I’m From Miao Star Chapter 1108

Suddenly, something unexpected happened, and the holy butterfly flew again, and was immediately submerged in the mark on Ming Yan’s forehead. Ming Yan was taken aback for a moment, and then he showed ecstasy.

She instantly turned into a pink human-shaped pupil, and her breath was not geometrically enhanced, but leap like a plug-in.

Ding Meng also restored the fleshy body, but in Entropy’s vision, the Queen of Mingyan’s battle value cannot be displayed. There is only a bright “+∞” red sign, which means the battle strength is positive infinity, which can be understood as Endlessness can also be understood as beyond the evaluation of the entropy silence system.

“Ah hahahaha!” Ming Yan Yang made a lunatic call, “Ding Meng ah Ding Meng, you are right, everything is arranged by heaven, the real one is actually me, really I am also the person who can integrate the sacred butterfly. It turns out that the power of the sacred butterfly is so perfect. I solemnly announce that from today onwards, the ruler of this universe is the famous queen of my Yeluan Empire…”

Ding Meng sneered disdainfully, and woke her up with a basin of cold water: “You are too happy!”

“en?” Mingyan froze suddenly, “What do you mean?”

Ding Meng coldly said: “You will soon know what it means.”

Suddenly, Ming Yan returned to her real body from the pink pupil form, and her breath instantly retreated to the previous level.

Mingyan complexion greatly changed: “What is going on?”

Ding Meng sneered and said: “Do you think you are fused with it? But not at all, it is just looking at you. In your words, let you experience the joy of that’s all.”

Famous Yan flustered and exasperated: “is it possible that Holy Butterfly can still merge with you?”

Ding Meng did not answer this time. He had a hunch that the Holy Butterfly was coming towards him, because when the Holy Butterfly just flew down, he felt a familiar breath. Yes, that was Dasheng. The breath of the Kingdom’s Holy Spirit is also the familiar breath of the homeland. Ding Meng feels like returning to those difficult and bumpy days, the struggle in the World of Ice and Snow, the fragrance of the weaving stars, the mixture With the scent of Konoha, those unforgettable stories in the past, those cute and familiar smiling faces…

With another “xiu” sound, the Holy Butterfly flew out of Mingyan’s forehead, and the mark on his forehead disappeared immediately.

Mingyan was stunned. She had just grasped the power of the Holy Butterfly for half a minute, and then she lost thoroughly.

The holy butterfly is still flying in the air, but now everyone can see that it is spinning around Ding Meng, and the speed is getting slower and slower, just like before, the holy butterfly slammed into the mark on Ding Meng’s forehead. Among.

Finally, the whole temple has changed, it is like a picture slowly unfolding.

At this moment, let alone the shock of Ming Yan, even Ding Meng himself was shocked. The temple became a space. This is the command center of Entropy-the hive!

It’s exactly the same, even in the center of the empty hall is the noble, elegant and majestic golden throne.

At this moment, Ding Meng and Ming Yan suddenly realized that King Ling Tian had once merged with the Holy Butterfly, and he naturally came to the temple. Later, the Holy Butterfly left it, so he created entropy in the shape of the temple, with the purpose of Want to return to the temple.

To some extent, entropy is the temple, and the temple is entropy, the difference lies in the amount of energy.

As for the honeycomb on the wall, it has finally turned into countless liquid space-time pupils. Each pupil is circulating. It is full of stories that Ding Meng has experienced in the past. Everyone is like everything. Movies happen in real synchronization, and this is the ultimate meaning of the hive-reincarnation time and space, change history!

Like Ming Yan, the breath of Ding Meng’s body is also soaring crazy, but Ding Meng himself has not undergone a change in form. However, Ming Yan is still unwilling to believe that the Holy Butterfly will eventually choose Ding Meng. .

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