I’m a Pokemon Trainer in a Parallel World Chapter 969


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“Come with me, Gardevoir is still inside.”

“Oh, um.” Zhou Jiang nodded, followed Nurse Joy and continued walking inside.

I didn’t go inside, it was still in the normal treatment area.

In it, in the treatment area on the left, Gardevoir is there to help.

Zhou Jiang and Nurse Joy came to the door, Zhou Jiang saw through the transparent glass door the busy Chansey and Nurse Joy and his Gardevoir inside.

Although there are four Nurse Joy in the room and Chansey has more than ten, Zhou Jiang still saw Gardevoir all at once.

After all, the touch of green is too conspicuous.

Although Gardevoir doesn’t have a lot of green, but Nurse Joy and Chansey are not green at all!

The injured Pokemon were lying on the bed again, so that the touch of green on Gardevoir’s body became conspicuous.

Gardevoir’s head also wears the same nurse hat as Chansey’s head, but unlike Chansey, she also wears a pale pink nurse’s uniform!

If it wasn’t for her long green hair, her silhouette Zhou Jiang really couldn’t find out immediately.

Zhou Jiang When they came over, they saw Gardevoir with her head down, her hands on Pokemon lying on a hospital bed constantly busy.

Looking from Zhou Jiang’s side, due to the perspective, the Pokemon lying there can’t see the whole picture, only a touch of brown. Although Gardevoir’s hand is mostly blocked, it still vaguely I can see some white bands. It looks like she is bandaging Pokemon?

Just why not use Confusion. If you use Confusion, Gardevoir will be more efficient, right? And the accuracy should be better.

Just when Zhou Jiang was puzzled, Gardevoir raised his head, and accidentally moved towards Zhou Jiang and they looked over.

In an instant, Gardevoir and Zhou Jiang met.

Seeing this, Zhou Jiang recovered, laughed through the glass door, and waved at her.

It is estimated that Zhou Jiang saw this costume, and Gardevoir lowered his head shyly.

With a pursed mouth, Gardevoir turned his head and found Nurse Joy, who was a little closer to her, and came to her.

Nurse Joy, who had just been busy for a while, saw Gardevoir approaching and looked towards her with some curiosity. When she followed Gardevoir’s line of sight and moved towards the door, she found Zhou Jiang was coming.

Suddenly understood that Gardevoir was here to ask her for leave, Nurse Joy nodded, and signaled that she could leave it alone and go directly to Zhou Jiang.

Gardevoir nodded, regardless of the nurse uniform and cap, he moved towards the door and walked directly.

When Gardevoir moved towards them, Zhou Jiang and Nurse Joy heard the sound of the cart.

It was a Chansey with a nurse’s hat. It pushed the trolley and walked towards it. There was a wounded Strength with a bandage lying on it, but Zhou Jiang looked very energetic at Strength. Yes, if it weren’t for the blood-stained bandage, it wouldn’t look like it was injured at all.

Maybe this is the “spirit” of Fighting Type Pokemon?

Zhou Jiang doesn’t understand.

The two retreated to the wall and gave in. When Chansey pushed the car past, he moved towards them with a “lucky~” cry, it should be a greeting.

But Zhou Jiang didn’t think about this, he was a little curious, why are there so many injured Pokemon?

Glancing at Nurse Joy next to him, Zhou Jiang squirmed his lips and asked, “Nurse Joy, why are there so many Pokemon injured here?”

Zhou Jiang visited the treatment rooms on both sides when walking in with Nurse Joy all the way, Nurse Joy and Chansey in the first two treatment rooms are also continuously busy, and the two treatment rooms inside Inside, there are still a lot of Nurse Joy and Chansey busy.

Most of the people receiving treatment here are Level 4 severely injured, which is the minimum standard for entering the Medical Room.

Basically, it was higher than the previous Strength. There was a hole in the body and a lot of blood bleeds, so I had to come in for bandages. Others had severe fractures of arms and legs, misaligned ribs, etc. .

If these injuries are not treated by Pokemon with Ability, they can recover within a week, so Nurse Joy only needs to treat them with wounds or fractures and dislocations, and they can leave them alone.

