I’m From Miao Star Chapter 1110


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The sky is azure blue, presenting a dark beauty, and the beauty is intoxicating.

in the sky floats a magnificent, exquisite and sacred palace, each of which is a shape composed of two giant pearls, and there is a “ribbon light path” connection formed by divine light energy between them.

Under the sky is the blue ocean, and cartoon buildings of various colors stretch out along the beach. The colorful colors make people feel like being in a fairy tale within the realm.

On the ocean shoal of the beach, many Miao Xing pearl men are carrying fishing nets and carrying baskets. A group of in small groups are fishing hard. Pieces of precious spar are picked up, exuding pure purity. Bright white light, and occasionally a true essence red crystal was discovered, and the people of Miao Xing cheered…

Ding Meng stood beside a crystalline rock in the distance, looking at these Miao Xingren with a smile, and feeling their happiness.

Here is Miao Xing, one of the six territories in Universe Galaxy. Under the mighty power under his control, Miao Xing has not been destroyed. It has returned to the past peaceful and happy time.

Behind Ding Meng, a red jade general in a white robe stood respectfully. Her body is now completely indifferent to the breath of Yeluan Martial Artist. She is already a divine light Martial in human form. Artist.

For the arrival of the creation god, she was restrained and nervous, and even didn’t know where to put her hand: “Is the Lord going to the Imperial Palace of Miu Xing?”

Ding Meng waved his hand and said: “Don’t call me Lord, just call me Mr. Ding Meng.”

“Received!” Hongyu understood that Ding Meng did not want the third person to know his true identity.

Looking at the vast sea and the peaceful and stable scene, Ding Meng was in a good mood. He couldn’t help but sighed: “Actually, I am from Miao Xing. How can I be without Miao Xing?”

Ruby can understand this. The previous life of Miao Xing was destroyed, and the Imperial Family escaped to the Cancer Galaxy, where the Dasheng Kingdom was planted. Ding Meng was born in the Dasheng Kingdom.

“Lead the way, I’ll go to Mingyan and see!” Ding Meng instructed.

“Yes!” Hongyu stepped forward respectfully.

The two walked along the coastline, and then embarked on a light path that leads directly to the sky. At the end is a very magnificent palace. Strictly speaking, this is a medical clinic that specializes in treating major hidden diseases.

The reputation of this medical clinic is not inferior to any powerhouse in the six territories, because in this life, Ming Yan is no longer the monarch of Yeluan, and even the Yeluan Empire does not exist in this life. Ming Yan is the owner of this medical clinic, the famous Divine Doctor.

There are countless people who come to seek medical treatment every day. Whether they are Imperial Family nobles or traffickers, they will be treated equally when they come here. You can pay as much as you can, and the famous doctor will diagnose the condition. of.

Walking into the medical hall, Ding Meng seemed to be back in the Miu Xing illusion under the original holy star, but today, there is no intrigue and intrigue, but only the sick names of the various ethnic groups on the square.

The famous face is still white clothed, and the veil covers that peerless face.

Hongyu stepped into the door and shouted: “Sister Yan, your friend Mr. Ding is here to visit you.”

Ming Yan, hearing this, raised his head impressively, and after seeing Ding Meng’s true face clearly, he slightly nodded to signal.

Ding Meng is also nodded: “You did a good job, keep it up!”

Ming Yan bowed slightly to thank. Ding Meng’s approval is not unreasonable. She sits on the home planet of Miao Xing Nation, and other countries must not dare to covet Miao Xing’s rich spar minerals. Naturally, the six territories cannot trigger civil strife. Using the power of a Divine Grade realm to save the dead, heal the wounded, and benevolent to all beings, can be regarded as doing good deeds and experience a different life.

“Xiaoyu, go and prepare afternoon tea for Mr. Ding!” Ming Yan was instructed.

Ding Meng waved his hand and smiled: “No, I can just look around, you are busy with you!”

Mingyan nodded again to thank him, turned and walked out the door.

There are many patients in the square, such as Human Race, Miao Xing Pearl Man, Hack Clansman, and even Monster Race. All of them are sick and slouched, sitting and lying down, but when they see The famous Doctor Heavenly Immortal came out, and they all jumped up like chicken blood and yelled:

“Dr. Mingyan, Dr. Mingyan, you can be regarded as an open consultation!”

“Little bastard, don’t jump in, I’ll be here first!”

“Go away, I came first, I paid the money!”

“Paid? Mingyan Medical Center does not sell ranking numbers, fool you are being cheated!”

“Huh? Legendary Black Ox?”

“Idiot, that’s not Black Ox, it’s called Yellow Ox, don’t you understand, I’ve been to a place called Holy Splendor Federation, they call the liar Yellow Ox!”

