I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 967


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The brigade colonel asked Beedrill to do the “trial”, really to test it?

Even the Gardevoir before, really to see their capabilities?

Knowing that their strength has reached the Elite level, would the brigade colonel be such an idiot to test?

Obviously, the other Pokemons in this “foreign world” base are all Elite junior and mid-level, even if they are high-level, there are not many, let alone quasi Elite and above Elite.

Moreover, both Gardevoir and Beedrill can play the advanced power of Elite.

Is it really necessary to test them?

In the previous test of Gardevoir, she and other Pokemon were asked to launch an attack. It was a very common test. After a simple test, Gardevoir was passed.

And this time, Beedrill and Hitmonchan will face off against the three brothers. There are also a group of Pokemon around.

So Zhou Jiang understood that the real intention of the brigade colonel was to make those Pokemon understand the power of Gardevoir and Beedrill!

After all, they are the newly added Pokemon. Their owner is Zhou Jiang. They follow Zheng Guoqiang to exercise and learn. They are Zheng Guoqiang’s discipline, and they have Nurse Joy as a guarantee, plus their strength is also strong, so the brigade colonel is sure You can’t put them in an ordinary position.

Reuse Beedrill and Gardevoir, this is inevitable.

But they are the newly added Rookie.

If you don’t say anything, just take photos of them to the key points and squeeze down the previous Pokemon, then they will definitely be uncomfortable, and the Pokemon that was squeezed down are “old people”. There must be a lot of contacts among the Pokemon. If they feel upset, what should they do if they unite to isolate Beedrill and Gardevoir?

In this kind of place, the front line of “foreign world”.

Everyday all has to fight with the Pokemon of the “foreign world”, which puts a lot of mental pressure on Pokemon. Although different Pokemon have different endurance, it will eventually affect them, so when they are not fighting, they Make them happy.

Well…well, even if you can’t make them happy, at least let them not feel bored. In short, you can’t increase their gloomy emotions in normal times.

Once Beedrill and Gardevoir are isolated, it will be bad.

Isolation is a very terrifying thing, especially when you are under stress.

Even if you can’t see the living thing and you can’t communicate with the same kind, these are all good, but if you are isolated, it will be uncomfortable.

Imagine being watched by people with indifferent and cold eyes every day, no matter where you go, what you do, or even come up to communicate with them, they will look at you with indifference, without saying anything. , Who can stand it.

Even normal people may have psychological problems when facing this situation, let alone the Pokemon who face daily killings.

Therefore, the brigade colonel used the name “test” and “trial” to let the strength of Beedrill and Gardevoir be revealed in front of the Pokemon.

In this way, they know the talents of Beedrill and Gardevoir, even if they were later compiled into some important places by the brigade colonel and squeezed some Pokemon, then they dare not say anything, because their strength is not as good as theirs !

After all, this is where the strength is spoken. As long as it is not at first inserting Beedrill and Gardevoir without them knowing anything, then those Pokemon are not unreasonable.

I want to understand the intention of the brigade colonel, Zhou Jiang has a great affection for him instantly.

Zhou Jiang He is a real person. He likes whoever treats him well. Well, in a sense, he can be said to be a very simple person.

However, Zhou Jiang’s Yu Guang glanced at Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy basically didn’t say anything since she helped the brigade colonel and Zhou Jiang match up. She should have seen the brigade colonel’s plan?

Just as he was thinking about it, Nurse Joy spotted his “voyeur”, looked towards him, glanced at him, and then smiled gently.

“Peeping” was caught by the master. Although it was not a major event, Zhou Jiang turned his head subconsciously and looked away.

The battle was over. Beedrill perfectly defeated Hitmonchan’s third brother’s attack and showed his power in front of the Pokemon. After the goal was achieved, the brigade colonel stood up and asked the Pokemons to take Hitmonchan’s third brother To withdraw rest, and then announce Beedrill’s outstanding in front of other Pokemons, and tell Beedrill that it will entrust it with important tasks, and hope it will work hard afterwards.

Now that Beedrill demonstrated its power, I announced it in front of the Pokemon. I believe that even if Pokemon gets squeezed down, I won’t say anything, right?

After all, if you are not convinced, you can challenge Beedrill!

After everything was over, the brigade colonel told the Pokemons to go back to rest, and Beedrill returned to Zhou Jiang.

Beedrill and Gardevoir were entrusted to the brigade colonel to take care of them. The purpose of this trip to the “foreign world” has been achieved, and now it is almost noon, so Zhou Jiang and the others are going back to the base for dinner.

However, the brigade colonel still had things to do here, so he didn’t go back. Nurse Joy didn’t force him to take Zhou Jiang, Gardevoir, and Beedrill back into the car and drove back to the rear base.

Beedrill and Gardevoir will leave Zhou Jiang from tomorrow and will “work” here. Although they can go back to the world to meet Zhou Jiang every night during their break, they left Zhou Jiang after all. .

And Zhou Jiang has nothing to do today, so he is ready to spend time with them today, play and stroll here.

There is also a cafeteria in the “foreign world”, but since a large number of people left here, the cafeteria here is basically in a state of being abandoned, and meals are prepared from the cafeteria on the original world side. It was packed in a box lunch and delivered.

Since the distance is not far, and the heat preservation ability is first-rate, there is not much difference, just change the leftover rice container.

As for places to eat, many people will go to the cafeteria. After all, although the cafeteria is free, the tables and chairs are still there. If you go to eat every day, you can also ensure that the tables and chairs they sit on are not Will be dirty.

Nurse Joy is not in the cafeteria when she eats. It does not mean that she looks down on the cafeteria and so on, but the Pokemon Center has a special cafeteria itself, which is already standard.

