I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1264


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“What does it have to do with the flower of death?” Qianzuru asked again.

“It is rumored that there was a city of life, and suddenly life disappeared overnight, and it was full of flowers of death.

So we suspect that it is the Place of Origin of the Flower of Death,” the leader said again.

“But these are just speculations. We can’t be sure about anything before we go to Nikka City.”

“How come no one noticed these before,” Qianhe vomited.

“It used to be a ruined city, and someone had visited it specially, but nothing was gained,” the leader said, shaking his head.

“This time there was a sudden news from Ghost Clan, otherwise how would we think of it.”

“Boy, if you have any information, you can tell it all, so you may have a better chance of survival,” someone looked towards Xu Zimo and reminded him.

After several people walked a section of the road with Xu Zimo, the sky gradually darkened.

Because of the special night in the Ghost God domain, everyone dared not continue on their way.

Everyone here carries a tent with them.

Set up the camp tent, everyone hid in, only Xu Zimo came out.

“What about this guy?” someone asked.

“Throw it out, can you see him live,” someone said.

Everyone doesn’t want to share a tent with Xu Zimo. The area is originally small, and the two people will be even narrower.

“He’ll have a tent with me,” the lead man said in a tranquil voice.

Looking up at the sky, there is already a cloudy wind swept in.

The divine force within the body began to boil.

“Fast into the tent,” the leader said and entered it first.

In the not-so-spacious tent, the two sat opposite each other, and the lead man was practicing, and Xu Zimo didn’t say much.

“You are very calm along the way,” the leader finally spoke first.

“The calmer you act, the more restless I feel.”

“So what?” Xu Zimo asked rhetorically.

“What are your plans?” the leader said.

“As long as you tell me, I will let you go immediately.”

“I’m just a nobody that’s all,” Xu Zimo vetoed, shaking his head.

The reason why he is calm is because these people can’t hurt him.

“I am curious about one thing,” Xu Zimo also asked.


“What do you want that many god slaves to do?” Xu Zimo asked.

“Divine Race keeps its own Kunxu domain waiting, what are you doing here in Ghost God domain.”

“Then you ghosts are not the same, there is a fantasy sea, why are you still here?” the leader asked rhetorically.

“I am also curious about this,” Xu Zimo said.

“It seems that you are among the ghosts, you are indeed in a low status, you don’t even know this,” the leading man said with a smile.

“Let me tell you a story.”

“hope to hear the details,” Xu Zimo nodded.

“For a long time, everything. I heard that it is Immemorial Era. There has been a major reshuffle between the nine domains.”

“Reshuffle?” Xu Zimo slightly frowned.

“Yes, in this reshuffle, the other eight domains have all acknowledged allegiance.

Only the Ghost God domain has been stubbornly resisting certain existence,” said the leader.

“Then that existence came, the Ghost God domain was almost destroyed, and the nine domains became eight domains.

In the end, it was our Divine Race who pleaded with your ghost race to escape the disaster. “

Perhaps there was nothing wrong in the night, or maybe these secrets were not important, and the leading man did not hide it, chatting with Xu Zimo without omission and in detail.

“The ruler of the Ghost God domain was completely abolished. Since then, this Ghost God domain has been jointly governed by our gods and ghosts,” the leader replied.

“This kind of governance continued until Ancient Era, before an accident happened.”

“What kind of accident?” Xu Zimo curiously asked.

“The old existence is resurrected, the center of grabbing power,” the leader said with a smile.

“It is not convenient for me to talk about specific things, then I can tell you clearly, whether it is a slave or a dead soul.

They are all preparations for the future war. ”

“Look, the desert has changed.”

“Nikka City is about to appear,” the people of Divine Race murmured.

Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the center point.

I saw a seed suddenly burst from the ground in the originally barren desert.

The seed took root and sprouted, and the naked eye’s visible speed instantly grew into a towering tree.

The end of this tree cannot be seen at a glance. The top of jade green is next to the sky, and the tree body is a few meters thick.

Each branch has infinite length.

A leaf is like a blue sea, which makes people feel unimaginable.

And this giant tree is the main body of Nikka City.

It’s just that the trees are now bleak, although the remaining remains seem to be able to see the prosperity of the past.

But the middle is still lost.

The city collapsed, the giant tree was bleak, and a dilapidated scene.

“Go in.” With a wave of the sixteen ghost kings, the grandiose army of ghosts began to enter it along the giant tree.