I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 933


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Salamence’s Flamethrower didn’t hit Beedrill, or Beedrill avoided it. This is something that both sides expected. Even if it is a benefit, I don’t think Beedrill will be able to avoid it.

Of course, he actually still has some expectations, looking forward to Beedrill’s positive and hard-working Flamethrower.

Although the probability is not big…

In his expectation, Beedrill would avoid Flamethrower, but didn’t expect it to be so beautiful and move on around the flame pillar.

Be aware that even if the Flamethrower’s energy capability does not hit, as long as it stays near it, it will still be injured. The flame temperature on the side of this flame column is at least thousands of degrees Celsius.

If Beedrill wants to go around the flame column, it must control the distance, otherwise it may be burned by the high temperature at any time, and then lose a lot of physical strength under double restraint.

Although I was a little surprised by Beedrill’s “extreme operation”, Mengyi, or Salamence, would not just be so stunned, just maintaining the flame and waiting for Beedrill to rush up.

Seeing that Beedrill dared to dance on his own flames, Salamence’s temper immediately came up. It doesn’t need other abilities, just use flames and it!

Salamence controlled the flame. Under its intentional control, the flame began to pulsate as if it had life, moving towards Beedrill and biting it.

Although Salamence’s hand is very abrupt, Beedrill is like an unknown prophet, always dodge before its flame strikes, as if the flame is always following its ass and eating ashes.

Beedrill approached Salamence when Salamence was continuously controlling the flames to attack Beedrill, and Beedrill was avoiding it repeatedly and dangerously.

“Salamence, use Fire Blast!”

Beedrill was already close to Salamence, and Meng Yi didn’t dare to ask for it, so he quickly ordered Salamence to change his tricks.

You can play, but you can’t lose your mind.

When Beedrill is not rushing over, you can play casually, but if Beedrill is going to be in front of you and still play, that is dead.

Although Salamence was unhappy with Beedrill, he still had to listen to the Beneficial orders, so he quickly stopped the “Eruption performance” and instead accumulated anger, and then sprayed a huge flame moved towards the approaching Beedrill.

The flame turned into a “big” shape as soon as it flew out. Due to the close distance between the two sides and the large range of the Fire Blast, it is difficult for Beedrill to avoid it.

Of course, if you simply avoid it, it won’t be difficult, but if Beedrill wants to dodge the attack and approach Salamence again and attack, it will be a bit difficult.

Beedrill needs to make a big concession to avoid, and then after it dodges the Fire Blast, when it moves towards Salamence again and rushes over, Salamence is afraid that it has recovered from the short-term stiffness, and then launched again attack.

If this continues, it will be in a loop.

Although it is said that Salamence launches an attack consumes energy, it is not easy for Beedrill to explode extremely fast to avoid an attack.

Moreover, compared to Salamence’s pure stamina consumption, although Beedrill can only evade and consumes little stamina, it can’t always explode speed to avoid it. Once the subsequent eruption fails to achieve speed, it can only take it hard. Fire Blast.

So just don’t retreat at first, just rush over!

Beedrill’s long spear has a magic breaking effect. Two long spears on the front can greatly weaken the energy of Fire Blast. In addition, as long as it wraps some source around the body, it is not a problem to pass through Fire Blast.

After all, it’s not about how long it stays in the flames, it’s just going through it.

Beedrill, who understood this, didn’t hesitate to wave the Ability long spear in front of him, and then plunged into the flames.


Watching Beedrill rush directly into the Fire Blast, and escaped unharmed, Meng Yi and Salamence were both stunned.

None of them expected that Beedrill would be so reckless. They rushed straight into the Fire Blast. What made them even more so that they didn’t expect that Beedrill was still unscathed after passing through the Fire Blast!

Although this is because Beedrill wrapped the origin on the surface of the body, it should not be unharmed!

After all, Salamence’s Fire Blast also has its origin in it.

No wonder they were surprised. If it hadn’t been for the Demon Breaking Attribute of the Beedrill double gun to cut down a large amount of Fire Blast energy and the origin contained in it, Beedrill would be injured even if it was wrapped in the origin.