“It’s up to you to say it earlier…”


When the crowd was in a mess, Hongyu shouted: “Don’t worry, as usual, Dr. Mingyan will treat everyone in order, please come one by one, please come forward if you read the name, first place, Gegeya!”

Immediately, a tall Huck clansman walked up. For Ding Meng, this person is tall enough, but for a normal Huck clansman, two meters tall is really too thin, and This person’s skin showed a peculiar black and white color, and he knew that there was a hidden disease.

However, seeing this person, Ding Meng was very emotional, because this Huck clansman was a mutant man with Steelmane. In previous life, he was Ding Meng’s friend-Xiao Bai!

Xiaobai has not changed in fact, and is still so timid: “Doctor Mingyan, can you see me? I have a strange disease. We Huck Elder can’t cure this skin disease. I have been away for three years. I just came here.”

Mingyan didn’t move, because Ding Meng would come over and watch Xiaobai closely. The scenes of the past appeared before his eyes, and he thought of the past of Akashina concentration camp.

Xiao Bai was a little uncomfortable being stared at by him: “This…this human friend…do we know him?”

Ding Meng smiled with emotion: “You definitely don’t recognize me!”

Xiao Bai lowered his head, he dared not speak much.

Ding Meng also knew that Xiaobai was impossible to understand this sentence, so he changed his words: “You are not a serious illness!”

Xiao Bai raised his head: “Then what is the problem?”

Ding Meng laughed: “Your skin was infected with a little radiation, I can cure you!”

Xiaobai’s eyes suddenly flashed: “Really can it be cured?”

Ding Meng laughed, extend the hand refers to a light touch on his forehead, and the necrotic black skin on Xiao Bai’s body will restore its luster and whiteness little by little.

“Wow, I’m fine!” Xiaobai said in surprise, “This big brother, you are so amazing, thank you so much!”

Ding Meng said with a smile: “Don’t thank me, thank you doctor, I am an apprentice here.”

Mingyan knows, she stepped forward and said: “Gegeya, please thank you Big Brother Ding!”

“Thank you! Thank you!” Xiaobai bowed quickly, “Thank you big brother Ding!”

Ding Meng looked at Xiaobai who had restored the form of the race itself, and missed it infinitely for a moment: “You go back, you don’t have to pay for the consultation. Go back to the Kingdom of Huck to find General Zhantian and let him take you to the excavator. Fang, make good use of your innate talent, your Imperial Family will take care of you.”

“Okay!” Xiaobai jumped up like a child with joy.

Hongyu stepped forward and shouted: “Second place, Ivy Zaya!”

Two small female pearl men came out of the crowd this time. Both of them are female child. In fact, this girl named Ai Wei Zaya has a strong body and a straight waist. At first glance, I know that he is a Martial Artist who has been in cultivation since he was a child, and he has a very solid foundation.

It’s just that Ivy Zaya doesn’t seem to be sick, but the other female child she is supporting is weak and sick, even walking panting.

From the jewelry and earrings of the two, these are not two ordinary children, but rather a wealthy class of Miao Xing.

Hong Yu is already frowning: “You are not sick, why come to seek medical advice?”

Ivy Zaya handed over and gave Martial Artist courtesy: “Doctor Jade, my companion is not capable of taking care of himself, please forgive me, and please be Divine Doctor Haihan!”

The name is nodded, this female child’s companion must have an identity problem, and I don’t want to say it because of difficulties.

Ding Meng looked at the frail female child. Although she was a Miao Xing pearl, she had a round face like an apple and looked very cute. It was only because of her frail body that she looked dying. In a normal state, she must be a naughty girl who is energetic and active.

The girl’s eyes are very big and bright. She also looked at Ding Meng and said weakly, “I seem to recognize you!”

Ding Meng was happy: “Really?”

The girl said: “I often dream recently. In my dream, I have a very good human friend. He took me around in the universe and showed me all kinds of Legendary stories. It was really wonderful. , And he is very brave and very powerful, a bit like you!”

Ding Meng smiled: “How good is he?”

The girl’s eyeballs rolled straight and smooth: “en? Let me think about it. Things in my dreams are always not quite clear. I only remember that he can always defeat all kinds of strong enemies. He likes to help those weak and small. People who are in their early days, he always likes to say that sentence, how do you say it? Zaya, can you talk about it?”

Ivy Zaya rolled her eyes when she heard: “Don’t think about the messy things, okay? Let the famous doctor take a look for you!”

The girl started acting like a baby: “No, I forgot, Zaya, you must remember, because I told you!”

