know what they think, so he looked towards them, ready to listen to their opinions.

“Good, good!”

“Yes, go and see!”

“Well, I am looking forward to it.”

“…” Watching them look expectant, as if they had never been here, Zhou Jiang was speechless.

This special outfit is human-like, they haven’t visited here?

Although they did follow when he came here, but the tourist attraction of Longteng Gym, which is known as one of the places that must not be missed when visiting V city, they have not been in V city for a short time, and before I have been to V City several times during my travels. Will they have never been here?

Believe ghosts!

Especially the girls from Jiang Shui, who pretend to look alike.

But flattery is shameful, but useful!

Sure enough, seeing Zhou Nan and their faces looking forward to them, the steward Old Master immediately liked them greatly, and the tone of speaking with them became more intimate.

Following steward Old Master, Zhou Jiang, they visited the scenic spot for about an hour, and the tour ended after ten o’clock.

This is still due to the fact that there are not many tourists in the scenic spot, and they have not stayed in a scenic spot for a long time, otherwise the meal will be over when it is over.

But it’s just right now, after ten o’clock, I can just have a meal after the visit…

After visiting the attractions, it’s time to visit Menghata’s Old Master.

When Zhou Jiang and the others came to the entrance of the Meng family’s mansion, they met a tall youngster.

“Yi Young Master, are you back?!” Looking at the man, Steward Old Master was stunned for a while, then the expression cried out with a little excitement.

Yi Young Master?

Listening to the words of the steward Old Master, Zhou Jiang suddenly remembered the person Meng Takibin had told him.

That was her big brother. He was originally the first heir to the Meng Family Gym, but it seemed that he didn’t want to be tied down by Gym and wanted to travel, so he skipped work and ran away.

At the beginning, Meng Takibin told him with a face of gnashing teeth that after her big brother ran, she was caught by her grandfather to lift the tank, after all, her grandfather is not too young, and she doesn’t bother to abuse her food, although Trainers who dare to come to Tamron Gym to challenge all have such a hand, but for Mengha Old Master, it is still too tender, you know, he is a champion trainer!

The Old Master was quite boring, so he grabbed Meng Takibin to take advantage of the tank. Mistybin liked photography and didn’t like to fight very much, so he took the Pokemon left by her father Mother and took advantage of the night ran away…

Because of this, her living expenses are cut off. To buy camera rolls and the like, or daily necessities, she needs to make money on her own, at first. This makes her Eldest Miss simply unable to adapt, almost starved to death. So she has always had a big grudge for her big brother.

What? Why did Mengha Old Master let his grandson inherit Gym instead of his son…

Of course, he is not that his son can’t inherit if he died, but his son, Meng Takibin’s father, has gone to work as a researcher…

Well, so does mother.

The husband and wife are both researchers. Except for the main Pokemon to ensure their own safety, the other Pokemon stayed at home, and then they were taken by Meng Takibin.

I heard Meng Takibin talk about her big brother before, and he was thinking about what kind of person he would be. He didn’t expect to meet him today.

Meng Yi is a natural trainer who advocates traveling around, then conquering and fighting. For this reason, he gave up the name of the heir of the Dragon Gym and embarked on the journey alone with his Pokemon.

And naturally, he came back this time not because he wanted to come back and inherit Gym for such boring reasons, he was forced to be helpless this time.

After all, the passage to the “foreign world” is now appearing. Although he likes to travel and adventure, it does not mean he likes to die.

He has only one person and no companions. Although his strength is not weak, he still has nothing to do with the endless “foreign world” Pokemon.

He was able to support it before. After all, there were not many channels, but now that there are more and more channel nodes, he can’t continue to travel.

On the one hand, it is the threat from the “foreign world” Pokemon, on the other hand, it is the summon of the Mengha Old Master.

Yes, Menghata, a grandfather, can naturally contact him. Although Mengyi ran away from home, it is also related to Menghata and his indulgence. If he doesn’t want him and Meng Takibin Go out, how can they escape?

And even if it escapes, it can be caught immediately.

As a trainer of the older generation, he is still a champion trainer, and his strength and connections are not to be discussed.

As long as they have contact with the Trainer world, Mengha will be able to find them.

The threat of “foreign world” Pokemon coupled with the solemn call of the Old Master, Beng Yi had to come back.

When I returned to City V and looked at the familiar mansion, Meng Yi fell into contemplation and memories, and then heard the voice of Steward Old Master.

Hearing the familiar voice, Meng Yi turned his head and looked at Zhou Jiang and the others for a while, then moved to the steward Old Master, and said with some emotion.

“It’s Pryce, long time no see.”

“Yes, Young Master, you haven’t come back for three years.” Pryce looked at Meng Yi seriously, and his serious and serious look made Meng Yi feel guilty.

Although the old man as Pryce is just a steward of the Meng family, he can be said to be a servant, but if he really regards him as a servant, not to mention his grandfather, even his father can kill him… …

even more how Pryce watched him grow up, and he also regarded Pryce as his closest person.

Somewhat guilty removed the gaze from Pryce, Meng Yi coughed, and changed the question and asked: “Pryce, they are…”


When Meng Yi asked, Pryce said to Zhou Jiang, “This is Meng Yi Young Master.”

