I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 968


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This Nurse Joy’s aura not at all brought Zhou Jiang’s aura not at all in the morning. After talking with her for a while, Zhou Jiang completely relaxed.

After all, the two are not acquaintances, and there are not many topics they can talk about. So after chatting for a while, Nurse Joy proposed to play chess with Zhou Jiang.

In this regard, Zhou Jiang is a little embarrassed. He only played chess in his previous life in elementary school, and he only played chess with his classmates.

Although I knew the rules, I didn’t really understand the routines and so on.

In other words, if he played chess, he would have to be reckless. It is estimated that he would be half-matched with elementary school students.

Well…Be humble, after all, the head rotation speed of elementary school students is not as fast as his, so it should be able to open on June 4th?

cough cough ……

In short, Zhou Jiang hates not being good at chess!

Seeing Zhou Jiang’s hesitation, Nurse Joy realized that he is not good at chess. Of course, it is also possible that he simply can’t. So to be on the safe side, she still asked: “Actually I am not Very good at playing chess, just know the rules of their walking, how about you?”

“Um, me too.”

See Nurse Joy Self Destruct, Zhou Jiang will naturally not hide things that he is not good at playing chess. After all, this is not a shy thing in itself.

“Then let’s play?” Nurse Joy asked.

“Um…well!” After thinking about it, Zhou Jiang was still nodded and agreed.

Although he doesn’t know how to play chess, he still likes this game. When he was a child, his father often played chess with his neighbor’s Uncle Uncle, and he often won, so he watched more. I like it too.

As for why he didn’t understand deeply, he should be considered lazy…

Well, another reason is that his father is not willing to teach him.

Every time he pestered father to teach him and play with him, he would refuse on the grounds that he was still young. After the number of times, he also gave up.

Perhaps, this is the sadness of the little child.

Interests begin with adults and end with adults.

If father taught him and played with him seriously, maybe he could still achieve something in chess?

Well, this is considered YY, after all, this thing is talented.

Too far.

After agreeing to play chess with Nurse Joy, the two emptied the middle of the table and brought the boxed glass chess over.

Spread out the paper chessboard, randomly select black and red, and place the chess pieces.

“Who will go first?” Zhou Jiang asked.


Hearing Zhou Jiang’s question, Nurse Joy was taken aback, and subconsciously said: “Didn’t the red party go first?”


Suddenly Zhou Jiang was embarrassed.

Because he played when he was a child, and at that time they were playing games between their classmates, so there is no such thing as “the red side goes first” rules, because when they choose the chess pieces, the colors are each other. What to fight for…

If colors are to be contested, then the “right of way” is naturally no exception, so in his memory, it becomes the situation of “who will go first to see you communicate”.

Scratching his head, Zhou Jiang looked at the red chess piece in front of him, and said: “Okay, then I go first?”

“en!”Nurse Joy nodded with a smile.

Zhou Jiang nodded, looked towards the chess piece in front of him.

I remember… the gun went to the middle?

Thinking, Zhou Jiang picked up the “cannon” on the right and placed it among the five “pawns”, behind the “pawn” in the middle.



I don’t know how long it has been. In the quiet lounge in the Pokemon Center, Zhou Jiang and Nurse Joy are still playing chess.

However, an unusually abrupt, sharp alarm sounded.

But this time the siren sound is different from the previous ones, um…not to say that they are essentially different, but they are too much different in volume.

When I was at the forefront, the harsh siren sounded like a sound in my head, and I couldn’t cover my ears.

The sound of the alarm sounded this time was much smaller, so small that you might not be able to hear the sound even when the TV is turned on in this room.

Although the sound was very small, it was indeed an alarm sound, so Zhou Jiang stopped holding the chess piece and straightened his waist.

Seeing Zhou Jiang’s serious look, Nurse Joy said with a smile: “Don’t be nervous, this is the “foreign world” Pokemon attacking again. Everyday all will have this kind of thing happen, don’t care too much. “

Zhou Jiang looked towards her, nodded, but still asked: “Can you always hear the alarm sound here?”

