I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1263


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The direction of the tension of the chain unexpectedly exploded, and when countless sparks flew, the silhouettes of the two were forcibly separated.

“Death Hammer,” only heard the Azure Ghost King coldly shouted.

The iron chain and the hammer were once again linked together, and the dancing tigers smashed directly towards the ghost king of Youdu.

The staff in the hands of Ghost King Youdu constantly fluctuates, and a shield of gold power is formed in front of him.

The Death Hammer collided with the shield, and the powerful vibration shattered the void.

“Youdu Ming grip,” Youdu Ghost King stretched out his other hand.

The palm of the hand seems to have myriad forms surging, transforming into the monstrous baleful aura of the Youdu Underworld, and finally Ming Sect grasps it, and the ghost claw grabs it towards the Azure Ghost King.

The Azure Ghost King is equally unambiguous, the death hammer in his hand is constantly turning.

The speed is getting faster and faster, and finally a tornado is formed, as if there are countless hammers hammering the void.

The two extreme forces collided, the wind and sand of the desert were flying all over the sky, and the yellow sand covered the sky.

And the silhouettes of Youdu Ghost King and Azure Ghost King flew upside down at the same time.

At this moment, a streak of divine light suddenly flickered from all around.

“Not good, I am from Divine Race,” everyone is complexion greatly changed.

next moment, there is no reaction yet, Xu Zimo felt a hand on his shoulder suddenly.

The powerful force directly grabbed him and flew toward in the sky.

“Divine Race wants to save someone and stop him,” Youdu Ghost King and two naturally saw this scene immediately.

They killed Xu Zimo, and did not leave alive under the death hammer. They would rather kill Xu Zimo than let Divine Race take people away.

In the sky, there was a coldly snorted sound, followed by a jade hand with divine light shuttled in.

Golden’s power exploded in front of the Death Hammer, blowing it away.

Next moment, the void returned to calm, and Xu Zimo’s silhouette disappeared.

“Damn it, it seems that Divine Race had planned,” Youdu Ghost King said with embarrassment.

“The two of us are afraid that this matter will not work, contact the other ghost kings,” the sky blue ghost king lightly saying.

“You want other people to share a piece of the pie,” Youdu Ghost King said unwillingly.

“Don’t be too greedy,” the Azure Ghost King warned.

“What’s happening today is not just about sharing the pie, but also about our ghost race and Divine Race, who can get those flowers of death.”

Hearing this, Youdu Ghost King was silent for a little bit, and finally he could only be nodded.

Indeed, their abilities are limited. If Divine Race sends a large number of experts, it doesn’t matter if they can get the flower of death.

It will even die.

“Then what should he do?” The two asked, looking at Xie Changliu who was left.

“Take him first, maybe it’s still useful. Don’t kill until you see the flower of death,” said Youdu Ghost King.


The divine light exploded, after wandering in the sky for a long time, Xu Zimo’s silhouette was dragged into a valley.

When he opened his eyes, he found that there were five or six people in this mountain within the valley.

Everyone is exuding divinity, with piercing eyes, and a golden armor worn on him.

Xu Zimo didn’t speak, he glanced at it, four men and one woman, it was the woman who had just arrested him.

“You are more calm than I thought,” the woman said.

Xu Zimo still didn’t speak, but looked at a few people with a faint smile.

“A prisoner, dare to be so arrogant,” the man next to him saw Xu Zimo’s appearance, and said with some disgust.

“Boy, if it weren’t for us to save you, you thought the ghosts would make you alive.”

“Can you keep me alive?” Xu Zimo asked rhetorically.

“As long as you cooperate, we will definitely let you go when things are done,” said another man next to him.

He is like the leader of this group, behind the golden armor, there is a white cloak.

His face is firm and handsome.

“Cooperate with what?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Tell us everything you know,” the leader said.

“They are looking for Nikka City, where it is said that there is the secret of the Flower of Death,” Xu Zimo said frankly.

In fact, it’s okay to tell Divine Race. He just wants to go to Nikka City. As for who takes him there, it doesn’t matter.

“What then?”

“No more,” Xu Zimo said, waving his hand.

“We were stopped by you on the way to Nikka City.”

“This is similar to what we were investigating,” several Divine Race people looked at each other and said softly.

“What’s going on with God General on the Sun?” the leader asked.

“He has already started contacting others, and it won’t be long before Sixteen Divine City will gather,” the person next to him replied.

“Don’t take it lightly, it is estimated that there will be a battle with the ghost clan in Nikka City,” the leader warned.

Everyone is nodded.

“Let’s act as pioneers and explore the situation in advance,” the leading man looked towards only one woman among the few.

Said: “Chizuru, don’t go and stay in Divine Race.”

“Why don’t you let me go,” the woman named Qianhe retorted immediately.

“We are investigating the situation, not fighting. The target is too big to be found,” the leader explained.

“Then you tell them not to go, I don’t care, they finally come out once, if you don’t let me follow, I will go secretly by myself,” Qianzuru said stubbornly.

“You…,” the leader sighed deeply.

Helplessly replied: “Then you follow, but you must act on orders and not act privately.”

“Thank you big brother,” Qianhe smiled suddenly and replied with joy.

“Then what to do with this ghost tribe?” Someone looked towards Xu Zimo and asked.

“He’s useless anymore, just kill it, it will get in the way if you bring it,” someone suggested.

“Didn’t you say that as long as I cooperate, let me go?” Xu Zimo didn’t panic, but asked rhetorically.

“Big brother, don’t kill it,” Qianzuru begged.

“So as not to be said, we Divine Race go back on one’s word.”

“Take it to Nikka City first, let’s talk about how to deal with it,” the leader decided after thinking about it.

He took a rope from the ring, a rope exuding golden light.

The golden rope drifted away in the sky and finally tied up Xu Zimo, which also prevented him from escaping.

“You better not play tricks,” the leader warned Xu Zimo.

There was a Divine Race person nearby who grabbed him and walked all the way out of the valley towards the city of Japan.

“Big brother, where exactly is Huacheng today?” Chizuru curiously asked along the way.

“Why I have never heard of it before.”

“Of course you have never heard of it. It is an abandoned city.

As early as tens of thousands of years ago, it was unknown,” the leader explained with a chuckle.

“If it were not for the scattered records of books in the family, let alone you, we have never heard of it.”