I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1094


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“If you do this again, I’ll tell the host,” the maid replied impatiently.

“I haven’t seen any trouble in the Wangu Building.”

“Maybe my words are a little overbearing, but I give you two choices,” Xu Zimo said in a tranquil voice.

“Either I owe you a favor and give me a jar of Immortal Wine.

Either I grab it myself. “

“If you don’t have Immortal Wine Island, you don’t have it. You can’t get it even if you grab it,” the maid said with a deep breath.

“We are not making wine on Immortal Wine Island during this time.”

“My friend, don’t embarrass him.” At this moment, the next door to the private room was opened.

The three characters Qinhuangdao are written on Na Yajian.

A middle age person came out from inside.

It looks powerful, and there are two attendants next to him.

“Immortal Wine Island has not been peaceful recently. They don’t have Immortal Wine at all.

If you want to drink, you can go upstairs and have a look. If someone has stock, you can change it with them. “

“Have you?” Xu Zimo asked.

“I don’t have one.” The middle age person shook his head and said, “But I can take you upstairs.”

“Thanks,” Xu Zimo replied.

He and the middle age person walked towards the upper floor of this Wangu Building.

The girl was coldly snorted and closed the window.

“How do you call Dao brother?” asked the middle age person.

“Xu Zimo.”

“Qinhuangdao Zhou Ming,” the middle age person also smiled and said his name.

Xu Zimo is slightly nodded.

“Brother Xu Dao hasn’t heard of my name?” Zhou Ming asked with a smile.

Xu Zimo shook his head slightly, “Is it famous?”

“It seems that Brother Xu Dao has come to Beiluo for the first time,” Zhou Ming smiled and shook his head.

The two said that they had already walked to the upper floor of the Wangu Tower.

Xu Zimo looked at it slightly, it was more like a meeting place.

all around there are many tables, all around the tables are some Spirit Fruit’s wonderful pills.

all around there are many people talking.

And each of them has good strength, within the body spiritual qi, deep and unmeasurable.

“There are many people in this Beiluo city, and everyone knows each other. Taoist fairs are often held.

It’s a place dedicated to discussing the Tao and communicating,” Zhou Ming explained with a smile.

Xu Zimo slightly nodded.

The higher the realm, the more you rely on enlightenment.

There are many ways to enlighten the Tao. You can listen to the Tao of others, and you can also exchange Taoism with others.

Both are beneficial.

Some of the most typical deeds have legends.

In the Middle Ancient era, it is said that Saint Ancestor of the Holy Court once preached at Saint Ancestor Mountain.

He preached for three days, the sky fell ten thousand zhang, there were several rounds of scorching sun, and the Immortal Crane flew from the sky, and the Divine Dragon took off.

The vegetation on the ground rushed to open up first. It was originally an ordinary mountain. Forcibly, he preached for three days and became a fairy mountain Cave Mansion.

At the end of the sermon, worship from all directions, celebrations from all over the world, and boundless spiritual rain fell on the sky.

It is said that tens of thousands of people broke through at that Daohui, and 30,000 Monster Race bowed down to him.

The power of Saint Ancestor spread across the nine realms instantly.

Go on, Ancient Era before the Middle Ages.

Great Saint, the god and demon, was unable to prove dao fruit, and thus ruled that era.

When he preached and gained fruit, he also preached for three days.

both god and demon race stopped for three days, dyed the sky with Fiendgod Blood, forming a Formation.

Hundreds are not allowed to come close. Those three days are more useful for people of both god and demon race than their cultivation for a hundred years.

Of course, the so-called Demon Race and Xu Zimo’s Demon Race are another story, which will be discussed later.


At this moment, Xu Zimo looked at everyone in the center of the field.

He sat next to Zhou Ming, and Zhou Ming introduced him one after another.

Most of the people here are Loose Cultivator, Loose Cultivator who lives in Beiluocheng.

Great Influence is not allowed to rule here.

They can’t rule here either.

It’s like a land without a master, but everyone is in peace.

“Zhou Island Lord,” someone walked over to greet Zhou Ming.

“Fu Taoist,” Zhou Ming stood up and laughed.

“long time no see, your blessing aversion technique has improved a bit.”

“I heard that Qinhuangdao is developing towards Anzhou recently. Don’t forget about Zhou Island Lord,” Fudos said with a smile.

Zhou Ming slightly nodded, then pointed at Xu Zimo, said with a smile: “Introduction, this brother is named Xu Zimo.

He came here to ask for a jar of Immortal Wine. Fudoo knows where it is. “

“If there is news, I must tell you,” Fu Taoist is not interested in Xu Zimo, but still laughed and replied to face.

After Fu Taoist left, Xu Zimo looked towards Zhou Ming and asked: “Why do you want to help me?”

“I want to make this friend of you,” Zhou Ming said with a smile.

“I have traveled north and south for so many years, I can basically see what kind of person is at a glance.

To tell you the truth, you think it’s not a loss to make this friend of you. “

“Everyone, sorry is late.” At this moment, someone came up from the corridor.

It is a young man wearing a white robe. His voice is a little loud, covering some of the people present.

“Brother Jinlun, you organized this Taoist meeting. You were not kind in the end.”

“Yes, you have to fine yourself a few cups.”

“I heard that Brother Jinlun has been busy with business in recent days. I wanted to talk a few words, but I didn’t dare to bother.”

The people present all smiled and greeted when the young man came.

It can be seen that the status of youth is very high, and everyone is expressing kindness.

“Who?” Xu Zimo curiously asked.

“Prince Golden Wheel,” Zhou Ming introduced, not daring to be interested.

“City Xiaomin that’s all.”

“Citizens can also come to this kind of place,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“I used to be a small town in Anzhou, a man of utmost importance.

Later, he became an illegal child of a certain big brother, and then became the tide rises, the boat floats,” Zhou Ming said with a smile.

He didn’t say it too obvious, but the meaning is basically there.

After all, it’s a rateless character that’s all.

Someone vassalized him and fawned on the great character behind him.

There are also people like Zhou Ming who are dismissive.

“It seems that this so-called big brother has a long history,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“There is an emperor, what do you think,” Zhou Ming replied.

Emperor title, which means it is the Great Emperor.


“I don’t know where the Fog City Senior is now?” someone asked.

“My father is now Tan Difeng, let me speak to you, and he will preach there in a month,” Prince Jinlun said with a smile.

Although his tone is not particularly arrogant, he can still hear the sense of superiority.

There is an old Great Emperor father, this kind of thing is not envied by others.

“Please tell Wudu Senior, we must go,” someone said with a smile.

The preaching of the Great Emperor, although not as scary as the Great Saint, is also a rare thing.

For them, they still benefit a lot.

“I don’t know where is Fairy Maiden Yue now?” Prince Jinlun looked around for a week before looking at everyone and asked.

“Fairy Maiden Yue is not here, we don’t know,” someone laughed awkwardly next to him.

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