I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1099


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With the word “killing”, the killing intent is pouring out, sternly spreading towards all around.

All the monster beasts are roars, surrounding the entire courtyard.

Dragon’s Roar, Phoenix’s Cry, waves of demon wind swept through the alleys.

Bury the yellow sand all around hiding the sky and covering the earth.

Xu Zimo looked towards Wudu Great Emperor, lightly said with a smile: “Don’t you think the Great Emperor is invincible?”

Tyrant Shadow came out of the sheath and slowly fell into his hand.

Blade intends to keep climbing.

“Are you?” Feeling the power of Xu Zimo’s body, the Great Emperor of Fog City also looked squarely.

“The name is not important, you don’t know if you say it,” Xu Zimo shook his head.

“Because of your son?

Go back, or you will end up like him. “

“Your Excellency seems very confident,” said Wudu Great Emperor.

The full-bodied imperial prestige around him is rising majestic.

One after another grey mist enveloped all around.

The fog is hiding the sky and covering the earth. With a wave of the Great Emperor’s right hand in the fog, I saw a sledgehammer falling from in the sky.

It happened to hit Xu Zimo’s position.

The Tyrant Shadow moved upward, the blade light burst out, and the sledgehammer flew away instantly.

The sledgehammer returned to the hands of the Great Emperor of Wudu.

At this time, the mist completely filled all around. He raised his sledgehammer and his spacious azure robe sleeves were floating in the wind.

He didn’t wear shoes, but went barefoot towards Xu Zimo.

A hammer fell and the sky quashed, as if it went straight to Nine Nether.

“The little child played house stuff,” Xu Zimo chuckled lightly.

Tyrant Shadow rises, lightning flashes in the sky, and a bit of torn silver and purple thunderbolt are wrapped around the blade.

With a sound of “hong”, only a shocking explosion sounded.

The entire void collapsed, and the fog became more violent, stirring the sky.

From a distance, it seems that a cloud of black fog has enveloped the entire Beiluo City.

The sun is still shining in other places, but here is the haze covering the sky.

The silhouettes of both of them went back several steps.

The Great Emperor of Fog City lightly shouted, and the hammer fell again with amazing power.

“Quick,” as his voice fell, I saw his silhouette almost blurred.

In the sky, there are countless afterimages.

It’s not even afterimages, but a manifestation of speed to the pinnacle.

“Slow,” he shouted lightly again.

Xu Zimo, who originally held the blade, only felt that there was endless power rushing towards him, his whole body seemed to be suppressed.

Whether it is walking or pulling the blade, it becomes extremely slow.

“It turns out that your understanding is the speed of profound truth,” Xu Zimo chuckled lightly.

He held Tyrant Shadow in one hand, and snapped his fingers with the other.

I also shouted “Slowly.”

The Great Emperor, which was originally shuttled in the sky, was almost invisible, and the fog suddenly slowed down.

He looked towards Xu Zimo in surprise.

“So are you?”

“Then open your eyes and see clearly,” Xu Zimo replied.

He also used fast profound truth for himself, forcibly offsetting the other’s slow profound truth.

Above the Tyrant Shadow, the thunderbolt profound truth is constantly surging.

Xu Zimo slashed away with a blade, thunderbolt roared, and the sky shattered.

“bang bang bang!”

When everything was torn apart, the Great Emperor Chaowu beheaded the past.

The opponent raised the sledgehammer again to resist, and the thunderbolt exploded in front of him, blasting the silhouette of the Great Emperor in the fog directly upside down.

Heavenspan’s thunderbolt seems to pierce the sky through.

A circular black hole appeared in the sky as the clouds rolled.

A torrent of thunderbolt fell from the black hole, and then fell on the blade of Tyrant Shadow.

“Cut,” Xu Zimo shouted loudly.

The right hand drags the blade, step by step, and walks on the void, thunderbolt transforms the whole body.

There was another “hong” sound, as if the world was quiet.

The Great Emperor of Wudu was directly bombed into the ground, smashing into a bottomless black hole.


“This,” the people all around looked at each other in blank dismay.

“Why is this, the Great Emperor impossible in Fog City was defeated.”

“He is also the Great Emperor?” Wangu went upstairs, plucking Fairy Maiden Yue’s gaze.

“I miscalculated,” Zhou Ming frowned and muttered to himself.

He had always felt that Xu Zimo had a background in Heavenspan, maybe he was the descendant of a certain Taoist court.

Didn’t expect now I actually met a real Great Emperor.

This was beyond his expectations.

The battle between the two Great Emperors almost attracted the attention of Beiluocheng.

At the moment Lei Wei Yaoshi, Xu Zimo is like the god of Thunderbolt War, aloof and remote overlooking everyone.

“Come out and fight with me again,” he looked at the bottomless pit, lightly saying.

“After self-carrying Heaven’s mandate, you should become the first Great Emperor to be killed by me.

Your blood is not an insult to my blade. “

Xu Zimo’s voice fell, and all around changed.

I saw all the diffuse gray mist gathering all around the pit.

And more and more gray mist filled out.

Some people just touched the mist, and it instantly turned to ashes, with no bones left.

Vaguely, there seemed to be a low growl of monster coming out.

Heavenspan grandiose.

The earth began to shatter, and a pair of eyes suddenly appeared in the gray mist.

It is difficult to describe this look in words.

Death, withering, pain, evil, it seems that the negative emotions are all concentrated together.

Incorporate within those eyes.

It came out of thin air in the sky, and then looked at Xu Zimo.

Originally rising winds, scudding clouds, the rolling gray mist finally calmed down.

From a distance, these mists merged, and a monster was actually condense.

The lower body of the monster is in the pit, and there is only one head outside the world.

Next moment, startling heaven and earth, ghosts and gods weeping roar sounded from the ground.

Many people covered their heads subconsciously.

With this roar, all around all the buildings and alleys, including the street that separated them, were all destroyed.

Countless buildings collapsed.

The original prosperous disturbance has turned into a pile of ruins.

Fortunately, a few monster beasts blocked the small courtyard where Gongyangce was located.

The Eight Diagrams of Liangyi in front of him has begun to condense, and there are great rivers and mountains on it.

But it still hasn’t fully gathered.


Countless people’s ears burst.

A loud roar is like horror.

As the sound of “hong long long” sounded, I saw a thick black arm sticking out from a deep hole in the ground.

The monster has exposed its arms and head.

It’s still on roar.

With both arms pressed on the ground, the whole body finally stood up from the pit intact.


It is rumored that in the Middle Ancient era, a monster appeared in the world.

It’s named Fog City Demon.

It is the source of all evil and represents the end of all negative emotions.

It survives by sucking people’s greed, laziness, rage…, a series of negatives.