I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1026


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At this moment, I saw a dim breeze blowing under the sky of grandiose.

The breeze strikes like murky heavens dark earth, hiding the sky and covering the earth.

For those who are too early, go back to the source.

In the dim light breeze, the entire sky seemed to be darkened, flying sand running stone, the sun was covered.

A rays of light enveloped Xu Zimo in it.

“Retrospect,” a light shout from the beginning.

The void begins to fluctuate, as if time and space are beginning to flow backwards, and Time and Space are scattered.

With Xu Zimo as the center, the void has completely fallen.

“This is a unique ability of the Taichu body, which can trace a person back to his origin,” Taichu looked towards Xu Zimo and said.

“No matter what kind of existence you are, you don’t appear out of thin air. There is always an origin.”

“Really,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Do you know why I didn’t stop you?”

“Why?” Taichu frowned and asked.

“Because I also want to know my origin,” Xu Zimo replied.

He always thought that his Demon Lord, he should be the person of Demon Race.

But after a conversation with the Seven-faced Demon Commander, he realized that his previous life was not Demon Race, but suddenly appeared in Demon Race, leading him to reverse his fate.

As for his true origin, the generals do not know.

So he also wants to know his life experience.

Or where did each generation of Demon Lord come from.

Why can’t you kill? It can be reincarnation forever.

When the power of the first time enveloped the body, Xu Zimo felt his own changes.

Shook his head somewhat disappointedly, “If you can gather the congenital five wives, maybe it will be interesting.

It’s just that it’s just too early, it seems useless. “

He stands in place, completely unaffected by Supreme Beginning Strength.

No matter how back and forth time and space, he is indifferent.

“You people only have these methods, so let’s end it as soon as possible,” Xu Zimo said lightly.

“With us, you will not be allowed to carry Heaven’s mandate,” Tan Jiulin said.

“You?” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Please repeat your words again.”

His voice fell, and a powerful force broke out.

In the misty fog, a cyan planet slowly rises up.

This planet has a dreamlike beauty.

cyan, like a dream, as if not part of this World.

The moment it appeared, it seemed to be two different extremes from this World.

The void all around is collapsed, unable to withstand its powerful force.

This powerful power directly suppressed the whole body, as he slowly voluntary revolving.

The power of the Great Dao filled all around, and the Sound of Great Dao sounded in malaise, as if resounding in everyone’s hearts.

Everyone looked at the cyan planet in a daze.

Just feel a big horror.

It seems hard to describe with great terror, mayfly shaking a tree and mantis trying to stop a chariot are hard to describe.

I just feel very small.

In front of this planet, there is a feeling of being an ant.

The vastness, the vastness, and the boundlessness of this planet are hard to describe.

“This, this is Small World,” Jiang Mochou muttered to himself.

“When have you seen such a Small World?” Xiao Mo fiercely swallowed and replied.

“Is this guy’s true life?”

“Why don’t I even have the courage to compete.”


The cyan planet is surging, directly crushing everything around.

Xu Zimo is getting stronger and stronger all around, and he looks around all around.

Everyone trembled, only feeling a fear coming from the freezing of the soul.

The whole body hits from the soles of the feet to the forehead.

The silhouettes of everyone are suppressed in place, unable to move even a little bit, as if the slowly rotating cyan planet has a certain magical power.

“Maybe only death will let you know how stupid your so-called resistance is.”

His words fell, as if a heavenly decree, everyone had already been sentenced to death.

“No,” Xiao Mo loudly roared, silhouette trying to run to the side.

But it’s too late at the moment, he has a hard time even moving one step.

The cyan planet magnified at the top of the head, and then “hong long long” fell.

When it fell, everything died.

Whether it is Tan Jiulin or Jiang Mochou, it is also Qing Ruoshui and Xiao Mo, all vanished.

There is not a trace of struggle.

In the eyes of everyone, the final picture is only fixed on Xu Zimo’s body.

That exudes a Heavenly Might, extremely stalwart silhouette.

The outside world discusses spiritedly, and this kind of formation suppressed everyone.

But at this moment, Xu Zimo had no other things in his eyes. He looked up, only the hanging Heaven’s mandate on the sky.

When everyone died, a beam of light appeared where he was standing.

The rays of light enveloped him, and the colorful Heaven’s mandate turned into a long rainbow thread, wandering in the sky.

Xu Zimo stepped into the air, and the purple robe rang suddenly in the breeze.

Tyrant Shadow was sheathed behind him, his eyes flat.

“This life I am the Demon Lord, and I am in charge of everything,” Xu Zimo said.

“Whoever controls the ups and downs, but I am Seoul.”

His voice is not loud, but it spreads through Yuanyang Continent through the empty island and the endless Sea Territory.

The voice resounded in everyone’s ears.

People looked up, and Heaven’s mandate on the sky was all around him.

Various roads are surging around, Power of Five Elements, Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning.

The sky seems to have been opened.

In previous years, the Great Emperor carried Heaven’s mandate, which was carried by itself and stepped into the avenue of understanding.

But Xu Zimo does not use his body to condense Heaven’s mandate.

He blocked the cyan planet of the Divine State continent in front of him, running the streamer of Heaven’s mandate, and directly poured into the Divine State continent.

In the entanglement of countless Grand Dao Laws, Xu Zimo’s Divine Soul returned to the Divine State continent.

This is the moment of the shedding body, exchanging bones of the Divine State continent.

In the past, due to the limitation of Xu Zimo, the most powerful house in the Divine State mainland could only practice Divine Vein Realm, so it was difficult to go one step further.

But now with the integration of Heaven’s mandate, it means that the Divine State continent can go further.

Developed from the low-level mainland Imperial court level mainland.

The entire Divine State continent became turbulent, and countless attributes appeared in the sky.

At this moment, everyone in Divine State can also see this scene.

“What’s the matter?”

“Heaven and Earth natural phenomenon, is there any treasure born?”

“It seems that Dao Rhyme sounds in it, not simple.”

Others carry Heaven’s mandate and become the Great Emperor and realize the profound truth.

But it can only comprehend one kind of profound truth.

The profound truth that those who enter the immortal are simple Five Elements, Wind, Rain, Thunder, Lightning.

Those who carry Heaven’s mandate can comprehend advanced profound truth.

For example, time and space, fate, destruction, order, etc.

Xu Zimo is different from them, because his life is a real world.

So he can use all the attributes.

No matter it is an ordinary or advanced attribute, countless avenues surround the whole body.

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