Ivy Zaya had no choice but to sigh: “Well, the Human Race hero of your dream always said that our mission is to fight for those who can’t fight!”

The girl laughed: “Yes, that’s the sentence, it’s really heroic!”

Ding Meng hearing this couldn’t help but be shocked, he couldn’t help but ask: “little girl, what’s your name?”

“Me?” The girl smiled innocently: “My name is Ariel!”

Ding Meng stared at each other blankly, the little girl in front of Miao Xing was really Little Huai, and the Ai Wei Zaya next to her was Little Ai, the Imperial Family guard of Little Huai, didn’t expect this life Reunited in Miao Xing, reunited in Little Huai’s childhood.

At this moment, Ding Meng’s eyes are red. Little Huai is an illegal child and is not subject to the Imperial Family’s preferential treatment. Therefore, she has been weak and sick since she was a child, and even went to the doctor secretly.

Little Huai couldn’t help saying: “This apprentice Ding, pei pei pei, I’m sorry, this Doctor Ding, are you uncomfortable? What’s wrong with your eyes?”

“I’m fine!” Ding Meng forcibly suppressed the impulse in his heart. He really wanted to speak: Little Huai, don’t you remember me?

But he also knows that Little Huai will never remember who he is, but he is destined in the future, and fate will arrange them to recognize each other in dreams.

The years spent with Little Huai Little Ai are the rare happy times in his life, and in the most difficult days at the beginning of his cultivation, it was Little Huai Little Ai who accompanied him, inspired him, and inspired him , Let him rush out of the black gold base, moved towards Guangming strode forward.

It turns out that in Little Huai’s dreams, there are those moving pasts. They met in another form.

Ding Meng knelt down and said gently: “Ariel, you are not at all sick!”

Little Ai wondered: “It’s not a disease? Why is Dr. Ding so weak?”

Ding Meng said with a smile: “Because she does not have a suitable piece of jewelry.”

Little Huai Little Ai looks at each other, what logic is this? Although we Miao Xingren attach great importance to jewelry, we have never heard that jewelry can cure diseases.

Ding Meng was beckoned with a brown wristband in his hand. He is now the god of creation and can make anything he wants at any time.

“Put it on, I promise you will be ready soon!” Ding Meng said with a smile.

Little Ai cautiously put on a simple wristband for Little Huai, and saw that Little Huai’s complexion quickly returned to ruddy, and his breath became thicker, which is exactly the fluctuation of the primary level Battle Venerable.

Little Huai jumped up all at once, alive and up like a sick person. Ding Meng’s eyes once again showed the naughty and naughty appearance of Little Huai.

“Wow, you are amazing, Dr. Ding, this is really amazing.” Little Huai seemed very happy, caressing her wristband with love, as if she was protecting her favorite toy.

She didn’t know that this was the divine light brace exclusively for her. When her strength increased in the future, the brace would automatically transmit divine sense and teach her how to use the divine light to make the enemy become terror-stricken at the news The divine light light thorn.

Little Ai bowed his hand to Ding Meng: “Thank you so much, Doctor Ding. Haven’t asked your name, Gao?”

Ding Meng stared at her, and said one word: “My name-called Ding Meng!”

Little Ai muttered silently, as if to remember it forever.

Ding Meng looked at Little Huai again: “Do you know Ariel? Actually I often dream. I also have two Miao Xing pearl friends. They are also girls. They are equally powerful. I am often spurred by them. You must believe in the sacred beauty and persevere no matter how difficult it is. Don’t give up anyway…”

While speaking, Ding Meng’s voice slowly became hoarse. He had an impulse to cry. Shengdie was right. Friends were right in front of them, but they couldn’t recognize each other, even if they recognized them. Can’t remember who you are? He can only talk about the old feelings in this way.

Who knows that Little Huai listened attentively, with a look of surprise: “Ha, I know it, I said my dream is true, maybe it was my previous life I was giving myself dreams.”

Little Ai solemnly said: “What do you think about a day, where is the past life, only this life.”

She turned around and thanked Ming Yan: “Famous Doctor, Doctor Yu, Doctor Ding, I won’t bother you anymore, we should go now!”

She took Little Huai and walked towards the depths of the crowd, but Little Huai reluctantly turned her head one step and three times. After walking a long distance, she waved and shouted: “Goodbye, Ding Meng, if you still have the same dream, Just tell your Miao Xingren friends, next time let my Human Race friend hero take them and travel with them, okay?”

Ding Meng can only wave his hand from a distance, silently blessing in his heart: “Goodbye, Little Huai Little Ai, thank you, thank you for being with me, if there is another reincarnation, I think we will If I meet again, I will definitely walk with you again.”

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