I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1200


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“Dean, find you a place to stay,” Xie Changliu said.

As soon as possible, we must arrange Jiang Mozi’s entire group. After all, a group of people is a burden.

Jiang Mozi is nodded and has no objection.

The place where the Nine Ghosts Academy is located is a lonely mountain, and there is no way to speak.

If you want to come in or go out, you can only step into the air.

Everyone stood on the edge of the mountain and looked down, a cloud of white mist shrouded them.

The clouds and mist are dazzling, as if standing in the sky above the clouds, it is relaxed and joyful.

Several people were about to leave, when someone behind suddenly handed them over.

“Everyone, long time no see.”

Xu Zimo turned his head and saw a group of white-robed people from the Seven Gods Academy walking over under the leadership of Feng Immortal.

“Who are they?” Xie Changliu asked vigilantly.

“Not sure if it is an enemy or a friend,” Xu Zimo replied.

After all, I just killed Hongyu from the Academy today, and I can be considered as a knotty son.

“Young master Xu, don’t be nervous,” Feng Immortal said with a smile.

“I’m not nervous,” Xu Zimo replied faintly.

“I think young master Xu is also a person who speaks happily, so he won’t be oblique,” Feng Immortal said with a smile.

“This time the old man is here waiting for the young master Xu. The main purpose is to let you join our Seven Gods Academy.”

Seeing Xu Zimo want to speak, Feng Immortal said with a smile: “young master Xu is not too busy to refuse. The reason why I want you to join is selfish.

Half a month later, Baidi Mountain will open, and the three major academies and five strong schools will compete for it.

I want you to play for the Seven Gods Academy. “

“Dean Feng didn’t crack a joke,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“Very serious. Originally, Hong Yu was the candidate for our battle, but now Hong Yu was killed by you.

Seven Gods Academy If you still want to shine in the battle for Baidi Mountain, I can only find you. “

Feng Wuxu said: “After the matter is done, we can agree to any of your conditions.”

“What is Baidi Mountain?” Xu Zimo asked.

When I heard Xu Zimo’s words, Feng Immortal laughed and replied: “Young master Xu should not be from the Ghost God domain.”

“What do you say?” Xu Zimo asked.

“There are few people in the Ghost God domain who don’t know Baidi Mountain,” Feng Immortal said with a smile.

“Although Baidi calls himself the emperor, his true strength has already exceeded too much.

No one knows the realm, Baidi Mountain is where he used to live. “

“Not very clear,” Xu Zimo shook his head and replied.

“It’s okay, in fact, it doesn’t matter whether Baidi knows or not,” Feng Immortal said with a smile.

“Bai Di has been away for a long time anyway.”

“Leave?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Did you go to the other nine domains?”

“That’s not the case. I heard that he followed empress in the final battle, and then never came back,” Feng Immortal explained.

“All those who go to the final battle are dead end.

Otherwise we wouldn’t dare to fight for his residence. “

Xu Zimo slightly nodded, did not speak.

“What does young master Xu mean?” Feng Wuxu continued asking.

“It’s okay to fight for you, but I have three requirements,” Xu Zimo said slowly.

“First, I want to borrow the book collection of your Seven Gods Academy.

Secondly, give people like Tiansheng Academy a place of protection.

As for the third place, I went to Baidi Mountain. I want two places to go in. “

Feng Wuxu became a little embarrassed when he heard Xu Zimo’s words.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, it’s fine if you don’t agree,” Xu Zimo replied.

“That’s not true,” Feng Immortal said hastily.

“Cangshu Pavilion is up to you. As for the people of Tiansheng Academy, let them join the Seven Gods Academy directly. We want it.

The number of places is more troublesome. Even the first place, there are only three places. ”

“That’s something you should consider, isn’t there one more place left,” Xu Zimo said.

“My requirements will not change.”

Feng Immortal hesitated a little, and finally said: “I can promise you, but you must also promise me to get the first place.”

Xu Zimo slightly nodded.

“After half a month of the test, we can return to the Seven Gods Academy to prepare,” Feng Wuxu said.

“I will tell you about my opponent.”

“There is no need to talk about the information, unless someone becomes holy,” Xu Zimo waved his hand.

He knows this is impossible at all. Peers entering the Great Saint is almost delusional.

Being able to become the Great Emperor is already a well-known figure in Heaven’s Chosen Child.

In the force of the Nine Ghosts Academy, they are also the nine ghosts of Pinnacle.

“It is better to be careful,” Feng Immortal reminded him.

I saw his right hand waved, but I didn’t know what threw away.

The rich Space Power spread all over.

Turned into coordinates, flashing rays of light, like Pentagram.

These coordinates are densely packed, all around, like a Heavenly Cycle Star bucket, constantly rotating.

I saw Feng Immortal’s right hand grabbing it, and my index finger tapped one of the coordinates.

Suddenly Space Power moved in with him, surging in the sky.

The left side has been magnified countless times.

A picture is reflected in it, in front of the door vaguely visible, painted with the words Seven Gods.

“Let’s go together,” Feng Immortal said, turning his head.

“It is much more convenient to carry the space coordinates with you.”

“See you for the first time,” Xu Zimo replied.

I saw the space coordinates flickering, and a group of people in white robes walked in first.

Feng Immortal made a gesture, said with a smile: “young master Xu please.”

Xu Zimo also led everyone into the coordinates.

This space coordinate is actually similar to the space formation, but it is not fixed, it is much more convenient.

As for the law of transmission, it’s the same.

It should be another form of Great Saint level.

It can also be seen from here that the foundation of the Seven Gods Academy is quite deep.

At least there is the Great Saint’s power.

“Dean Feng, what did you say before are the three major academies and the five strongest schools competing for Baidi Mountain?” Xu Zimo asked.

“The three major academies, young master Xu has seen two.

Nine Ghosts Academy and our Seven Gods Academy. As for the last one, Wujian Academy. “

Feng Immortal explained one after another: “The so-called five powerful sects are also recognized as Great Influence.

They are distributed among the five sections of the Ghost God domain, namely, Demon Temple, Sin Prison, Ciyuan Temple, Beiqiu and Dragon Demon Sect. “

“It sounds interesting,” Xu Zimo said with a smile.

“The young master Xu can rest for a while,” Feng Wuxu nodded said.

“Even if there are spatial coordinates, this Demi-God domain is a distance from the Sea Territory.

Our Seven Gods Academy is estimated to take three days to arrive. “

Xu Zimo slightly nodded.

Sitting cross-legged, he happened to be able to solve the Divine State problem.

Since then, Tyrant Shadow’s need for willingness has been completely solved.

Otherwise, there is no willingness to support, Tyrant Shadow will never be able to exert its strongest strength.

Divine Soul entered the Divine State continent, Xu Zimo also immediately understood the situation.

Chaos is now almost dominating the entire Divine State continent.