I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1198


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Ye Mi waved his right hand, and the crowd all around surrounded Jiang Mozi.

One by one glare like a tiger watching his prey, watching Jiang Mozi and a group of students.

“Ye Mi, what do you want to do,” Jiang Mozi asked quickly.

“Should I not fly into a rage out of humiliation, I want to arbitrarily judge power and privacy.

The dignified nine ghosts Academy, the first Academy only has this amount. “

“The old man is not so stingy,” Ye Mi lightly saying.

“Now I suspect you are in collusion with Evil Thought, so I need your cooperation in the investigation.

Before this matter has As the water recedes, the rocks appear, you and them can’t go anywhere. “

After Ye Mi finished speaking, he looked towards Xu Zimo and said, “young master Xu, this is an internal matter of our Nine Ghosts Academy, it has nothing to do with you.

You are leaving, the door faces north, waiting for you at any time. “

Xu Zimo laughed, this Ye Mi is for good reason.

reasonable in every circumstance, he is not up to the standard.

“Then what if I have to manage?” Xu Zimo replied.

He glanced at Jiang Mozi, only to see Jiang Mozi and everyone looking at him asking for help.

“If they really have something to do with Evil Thought, I won’t get involved in the internal affairs of your Nine Ghosts Academy.”

Xu Zimo said in a tranquil voice: “But if you do this, it’s not pure disgusting me.

Striking the mountain to shake a tiger or what does it mean? “

“It’s up to you to understand,” Ye Mi lightly saying.

“In short, this is our internal business.”

“If you want to say that, then I’ll take care of the internal affairs,” Xu Zimo replied likewise.

“Ye Mi, what can I say to him,” Elderly, the four elephant beside him, said.

“Take them directly.”

Ye Mi hesitated, he was weighing the gains and losses, and whether he could be Xu Zimo’s opponent.

“Ye Mi, what’s the hesitation.

If you don’t go, the old man will go,” Elderly coldly snorted and said.

“As Law Enforcement Hall Elder, I don’t even have this guts.”

“Okay,” Ye Mi interrupted him directly, faintly instructed: “Let’s set up an array.”

I saw that the four four elephants, Elderly, all stepped up into the air and surrounded Xu Zimo and the crowd.

“You killed me and many students of the Black Tortoise Lineage, it is hard to escape death today,” I saw Elderly coldly said in the Black Tortoise Lineage.

“Only you?” Xu Zimo chuckled lightly.

Black Tortoise Elderly didn’t speak, but saw him reach out and take out an item.

It was a turtle shell that was placed countless times smaller.

He threw the turtle’s shell into the sky, and the turtle’s shell instantly enlarged countless times.

It directly covers a quarter of the sky, and there is an obscure artistic conception bursting out of it.

And the other three people next to him.

Azure Dragon One’s Elderly took out a piece of dragon scales.

Dragon scales transforms Azure Dragon into the void, Dragon’s roar keeps ringing, Dragon’s Might is mighty.

Elderly of the White Tiger lineage has a hand-held tiger eye, which is the third eye of White Tiger.

One eye bloomed with white afterglow, and then the huge silhouette of White Tiger jumped in front of him.

Huwei is extremely powerful and suppresses everything.

The Elderly of the Vermilion Bird One vein holds a piece of Vermilion Bird’s feather.

The feathers are lifelike, with flames fluttering on them.

When Ling Feather was thrown into the void, she instantly transformed the silhouette of Vermilion Bird, with a blazing flame burning.

Dyeing half of the sky deep red.

A long cry of Vermilion Bird, echoed in the sky for a long time.

These four people stand in four directions, surrounded by four elephants, and they are powerful.

the dragon wars, the tiger battles.

When these four elephants appear, four equally powerful powers rise to the sky, and a curtain of light falls from all directions.

“young master Xu, it’s too late for you to regret your withdrawal now,” Ye Mi stepped up into the sky and said flatly.

“You shrimp soldiers and crab generals, you don’t deserve it,” Xu Zimo replied.

“Since you can’t tell good from bad, we treat each other with courtesy, so I won’t say more,” Ye Mi replied.

When he stretched out his hand, the Mountains and Rivers Chart appeared in his hand.

“What? The formation of suppressing Evil Thought should be used on me,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“You are as evil as him, what’s the difference,” Ye Mi said.

The Mountains and Rivers Chart has grown dozens of times larger, sealing the sky above the head.

Great mountains and rivers are turbulent, like endless power, suppressed from above.

The four elephants roared, and there was chaos on the sky.

“Mountain and River Seal,” Ye Mi loudly shouted, and the right hand shot down.

I saw a huge square mark killing Xu Zimo and several people.

“You protect them,” Xu Zimo gave Xie Chang a look, instructed.

Immediately looked towards the sky, Tyrant Shadow unsheathed and directly shattered the mark.

He stepped into the air, and the sky-breaking blade gas surged all around.

The sound of “hong long long” sounded above the light curtain of the seal.

“Four elephants are suppressed,” Elderly yelled the four elephants at the same time, and the endless power of the whole body poured into the sealed light curtain.

Xu Zimo sneered, “Magic ten forms, five sayings: Human Demon form.

The one who perishes everything. “

When his words fell, the Devil Body was activated, and endless power spurted out.

It turned into an infinite magical energy on the sky, rendering everything.

One after another powerful force is full of limbs, internal organs, and even real hits.

“Everything is dead,” he picked up Tyrant Shadow, within both eyes, the demonic energy surged.

Blade’s body is surging like a blade sea.

Tyrant Shadow hit the seal in one fell swoop, and every time the blade fell, its power increased tenfold.

With the power of destroying heaven extinguishing earth.

The entire sealed light curtain began to tremble.

“Hold on,” Ye Mi’s eyes narrowed, shouted loudly.

The four clenched their teeth, still pouring continuous power into the seal, trying to consolidate.

But the speed of Tyrant Shadow in Xu Zimo’s hand is getting faster and faster, and the power is getting stronger.

In the end, after dozens of blades, that blade, with a sky full of magic, shattered the entire seal in one fell swoop.

The devilish energy rises directly into the sky like a rainbow.

The grandiose is full of the void.

Xu Zimo stepped into the air, and as the screaming four elephants fell, his blade pointed to Ye Mi.

“Mountains and Rivers Chart, protect me,” Ye Mi yelled in panic.

Xu Zimo is coldly snorted, taking out the book of life and death.

The book of life and death suddenly turned into a black and white rays of light and flew towards the Mountains and Rivers Chart.

Two big things have their spirits, and they are constantly fighting on their own.

Xu Zimo carried Tyrant Shadow and walked towards Ye Mi step by step.

“Primordial Palm,” Ye Mi loudly shouted, twining Primordial Energy with both palms, and hit Xu Zimo.

The Tyrant Shadow in Xu Zimo’s hand passed by.

The palm wind was annihilated, blood drifted by, and two long blood stains appeared on Ye Mi’s palm.

“Go ahead, how do you want to die?” Xu Zimo replied.

Ye Mi glanced at him, and the silhouette quickly fled towards the inside of the Nine Ghosts Academy.

Xu Zimo sneered, “Did you run away?”

The Tyrant Shadow in his hand was cut out directly, and the earth-shaking blade aura went away at the speed of light.

How can Ye Mi escape?

The blade light died down, and the screams sounded along with it.