I’m From Miao Star Chapter 1109


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Mingyan is naturally waiting, waiting for the holy butterfly to fly out of Ding Meng’s forehead.

But she quickly became disappointed, because Ding Meng slowly spread her right hand forward, and a singularity appeared in her palm. The singularity swelled into pupils, and the pupils changed into a ball of colorful colors. chaos.

If you look closely at this chaos, you will find that it is composed of countless images that are actually circulating, because looking through it, Ming Yan can see that there is not only Ding Meng’s memory, but also her own past.

In addition to memory, every galaxy in this universe, every Star Domain, every place, every corner, including the smallest insects, birds, flowers and leaves are clearly visible. From another perspective, this The power of the chaos extended to the end of the world in an instant, and you can even see the space-time formed by four-dimensional and five-dimensional, and the laws of the universe visible by naked eye.

Ming Yan raised her head in amazement. Ding Meng’s expression on the opposite side was indifferent, but her aura was endless. Her face was dead ashes. If this is not the fusion of the sacred butterfly, what kind of power is it?

Ding Meng’s hand clenched again, and the chaos in his palm disappeared immediately, and all the honeycomb pictures on the wall disappeared. I saw the imprint on his forehead swelling rapidly, wrapping him in it, and finally turning into a transparent The plating is completely integrated with him, and his whole person seems to have an invisible brilliance, majestic, supreme, sacred and inviolable.

Under Ming Yan’s horrified gaze, what Ding Meng did not at all did to her, but bent over and picked up the divine light necklace on the ground, held it tightly in his hand, and walked towards the central throne. , And finally settled slowly on the throne.

He raised his head and looked into the distance, as if gazing at a very distant time and space, his eyes were cold, deep and shiny, as if to see through the innumerable living beings in this world.

With a “plop,” Mingyan knelt down, kneeling on the ground.

She knelt down willingly, without any dissatisfaction or unwillingness on her face, because she has completely acknowledged allegiance.

The person on the throne looking up into the distance is the new generation master of this temple, the creator and creation god of this universe, and a top king like her is like a trivial ant in front of the creation god.

The moment when the Holy Butterfly and Ding Meng merged, it meant the birth of the strongest king. Ding Meng didn’t do anything with her just now because she is no longer worth Ding Meng doing. For Ding Meng, she has nothing to do. Threatened, so she could only kneel down to acknowledge allegiance or even worship.

Behind her, those Yeluan Martial Artist Demon had long been evaporated by Supreme’s king breath and disappeared without a trace. The one who could barely support was General Hongyu, and Hongyu also knelt on the ground. The head touches the ground moved towards Ding Meng with the highest etiquette and bow.

Ding Meng moved towards The two of them raised their hands slightly and made a “lifting” gesture.

The two got up in fear: “Many thanks, sir!”

Ding Meng looks at Ming Yan, his eyes are like a deep ocean, Ming Yan actually has a girlish heartbeat. This is what God looks like, this is God’s gaze, if he can serve Ding Meng’s side, then Isn’t it the same as being a person from this temple? If Ding Meng can see himself, then he is the mistress.

Suddenly there was a burst of ecstasy in her heart. Looking at this world, can there be a better woman than herself?

However, Ding Meng’s eyes did not contain any emotion at all: “Do you know why?”

Mingyan was confused: “What and why?”

Ding Meng said: “I will give you a choice now, are you willing to go to the future, or would you rather go back to the past?”

His voice is not loud, his attitude is very calm, and he doesn’t even use his breath, but Mingyan feels an unprecedented tension. She has a hunch that this question will determine her life or death, as long as it is not as good as Ding Meng The meaning, waiting for her ending is scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

Mingyan knelt down again: “Please make it clear from the Lord!”

Ding Meng said: “I said before, you haven’t really lived!”

Mingyan suddenly sudden enlightenment, and immediately handed over: “I understand, I am willing to go back to the past and live anew, and ask the Lord to give him a chance to be born again.”

Ding Meng said: “What kind of price?”

Sacred Butterfly said: “You are the Holy Temple Lord. This result does not follow the law of reincarnation and cannot be changed. So after time goes back, the past history will change, but you are still the Holy Temple Lord. You can You can also go to meet your relatives and friends when you travel through all time and space.”

Ding Meng frowned: “Is there any problem with this?”

Sacred Butterfly said: “If there is a problem, you will always remember them, but they no longer have you in their memory now. Simply put, you exist in their past lives, not in their present lives.”

Ding Meng groaned: “In other words, if I go to meet them, I will already be a stranger.”

Sacred Butterfly said: “That’s what it means. For you, this price is very high. In the reincarnation of past and present lives, except for Ming Yan Hongyu who knows your past and identity, no one else knows who you are. If you want to get to know them again, anything can happen. You may be enemies or friends. Everything is possible. You have to think carefully.”

Ding Meng fell into deep thought again: “What if I lead to the future?”

Sacred Butterfly said: “According to the current time and space, the six territories have restored tranquility, the Federal Empire has ushered in peace, and the grand dynasty still exists, but your friends have already passed away. You need to manage the situation well. There are laws of the universe, until the next cycle comes, I will inform you of the newly chosen person, then you can retire!”

Ding Meng looked up decisively: “Then restart the universe and go back to the past!”

Holy Butterfly said: “Are you sure?”

Ding Meng firmly nodded: “I’m sure!”

Shengdie asked back: “Would you like to think better?”

Ding Meng sighed: “You let me die alone in this temple. It’s better to let me die. Without them in my life, I will lose my brilliance.”

Holy Butterfly said with a smile: “That’s why I chose you between you and Ming Yan. Although the universe is vast and vast, only friendship can make life wonderful. Only beautiful and wonderful memories are born. To survive forever.”

After speaking, it slowly danced around the hall, and its wings sprinkled countless golden stars along the way. These energies slowly gathered and turned into interstellar time-space gates in the form of light.

The holy butterfly floated to him again: “You can go anytime now, and you can come back anytime. You can meet the friends you used to know, you can also meet people from earlier, and get to know new ones again. My friend, there is only one thing you can’t do, that is, you cannot go to the future, your limit can only stay at this point in time.”

Ding Meng stood up, smiled and said: “It doesn’t matter, the future is left to the new Saint Palace Lord people to create, there are countless new possibilities in the future, right?”

Holy Butterfly said: “I hope your decision is correct!”

Ding Meng walked slowly to a luminous interstellar door, and muttered: “I always believe that the future is beautiful, just like I believe that tomorrow will be sunny. When the sun falls and the wind rises, we must be A good day to meet again!”

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