At most, change the bandage and dressing and so on for Pokemon with heavy bleeding.

To tie the bandages, you only need Chansey. They can handle wounds and so on. They can also be done. For fractures and the like, Nurse Joy needs to take care of them.

And these injuries are not very time-consuming, as for Level 2 serious injuries, it takes a little effort.

As a result, Nurse Joy, they are treating Pokemon all day long?

That many Chansey and Nurse Joy can heal 40-50 Pokemon in ten minutes. Can you heal Du Shao Pokemon this day?

Pokemon in this base is injured so frequently?

“en? Well, yes, so many injured Pokemon are really tired. Unfortunately, the vacation will end tomorrow… Hey.”

Looking at Nurse Joy with a sad look, Zhou Jiang was speechless.

Even Nurse Joy started to “complain”, how many injured Pokemon are there…

But then again, there are so many injured Pokemon in this base?

Or is it that the battle was fierce in the past few days and the number of injured Pokemon suddenly increased?

After all, this is also the first time he has come to the “foreign world” base. He has heard about the relatively peaceful news here before, and he has never seen the specific situation.

After Chansey pushed the trolley over, Gardevoir also walked out, but there were also two Chanseys behind her, both of which came out pushing the trolley, on which was the bandaged Pokemon.

Except for their current treatment room, the other three treatment rooms also started to walk out of Chansey who was pushing a cart.

Looking at so many Chanseys that came out all at once, Zhou Jiang and Gardevoir are all gone for talking, just continue to post the wall…

Fortunately, although this aisle cannot be said to be wide, it cannot be said to be narrow. At least two carts are no problem, so they don’t have to go to the treatment room to “evacuate”.

“Okay, you found Gardevoir, too. I should go now. Go back and rest~!” After the Chanseys had all passed, Nurse Joy, who had brought Zhou Jiang in, rubbed his shoulders and walked outside.

Seeing that she has not gone far, Zhou Jiang whispered to her: “Thank you!”

“Well, it’s okay, I’m leaving.” Stopped, turned around and waved goodbye to Zhou Jiang and Gardevoir, Nurse Joy walked out.

After Nurse Joy left, Zhou Jiang looked towards Gardevoir and she also lifts the head looked towards Zhou Jiang.

Looking at each other with Gardevoir Ruby’s ordinary eyes for two seconds, Zhou Jiang slightly moved his eyes away.

A close glance at Gardevoir’s outfit, Zhou Jiang’s eyes lit up.

In fact, he doesn’t have much love for nurse uniforms. It may be because the nurses he met before were ugly.


Nurse Joy?

Isn’t this the uniform of Nurse Joy? Is this a nurse uniform?

Um…it seems…really?

Uh, well, don’t worry about whether the attire on Nurse Joy is a “nurse uniform”.

After seeing Gardevoir being “scanned” by himself and Face is red, Zhou Jiang was taken aback for a while, and his face burned slightly.

I have to say, Gardevoir is so cute!

The blush on that white face is really hard to remove my eyes.


“Huh? Zhou Jiang, are you here?”


Shocked by the sudden sound, Zhou Jiang quickly removed his eyes, and because of tension, he directly pinched his trouser legs.

“Huh? Excuse me?”

Looking at Zhou Jiang who was taken aback, Nurse Joy was taken aback, but because Gardevoir didn’t change much, after she came over, the blush on her face due to shyness disappeared. He didn’t think much about this reaction, just as it interrupted their master and servant chat.

“Ah, no no.” Zhou Jiang took a deep breath quietly, and shook the head after regaining his composure.

“What’s wrong with Nurse Joy?” Zhou Jiang asked her directly to prevent her from asking.

“Ah, it’s okay, but when it’s time to rest, I will see the little Gardevoir here.”


Zhou Jiang glanced at where Gardevoir was standing, and clearly nodded.

Gardevoir where she was standing, it is estimated that more than half of her body appeared in the “door frame”, so it was discovered by Nurse Joy who was resting.

But…but what should I say next!

Looking at Nurse Joy and Gardevoir standing there, Zhou Jiang was a little awkward.

The two of them didn’t speak at a Pokemon, and the air suddenly became a little embarrassed.