After all, Salamence’s strength is not covered, and Fire Element Ability is still one of its best abilities, no less than Dragon Ability.

Because of the surprise and Beedrill rushed directly through the Fire Blast, when Beedrill came to Salamence and the long spear was held high, Salamence had just reacted.

But despite this, Salamence is a dragon who is good at “physical attack” after all…


It seems that dragon Pokemon are basically good at physical attack…

In short, Salamence’s melee capability is stronger than long-range attacks.

Hard dragon scales, sharp Dragon Claw and dragon teeth, thick and powerful tail.

these all are its most powerful weapon!

Although there are still some stiffness, but with strong physical fitness, it can still forcefully launch Ability to defend, but the formidable power may not be fully utilized, but it is good to use Ability at this time. There is room to pick and choose.

Faced with Beedrill’s attack, Salamence chose to use Dragon Claws to defend.

The emerald green energy condenses on its paws, and then its right paw is covered with a paw-shaped energy coat.

Twineedle attack!

Beedrill waved a long spear and directly moved towards Salamence’s chest and pressed it, not looking at Salamence’s hastily condensed dragon claws.

Although the dragon’s claw is strong, its attack range is a bit awkward. Once it sticks to the chest, it can’t attack Beedrill.

However, Salamence, who has come out of the rigidity, naturally has a way to deal with this. The dragon claw is useless, so it still has the Dragon Fang!

Cough… well, there is no such ability as [Dragon Tooth], but [Crunch] and [Fire Fang] are still available.

[Crunch] is of Dark Type and has nothing to do with Bug Type, so it chose [Fire Fang].

Salamence’s reaction was very quick. When he saw that the dragon claw could not be hit, he started to change his moves, but no matter how fast it became, it would not be as fast as Beedrill’s attack!

It takes a certain amount of time to change the move, but Beedrill is ready to output.

Salamence didn’t fly, so it was a bit difficult to retreat, but he had to retreat as hard as he could, and at the same time pressed his head towards below as much as possible.

However, it is said that, but Beedrill does not have any slack, so there is no situation where it will wipe out its disadvantages as soon as it tries hard.

Beedrill flew to its chest, and then didn’t mean to brake at all, and directly used inertia fiercely to smash the long spear moved towards its chest.

Although I really want to aim the tip of the gun directly at its chest, it will not be good if it causes too much damage.

Since the demon-breaking Attribute, the physical damage caused by its double spears to the enemy has become more serious, as if there was a kind of energy that did not know whether it existed to protect the physical bodies of Pokemons.

Although I said that I was owed, I still have to say that this is the sorrow of powerhouse!

In order to prevent the opponent from being seriously injured, even without considering the release of water, he had to converge his killer moves, minions.

The powerful force combined with the power brought by inertia led to the high attack power of Beedrill. Even if you didn’t use [Strength] Ability specifically, it beat Salamence back and forth again and again, and it suddenly hurt, which caused the mouth All of the attacks came to a halt.

However, Salamence is not a little girl, and it doesn’t hurt to break Ability directly. After a pause, it resists the discomfort and continues moving towards Beedrill and bites.

When Salamence’s big mouth moved towards Beedrill, Beedrill had already hit at least six attacks on it. Except for the first Beedrill, which was “smashed”, the other five were all with gun The tip is output on it.

Even though Salamence has hard dragon scales, under the long spear of Beedrill with devil and armor piercing Attribute, it is still like paper.

Beedrill left five long scars with a lot of blood on his chest. Salamence didn’t shrink back, but moved towards the head it bitten faster.


It’s a pity that Salamence’s Fire Fang ran out.

Don’t look at the way Beedrill has played five times in a short period of time and feels a lot. In fact, this is nothing for Pokemon who has reached the Elite level.

Any Fighting Type Pokemon can do it easily.

If it weren’t for Beedrill to pay attention to Salamence’s attack, it would be fine to hit nearly ten times, but in this case, Salamence’s counterattack would probably be hit, which is totally uneconomical, so Beedrill did not.