After speaking, he said to Meng Yi: “These guests are Young Lady’s friends. Now they come to visit Lord.”

“Oh? Little sister’s friend? Visiting grandfather?” Meng Yi immediately became interested.

“Sister, she hasn’t come back yet?” These words were asked to Pryce.

“Yes, Young Lady, she hasn’t returned yet.” Pryce nodded.

After receiving Pryce’s answer, Meng Yi became more interested in Zhou Jiang.

He naturally knew Meng Takibin’s hobby.

Like the old mother, I have no interest in Pokemon Trainer, but I don’t like boring research. I like to take photos or videos of various Pokemon.

In his impression, the younger sister Meng Takibin’s friends seem to be the only people in the photography circle except for the people in their Aristocratic Family circle.

Although these people look a little different, 80% of them are from the photography circle. Otherwise, just because of her temperament, can she make friends?

But this is not the point. What really interests him is that the younger sister Meng Takibin is not here, but they dare to come to visit, and it is his grandfather who is visiting!

Although Menghata is not a staid and serious old man, he often presides over or participates in various events organized by City V, but almost all of them are related to Pokemon. Although the shooting of Pokemon can be regarded as related to Pokemon, except for a small number of people, the rest of the people don’t recognize it. Of course, everyone will not reject it.

Pokemon photography is now in such an awkward position.

And what do they want to do when they come to visit grandfather? For good?

Although he doesn’t want to think too bad about the younger sister’s friends, he will inevitably think too much about visiting when the younger sister is away.

After all, this is a precedent. A long time ago, people in the photography industry deliberately approached Meng Takibin, who has a great say in Trainer, and then came to visit Meng Takibin. I don’t know, but he does. That’s why Menghata doesn’t want Meng Takibin to play in the Pokemon photography circle.

Too many people approach her for various purposes, which is terrible for her who has not experienced much frustration.

Meng Yi stared at Zhou Jiang and they were thinking wildly over there, and Zhou Jiang’s brows were frowned when they were watching.

Seeing this, Pryce hurriedly said: “Ye Young Master, Lord may have to wait anxiously, let’s go in first.”

“Oh, oh, sorry, sorry.” Meng Yi was awakened, and was taken aback. After seeing Zhou Jiang’s unnatural expressions, he quickly apologized to Zhou Jiang.

“It’s okay, it’s okay…”

“Then let’s go in, Yi Young Master, you haven’t returned for a long time, Lord must be very happy to see you.”

“Ah, I hope so.” Meng Yi scratched his head.

The voice of Old Master talking on the phone is a bit unkind, I am afraid that he will be punished…

This is one of the reasons why he is standing at the door and watching.

Nostalgia and feeling are one reason, and some people dare not go in.

After Pryce interrupted like this, the atmosphere warmed up, and Pryce took the lead. Everyone moved towards the mansion together.

After passing through the half-open gate, they entered the courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard was the stone pavement. Large areas on both sides were gardens. Although not many flowers were open at this time, there were still many flowers in the flower garden.

As for the types of flowers, Zhou Jiang doesn’t know much about it. He only knows that it is a special product of this world, which seems to be a relatively common flower.

On the opposite side of the courtyard is a stone wall. There is a circular gap in the wall. The gap is the door. There is a low wall at the inside of the door. However, the low wall is not long, but it is just rounder. The gap in the shape is just a bit longer, and the small stone wall is not completely integrated, with a lot of diamond-shaped hollows on it.

Looking through the hollow moved towards, you can see an ancient wooden building, and there is the place where the Meng family lives, and Old Master Meng Hat is also there waiting for everyone.

Following Pryce into it, Zhou Jiang and the others became a little nervous.

Zhou Nan They are nervous about seeing Meng Hat, a very famous old man in the Trainer world, while Meng Yi is afraid that Old Master will give him a family law package. As for Zhou Jiang, he is not I know the reason for my nervousness…

Perhaps the son-in-law’s nervousness when he sees father-in-law?


It seems that she has a fiance, but unfortunately…

After everyone came to the inner courtyard, they finally saw Mengha Old Master.

I saw him sitting in the corridor like a mansion, wearing a pair of simple straw sandals on both feet, wearing a cyan-gray color robe loosely draped over him, and his silver-gray scalp was very well taken care of. They are neat, with sharp eyes like eagles.

Seeing everyone coming, Mengha Old Master let out a low voice, “Come on, thank you Pryce.”

Pryce shook the head, “It’s okay, I’m very happy to see that youngster likes our sights here.”

Speaking, Pryce who came to Meng Hata took a few steps forward and stood beside him.

“You, it’s still the same.” Looking at Pryce with a serious face, Meng Hao smiled and shook the head.

After finishing speaking, he looked towards Zhou Jiang and they ignored the Mengyi who was standing not far away from Zhou Jiang and shrank his neck. He fixed his gaze directly on Zhou Jiang and said with a smile: “Zhou Jiang is right Well, this is the first time we meet.”

Meng Hat’s tone is kind, like a grandfather who sees his favorite Junior.

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