I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 931


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Meng Yi was dumbfounded when he saw his grandfather look.

He doesn’t know what urinary sex is his grandfather?

I’m not an optimistic person. Even if I face Junior, I don’t show a kind smile. It’s pretty good if I don’t hold my face, and now…

Mengyi looked towards Zhou Jiang, thinking to themselves, is it possible that they are in the circle?

The circle he referred to refers to their Trainer Aristocratic Family circle. In the future, Johto will become an outstanding Trainer. After all, as long as the moved towards Trainer moves in the direction, there is a huge family business backed Pokemon has Pokemon, and you need to have a network of people. If you can’t grow up, it can be regarded as rarely seen in a century.

And he looked at himself and their faces, they weren’t too old, his grandfather would show such kindness to them, then they must be Trainer’s, and they are not too old, they should still be Let’s go to school. The strength is average. Trainers with average strength are treated like this by grandfather. It must be optimistic about their potential, that is, people in the circle!

Although it feels strange that he has never heard of such a person before, but he did not think too much, after all, he is in his 30s, Zhou Jiang, they are several years behind him, and even if he is a member of the circle, he They don’t know all of them, so it’s not surprising if you haven’t heard of it.

Zhou Jiang, because they are not very familiar with Meng Hao, they are not quite clear about what kind of person he is. The information they understand is also from the Internet and can only be used as a reference, so although he is kind to him It was also a little surprised, but not too surprised.

Seeing that he is not a difficult person, Zhou Jiang also relieved a little nervousness, smiled and returned: “Yes, but this is the first time you have seen me, I am not the first time.”

“oh?” Meng Hata was very interested.

“Last time you were invited to participate in an offline event organized by a game company, we met you there. We originally planned to participate, but then there was an accident.”

When Zhou Jiang was speaking, he felt that someone had clicked on his back. Zhou Jiang knew that someone was reminding him not to talk about it.

After all, this matter is a bit disgraceful. Meng Hao and his Old Master went to participate in the event, but his home was stolen and important Items were stolen. It’s fine to talk about it at other times, now I’m talking about it in front of the owner. This is not courting death?

But Zhou Jiang dare to say so, it is naturally based on him.

They don’t know, but Zhou Jiang learned from Meng Takibin that it is not simply a stolen home. This can be considered a trap that’s all in Mengha.

The reported theft of precious Items such as Dragon Scale is actually only the surface, what is really important is the information that Alliance keeps with him!

Although I don’t know what the information is, it is also very important to expect that Team Rocket knows that this may be a trap, but resolutely stepped in.

After Team Rocket entered the trap, Menghae Old Master rushed back and directly started the network collection operation with the people of Alliance. In the end, not only the data was not taken by Team Rocket, but also Team Rocket was taken away above City V. Several medium-sized bases and more than a dozen small bases in the area directly dealt a heavy blow to Team Rocket, which can be said to be a perfect cleanup.

So Zhou Jiang’s statement about this is not only not exposing people to slap him, but rather complimenting him.

Not many outsiders know about this, but people in the Meng family know it. Even Menghata and Meng Takibin who are away from home, after all, there is something wrong at home, they will definitely call back to ask, and the matter is basically It’s all over, it’s almost finished, so in order to make them feel at ease, Meng Hat Old Master can reveal a little bit of news to them.

So Zhou Jiang’s words made Meng Yi, who had finally managed to withdraw his eyes from them, cast his eyes again.

Everyone paid no attention to Meng Yi, but Meng Hata guessed that Meng Takibin told him the inside story, so he looked at Zhou Jiang with interest, and Pryce looked forward with a smile on his face. What kind of waves, Zhou Nan, they look nervous, and Zhou Jiang’s words…

He is holding back the pain!

When he finished speaking, the hand that had been poking at his lower back was changed to twist!

Obviously wearing winter clothes, although not thick, but that person can actually twist his flesh? And even if you twist it, it’s okay to be lighter, Vice Grip has more meat, but that person is not only not light, because the fingers of Vice Grip don’t have much meat!

You know, if you screw a person, the less meat of Vice Grip, the more painful it is. This sudden screwing almost didn’t make him hurt…

Well, after more experience, even the ability to endure pain has improved. At least he is expressionless now, and can endure the pain without even frowning.