Although it is not clear whether Nurse Joy feels embarrassed, Zhou Jiang is a bit embarrassed, especially when Nurse Joy looks over, and he has to look at her, and then because no one is talking, he has to look away… …

How embarrassing it looks…

Suddenly, Zhou Jiang’s brain is divine light flashed.

“Ah, by the way, Nurse Joy, have you been playing intensely here recently? Why are there so many injured Pokemon?”

“en? If you fight, it should be okay. After all, not many Pokemon will be sent over, as for here, why are there so many injured Pokemon……”

Speaking of this, Nurse Joy sighed helplessly, turned and looked towards the treatment room behind him, frowning, and said with some worry: “The Pokemon here are from other bases. Other bases are not like ours. The side is so peaceful, and some of the fights are fierce, so there are a lot of injured Pokemon. Although there are a lot of Joys there to support, but the manpower is not enough, so the injured Pokemon is loaded into the Poké Ball and sent to us. Pokemon Center.”


Zhou Jiang really suddenly realized.

This is how it works!

He almost forgot the Poké Ball teleporter.

Although this thing is basically not popular in the outside city, only the Pokemon center is equipped, but there will definitely be the Alliance base.

Because he has lived in a world where there is no special technology in the previous life for more than 20 years, and after crossing this world, he often spends time in the wild and rarely touches the high-tech in the city, so he Treat Nurse Joy as a doctor in a previous life, and the injured Pokemon as a patient in a previous life.

And now in Alliance, Pokemon in the frontline base against the “foreign world” is treated as a soldier.

What happens when a soldier is injured?

Sent to a general hospital for treatment?

Of course not, they have to be sent to a special military hospital for treatment, which is the Pokemon Center set up in the base here.

He never thought that he could be “transferred for treatment”…

He thought that the Pokemon injured in the base would be treated wherever he was, and then he would continue on the battlefield after the treatment was completed. After all, Pokemon were to guard the base and could not easily retreat, and after they were injured, as long as they were not too serious Injuries, the recovery speed will be fast, so if you stay in the base for treatment, you don’t have to wait for the treatment to come back.

After all, it is troublesome to come back and forth, especially if there are many Pokemon injured.

But who knows, there is actually a teleporter this thing!

This special thing has directly changed from science fiction to fantasy!

The transmission of science fiction has to wait for Interstellar Era at least to have it, and fantasy words can be available in the ordinary Western Fiction Zhongwu world.

Zhou Jiang’s wave is really didn’t expect, there is still such an operation…

“en?” Looking at Zhou Jiang who was suddenly enlightened, Nurse Joy was a little confused.

Seeing that the look in Nurse Joy’s eyes was wrong, Zhou Jiang was slightly embarrassed, and realized that his behavior was a bit “strange”, so he asked again, “Um, Nurse Joy, you everyday all want to treat so many injured Pokemon like this ?”

“en.” Nurse Joy was nodded in anguish, “It has been like this for the past few weeks. Everyday all the injured Pokemon are sent here. Hey… I don’t know when the war will stop…”

Listening to Nurse Joy’s complaints, remembering their previous reviews, Zhou Jiang was a little bit confused about Nurse Joy. She complained because she was tired from daily “work” or because Pokemon was hurt and hurt.

Judging from Zhou Jiang’s contact with this Nurse Joy, it should be the latter?

Although the contact time with her is only about five minutes, she should have the ideal image of Nurse Joy, not at all other “impurities” in it?

“That’s right.”

Suddenly thought of something, Zhou Jiang looked towards Gardevoir, “Gardevoir, do you still have physical strength? Do you want to continue to help Nurse Joy treat the injured Pokemon?”

“Sha~?” Gardevoir tilted his head suspiciously, wondering why Zhou Jiang suddenly turned the topic to himself, and he asked this.

But despite this, Gardevoir nodded slightly, indicating that there was no problem.

She used to stop bleeding, apply medicine and put on bandages for those Pokemons, and she was simply not tired.

Although she is not physically strong, it is compared with Elite Pokemon.

Compared with the Chanseys and Nurse Joys in the treatment room, then Gardevoir’s stamina is definitely at the monster level. After all, this level gap lies there.