I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1027


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He looked all around.

The mighty Heaven’s mandate is condensed in the sky above the Divine State continent.

Heaven and Earth turning upside down also took place in the entire Divine State continent.

The ninth vein within the body also made the sound of “peng~ peng~ peng~”.

At this moment, the profound truth of countless attributes, condensed by the waterfall-like spiritual qi, rushes towards the vein.

With a sound of “hong”, there is a muffled noise within the body, like a drum.

Divine State is one with him.

He is hitting the ninth vein, and the continent of Divine State is also undergoing self-transformation.

Xu Zimo’s Divine Soul travels in the void with a solemn expression, surrounded by endless avenues.

His all around, natural phenomenon again and again, the ground gushes with golden lotus, the heaven drops the nectar, and there are also Dao seeds falling, and the Sound of Great Dao is sluggish.

The sound of impact within the body continued to sound.

This ninth vein is as solid as a rock, like a dam, despite the impact of the spiritual qi of the heaven overflowing giant wave.

Xu Zimo didn’t pause at all. Try to get through the shock vein at once, otherwise it will leave a dark disease, and the next shock will be more difficult.

He used the Qi of Life from Tree of Life.

If you are injured, get immediate medical treatment.

Finally, a few hours may have passed, days, months, or years.

Boundless in the sky, there is no measure of time.

He didn’t care about it either.

Within the body, there was a “ka-cha” sound, like the sound of cracks in glass.

Xu Zimo opened his eyes suddenly. At this moment, the silent void instantly solidified.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he walked through the land of millions and millions li, covering ten thousand li mountains, rivers, and vast land.

Cross all kinds of dangerous places from the corner of the void.

Priceless and unique rare treasure, strange people and strange things, and the best of the world are all in sight.

Just one glance, one glance at ten thousand years, and then an insight into everything in the world.

When spring comes, I will not speak first, which cicada dare to make a noise.

Within the body’s ninth vein “Body Shattering Void” was completely opened up.

Twelve veins, namely Kun Spring, Profound Bone, and Towards the Wind.

Kun Sea, phantom blood, twilight is still loose.

Approaching Deficiency, Receiving Secret, Body Shattering Void.

Biyuan, Qiming, Heartbroken.

One vein is a small circulation, and every three veins is a big circulation.

Strength will see a dramatic increase.

At this moment, Xu Zimo, within the body, the nine veins mirror each other.

It’s like star marks in the sky, very eye-catching.

The majestic spiritual qi in an imposing manner like a vast ocean runs in the meridian and vein within the body.

There are countless meridians connected between vein and vein.

If you don’t get through vein, spiritual qi will not work in these meridians.

speaking from a certain perspective, vein is more like a portal, which carries the connection between the various meridians.

Xu Zimo’s silhouette is only 1.8 meters seven, but it is this body within the body that gives people a feeling of great power.

It is like a flat boat on the vast ocean when the sea roars.

This flat boat did not struggle on the surface of the sea, but contained the entire sea.

The sea lies in the flat boat.

Withdrawing his gaze from in the sky, Xu Zimo closed his eyes slightly, feeling the power within the body at this moment.

Continuously power.

There is a difference between the Great Emperor and the way of entering the immortal, that is, entering Daoist is recognized by the Dao.

He doesn’t need to go through the trials of Heavenly Tribulation.

He slowly extends the hand, with the profound truth of various attributes entangled in his fingertips and palm.

Sometimes Power of Five Elements, sometimes thunderous.

Sometimes fate gives the future, destroys and shatters all voids, and sometimes establishes a new world in order.

Time and space are distorted, darkness is shrouded, and light descends.

The one attribute that ordinary people can only use, but it is omnipotent in him.

Any attribute can be used at will.

Because the biggest difference between Xu Zimo and them lies in the way they practice.

Ordinary people cultivate themselves, and Heaven’s mandate is also concentrated in the body.

And Xu Zimo practices the world, and all his power comes from the Divine State continent.

As a complete world, the Divine State continent has all the profound truths of any attribute, and it can also be used at any time.

Now the Divine State mainland is a further step.

The first Heaven’s mandate belonging to the Divine State continental era began to condense in the sky.

After a small era, the first Heaven’s mandate will appear.

At that time, all those who are selected will be able to compete for Heaven’s mandate.

All the creatures of Yuanyang Continent looked at Heaven’s mandate. Although they didn’t know what it was, they could feel the extraordinary in it.

This matter should be induced slowly and progress little by little.

Let them know that it is a gift from the heaven and the great road, and not someone behind it.


Xu Zimo now wears a purple robe, with a restrained breath.

If he doesn’t use his full strength, he will be like an ordinary person, and no one can see through.

Being able to retract and release the power of the whole body freely, without revealing a trace of it, you can see his control of this power.

He stepped down into the air and came to the Ten Thousand Demons Tribe.

Although he didn’t do anything deliberately, everyone who was swept by his eyes felt the oppression faintly.

The Chaos Orb is still hanging on the void, and the insect egg is already thin and invisible.

Xu Zimo can see the monster inside.

It is an insect that looks like Baiyu.

Although the size is small, less than 50 centimeters, the structure of the body is particularly complicated.

The body is covered with densely packed barbs, and the muscles of the limbs are high and bulging, which is particularly eye-catching.

The claws are as sharp as a mantis.

And in front of its head, there are two horns.

There are no facial features on the face, all densely packed eyes, uniform in size.

Each eye has a different color.

This insect is not crawling, but walking upright. Behind it is a pair of wings that are as thin as cicada wings.

“The little things are very delicate,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Boy, what exactly is that thing?” The monster asked in a low voice looking at the Chaos Bead above his head.

“My insect egg cannot be crushed even if you are the Great Emperor, how can it melt so easily.”

Its identity is background is quite extraordinary, the things I have seen, winds and waves experienced are countless.

There has never been such a lost self-control.

Even seeing Xu Zimo a Great Emperor appear in front of him, it was not so shocked.

“This is not something you should care about,” Xu Zimo replied.

“Have you ever thought about your fate.”

“Do you dare to kill me?” monster insect looked at Xu Zimo and asked.

Xu Zimo didn’t answer it, but with a wave of his right hand, endless imperial might condensed in his palm.

The meaning is self-evident.

“You probably don’t know where I came from,” monster insect said.

“I am a clan of Primordial Gods, and our clan lives in a vast and boundless universe.

Taking the world as food is the most powerful race in this world.

Your Human Race is in front of our clan, it’s just food that’s all hard to swallow. “

The tone of this monster insect is very calm, without the slightest arrogance or arrogance.

It seems to be stating a simple fact.

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