I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1028


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“You have captured me now. When you go to Heaven Beyond the Heaven, you will be chased by our family.

And when the time comes, only I can protect you,” the monster insect continued.

“You have my scent on your body, and they will follow the scent all the way.

Even the Great Emperor is of no avail.

Do you dare to kill me? “

“Prime Divine Frontier? Why have I never heard of it?” Xu Zimo asked.

“How can this be accessible to you, a frog in well that’s all from Small World,” monster insect lightly saying.

As soon as its voice fell, it was called out pitifully.

I saw Xu Zimo’s big feet fall and stomped heavily on its head.

Stamp your head deeply under the ground.

Dust is flying.

“How can you become my prisoner if you are so powerful?” Xu Zimo said.

“If it weren’t for Yuanyang Continent’s Heavenly Dao plot against, it would be useless even if ten Great Emperors came. Do you think I was defeated in your hands,” monster insect asked unwillingly.

“How do you say?” Xu Zimo asked.

“At the time when our Taikoo Shenjiang tribe attacked this Yuanyang Continent, we didn’t expect to underestimate this Heavenly Dao and were hit hard by plot against.

In the end, it was wiped out under the head of the Great Emperor Feiyu.

Hundreds of insect races only survived me,” the monster insect said unwillingly.

“I was dying alone, and finally went into hiding.

hundreds of thousands have been treating injuries for the past few years and want to return in a swirl of dust.

Now seeing that I am not far from recovering from at the peak period, didn’t expect Heavenly Dao has already stared at me.

Also let you contenders for Heaven’s mandate come to the empty island and wipe out all my efforts.

I hate it, it’s only one step away, just one step away.

I can recover, breakthrough the Yuanyang Continent blockade, and return to our Taigu Shenjiang.

At that time, everything caused by the army will be destroyed. ”

“Then you are very sad,” Xu Zimo replied.

“Boy, you have my scent on your body. Unless you will never ascend, once you reach Heaven Beyond the Heaven, this scent will be noticed by my people.”

monster insect said: “It’s not good for you, but it will attract killing disaster.

It’s better to let me go, I can forget the blame. “

“Let you go?” Xu Zimo smiled and shook his head.

“I don’t think so, maybe this is a good thing.”

“What do you mean?” Monster insect asked.

“Your identity should be extraordinary,” Xu Zimo said.

“Compare with you as an example. Our True Martial Sacred Sect is the eastern continent number one Sect.

But even so, if a common disciple in the clan is missing, few people will notice.

Unless my Holy Son of this level has disappeared, the sect will go all out to find it.

You Taikoo Shenjiang should be the same.

If no one is looking for when the time comes, it means that your status is ordinary and I don’t need to worry.

But if someone finds me, it proves that you are very unusual, and your life is in my hands. What do you think they would be willing to pay for you? “

“By the way, do you have any treasures? Let’s listen to it, and see if your life is worthless.”

Hearing Xu Zimo’s words, the monster insect cursed angrily: “Human, you are shameless.

The great Primordial Gods Clan will not be threatened in any way. “

“Then let’s wait and see, now you stay here at ease, even if you want to die, you can’t die,” Xu Zimo replied.

After finishing talking, he didn’t care about the monster insect, and Bymon’s entire group also walked over from a distance.

“Congratulations, Lord,” everyone congratulated.

“Heaven’s mandate, the Lord finally made the 1st Step.”

“Yes, it’s just the 1st Step. The Great Emperor is the end and the starting point,” Xu Zimo said with emotion.

“After a hundred years of repairing, I will set off to Heaven Beyond the Heaven after a hundred years.

Go to the greater world to fight. “

Xu Zimo pointed to the monster insect again, and said, “You are optimistic about it. The identity is not simple. Don’t let him make tricks.”

After a brief explanation with the people of Baimeng, Xu Zimo returned to Yuanyang Continent.

At this moment, Heaven’s mandate is carried, and the picture of in the sky disappears, and no one knows the situation in the hollow island.

Only the words “I am the Demon Lord, I am in charge of everything” echoed in the sky.

It spreads throughout Yuanyang Continent in succession, falling in everyone’s ears and hearts.

“Demon Lord,” someone murmured.

“The emperor of this life.”

There are also many Emperor Lineage and Immortal Sect sighs slightly.

“After all, I lost.”

In the face of absolute power, any crafty plots and machinations, all alliances, are like the flower in the mirror, moon reflected in the water, unrealistic and meaningless.

“In previous years, the Great Emperor was born out of bloody battles. When did I ever see it like this? It swept directly.”

“That’s right, when have you ever seen everyone fight against one person?”

“This session of Heaven’s Chosen is over. I am afraid that Yuanyang Continent will also be in an empty period.”

The entire Yuanyang Continent people are discussing spiritedly.

The so-called empty period is the time when Heaven’s Chosen is not picking up.

All these powerful Heaven’s Chosen have fallen, and the rest is no Old Hu in the mountains, and the monkey has become the king.

“What is this? The Great Emperor will stay in Yuanyang Continent for a hundred years, and these hundred years belong to his time.

A hundred years later, when he soared, Heaven’s Chosen were relieved enough, and then it would be a prosperous scene again. “

The person next to me explained.

For those who have seen the battle for Heaven’s mandate, it is okay. Many people who have encountered the battle for Heaven’s mandate for the first time are very moved.

This term of Heaven’s mandate came to an end, and the Demon Lord took over the era left by the previous generation of mundane Great Emperor.

At this moment, he is the master of Yuanyang Continent.


A flat boat floats slowly in the endless Sea Territory.

Floating eastward, that is the location of the eastern continent.

This flat boat seems to have a special artistic conception, no matter how the wind and waves all around are rolled up, it cannot be shaken by half.

It is advancing gently in this vast Sea Territory.

Suppressing the waves, there is peace everywhere.

In the distance, the silhouette of the Divine Emperor is standing on a rock, looking up at the approaching flat boat.

“Congratulations,” he said with a smile.

At this moment, the Divine Emperor was also deeply moved. Destiny is really strange.

Xu Zimo leaned on the corner of the flat boat, slowly opened his eyes and yawned.

“Why are you here?”

“Talk to you, there are some more things,” Divine Emperor replied.

He followed the flat boat with his feet on the water without making any waves.

Very calm.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Zimo asked.

“The ruins of the gods will be opened soon, when the time comes, you will go,” Divine Emperor said.

“Remains of the gods,” Xu Zimo thought for a while.

It seems that there was an agreement with a family called Fan Family before that they were willing to give a place to themselves.

But with his current status, he doesn’t need that place anymore.

He is going, who dares to stop him.

It’s just that it’s been too long. If Divine Emperor didn’t say it, he would almost forget it.

“Go and see,” Xu Zimo nodded.

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