The scene stiffened slightly, Meng Hao didn’t speak, Zhou Nan and the others were always nervous. Although Zhou Jiang was not nervous, he hurts!

And Meng Hat?

He looked at Zhou Jiang with a smile, not knowing what he was thinking.

As for the benefits?

Just ignore him…

In the end, it was Pryce who spoke and broke the deadlock: “Lord, everyone is still standing.”

“Ah? Oh, yes, look at my memory, hahaha, I am really old.” Shook the head with emotion, and then Meng Hao said to Zhou Jiang, “Everyone, follow me in, go to the room Talk inside.”

Meng Hat got up, put on his straw sandals and stepped onto the wooden platform where he was sitting just now, and then Pryce followed.

As Meng Ji turned around, Zhou Jiang’s pinching hand behind him also retracted, and Zhou Jiang quickly covered the place where he was caught with his right hand, and then lightly rubbed it back and forth.

Looking back, looked towards Zhou Nan standing on his right back, Zhou Jiang looked bad, “You pinched me?”

Mmp, don’t you know that it hurts to be screwed?

Don’t show you some colors, do you really want to be a dyeing workshop?

However, Zhou Nan has a dumbfounded look, “Huh?”

“en?” Seeing that Zhou Nan didn’t look like it was pretending, Zhou Jiang was taken aback for a moment, looked towards Xu Feng next to him, and then saw the confusion in his eyes.

Well, and Xu Feng doesn’t seem to be a pinch person, it should not be him, so exclude them both…

Is it a girl?

No way ……

“Okay, let’s follow, we’re going to go far.” Jiang Shui gave Zhou Jiang’s arm a little, motioning him to look back.

Zhou Jiang looked over and found that Meng Hao and they all walked a long way, even Meng Yi was following behind, and this guy was still Zhou Jiang when he looked over and waved back to them, although it was normal The action, but Zhou Jiang feels a sense of sarcasm when he looks at it?

However, it is impossible to determine who screwed him before. It is not Zhou Nan or Xu Feng. He is not very embarrassed to confirm among the three girls, so he can only give up like this. .

Quick steps to keep up with the Menghata who are about to go far away.

It didn’t take long before they followed Meng Hata to the drawing room.

The Decorate style of the living room is a modern Western style. Although it does not match the overall architectural style here, it is just a place to meet guests after all, so it doesn’t hurt.

And he saw a lot of this situation.

Like Lu Ran’s house, it is also an old-fashioned mansion character, and the decoration of the living room is this Western style. Those family eight Johto who have stood upright from the early days to the present are like this, so also There is nothing good to make a fuss about nothing.

“grandfather, entertain them, I’ll go back to the house first.” After arriving in the living room, Meng Yi asked his Old Master to run away.

Meng Hat glanced at him, and waved his hand with disgust to beckon him to get away.

For my grandfather’s attitude, I am not upset but pleased, so I just slipped away after complied.

What he hates most for those who like freedom is that he sits and listens to them after coming to the guests, and he can’t sit still!

Although Zhou Jiang might not be able to talk to grandfather for a long time, they are disgusted with the habit and can’t change it.

Moreover, he also wanted to find old friends and ask Zhou Jiang who they belonged to. He started to be interested in them.

After Meng Yi left, Zhou Jiang took out the Present, placed a bottle of royal jelly and three bottles of regular Combe honey in a glass jar.

Although it can be wrapped in a Present box, it feels like using a gift box to wrap it up. Although everyone is not familiar with it, I just made a fuss about borrowing a house to give it to the Present. I feel that the other party will think it is deliberate. Relationship, so Zhou Jiang is not wrapped up.

I didn’t hug it like this, let the Present directly reveal that I can behave closer.

“I almost forgot to thank you. Thank you very much for lending us the house. We will talk more about it afterwards. This is a bit of honey made by Pokemon at home. I hope you don’t dislike it.”

“Oh, this color is royal jelly brewed by Vespiquen?” Meng Yi was a little surprised when he looked at the glass jar with milk-white honey in Zhou Jiang’s hand. Pryce standing beside him was also eyes shined.

The royal jelly brewed by Vespiquen has the effect of health preservation, and the effect is very good. It is definitely the best choice for gifting. Even the Old Master of Mengha can only be allocated a fixed share each year.