It’s not as good as hurting the enemy to hurt one thousand and self-damaging 800.

As long as the difference in strength is not too great, you can change it at any time, but as long as you can consume the opponent’s physical strength and you are not injured, you will earn!

This is not a game. Pokemon’s attack power is the same regardless of the amount of blood. In reality, after being injured, all aspects of the reaction will slowly decrease, even Nature’s ferocious Pokemon will become injured in Early-Stage attack. It is more ferocious, but after a period of time, it will slowly go down.

Two Pokemons of equal strength are injured when one side is injured, and the other is fine. As long as you want to drag, the injured Pokemon is basically useless.

Salamence bites, and Beedrill retreats, pulling the distance again.

Although Salamence has lost a wave, the distance from Beedrill has widened, and because the scales are hard, the injury is not too serious, so if you want to say the loss, it is not too much.

“Salamence, use the dragon’s breath!”

Before, after Beedrill was close to Salamence, Meng Yi was afraid that he could not keep up with the speed and did not command, so he left it to Salamence to deal with it by himself. Now that Beedrill backed away, he could safely command.

Hearing the command, Salamence opened his mouth, and then a beam of emerald green energy moved towards Beedrill.

Dragon Pulse, although the damage is not high, the Ability is very fast, almost the fastest in the energy beam.

But Beedrill has been waiting for Salamence’s attack. On the premise of deliberateness, plus this Ability’s attack range is not large, it is not too difficult to avoid it.

“Use Air Slash!” After Dragon Pulse failed, Meng Yi immediately issued another order.

Salamence’s wings flicked, and then a large number of nearly transparent gear-like blades made of air drew curves of different arcs and moved towards Beedrill at a very fast speed.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ——

Smashed the two fastest Air Cutters, and Beedrill easily dodged the rest of the attacks.

If it is a continuous output Ability such as Flamethrower, it will rarely be head-on, but Beedrill is fearless for a one-by-one attack such as Air Slash.

The enhanced double guns make Beedrill not afraid of meeting force with force and causing long spear to wear out, and the Demon Attribute will greatly weaken the enemy’s Ability. Attacks of this level are even troublesome for it. It’s not even considered.

Both attacks failed, and Mengyi didn’t let Salamence launch an attack anymore, but let it use [Hone Claws] which amplifies its own state.

The effect of [Hone Claws] is to increase the user’s “physical attack” and “hit” by a level.

Although Zhou Jiang doesn’t know why Hone Claws adds attributes related to eyesight, it does have this effect…

Beedrill also has a bunch of status types of Ability, or in other words, Zhou Jiang’s Pokemon does not add status type Ability, although they are not commonly used.

The ability to increase the status category is very strong. Zhou Jiang does not deny this. At that time, it has a pitfall that the added ability is related to Pokemon’s “real level”…

Zhou Jiang’s modified Pokemon is very powerful, like Beedrill, comparable to Elite high-end, but its real level is only Elite high-end…

Although it is not too low, compared with its current strength, the difference is still too great.

Elite’s high-level strength Pokemon uses status type Ability to increase the ability and Elite level, but it is much different.

Beedrill spent a lot of time using these abilities, but the added state was not much, so Zhou Jiang basically didn’t let them use them later.

It’s too boring after all!

The strength is weaker than Beedrill. It does not need it to increase attack power. The strength is stronger or similar. There is no time to use Ability to increase attack power. The strength is almost the same. Unless the opponent can’t move and so on, or you need to stand up and strengthen The increase in attack power gained from being beaten by the opponent is totally worthless, and it can even be said to be blood loss.

After all, Zhou Jiang’s Pokemon are all modified attacks except for Tyront. Even if Beedrill and Gardevoir supplement their health and defense, they will only become normal Elite’s health and defense.

Although it is normal Elite’s blood volume and defense, their race’s blood volume and defense itself are not high, and it’s still painful to be touched, so no matter how it counts, it’s blood loss, unless their true strength is also At the Elite level.

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