I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1032


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At this moment, when Xu Zimo and Divine Emperor arrived, everyone stood up.

A deep bow to the two of them.

“I have seen the Demon Lord and Divine Emperor.”

“Get up all,” Xu Zimo waved his hand.

He took a cursory look and found that in the entire Yuanyang Continent Five Great Domains, almost half of the power ancestors gathered here.

It can be seen that the ruins of the gods are very attractive to them.

The ancestors who were originally amazing and imposing manner stable, after the two of Xu Zimo came, they all looked at each other in blank dismay, somewhat restless.

“Where are the ruins of the gods?” Xu Zimo asked.

Someone immediately replied next to him: “Demon Lord, to the left of the canyon three miles east, the void is nothing.

One cycle every ten years, the gorge reverses yin and yang, and finally opens the door for others to enter. “

Xu Zimo followed his line of sight. In the luxuriant area of ​​the tree-lined trees, the void did fluctuate greatly.

And it has affected the space next to it.

Similar to swallowing, it is constantly expanding.

“This ruin is Small World?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Well, there’s a lot of space inside, but it’s also dangerous,” the person next to him replied.

“Even if it is us, we are just breaking in on the outside, and we don’t dare to go inside.”

This sentence is a bit exaggerated. You must know that they are all Yuanyang Continent secular Peak.

Even people like them dare not go in. It’s no surprise that these ruins of the gods are comparable to the Great Forbidden Land.

“How long is it left to turn on?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Judging by the speed at which the void expands today, I am afraid that tomorrow morning,” someone replied.

Xu Zimo is slightly nodded.

His gaze swept across the faces of everyone present, and suddenly everyone had an oppression in their hearts.

He was awe-inspiring, knowing that this was what Xu Zimo’s warning meant.

He has the final say on the ruins of the gods.


Xu Zimo and Divine Emperor found a flat rock, and sat down beside it.

Divine Emperor smiled and asked: “I’m afraid you are also gathering the Yin Yang Bridge now.”

Xu Zimo nodded, replied: “Why? You have already condensed?”

Although Divine Emperor Heaven’s mandate has been restored, his previous cultivation base no longer exists, and like Xu Zimo, he has been practicing since he first entered the Emperor Realm.

“How fast,” Divine Emperor raised his head and said: “But there is a Divine Crystal in the ruins of the gods, which was made from their bodies after Spiritual God fell.

For the understanding of profound truth, there is the effect of twice the results for half the effort. “

“You went to Divine Crystal?” Xu Zimo asked.

“I am greedy for other things, but it’s not simple inside, so I don’t dare to go deep into it rashly,” Divine Emperor said with a smile.

The two were discussing issues related to the Great Emperor Realm. Regardless of how early the Divine Emperor became emperor, he had never been to Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

On the road of the Great Emperor, I don’t know much better than Xu Zimo.

Finally, after a night, at the dawn of the 2nd day, white waves appeared on the horizon at the grey dawn.

From in the sky, spreading out, the first rays of light in the morning shone down, and fell like silver frost on Changlong Gorge within the valley.

On the vegetation all around the valley, the dewdrops are light, round, crystal clear and near-transparent.

After a turbulent night, the void finally opened a black door in the sky with the sound of “hong long long”.

I can’t see the situation inside the portal, but the black is eye-catching.

“Two adults, please,” everyone next to them looked towards Xu Zimo and Divine Emperor respectfully.

The two are not advanced and they dare not enter.

As the silhouettes of the two men plunged into the void gate, all the talents let out a long sigh of relief.

In front of the two Great Emperors, that kind of oppression was really too strong.

They even stopped breathing.

It’s the Emperor, really unrivalled throughout the world.


As far as I can see, it is devastated.

The end of the ancient cemetery cannot be seen at a glance.

The most common green bricks and green tiles built this long cemetery wall like the skyline.

The buildings here have experienced several Grand Era, but they still stand still.

On both sides are huge trees growing like silver frost.

The weather here is weird. The outside world is clearly spring and blossom, but there are still big snowflakes here.

The white snow is scattered in the sky, with a feeling of ending.

Looking into the eyes, there are tombs in front of them.

There are no tombstones and no marks, just a simple tomb.

There are about hundreds of them. This is only a sight-seeing location. The area here is vast and countless.

“Does Age of Myths have so many Spiritual Gods?” Xu Zimo muttered to himself.

“It’s not necessarily all Spiritual Gods. In some cemeteries, monsters are buried,” Divine Emperor explained.

He has been here once, and he is naturally familiar with the road.

“The outer cemetery has been explored, let’s go inside.”

“What has happened here,” Xu Zimo said.

Everywhere is a dilapidated, bleak scene.

It is as if the entire cemetery is occupied by grief and anger, standing here, you can naturally be affected by emotions.

“You come with me,” Divine Emperor took Xu Zimo and walked straight on the small path up ahead.

As soon as the ancestors who came with them came in, they hurriedly separated from them.

Because everyone knows that on the same road as these two people, I’m afraid I can’t even drink the soup.

Step on the dead branches and leaves, on the white snow, on the bones.

I can’t tell what is under my feet.

The two came to the end of the path, and several forks appeared in front of them.

At the end, stood an ancient stone tablet.

This is the only stone tablet remaining in this cemetery.

“The catastrophe has arrived, the broken body, bless me Yuanyang, God falls!!!”

The age of this stone tablet is hard to trace, but the densely packed cracks on it seem to tell the story of many years.

These words are deeply engraved on it.

“Catastrophe, Godfall,” Xu Zimo murmured to himself.

He looked back at Divine Emperor and asked, “Do you know something?”

“It’s just a guess, I don’t want to say, for fear of misleading your judgment,” Divine Emperor said.

“After we get out of the ruins of the gods, we will discuss it again. After all, this is a thing of the past and it is not important anymore.”

Xu Zimo stroked his hands on the stone tablet. He didn’t know who the stone tablet was built or who wrote the inscription.

But despite countless years, he can still feel the sadness and emotions of the person who left the inscription.

Leaping over the stone tablet, Divine Emperor took Xu Zimo onto the avenue on the left.

The silhouette of the two finally stopped in front of an ancient tomb.

This mausoleum has been deliberately built.

It seems a little out of place with the randomly dug cemeteries around.

The tomb is 100 meters high, and the soil above is not ordinary soil, but star sand soil.

The stars and sand are clearly visible, but unfortunately, after countless hours, the stars have disappeared.

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