Although Zhou Jiang gave such a small can compared to his one-year share, it is still meat no matter how small the ant is!

“Cough, then I will accept Present.” With a dry cough, Meng Hao turned to Pryce nodded.

Pryce nodded, came to Zhou Jiang and the others, and then took the honey from Zhou Jiang.

Zhou Jiang has received all the Presents here, and the milk that Zhou Nan brought out naturally can’t be rejected. Anyway, it’s just milk and nothing.

However, Pryce is obviously unable to hold it alone, so Zhou Nan and the others have to follow Pryce to put things away.

“Please sit down.”

Meng Hat said to Zhou Jiang.

Zhou Jiang sat down and waited for Pryce and Zhou Nan to leave the room, Meng Hata straightened up with a slightly serious expression, and said: “Okay, they are gone, do you want to ask me something?”

Zhou Jiang was taken aback, stunned, then nodded.

“Although this is a matter of asking but not asking, if you want me to ask, then I will ask.”

After a pause, Zhou Jiang looked at Mengha and said with a serious face: “I want to know, has Alliance already prepared for defense?”

“That’s it?” Meng Hat’s serious face couldn’t be stretched anymore, and he broke his work.

“Just ask me this? Don’t you know Shui Elite and Zhao Elite? Why don’t you just ask them?”

“cough cough.” Zhou Jiang scratched his head in embarrassment. “That’s why I said this is something you can ask or not ask…”

After thinking about it, Zhou Jiang spoke again before Meng Hata spoke, “Actually, I am visiting you this time not because I want to ask you questions, but I want to ask you something!”

“Oh? What’s the matter?”

“I will leave City V soon, when the time comes. If the “foreign world” incident breaks out and City V is destroyed, I hope you can protect my family and friends.”

Meng Hat Old Master smiled heartily, loudly said: “As the Gym Leader of Longteng Gym, I have an obligation to protect City V. As long as people in City V, I will do everything possible to protect their lives!”

After finishing the formulaic words, Meng Hata’s tone relaxed and said: “But I can promise you, when the time comes, I will let someone bring your parents and them here.”

After he finished speaking, Zhou Jiang’s heart slightly raised did he let go.

Getting up from the sofa, Zhou Jiang bowed to him, “Then please!”

After Zhou Jiang’s bow and bowing were eaten, he let him sit down after he straightened up.

“Don’t worry, as long as this mansion isn’t broken, then I guarantee that they will be fine!” Meng Hata’s face was confident, and the majesty that leaked from his body was directly full.

Although Zhou Jiang will not feel oppressed and uncomfortable due to coercion, but he will also be attracted by the confidence he reveals.

Of course, Zhou Jiang will not doubt Mengbat’s confidence.

None of the older trainers who are still active are simple.

Needless to say, Mengha’s strength is the champion level, and the Meng family’s first Substitute Patriarch is not Mengha. Although the older generations have passed away, their Pokemon is still there. To future generations.

As the Dragon Aristocratic Family, there are no people in the Meng family who don’t have Dragon Pokemon.

The dragon Pokemon is famous for its strength and longevity, and Pokemon will increase its lifespan as the level increases, so it is not a problem for the champion-level dragon Pokemon to live for thousands of years. After this generation, heaven knows How much power the Meng family has accumulated.

China Alliance is headquartered in V city, and the Meng family, which can be said to be related, is also extremely strong, so Zhou Jiang and the others will arrange their family here in V city.

“But there must be some benefits to help you?”

Listening to Meng Hata’s words, Zhou Jiang, who relaxed after the completion of the major event, instantly became nervous again.

Looking at Zhou Jiang who was nervous, Meng Hao couldn’t help but laugh. Before Zhou Jiang could speak, he said, “An Xin, it’s not for you to do anything, as long as you promise me one thing.”

“Wh…what’s the matter?” Zhou Jiang was a little nervous. Although Meng Hao gave him peace of mind, Heaven knows what strange demands would he make?

Meng Hao leaned down and moved towards Zhou Jiang and leaned over here, and said seriously: “You said your royal jelly is produced by your own Pokemon, right? So you have Vespiquen? When you have Combe evolve, you can Let me raise it!”

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