I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1100


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This Mist City Demon is the Great Demon of the Middle Ages, extremely powerful.

It has troubled the Middle Ages for many years, but it disappeared after it was finally killed.

At the moment, the residents of Beiluocheng saw this with horror.

“This is the Great Demon of Fog City?”

“The ancestors of Tan Dishan participated in the slaying of the Great Demon in the Capital of Fog.

It seems to have been assigned to Divine Soul of the Great Demon of Mist.

Later, the Great Emperor of the Fog City condensed his true life and incorporated this Divine Soul into it. “

Some insiders explained.

The huge misty demon stood up, and when it raised its head, it looked down over a hundred miles of land.

The originally gray fog began to change to black.

The whole body is filled with black mist. It has only two eyes and no other facial features.

The whole body is pitch black, as if the smoke is solid.

Xu Zimo looked up, the big fog monster roared.

It slammed its fist towards Xu Zimo, and the friction between the fist and the space created flames.

Like a big Fireball falling from the sky.

Xu Zimo retracted Tyrant Shadow into the blade sheath, and he raised a finger and punched there.

One of the top ten Divine Laws, good luck swallows the sky.

Although there is only one finger, the power that bursts out of it is moving.

Power of Fortune pervades your fingertips, and has the potential to swallow the sky.

The finger seems to turn into a black hole.

A finger fell, and the powerful Qi Jin was surging, the void shattered, and the two seemingly extreme forces expanded together.

“You can’t do it yet,” Xu Zimo coldly snorted.

The realm of the Great Emperor in this fog city is similar to him, and it should be the 1st Realm of the Five Realms of the Great Emperor, Yin Yang realm.

There is still some distance from Void Refinement.

“hong long long” seems like the sky is furious, and the sound of explosions burst overhead.

Countless streams of fire like meteorites fell from in the sky.

The whole Anju is in chaos.

all around The melon-eaters who originally watched the battle ran away and fled in a hurry.

Such a big movement, the courtyard where Gong Yang Ce is located is naturally affected.

The powerful force collapsed all around the ground.

It’s as if everything disappeared after a strong earthquake.

The roar of chaos rang out, and the wings behind it spread out, dragging the entire courtyard up by itself.

It drags the courtyard and flies in the sky, so that it will not be difficult.

At this moment, the huge fog city demon actually began to speak human’s words, “Kill the ram strategy.”

All the blue robe people who were all around attacked in groups and killed them in the direction of chaos.

all around monster beast rioted and fought with blue robe people.

The whole Anju is in chaos.

This may be the first time that Anzhou has suffered such a disaster in many years.

“You are annoying me,” Xu Zimo said lightly.

His strength of Heaven within the body is surging.

Behind him, the sky-shaking giant rose from the ground, facing away from the fog city demon.

Heaven and Earth’s Law Manifestation and the gods and demons are used simultaneously.

One is the stalwart of the body, and the other is the Divine Soul, like a god or a monster.

He is almost the same size as Mist.

Directly killed the demon towards Wudu.

The speed of the left hand is profound truth, and the time and space of the right hand is profound truth.

A palm fell, and the huge body of Wudu Demon screamed, and was instantly shot into the ground.

He did not stop, the speed and the slowness of the profound truth were used together with the Time and Space Imprisonment of the time and space profound truth.

Mist City Demon could hardly move even if he tried his best for a while.

Xu Zimo raised his right fist, punch after punch, and slammed it at its head simply and roughly.

Every punch fell, like thunder, heaven-shaking, earth-shattering.

The screams of Wudu Demon kept ringing.

After about a dozen punches, the foggy demon couldn’t hold on anymore and exploded directly.

And the silhouette of the Great Emperor of Wudu also flew out of it.

He is as small as a normal human at this moment.

Xu Zimo squeezed his hands, like catching an ant, and squeezed him up.

“If you let me go, I, Tan Dishan, will definitely repay me,” said Wudu Great Emperor.

“Now I only need one click to flew you away and scattered,” Xu Zimo lightly saying.

“Cultivation is not easy, give me a chance, I can promise you any conditions,” Wudu Great Emperor replied.

“I don’t need it, but now I think of another fun thing,” Xu Zimo said.

“What do you want to do?” Looking at Xu Zimo’s expression, the Great Emperor of the fog became panicked.

I saw Xu Zimo flicks with the finger, the Great Emperor of the fog was imprisoned in place.

The next moment screamed, and the Divine Soul of the Great Emperor in Fog City was forcibly pulled out of the body.

This is not a simple separation, but a simple and rude ripped out by Xu Zimo.

“Save the ancestors,” the blue robe people around turned pale with fright didn’t even run away, but instead killed them all towards Xu Zimo.

Xu Zimo right hand stretched out, all around all the void condenses.

The silhouettes of countless blue robe people are frozen in the sky.

I saw Xu Zimo grabbing his right hand again, and the void all around seemed to be fragmented like glass.

The silhouettes of those blue robe people are also fragmented.

Killing is invisible.

When the broken void recovers, the flesh of these people has already been involved in the void storm.

Xu Zimo flicks with the finger again, and the body of the Great Emperor in Wudu is divided into four parts.

He looked towards the monster beast that came out of the mainland of Divine State next to him, instructed: “Give me these four bodies and hang them in front of the four city gates in Anzhou.

Let everyone know that before the formation is over, someone trespasses, and the Great Emperor is nothing more than that. ”

Immediately he looked towards Divine Soul of the Great Emperor of Wudu.

I directly imprison it in the sky, and the chains of life and death imaginary in the book of life and death bind him.

Xu Zimo right hand moves, the thunderbolt profound truth fell from the void, and all of them fell on the Divine Soul of the Great Emperor in the fog.

The screams kept ringing.

“Today, there will be a Great Emperor here being hacked to death by thunderbolt.”

Xu Zimo looked at the ruins all around, and the chaotic silhouette fell from in the sky.

Fortunately, the ram strategy in the courtyard was not at all disturbed.

The courtyard was slowly put down.

The silhouettes of monster beasts such as Chaos have all returned to the Divine State continent.

In the sky, the thunderbolt is still falling.

The voice of the Great Emperor in Fog City came.

“Let me go, otherwise you will not end well.”

“Tan Dishan will not let you go.”


Divine Soul is afraid of thunderbolt full of yang, even if it is the Divine Soul of the Great Emperor, Xu Zimo’s thunderbolt is not ordinary thunderbolt.

“Tan Dishan, I’m waiting,” Xu Zimo lightly saying.

He stood slowly in front of the courtyard, and Miss Mirror’s silhouette came from the side.

“The old man Zhuoqiu is gone, he asked me to bring you a message,” Miss Jing said.

“What?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Everything in this world has its own destination. The more we move up, the more we feel ignorant,” Miss Mirror said with a smile.

“This is what he said.”

“I don’t like playing dumb fans,” Xu Zimo replied.

“If you meet him in the future, tell him that I owe him a favor.

I don’t like to take favor with others for nothing. “