I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1095


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“Is there no one to inform her this time?” Prince Jinlun asked with a frown.

“I’ve notified, but we can’t do anything about it or not,” someone replied embarrassedly.

When I heard that Fairy Maiden Yue was not there, Prince Jinlun’s enthusiasm dropped by half.

“This is Fairy Maiden Yue, you can follow it,” Zhou Ming reminded Xu Zimo.

“Why?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Fairy Maiden Yue is the owner of Immortal Wine Island. If you want Immortal Wine, she should have it,” Zhou Ming explained.

Xu Zimo took a look at Zhou Ming with interest.

At this moment, an exclamation came from a distance.

“Fairy Maiden Yue seems to be here?”

Someone pointed to the window of Wangulou, and saw a woman stepping into the sky.

The woman is wearing a blue gown.

The gown was as blue as the sea, and as light and agile as the elves in the lake.

Strips of colorful ribbons wrapped around her body, and the blue gown seemed to have fallen by the stars.

Bright stars bloom.

Her eyes are bright and gazing, looking forward to her beauty, like a starry night full of stars.

Smart and graceful, exquisite and beautiful, eyes falling with stars.

Thousands of years are unrivaled, and pleasing to the eye is a beautiful woman. Devastatingly beautiful appearance, shocking the world.

It would be the best to describe her like this.

Seeing the woman slowly coming from in the sky, Prince Jinlun looked a little dazed.

After picking up Fairy Maiden Yue, she greeted everyone: “Wen Yuan has seen you all.”

Wen Yuan is her real name, but the world prefers to call her Fairy Maiden Yue.

It is said that when she was born, Da Neng once picked a Small World moon and gave it to her.

But these all are legends, few people believe in them.

If there is such a power, Immortal Wine Island today will not be reduced to this point.

“Miss Moon Picker, you are here,” Prince Jinlun stepped forward, saying with a smile.

Excerpt from Fairy Maiden Yue slightly nodded.

“I don’t know if you have time, my dad is going to preach at Tan Difeng, do you have time to come when the time comes?” Prince Jinlun asked.

“Wen Yuan has been plagued by everything recently, if you have time, you must go,” pick Fairy Maiden Yue replied.

“What is the matter, tell me, I will help you solve it.

The people from Beiluocheng must give me some face,” Prince Jinlun said with a smile.

“Your business is my business.”

“I have an enemy, Laoshan Old Demon. I once made an oath. If anyone would kill him for me.

I can agree to any conditions, “Excerpt from Fairy Maiden Yue replied.

“What bullshit Laoshan Old Demon, let him come and meet me,” Prince Jinlun looked at the crowd, casually said.

“Brother Jinlun, be careful,” someone shuddered next to him, as if he didn’t dare to mention the name, he quickly reminded him.

“Yeah, let’s not mix up this matter.”

“Let’s talk about the preaching of the Wudu Senior.”

Everyone had different opinions, but they all declined, so that Prince Jinlun also noticed something was wrong.

“Why, is Old Demon strong?

Better than my dad? “

“Senior fog is naturally strong, the two are incomparable,” someone said with a smile.

“Yes, Brother Jinlundao can ask Senior, we dare not say.”

Looking at the attitude of everyone, the expression of Fairy Maiden Yue’s face ended a lot.

She has seen this situation a lot.

Long ago, Immortal Wine Island was considered a Great Influence. With Immortal Wine, they have intersections with various forces and figures.

However, since that happened, the people they had met before have avoided them.

Once someone hears the name of Laoshan Old Demon, they will talk about it, and they dare not mention it again.


Xu Zimo was a little curious, looked towards Zhou Ming and asked, “What is the origin of Laoshan Old Demon?”

“There are two famous forces in the north and west of Beiluocheng.

One is Immortal Wine Island. They are famous for Immortal Wine. In addition, the island is full of beautiful women, which is a place many people yearn for.

While the western convenience is Laoshan, this force is very scary.

Because the people in Laoshan are basically nonsense. They ignore the rules and are proficient in killing, burning, looting and looting the surrounding areas.

However, because of the existence of Laoshan Old Demon, no one dared to trouble them. “

Zhou Ming explained: “Laoshan Old Demon is considered to be a senior-level figure. In Middle Ancient era, he has already become emperor.

Until now, it is the true old Great Emperor. “

Xu Zimo slightly nodded.

The Great Emperor is placed in another domain, maybe not so powerful yet.

But in the mortal realm, the absence of the Great Saint of the Brahma Demon is enough to make many people afraid.

Zhou Ming continued: “According to the information I know, it is an apprentice of Laoshan Old Demon who wants to assault a woman on Immortal Wine Island.

Then got killed by mistake in the argument.

You will know the result later, Laoshan Old Demon is very short-handed, he directly slaughtered the entire Immortal Wine Island. “

“Then why is Fairy Maiden Yue still alive?” Xu Zimo asked.

“At the time when Immortal Wine Island was slaughtered, several people escaped without being on the island, including the Fairy Maiden Yue,” Zhou Ming replied.

“Laoshan Old Demon did not make another move after one shot, but Fairy Maiden Yue wanted revenge.

But it’s difficult, no one would want to be an enemy of the Great Emperor for her. “

Hearing this, Xu Zimo also got an idea.

“You brought me here because you wanted me to help her,” Xu Zimo said.

“You want Immortal Wine, she needs help, isn’t that just right,” Zhou Ming said with a smile.

“Do you think a pot of Immortal Wine can be an enemy of the Great Emperor mention on equal terms?” Xu Zimo asked rhetorically.

“Whether it is worth it depends on the individual, not just something,” Zhou Ming said with a smile.

“You have to ask yourself about this.”

Xu Zimo did not answer. A pot of Immortal Wine is really not worth the price.

But he needs Gongyang Ce to help him find Xuanyuan Aristocratic Family.

Otherwise, the next step will be stagnant and it will be difficult to make further progress.

With the demon heart, he can comprehend what the previous generation of Demon Lord left in it, and maybe it will further help him the way of the Great Emperor.

Moreover, his Devil Body also needs Devil Heart.


The Taoist society is still going on.

Prince Jinlun did not mention revenge, but he was still gathering Fairy Maiden Yue to show his courtesy.

Everyone also started to discuss the Tao, hoping that the Tao of others would be inspiring.

“My niece has seen Uncle Zhou,” Fairy Maiden Yue walked to Zhou Ming and greeted him.

Xu Zimo glanced at Zhou Ming, no wonder Zhou Ming brought him up for no reason.

It turns out that the two are a little affectionate.

“Tian Yuan, introduce you to someone,” Zhou Ming said with a smile.

“Xu Zimo, he wants a bottle of Immortal Wine, do you still have it in stock?”

Pick Fairy Maiden Yue and glanced at Xu Zimo, his eyes moved slightly, and then nodded.

With a wave from the ring, a sealed wine jar was taken out.

“Since I am a friend of my uncle, this wine will be given to you for free.

But I don’t plan to make this wine in the future, I hope the young master will know. “

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