I’m Really a Villain Chapter 1265


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The ghost army began to climb upward along the steps of the giant tree.

The bark of the giant tree fell off, and I don’t know how many years old it has died. In front of it, Ghost Spirit is really thinner than an ant.

The sixteen ghost kings stood all around, letting the Ghost Spirit army explore the way ahead, while they were observing the situation.

Grandiose’s Ghost Spirit army blocked the entire giant tree.

Among the sixteen ghost kings, only one of them, with a bald head, came out, a very vicious ghost king.

He has a prayer bead around his neck and an oval incense burner in his hand.

Several ghost kings glanced at each other and saw the ferocious ghost Royal General spiritual qi pouring into the incense burner.

“Death to death, Ghost God is gone.”

As soon as his voice fell, the incense burner began to tremble, and wisps of black air spread from it.

The black gas turned into two strands, and one strand seemed to be fortune-telling the secrets of heaven, stirring the wind and clouds above the head.

The other strand, a very small branch, floats in front of where Xu Zimo is hiding.

Several people looked shocked, and didn’t expect were discovered in this way.

Even the bald ghost king was a little stunned, and then said with a sneer: “didn’t expect and unexpected harvest, and found a few mice.”

He flicks to shoot with the finger, the powerful ghost qi exploded in the yellow sand, and the silhouettes of Xu Zimo were forced out.

“Trouble,” the people of Divine Race said solemnly.

Seeing Xu Zimo and the leader of the entire group, Youdu Ghost King and Azure Ghost King also instantly understood.

“They are the guys who robbed people halfway,” Youdu Ghost King said with a smile.

“Really travel far and wide looking for something, only to return and find it easily,” Azure Ghost King also said with a sneer.

The sixteen ghost kings instantly took off in silhouette, and gathered the people of Divine Race.

Every ghost king is surrounded by the Great Emperor’s power surging and rioting, uniting together, as if forming a big airtight net.

“A few of you are still obediently surrender,” said Youdu Ghost King.

“Wait a moment, I will hold on, try to tear a hole, you can run away if you can,” the leader sighed.

Sixteen ghost kings, in fact, he himself knows that they are already bode ill rather than well.

It’s just obediently surrender, that’s not the style of Divine Race.

“Kill,” the five people are surrounded by divine light, and the golden rays of light are constantly flashing.

The blade in his hand is spinning.

“Concentrate your strength, don’t disperse,” the lead man chuckled softly.

Then he took the lead in killing the Ghost King Youdu, and apart from Xu Zimo, the other five also killed them.

This leading man has the strength of the Great Emperor, but the others are slightly weaker.

“Didn’t expect Divine Race there is such a genius,” Youdu Ghost King’s eyes lit up, lightly said with a smile.

“My favorite person is to destroy geniuses.”

Yin Qi, the ghost king of Youdu, collided with the divine light from the attack, and the explosion of “hong long long” continued to sound.

The silhouettes of the two were staggered apart, while the others in Divine Race ran away.

Sixteen ghost kings neither anxious nor nervous, watching a few people run away, with a sense of playfulness on their faces.

One of the ghost king snapped his fingers, resounding through the entire desert.

next moment, the yellow sand in the sky condenses into tornado, hiding the sky and covering the earth surging towards several people.

The sky revolves around the earth, as if the entire sky is being stirred by the yellow sand formed by tornado.

The silhouette of the five people couldn’t even resist, and they were blown into the sky.

Thousand cranes are surging with golden light again. A golden crane rushes out of the tornado, trying to vacate the ten thousand li.

Among the sixteen ghost kings, the robed ghost king stepped forward. He took out the robes from his waist and threw it directly on the sky.

The robes suddenly turned into a thousand ten thousand li long, wrapping up everyone’s silhouette.

No matter what the people of Divine Race struggle, it will not help.

The storm fell, cassock dropping from the sky, several people were fiercely thrown to the ground.

One by one was in a panic, and on the other side, the leading man was fighting against the ghost king Youdu.

“Stop it, or your companions will die,” the Azure Ghost King lightly saying.

Hearing what he said, the leading man glanced at the people of Divine Race, looking embarrassed, and finally stopped.

Youdu Ghost King slapped his chest with a big mouthful of spit blood.

“What do you want to do with us?” the leader asked with a frown.

“The Divine Race and the ghost race have always been irreconcilable,” Youdu Ghost King said with a smile.

“What do you think? How to deal with it better.”

“Our Divine Race army is coming soon. When the time comes, you ghosts can’t afford any benefits,” someone loudly shouted in the Divine Race surrounded by robes.

“Shut up,” the leading man glared at the man, only to feel that he had encountered pig teammate.

Now the attention of the ghost race is in Nikka City. If the Divine Race army can surprise and attack once, it is estimated that even if the ghost race does not die, its combat power will be halved.

When the time comes, the situation is more conducive to Divine Race.

“Oh, isn’t it,” Youdu Ghost King laughed, said.

“Then many thanks remind us, we can also prepare.”

Divine Race and the ghost race are talking.

And Xu Zimo found Xie Changliu each minding their own business, and the two stood under the giant tree, discussing with keen interest pleasure.

“This is the Nikka City.”

“It’s a little different from what you imagined.”

“This giant tree should have been very strong before, but now it’s dead,” Xu Zimo touched the tree lightly, feeling.

“It seems that this is really related to the flower of death.”

He didn’t expect, an incident that the two of them made up, now turns out to be true.

“The two people over there, what are you doing?” The Azure Ghost King noticed Xu Zimo at this moment and shouted.

“These two people are useless, just get rid of them,” said the other ghost kings beside them.

“Lest they spread news around and mess up the situation even more.”

Everyone is nodded.

The Azure Ghost King saw that Xu Zimo ignored him, and Wei Wei was also a little angry.

The Death Hammer in his hand swayed constantly, and finally fiercely smashed towards the two of them.

Everyone didn’t pay much attention at first, after all, they were just two insects that’s all that could be erased at will.

However, next moment, I only heard the sound of “peng”.

The long sword in Xie Changliu’s hand did not appear when, under the sharp sword glow, the tip of the sword fiercely pierced into the hammer.

Xie Changliu held the sword in both hands and swiped it towards the sky. The hammer moved with the long sword and pulled directly from the hand of the Azure Ghost King.

Such anomaly makes others feel surprised.

“Azure, you are planted on a junior,” a ghost king taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune said.

“Even the weapons were robbed by others.”

“Shut up,” the Azure Ghost King coldly snorted.

His right hand suddenly appeared in the black glow, turning into a death claw, as the speed of light, killing Xie Changliu.

Death Claw went directly to Xie Changliu’s abdomen.

Xie Changliu was also taken aback by this speed.