“Well, but after all, the distance is a bit far, so the sound is not loud. But this is just a normal situation. If the “foreign world” Pokemon breaks through a certain city wall breakthrough and enters, the alarm here will also Ringing.”

Zhou Jiang nodded.

The alarm now sounds very quiet, which means that they don’t care about it at all.

Nevertheless, Zhou Jiang has no idea to continue playing chess with her.

After hearing the sirens, he thought of Beedrill them. He and Nurse Joy have played six games of chess here. According to the situation of one and a half hours, this is three hours.

It’s already two o’clock in the afternoon!

Today he has to be with Beedrill and Gardevoir, how can he stay here for a rest?

And even if it’s a rest, it’s almost enough. You can go to Beedrill.


Zhou Jiang looked towards Nurse Joy and asked with some confusion: “Nurse Joy doesn’t have to work today? I have played chess with me for three hours.”

“Well, today I take a rotation~”

“Oh.” Zhou Jiang nodded, no big surprise.

After all, she hasn’t gone to work for so long, and no one has come to ask her to go to work, so 80% of it is for rest.

Seeing that Zhou Jiang still feels ill at ease, Nurse Joy just wanted to ask him what’s wrong, Zhou Jiang said first, “Sorry, Nurse Joy, I’m afraid I can’t play anymore.” /p>

“Oh, it’s okay, it’s okay, go ahead.” Nurse Joy was taken aback for a moment, then smiled and waved her hand, motioning Zhou Jiang to leave her alone.

“Sorry!” Although I didn’t want to, Zhou Jiang still said sorry to her. Then, as Nurse Joy lightly shook his head and watched with a smile, Zhou Jiang put on his backpack and left the lounge.

Although the pigeon player is not good at half of the game, but this is more than two points, and this game has just started for a while.

There is not much time left today. If the wait is over, at their level, it will take at least half an hour.

Half an hour, it’s been a long time.

As for deliberately it smells bad and it ends soon… it might as well.

If there is chaos, it is the most despised behavior.

Out of the lounge, Zhou Jiang moved towards Gardevoir and they walked straight.

In the Pokemon Center, there are rooms for Pokemons to rest. In addition to a large place for mentally exhausted Pokemons to relax, there are also some small rooms, which can be regarded as “private rooms”, and Gardevoir and the others are there. Inside that “private room”.

When he reached the fork in the road, Zhou Jiang met Nurse Joy. Originally, Zhou Jiang thought he would only greet her and then pass by, but she stopped him.

“Zhou Jiang is going to find your Pokemon?”

“en?” Looking at Nurse Joy, Zhou Jiang nodded, who stopped him.

Then Nurse Joy said in Zhou Jiang’s bewildered eyes, “That’s it, but your Gardevoir is not in the lounge… Well, let me go with you, and then I will take you to find Gardevoir.”


Looking at Nurse Joy who was about to turn back and followed him to the rest area of ​​the Pokemon, Zhou Jiang was still a little confused.

Suddenly I was stopped by Nurse Joy, and then I was going to go with him when I saw him…

And Gardevoir is not in the lounge?

Where is it not there?

Although I wanted to ask, since Nurse Joy had said that he would take him to Gardevoir after he went to the lounge and retrieved the Beedrill, so Zhou Jiang swallowed the question into his stomach.

Perhaps taking care of Zhou Jiang? What’s the matter, Nurse Joy, who was walking with a super fast leg, after following Zhou Jiang moved towards the Pokemon rest area, the speed slowed down and fell to the normal walking level.

Seeing the speed of Nurse Joy, Zhou Jiang reluctantly maintained the same speed with her.

Although I feel that wasting time on this kind of walking is a bit of a loss, but considering Nurse Joy, Zhou Jiang still thinks it’s fine. Go slowly and walk slowly. It’s not far anyway.

Two minutes later, the two people arrived at the Pokemon rest area.

After finding the Pokemons who were resting there in the greenhouse, Zhou Jiang greeted them and then took them back.

Put the Poké Balls other than the “main force” six Poké Balls into the backpack, and attach the rest to the buckle slot on the back. Zhou Jiang pointed to Nurse Joy nodded and signaled that he could go to Gardevoir .

