I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1102


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“There is Supreme, then heaven, gods and demons are even before the immortal Buddha.

Six Roads of Samsara is boundless, everything still exists on Heaven’s Line.

Swire Dang, Wan Mo Lin,

Divine King angers Buzhou Mountain.

Let the heavens, weep all beings,

Swire is more than countless years. “

These little children are not very old, about seven or eight years old, each holding a sugar bottle gourd in his hand, shouting around on the street.

Xu Zimo slightly frowned, and stopped several children.

“Children, ask you something.”

Several children looked at Xu Zimo vigilantly, with a good sense of prevention.

“What’s the matter?” the oldest child among them asked.

“What do you mean by that song you just sang?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Do you not understand this?” The child replied.

“This is a heavenly ballad. If you sing this ballad, you can know the past and the present, argue the rise and fall, save the yin and yang, and then you can understand the principle of the great road.”

When the little child said this, he swayed his head, quite like a teacher.

It’s just looking weird, quite a bit cat-like.

“Second child, what are you doing,” a woman rushed over, still holding a stick in her hand.

Yelled: “How many times have you said it so that you are not allowed to play with that lunatic, why did you run away again.”

“Mr. is not a lunatic, he also bought us a bottle gourd of rock candy,” the child defended.

“Do you dare to talk back,” the woman loudly shouted, and the stick in her hand was hit.

Xu Zimo stretched out his hand and held the stick that was about to fall.

“Who are you?” The woman asked with her left hand akimbo, looking at Xu Zimo sturdily.

“It’s not good to hit a child ignorantly,” Xu Zimo said.

“Let me finish the question with them first.”

“Do you want to know this ballad?” The woman coldly snorted and said.

“Go to the madman and ask, stay away from my second child.”

“Where is he?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Mr. is in Weiyang Palace, I will take you there,” the child who was about to be beaten looked towards Xu Zimo and said quickly.

“What Weiyang Palace, a desolate gymnasium that’s all,” the woman lightly saying.

“Sir, why do you want to teach you these songs?” Xu Zimo ignored the woman, but looked towards the child and asked.

“Mr. has a very thick book,” the child made a slight gesture, then explained.

“We took a peek. We only read one page and wrote these on it.

Later, the husband refused to let us read it. He said that no one was allowed to read the book.

Otherwise, the world will be in chaos. “

“How do I get to Weiyang Palace?” Xu Zimo asked.

“You follow this street, there is a gym in the center of Amaterasu, that’s it,” the child took Xu Zimo’s arm and prayed.

“I’ll take you there, sir, for the sake of my face, he will also teach you.”

The child obviously knows that if she stays, she will inevitably play in women’s singles.

“No, you have to be too busy getting beaten, I can go by myself,” Xu Zimo waved his hand.

Looking at Xu Zimo’s leaving back, although the child did not speak, a few words could be vaguely seen from the expression on his face.

“Fuck, ruthless.”


Across the main street, the area of ​​the Amaterasu is like a circle.

The Weiyang Palace is in this circular dot.

What surprised Xu Zimo was that after he walked to the center, the desolation here was beyond his expectations.

Generally speaking, the central point of any place is the core and the most prosperous area.

But here, there are not many buildings, and many of them are even a little old.

On the street, only silhouettes of in small groups walk by.

You can easily see the dilapidated gym in the center.

Xu Zimo walked towards it and stopped at the door.

The gymnasium is very dilapidated, most of the walls around all around have collapsed, and other rooms have become ruins.

I don’t know how long it has been abandoned.

There is only one dilapidated hall, still standing in the drift.

But it seems that there is a probability of collapse at any time.

Xu Zimo feels very strange. It’s already like this here, so why keep it.

Do not rebuild?

Looking up, the three characters of Weiyang Palace are reflected on the golden plaque.

Even if I don’t know how many years have passed, I can still feel the shock of assaults the senses when I look at it now.

It seems that these three words, like high mountains, pine and cypress, will last forever without decay or rot.

Walking into Weiyang Palace, you can see broken scenes everywhere.

Xu Zimo walked to the front of the main hall.

This is also the only building still preserved.

I saw an old man wearing a robe and sloppy hair kneeling on the ground.

There was a brazier in front of him, and something seemed to have burned just now.

Mutter incantations in the mouth, but can’t hear what is said.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, the old man slowly turned his head.

The moment he saw Xu Zimo, his silhouette was stiff in place.

“I heard a few child singing songs outside before, so I wanted to come in and have a look,” Xu Zimo said.

However, the old man didn’t say a word, just staring at Xu Zimo closely.

The next moment actually burst into tears.

“You…,” Xu Zimo looked at the weird behavior of the old man, slightly puzzled.

“You are back,” the old man said in a hoarse voice.

“We know each other?” Xu Zimo asked.

“I have read a book, and that book contains your story,” the old man suddenly laughed.