In addition to being a place for Pokemon treatment, Pokemon Center is also a place where Nurse Joy lives and lives.

The residence, the cafeteria, the rest room, etc. all exist inside. They usually stay in the Pokemon Center unless they have something to go out.

Nurse Joy, who has a great affection for Zhou Jiang, will naturally not make Zhou Jiang go to the cafeteria for dinner. She took Zhou Jiang to the cafeteria in the Pokemon Center.

Thanks to him, Zhou Jiang saw more than a dozen Nurse Joys at once, all of them were very young Nurse Joy. Zhou Jiang couldn’t tell who was who at all. After a while, he forgot to keep carrying Who is his Nurse Joy…

For the arrival of Zhou Jiang, Nurse Joy is naturally very welcome.

Because all of them are older than Zhou Jiang, and Zhou Jiang is long and tender, he was surrounded by Nurse Joy passionately as soon as he entered. In the end, they had to eat Zhou Jiang was liberated from the encirclement.

It is worth mentioning that although Nurse Joy has a special canteen, the food they eat is no different from others, and there is no small stove.

At the big long table, Nurse Joy sits in two rows and eats the food in the lunch box.

Although you can’t eat and sleep, it’s impossible to be quiet all the time. It’s not a special period. You have to “pretend” and so on. So when dining, Nurse Joy always eat while eating. Talking quietly, discussing.

Some are discussing work-related matters, and some are talking about trivial matters in life, but more are indeed chatting with Zhou Jiang…

After all, they still have a good impression of Zhou Jiang, the “little brother”, and this is the first time they have actually seen Zhou Jiang, and they are naturally very curious about him.

If there is only one Nurse Joy, then it may be reserved, but there are many Nurse Joys here, so there is no need to say more about the result.

After all, the statement that “three women equal a thousand ducks” is not groundless.

After eating, Zhou Jiang did not immediately bring the Pokemon back.

Although it is a bit arrogant to say that Beedrill and Gardevoir will be reluctant to leave him, they will definitely have some feelings for their companions, so let them communicate.

Although they are not uncomfortable when placed in a small Poké Ball, they are not as good as the large space outside.

It is different from Zhou Jiang’s envisioned being surrounded by many Nurse Joys after eating.

After the Nurse Joys finished their meal, they greeted him and left the restaurant, not at all, come back again, and after he finished eating and left the restaurant, no one came to look for him.

Even when he came to the lounge where Nurse Joy said he could go to rest, there was no who in it, only one Chansey was cleaning.

From the restaurant to the lounge, I have never encountered Nurse Joy along the way. So far, Zhou Jiang knows it, and they must have gone busy again.

Isn’t it so busy even for a break after eating?

Zhou Jiang is a little puzzled.

He has watched the battle between Pokemon and “foreign world” Pokemon once. Although he has only watched it once, it does not mean that the other battles are the same. But with the previous hearings, it is obvious that the pressure here is very relaxing. In other words, it shouldn’t be a Pokemon injury here, so why is Nurse Joy still so busy?


Although he was puzzled, no one could answer him. Even if you asked Chansey with a pure smile, he would be impossible to understand what it was saying without Gardevoir by his side, so Zhou Jiang gave up.

After all, a person will always encounter various puzzles in his life, and the answer can be obtained on the spot, which will definitely not exceed 1%, although no one has done statistics, or he has not I’ve seen it, but that’s what he thinks.

Not all questions can be answered.

For Zhou Jiang, although curiosity and desire are the driving force that guides him forward, these two distinct things will also lose to his human “evil”-laziness!

Yes, he is lazy!

As long as it’s not something he really wants to know, or if he doesn’t know it, there will be a major event if he doesn’t know, then he won’t bother to go all out to find the answer, unless the answer is simple…

When Zhou Jiang entered the lounge, Chansey’s cleaning of the room was almost over, so it soon said “goodbye” to Zhou Jiang and left.

Well, as it should be by rights, this “goodbye” is Zhou Jiang’s conjecture. He doesn’t actually know what Chansey said, but it doesn’t prevent him from thinking so.

After Chansey walked out of the lounge, he was completely left in the lounge.

Although the lounge is said to be a lounge, there is not much entertainment in it.

No TV or computer.

Apart from finding a few disassembled playing cards and a box of chess on the long table, I didn’t see anything else to play and relax.

But poker and chess are played alone?

Well, poker also has a small game played by one person, but chess is definitely not.

And even if poker is played by one person, it is very boring!

This thing is interesting only if you play with multiple people. At least two people are required.

So Zhou Jiang just looked at them and then put them down.

Except for the two “board games” on the table, there are only snacks in the snack cabinet in the room, but he has no intention of eating these things after he has just eaten, and he is no longer a child.

Unfortunately, Zhou Jiang can only sit on the sofa and take out his mobile phone to play time.

The phone is boring anyway, but at least it’s more fun than sitting!

Even flipping through the news and looking at sand sculpture jokes can kill him a lot of time, not to mention that there are two new games that have emerged, which are relatively interesting.

However, Zhou Jiang is a guest after all, and he is still a distinguished guest, so he didn’t play with his mobile phone for a long time in the lounge before Nurse Joy came in.

Of course, it is also possible that Nurse Joy, who has a turn to rest, comes here to rest.

But her arrival did make this silent space, where only the sound of “da da da” made by the fingernail touched on the glass screen, had other sounds.

This Nurse Joy who came to the lounge is not the one who took Zhou Jiang to the base in the morning, although from Zhou Jiang, they all look the same.

The arrival of Nurse Joy is very gentle, although this is what they look like in front of the world, but they do have all kinds of nature.

Although I was given a lesson by the Nurse Joy in the morning and was successfully suppressed, Zhou Jiang was still wary of her when this Nurse Joy only showed a gentle side.