“Zhou Jiang, aren’t you curious what Gardevoir is doing?” Nurse Joy asked suddenly while walking.

“Well, curiosity is curiosity, but you will know when you get there, right?”

“Huh? Don’t you want to know beforehand?” Nurse Joy was a little surprised.

After all, groups like Trainer would like to clarify questions and then “past” it?

“Well, it’s okay…” Zhou Jiang said perfunctorily, scratching his head.

To be honest, he felt that when he faced the “Nurse Joy” people, he was always a little unwilling to let go, because they were so alike!

He has no idea who he has met before and who he has talked to, and they have a good chat…

Every time I meet Nurse Joy again, I will face them as new people, but the familiar face and temperament make him unconsciously lead them into the ones I have met before, and they have a good chat Of Nurse Joy.

Although this kind of “bringing in” is nothing, but he always feels a bit awkward, so even though he has encountered a lot of Nurse Joy so far, none of them have a very good relationship.

Even they are very easy to get along with.

Even Joy Lian, who has been in contact with him for a long time in the “foreign world”, the relationship between Zhou Jiang and her can only be said to be a comrade-in-arms who has been fighting side by side for a period of time.

Nurse Joy seems to have not noticed Zhou Jiang’s perfunctory, and continued to use the familiar and gentle voice, and said with some admiration: “Your Gardevoir is amazing. I learned that we have a lot of After the wounded were to be treated, they took the initiative to help…”

“Wait, there are many wounded?” Zhou Jiang interrupted Nurse Joy without waiting for her to continue speaking.

“Are there many injured people here? Or is it Pokemon?”

Nurse Joy was not angry about Zhou Jiang’s interruption. No, it should be said that she didn’t even realize that she should be angry.

She replied: “The injured Pokemon, there are no human words, after all, the base here is relatively safe, and few people are injured.”

“That’s Pokemon, many Pokemon are injured…”

Zhou Jiang suddenly felt that this place might be a bit different from what Mikey thought.

Could it be dangerous here?

The wave of “foreign world” Pokemon attacks that I saw before was just the smoothest one?

Nurse Joy nodded, the tone finally has some ups and downs, no longer the usual gentleness.

“Yes, a lot of Pokemon. Everyday all has to be busy treating those children. It’s really tired!”

Looking at Nurse Joy, who couldn’t even hold his smile, Zhou Jiang could only be silent.

“Oh, here it is.”

While the two were talking, they finally reached the place where Gardevoir was, which is the Pokemon treatment area.

After passing through the automatic door, the sound of rushing footsteps back and forth is endless. There are Nurse Joys, but more of them are the assistant Chansey!

This treatment area is a large space, but it is divided into four parts.

There are four rooms in this part near Zhou Jiang.

The four rooms are all the same size, with the corridor in the middle as the boundary, two on the left and two on the right.

The four rooms are all simple treatment rooms, and the Pokemon lying in them are all Level 2 Pokemons with severe injuries.

Originally in the Pokemon Center outside, as long as it is Level 2 severely injured, it will enter the operating room, but here, Level 2 severely injured Pokemon can only lie here and treat slowly, after all, the operating room is not enough for Level 1 Used by seriously injured Pokemon!

If you go inside, it will be a recuperation area where Pokemon, who has been treated by Nurse Joy, will lie down and rest.

On the edge of the recuperation area, it is a small space with clean beds. It is a place for the Nurse Joy to take a short rest and restore their strength.

Further inside, it is the operating room area.

Six operating rooms, where the severely injured Level 1 Pokemon are operated 24/7.

Of course, the operating room is naturally impossible to be carried by a Nurse Joy.

After all, surgery is a big project. Although they have superb technology and sufficient technology, it only takes at least an hour to complete one, and it only takes more than two hours for a longer time, but this consumes the Mental Force of Nurse Joy. Of horror.

So they need to change people halfway.

Basically, after the two operations are completed, they will go to the rest area to take a short break, and then go to the ordinary treatment room for simple treatment for Pokemon, while the operating room is replaced by other Nurse Joy .